The Key Ch. 01

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They met often for lunch, but were not dating. They had been flirty, but not sexual per say. The conversation was always comfortable and free until one fine meal. She had let loose that she had a fantasy about being taken by a man as she was waking up, that her senses would be so heightened that she would…she couldn’t go on from there. He looked at her blushing face and said he would love to see her in the morning light. They joked back and forth, without a thought she relented her key. All the way home that night she was wondering what she had done and her face was still flush at the thought of exposing her desires.

Getting ready for bed she was so nervous and excited. She brushed and she cleaned and put on her favorite teddy and panties. Her nipples were so hard they started to ache, she barely slept and in the morning was staring at the ceiling waiting for her lover. He hadn’t come, and in her excitement to be ravished she did not agree on when. She thought well, that was a part of the fantasy, it was an un-expected surprise. She had gone through a week of this routine with the same result, and now she was frustrated as well.

Finally a Saturday night had come without contact from him. She didn’t want to seem desperate but her desire was growing. She decided to go dancing with her girlfriends to help distract her from the tension between her legs. It was a night of mostly dancing with the girls but she did manage to get a couple of slow dances with some beautiful boys. Without thinking she pressed her hips so hard against one guy that he leaned in and kissed her neck. Then whispering in her ear asked if she wanted to come home with him. She gathered herself and apologized with a red face declining his offer. He said he wished he was the one she was thinking about. She headed home alone soon after, threw her clothes on a chair and grabbed an old tee shirt. With her panties still damp from the dancing and wishful thoughts she drifted off to sleep.


He too was full of desire…

He sex hikayeleri thought morning would never come. He had been up most the night with his cock so hard he could barely stand it. Finally dawn was near and he carefully put on some jeans over his swollen desire, and headed straight to her house. The street was quiet as he walked toward the door. He hadn’t been to her house but she had described how to get to her room. He opened the door quietly and moved inside, but it was dark so it took him a minute to adjust his eyes. He found the stairs she said would lead him to her room. He found the door that she had slightly closed out of habit. He looked inside to find the object of his lust.

The light of her clock radio led him to her bed. As he moved closer, he saw that her sheets were only half on, her thigh was peering out with her panties in plain view. He couldn’t tell if she was asleep or waiting for his next move. He didn’t make a sound as he released his jeans to the floor. His cock was straining so hard and all he wanted was to dive on top and fuck her madly. He gathered his thoughts and realized that this could be their only venture and he needed to savor it. Pulling his shirt off and standing naked next to her soft body he began his journey. He went straight for her pussy and began to pet the outside of her silky panties. She was still asleep but beginning to wake. She thought the feeling was a wonderful dream and instinctively began to move her hips against his hand. He slid a finger down the length of her clit, without thinking she opened her legs to greet this great sensation. His caresses were so light till one pass across her clit, her eyes opened wide and was about to scream when his other hand was thrown across her mouth.

Her chest was now heaving with fear and desire, he let one of his fingers slide into her mouth which she greeted hungrily. Slowly he replaced his finger with his mouth. Still fondling her pussy, he was now kissing her deeply. Between lunges of his tongue she confessed sikiş hikayeleri that she was so ready for him. He smiled and made his way down to her heaving chest. He began to caress the mounds of joy. As he did, she had finally noticed his naked cock there at her breast. She shyly reached out and held it in her hand. It was beautiful and hard and she could imagine how it would feel parting her lips and thrusting into her. She looked into his eyes as his busy hands were exploring, and asked, “May I?” Shocked at her request he just nodded. She then leaned over and took him into her mouth. It felt so good after a night of thinking about her pussy to have her hot lips wrapped so tight around him. He knew he needed to release her for a little while or it would be over before they got started.

The tee shirt she had on was old and had a hole just under one of her tits. He put both hands into the hole and pulled apart her shirt. Her nipples got so hard by the jerking motion of his pulls that she gasped. With her hands still in the sleeves he pulled the torn shirt up and tied her hands together over her head. He then began to fondle, rub, kiss and suck her beautiful tits. They were perfect in his hands as he pulled and pushed them around. His mouth was hungry against her receptive nipples.

He left his hands on her chest as he was moving his body down between her legs. He could smell the desire left on her panties from the night before and that drove him crazy. She lifted her ass off the bed hoping he would pull her panties down, but he was making her wait. His nose now resting on her clit, his hands were running up and down the length of her thighs, working their way to her silky panties and hungry pussy. Again she lifted her ass, but this time he slid his hands under the sides her panties, grabbed her soft lips, and then slowly spread her pussy. Rubbing against her panties, her sensitive clit was filling with desire until one of his fingers rubbed the length of it. The tension had built up so much that she slammed sex hikaye her legs together and came on his finger.

She was moaning and he could feel how wet she had become and wanted to taste his ready beauty. He let her raise her ass as he grabbed her panties and pulled them down to her knees. Holding her ass-cheeks in his hands he lifted her up and sunk his tongue into her wetness. He started by sucking her deeply into his mouth until she began screaming and then little flicks to keep her on the edge. The honey of her wetness was even sweeter than he had dreamt about. He continued to lick and suck till he could see her release another torrid of orgasms. The gush of her wetness was keeping his cock hard.

Wanting to see more of her beautiful body, he turned her over to get his first look at her amazing ass. OH FUCK, OH FUCK, OH FUCK he whispered as he began to caress her deep cheeks. Sliding up her from behind he rested the length of his cock in her divide and began to kiss the back of her neck. Feeling her move under him he lowered himself back down between her legs. He reached underneath her hips and lifted her ass up to his face. Now resting on her knees he could have all of her. As his face drew close to her ass he could hear her say

“Oh! YES baby, baby, baby…” drifting off in desire. His tongue wandered her cheeks and then finally between them.

His hands moved along her hips making there way to her floating tits. He grabbed her nipples hard as he made his first plunge with his tongue into her ass. Her moaning became louder and stronger as he worked that outrageous hole. He let one of his hands come back and work her clit as he ate her. He pulled back far enough to let two then three fingers penetrate her hungry pussy, while his thumb gently buried itself into her ass. He let her masturbate like this till she was on the brink of cumming. His cock was ready for more attention so rolled her quickly on to her back.

He could see the desire in her eyes as she spread her legs to invite him inside. He slid his hands across her knees, then up across the soft roundness of her pussy, up her tummy. He then followed that trail with his mouth slowly kissing her every inch till his lips met hers. As they kissed deeply, he reached down and grabbed his thick cock and began to bring it to her… end of part one!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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