The Lost Boy Ch. 10

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A.N. Okay everyone, we begin Act 2 of The Lost Boy!

I hope you all enjoy, and I hope you like the direction we’re going. More to come!

Also, if you guys are familiar with my work especially with The Lost Boy, you’ll probably notice that I throw in little references to some of my favorite artists works. There’s a character in here who was inspired by one of Anasheya’s old works, lemme know if you spot her ;D

The Following Contains: Dickgirls fucking femboys because yes. And mild hinting at femboi/femboi or trap on trap. If it’s not your thing, venture elsewhere!


‘How long?’

‘As long as it takes.’

‘I have to protect him. I’m not going to lose him again.’

‘No you’re not, you had your chance, I’m taking him home.’

‘If you think you’re going to keep my son from me, I’ll kill you.’

‘You can certainly try Mahaloth…’

“Come on baby! It’s time to wake up!” Bright baby blue eyes flickered sleepily at the shining beams of sunlight peering in through his bedroom window.

“Mmmm…” The boy groaned and rolled over trying to face away from the light. He clutched the pillow and folded it over his head in a half-hearted attempt to drown out the sweet voice of his mother calling him down.

One of his mothers at least.

“Iaaaaaannn, it’s time for schoooooool!” Sin called up from the bottom of the stairs.

Liline sat at their island counter, rolling her eyes at her “Wife’s” call for their “Son.” She sipped from her piping hot coffee mug, not too big a fan of the particular drink but they had to keep up appearances of course. She didn’t need caffeine to help her wake up per say, but the warmth of it was certainly helping with her headache.

Some douche nozzles had been riding around town all morning blaring loud and irritating engines for hours, and it was driving Liline nuts. When she got out to her office she was going to look into it but until then, she took another sip.

She then set the porcelain cup down and idly flipped through a few screens on her phone in the other hand. Settling on the end of a text message conversation from last night, “Samantha got back to me last night. She claims she’s fixed the plot holes in Cassiel’s documents so he’s free to interact with Ian again.”

Sin stepped away from the hallway archway and adjusted the silk robe around her curvy form. “She better have, when Cass mentioned the pool party at his last visit I nearly strangled the boy. Granted he probably would’ve liked it but still.” She sat across from Liline at the counter. Currently they were staying in Liline’s house, seeing as they felt keeping him in the home where the “event” happened might cause negative effects on his recovery. And Ian had a lot of good memories inside of Liline’s home, so hopefully it would create a better environment for him.

They waited now by the island with black marble counter tops that matched the rest of the kitchens decor. The two of them had prepared a typical quick breakfast for the boy currently rolling out of bed lazily upstairs. He rubbed the sleep from his eyes as he stood up and stretched his arms high above his head. A high pitched groaned squeaked from his throat as he did so, then began making his way over to his dresser to grab some fresh clothes for the day.

He still had a lot of catching up to do in his schoolwork since the accident, so there could be no slacking. He grabbed a simple pair of jeans and a white T-shirt and started to strip out of his fuzzy PJ pants, still moving a bit slowly with sleep persisting throughout his being.

But with another yawn, he managed to fight against the urge of laziness and slipped into the clothes for the day. Stopping only when he caught a glimpse of movement from outside his bedroom window.

With his blinds pulled up all the way, there was a clear view of the side of his neighbors’ house and the edge of the street. But perfectly adjacent to his own bedroom window, was another bedroom window in the house next door.

And like clockwork, there she was.

The redhead, the girl next door, the target of Ian’s current affections.

Like a princess rising from her slumber, Valerie could be seen clear as day through her own bedroom window. She never closed her curtains, and apparently never wore clothes to bed.


Her long red locks cascaded down her bare shoulders as she, similarly to how Ian did so, stretched her arms out over her head. A sweet smile adorning her lips, her chest pert out letting her heavenly breasts wake up with her.

“Wow…” Ian whispered suddenly very awake.

He definitely had to count his blessings as of late. Not only did he survive the car accident with only some minor memory loss and injuries. But he had made a speedy recovery, was doing great being back in school, and he had been blessed with the glorious view of tecavüz porno the stacked cutie Valerie, who seemed to be oblivious to how often he saw her while she paraded around her room in her birthday suit. Her tan skin was perfect, clear of blemishes or marks of any kind. A tight toned abdomen that had just the slightest hint of girl abs, showing off her fit body but not at all taking away from her femininity. Mile long legs that Ian was dying to get between ever since he had first spotted her when his parents brought him home. She was a teenager’s wet dream personified, the older but still young and beautiful girl next door.

She stood up from her bed and slowly strutted her stuff out of sight from the window, a tantalizing sway to her hips as Ian watched her butt for as long as he could until it was gone from view.

The call of his mother snapped him out of his peeping trance. “Ian! Get your little booty down here and have breakfast. Don’t make me come up there.”

“Oh! Crap.” He huffed and quickly threw his shirt over his head and fumbled to collect his shoes. A tiny little bump begun to form in the front of his pants but sadly wasn’t given much time to grow as he hastily gathered his things to head downstairs. Sin and Liline could hear Ian’s clumsy footfalls down the carpeted steps of the home and both turned their heads to watch their ‘son’ nearly stumble down and over to them in the large kitchen. “Morning Mommy’s.” He said offering a bright smile.

“Morning sweetie.”

“Morning sweetie.”

The two almost creepily said in perfect unison, and shot a flabbergasted look to one another.

Ian chuckled then took several deep breaths in through his nose, allowing the yummy aroma of his prepared waffles with butter and maple syrup to dance into his nostrils. They were prepared beautifully for him along with a tall glass of orange juice just waiting to be consumed. He excitedly took his seat in front of the plate, “Thank you…” There was a moment as he looked back and forth between the two women, unsure of who made the food before him. With a smirk Liline raised her index finger indicating she was the one who prepared it, “Thank you Mommy Lili!” He exclaimed, addressing his mom by the shorter name he adopted for her before happily digging in.

Sin nearly scoffed as Liline’s smirk turned smug, seeming to take pride in the fact that she was the one who made the food for him and therefore got the positive reaction.

The two of them often competed for the affection of their boy in various ways. He might not remember anything that happened between them.

But they remembered everything.

‘Stop it, both of you! You’re acting like children! Can’t you see the importance of what has happened here?’

‘Shelter was never destined to be safe forever regardless. I don’t care about any of it! I just want my baby back.’

‘You sold him to everything with a cock in this fucking place! I told you, you had your chance, he’s coming back with me!’


“So sweetie, want me to drive you to school today?” Sin asked bringing her elbows up onto the countertop, bumping out her ample cleavage a little.

Quickly Liline perked up, “Oh don’t worry about it, darling.” The last word definitely came out a little sharper than Liline had intended to make it, “I have to drive to work anyway I can take our boy.”

“It’s okay Mom.” Ian said in-between mouthfuls of syrup and sugary goodness. “I always make you late to your shift when you drive me, I don’t want you to get in trouble at work.”

“Oooh.” Sin cooed and reached her arm out to touch Ian’s. “You’re so considerate honey.” Her fingers trailed down the length of Ian’s arm, “How in the world did I create such an angel?” Ian snickered and felt a slight blush coming on, “Come on honey bunch.” She said looking back at Liline, “You take him all the time, lemme give him just one good ride.”

Again rolling her eyes, Liline wanted to protest. Never fond of the idea of leaving Ian alone with Sin for longer than necessary. But, they came to an agreement, and it had worked out this far, so she relented for now.

“Alright, you better step on it though. School starts in about twenty minutes.” She took another sip from her coffee.

Ian looked over towards the clock, “Oh, right!” Then quickly shoveled down the rest of his breakfast leaving a sticky mess all over the plate before bringing it to the sink to rinse off, then placing it in the dishwasher. “Let me just grab my bag!” He darted back up the stairs.

Despite everything that had happened, the two sisters couldn’t help but feel their hearts warm the slightest at seeing him so happy again.

Sin was oblivious to what she had done wrong, but Liline knew of the uncertainty and many questions that wracked Ian’s heart and mind. With the time they spent together there were many happy moments before, but they paled in comparison üvey anne porno to the happiness that they held now.

After Agrat had attempted the ritual of the Stone, Ian’s memory had completely faded. He couldn’t recall anything that happened during his time in Shelter, or even before it. When he first woke up, he didn’t even recognize any of them. But now here they were, a month later and living a happy, albeit lie of a life where Ian was just a happy-go-lucky school boy without a care in the world.

“I suppose I’ll put on something more conservative.” Sin said, tugging her robe again to conceal the valley of her breasts. Catching just the faintest hint of a glance from Liline as she did so.

It was a strange arrangement they had come to, but it was the best one at the same time. And Ian was just as oblivious to their secrets as he was to the secrets of the world around him. Hell, he even believed that he was only sixteen!

“Yeah you probably should, wouldn’t want anybody eye fucking my wife.” Liline said sarcastically.

It earned a small giggle from Sin though as her bare feet padded across the tile kitchen floor heading to their bedroom. “Yes, only you get to fuck me. For now.” She said leaving the kitchen.

‘I know, this isn’t what we wanted. All of us wanted him to be safe and away from the secrets of our world. But that’s impossible now, he is what I feared he was. And Shelter needs him, more than just we do.’

The two women remained silent.

‘Look, just because things have been set into motion, doesn’t mean we can’t be there for him. Hell, he’s going to need protection from the things to come. Even Agrat is still out there, and I saw the look in that Fallen’s eyes. She’s not done with him.’

‘…Well than what do you suggest?’

Ian was all buckled up in the passenger seat of Momma Sin’s car and she drove the ten-minute drive to the Shelter High and University school over close by the ocean side.

The Autumn colors and fall festivities were in full swing in the small town. Halloween decorations were as far as the eye could see. Paper ghosts and plastic orange pumpkins decorated corridors and windows of every corner store and home from here to the water.

Sin breathed out a content sigh, “I love this time of year.”

“Me too Momma.” Ian said still looking out the window, his smiling face reflected in the glass. Despite being in high school, Ian actually didn’t mind all the work. He was doing very well without struggling despite still being in recovery, and was well on his way to good grades throughout his entire Sophomore year.

“So…” Sin spoke, “What are you going to trick or treat as this year?”

Ian looked over at her surprised, “I think I might be a little too old to go trick or treating this year Momma.”

“Oh stop that.” She said, and brought her hand over to his leg giving it a few light strokes. “You’re still my baby boy, I hate the idea of you growing up too fast, I want you to have fun.” Her hand rubbed along the inside of his thigh and back up towards his knee. “These are the best years of your life, you should have as much fun as you can while it lasts baby.”

He smiled at her words and almost flinched when she gave his leg a little squeeze, him being a ticklish individual had a sensitive spot right around that area by his thighs. His mom knew this and loved to constantly tease him with it.

“Moooom stoop.” The two of them giggled as she continued to playfully squeeze and prod him where it would affect him the most.

Sin bit her lower lip, keeping one hand on the wheel and the other fiddling with her son. “Fuck…watching him squirm like that…” She could smell the pheromones he released from his aura unwillingly. As far as Ian knew, he was one hundred percent all-natural human, and had no control over his powers again. So his natural alluring scent was back in full force, flooding out of his body especially so when he was excited.

And he got excited whenever his mom played with him like this.

Being a horny teenager, or at least believing to be back in that pubescent stage, definitely caused Ian a great many unplanned erections. And the fact that he had not only one, but two ridiculously hot moms certainly didn’t help with containing them.

Also the fact that they weren’t exactly the most quiet of lovers didn’t help out his situation.

He squirmed against Sin’s touches and laughed giddily while trying to escape her tickle torture. All the while one of his famous, ‘cannot be controlled’ boners was already surfacing from a sexy lady constantly touching him around his ‘swimsuit area.’

“Stahap! Mooom!” He pleaded, tears already threatening to emerge from the ticklish boys eyes.

Finally though Sin relented, managing to pull herself from him before she got too carried away.

Ian wasn’t the only one in the car getting hard after all.

“Oh fiiine, party üvey erkek kardeş porno pooper.” She teased again and turned her attention back to the road while her son caught his breath.

But it was at this moment with her eyes back on the street and her attention relocated, that she heard the loud roars of motorcycles beginning to rev towards her car. Quickly they came into sight and emerged from down the road, speeding down that end of the street and zooming by Sin’s car.

This was new, there were no bikers in Shelter. There was very little need for cars even, let alone motorcycles.

Her eyes followed the convoy of riders as they passed her with bellowing engines, breeching through the comfortable quiet interior of her car. One after another after another drove by, all toting jackets with some type of group calling card stitched onto their backs. Sin didn’t get the chance to make out what it was, but still the thought of some kind of biker gang rolling into town had her curious.

Especially since every single rider appeared to be a woman.

“Mom?” Ian said next to her, “Something wrong?”

Sin shook her head, “No, not all sweetie.” She said outwardly but she thought, “So is that the crew that’s been making all this racket today?” Again, her hand patted Ian’s thigh, “I’m sure it’s nothing.”

Meanwhile, over in the direction the bikers drove off, there was a gathering of about a dozen or so other women, all clad in various leather jackets and coats. Parked but mostly still sitting on their bikes outside of Shelter’s tavern, The Beloved Brewers.

The group that had passed Sin’s car rode up to the parking lot and circled towards the other girls before coming to a stop. Revving their bikes another time or so before kicking down the stands and letting their rides come to rest. The few that wore helmets removed them to shake out their full heads of long and occasionally messy hair.

One in particular, a red head swung her leg up and over the seat of her bike and started over towards the girl who seemed to be in the center of the rest. She kept her helmet on still and held what looked to be some type of booklet or pamphlet in her hands.

“Sorry Cat, we drove all up and down the ass crack of this place, this lovely little squat is the only actual bar in town.” She gestured to the Beloved Brewers.

The bar was more of a corner of the street lounging tavern where Succubi went to socialize and share an occasional drink and human or two. Not nearly on the same scale of what the gang had come here for.

“Hmph.” The helmet clad woman huffed, her shoulders rising and falling as she did so. “Figures, knew this place was too good to be true.” Her voice was a little low, and muffled by the coverage of the helmet. But beneath it a few tufts of blonde hair could be seen spilling out. “Finally, after fifty years the wall comes down, we get to the promised land…and there’s no fucking good place to have a drink.” She too now reached up to unclip and remove the black biker helmet that covered her head. Pulling it up and off and shaking out her long dirty blonde hair that reached beyond her shoulder blades. She fussed with it for a moment running her fingers around it and set her helmet down.

One of the others spoke up, “So what do ya wanna do? Wanna blow this place?”

Quickly she shook her head, “Ah uh, no. Just a minor setback ladies. Since when have we let a little roadblock fuck with us huh?” Several of the bikers laughed, “This is the place where gals like us can feed off mortals without giving two shits in the world.” She spoke loudly, uncaring of the fact that they were outside and passing bystanders might be listening. “Are we gonna let a little lack of a hangout spot turn us around?”

The entire group agreed, various responses consisted of, ‘fuck no,’ ‘fuck that,’ and ‘Hell nah!’

“Damn right. Besides, I know a girl in town who will be happy to lend us a hand. They work with favors around here, it’ll be easy to get her to talk us up a bit. Now come on Den mother’s, let’s remedy this shit, and make ourselves a den.”

Once more the group cheered in agreement, several of the girls howling in excitement.

‘We keep him safe, hidden from the world, and hidden from what we are for now.’

‘What? Why?’

‘Telling him everything that he is and what we are is too dangerous, and he’s been through too much trauma. The only way we can be sure he is safe is if we keep the truth from him. Until he’s ready.’

‘…And what are we supposed to tell him? If it’s not the truth, what is it? You want us to lie?’

Shelter High And Univeristy

The screeching sound blew out painfully loudly causing Ian to wince. “Alright boys and girls, fifteen minutes before the bell bag up the equipment, let’s go!” Ms. Marie called out allowing her necklace with the whistle to drop back down and hang loosely low on her collar bone.

Ian was huffing and puffing heavily having been playing a long game of Bad Mitten in this extended period Gym class. Sweat glistened on his face as he jogged over to the blue bag where the other students were dropping their rackets and birdies into. He tossed his own racket into it and proceeded to head over towards the door leading to the boy’s locker room.

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