The Lonely B,B

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This story is based on one of my sexual fantasies.
This is my first submission so I’d be interested to hear your comments.

Its been a pretty hard day. The meeting went on for hours and now its dark outside and I have nowhere to stay tonight! Constantly working away from home was taking its toll, especially as I was constantly on the road visiting one office branch after the other. I needed a place to sleep that night but the local hotel was full due to a wedding that evening. I looked for any roadside hotel or B&B, somewhere where I could rest for the night and feel fresh for the next leg of my journey.

Finally I found a place, a quiet little B&B in a slightly secluded location within short driving distance from where I’d had my meeting. Upon arrival I parked my car, went to the front door and rang the bell. After a few minutes the door opened and my heart skipped a beat. Standing in front of me was an extremely beautiful woman. She looked a few years older than me. Her hair was a fiery red flowing down over her shoulder and her skin looked pale and smooth. She was wearing a black silk nightgown that flowed all the way down to the ground.

“Can I help you?” she asked in a soft voice.

“I’m sorry to disturb you so late at night but do you have any spare rooms?” I replied nervously.

“Of course,” she replied with a smile “you’re the only person I’ve had tonight, please come in.”

I followed her inside and up to the reception desk where she took my details and gave me my room key.

“I hope you sleep well, it’s a warm night tonight.” she said softly “My name is Victoria, by the way.”

I found myself staring at her bright red lips as she said it and my heart started to pound.

“Daniel.” I replied sheepishly.

“Sleep well, Daniel.” bursa eskort She said. I took the key she handed me and went straight to my room. I was so exhausted that night that it didn’t take much for me to fall to sleep. It was already midnight and I needed to be up at 8 in the morning to continue my journey to the next dull business meeting.

At about 3 AM I woke to hear a strange noise coming from the next room, I couldn’t quite make it out. I got out of bed, put on my trousers and shirt and walked to the door and out into the corridor. As I approached the door to the next room the sound became clearer, it sounded like a woman moaning. As I approached the door I noticed that it was half open. As I peered inside, to my amazement, there was Victoria laying on the bed, naked, and she was masturbating.

I watched as she caressed her soft naked flesh and writhed with pleasure. Her hands seemed to have a mind of their own, running over her large breasts, stroking her nipples and making them hard while her other hand was slowly running up and down over her clit occasionally allowing a finger to slip between her juicy pussy lips. As I watched her I could feel my cock getting hard in my trousers.

As her pleasure intensified so did the growth in my trousers, I felt like I was about to burst out of them. I looked down and noticed a small bit of pre-cum seeping through but as I looked back up I noticed that Victoria had stopped masturbating and was looking straight at me, still lying naked on the bed, breathing heavily.

“I know you’ve been watching me.” She said in her soft voice “It really turned me on, why don’t you come in and have a closer look.”

As I entered the room she began to masturbate again, this time her eyes were fixed on bursa merkez escort me. I approached the bed and look down at her naked body, the night’s heat made her body glisten in the moonlight coming through the window. She looked up at me and her eyes beckoned me to touch her body. She bit her lip and moaned softly as I loomed over her and began to bend down to kiss her.

As my face got closer to her skin I began to breathe hard and my warm breath hit her neck followed by my soft lips.

“Mmm,” she purred “that feels good.”

I kissed her neck slowly while my left hand began to gently stroke her left breast. She gasped and moaned, her body writhing a little. My lips then moved slowly down to her breasts and my tongue began to lick her nipples making them hard and erect. I slowly started to suck on them to make them harder still. She gasped again. I started to run my left hand down her stomach and over her pussy until my fingers found her clit, it was hard and throbbing and I started to rub it gently. Victoria moaned hard, her body writhed with the pleasures coursing through her.

“Oh god, fuck me please!” she cried. But I haven’t finished yet. I’m in the mood to tease this woman tonight and I want to see how far she can go!

Sliding my fingers over her clit once more I gently inserted a finger between her moist pussy lips, still sucking and caressing on her breasts with my mouth and other hand. I slowly slid my finger in and out of her pussy, the sound of her moaning made my cock so hard it had started to throb. Victoria reached her hand out and touched the tent post that had now formed in my trousers.

“I need this, give it to me!” she demanded.

I took her hand away, laid myself on top of her and slowly began bursa sınırsız escort to kiss my way down her stomach. Her hands pulled on my hair.

“You really like to tease me, don’t you, you’re a bad boy!” she groaned.

My lips continued their way down her stomach, finally reaching her soft mound and pussy now aching for an orgasm. But I didn’t stop there, my lips continued down her leg. As I got to her knee I stopped, looked up at her and then began to run my tongue slowly up the inside of her thigh. As I got further and further up Victoria’s breathing became stronger and stronger. Finally my tongue met her swollen clit. Victoria gasped and moaned loudly. My tongue began to dance over her clit, spelling out the letters of the alphabet; A… B….C….D.

“If you get to ‘K’ I’m gonna cum!” she groaned heavily. Her face was already flushed and I could see she was desperate to orgasm but I hadn’t had my pleasure yet.

I pulled my trousers off exposing my rock hard cock and slowly slid it inside Victoria’s dripping wet pussy. It throbbed inside her and she moaned loud and hard as I slowly began to slide it in and out. I laid my hot body on top of hers and began to lick and suck her nipples again, still sliding my hard cock in and out of her. I could feel her hot breath on my neck and her finger nails began to dig into my back. I ran my hands down her sides, firmly grabbed her arse and began to thrust harder and faster into her pussy. She gasped and then moaned harder and harder as I thrust deeper and deeper.

“I’m gonna cum, oh god, I’m gonna cum!” she moaned.

I felt it too, the explosion was fast approaching. I kept going, thrusting and fucking her faster and faster. Eventually I heard her scream out and I could feel her hot juices covering my cock.

“I’M CUMMING!” she screamed.

I was too. I groaned hard as my whole body tensed up and my hard cock exploded inside her, our hot sweaty bodies writhing in ultimate passion.

The meeting went so slowly the next day. All I kept thinking of was that night and how I couldn’t wait to stay at that B&B again.

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