The Loving Husband Ch. 16

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Maria Ryabushkina

The short synopsis of this story to date is included below, but reading the previous chapters may help. Also, in this chapter, I explore something that was recommended by a reviewer.


This is the continuing story of a cuckquean, my wife, Ann. She had been reading cuckold stories on line and decided that she was a cuckquean, a kind of female cuckold. This was based on how enthralled and excited she became by imagining me having sex with other women. I was shocked, but she pursued it. She didn’t show any tendencies toward the humiliation or denial part, but loved knowing I was having sex with other women. Apparently, this started with some voyeuristic tendencies about watching someone she was involved with have sex with another woman when she was in college and now she got off on thinking I was having sex with other women. I didn’t understand it, but she pursued it and I started doing so.

In the last chapter, I had thought that Ann’s cousin was coming over for me to take a more regular lover, but instead Ann had invited the still fairly newly married Sandra. Sandra let me fuck her on her wedding day both before and after the wedding. She and her husband had both played around, but Sandra was the real instigator. She and I had fun and Ann joined a little. She didn’t seem really bisexual, but loved sitting on the face of another woman while that woman cleaned her pussy of my cum. Ann just loved being in control.

In the last chapter, I started a regular affair with Sandra. However, we had regular sex for a couple of weeks and then she announced that she and Mark had decided to have children. She knew I didn’t like condoms, so we decided that we would take a break until she got pregnant.

I had been discussing having a poker night with some friends and finally settled on a date. We had 5 players lined up, but ended up with only 4. When I got home from work that Friday night, Ann was getting ready to go out. She told me she was going out to dinner and drinks with her sister.

I was just getting some things out of the pantry where I had placed the items for the game when Ann walked in. She wasn’t alone. She had Sandra’s little voluptuous friend, Barb, with her.

I looked at her quizzically. “Hello?”

Ann grinned. “I have a plan that I hope you will go along with. I’ve already convinced Barb.”

“Okay, and what is that?”

“I’ve heard stories about the size of Bob Johnson’s cock. So Barb, his wife, and I have cooked up a plan.”

“Wait. Marie is in on this?”

“Yes. It’s a really long story the way she tells it, but basically, she wants to catch him getting a blow job from Barb. This will allow her to then demand the same thing. She knows that he has wife-sharing fantasies from a discussion several years ago and this is the chance. She will make him lay down and I will only provide him a hand job while she makes him watch as she blows you. At the same time, Barb will finish off any of your other buddies who want to get sucked, although Marie is hoping to get rid of them. Marie knows about our arrangement and since Bob has somewhat discreetly let it be known that he has these fantasies, she figured this was her best chance. She and I will be waiting outside for the right moment. Barb will give us the heads up.”

“You said he has voiced these desires somewhat secretly. What exactly does that mean?”

“Marie says that he hinted at it over the years and then she found out that he has been reading a lot of Loving Wives stories and one night she acted it out a little and he fucking loved it.”

“Okay. If you two are sure, we’ll see what happens.”

“Oh, and one more thing. Marie said he likes the idea of being pegged.”

My eyebrows went up and Ann turned. She and Barb went back into the bedroom.

A few minutes later Marie came in the back door. “Hi.” I checked her out. Marie was about 5’4″, maybe 120 pounds, with a soft, curvy shape. She had strawberry blonde hair and green eyes. The boys in the neighborhood probably all considered her the quintessential MILF, especially because of the way her nice tits were always on display.

“Hello. Are you sure about this plan?”

Marie came over and ran her hand over the front of my pants. “You don’t want me to eat my pussy?”

I was a little shocked and she could tell. “Well, when you put it that way, how could I say no?”

She grinned and backed up a little. “Sorry. I was just getting a little excited. I didn’t mean to surprise you like that.”

“It’s fine. The other ladies are in the master bedroom.”

“Okay. Did Ann tell you what we have planned?”

“Yes, she did. I can’t wait.”

“I should also tell you, so you don’t get too surprised, that he likes ass play and has hinted at being pegged.”

My eyebrows went up. I tried to act surprised again. “Really?”

Marie grinned at me. “Yep.” She spun on her toes. “See you later.” Marie sauntered back toward the bedroom and I took that moment to look at her closely from behind. She Tuzla Escort had a great ass to go with those nice tits. Then I remembered that all I was getting was a chance to eat her pussy, not a chance to fuck her. Shit! She would probably be great in bed. I’d have to try to change that.

I got everything ready and then Matt, Bob, and Sean all showed up within minutes of each other. I welcomed them, got everyone a beer, and then we set out the munchies and cards and started to sit down. I had arranged to meet Barb in the kitchen after we sat down, so I went back into the kitchen and Barb came out of the bedroom hallway to meet me. She was wearing a fucking thong bikini. Being the voluptuous type, everything she had was moving and shaking. Her tits were about to pop out of the damn thing and her ass was completely bare and inviting.

“Holy fuck!” I tried to keep it low, but I had to say something.

Barb grinned and did a spin. “You like?”

I moved up to her and gave her a hug from behind. I nestled my rapidly hardening cock into her crack and put my hand over her tits. She moaned. “Later, John. After this, I am going to need a good fucking.”

So I went back into the dining room and made the announcement. “Okay, guys. I have a surprise, but it will take the agreement of everyone.” I figured that the two single guys, Sean and Matt, wouldn’t care, and I hoped that Bob would agree or this evening’s plans would be ruined. “This is Barb and she is going to serve us drinks and, when paid for, a little something extra.”

Barb strode into the room and they all stared. She stopped right near Bob and her tits stopped shaking a few seconds later. “Hi, guys.”

“What do you mean, something extra?” Bob was the one who asked.

“Tell them, Barb.”

Barb held up a small bowl. “In this bowl are four slips of paper. Each one has a number written on it. Every time the deal comes back to whoever starts with the first deal, the winner gets to draw one of the slips of paper. On the paper is a number, from 50 to 100. That is the dollar cost of a blow job. You can take it or pass. We keep playing until the four slips are gone. Everyone in?”

“Fuck, yeah!” I think Sean and Matt said that at the same time.

Bob only took a couple extra seconds. “I’m in.”

“Good, then we are all agreed.”

I went and sat down. Matt finished of his first beer before we had the cards fully dealt on the first hand. He held up the empty. “I need another Corona.”

“Yes, sir.” Barb answered.

I loved how she said ‘sir’.

Barb returned with the beer and walked over next to Matt. “Here you go, sir.” She put the beer down and then took his right hand and put it on her ass. “Bare skin is free game.” Matt just grinned and squeezed and felt up her ass until she walked away. I was amazed at this little vixen once again.

When I finished my beer, Barb came back to me and turned around, showing me that tremendous ass. The next hand would be the blow job hand and I guess she decided to up the ante. I put my hands on her ass and said how nice it was but she looked over her shoulder at me. “Untie the top. I think the guys want to see my tits.” Well, duh!

After the murmurs of approval, I untied her top and she turned back towards me as she shrugged her shoulders and the small tit coverings fell into her hands. She grinned and shook them at me. “They like being free.” She had told me at Sandra’s that she liked to show off her tits, and she definitely proved that.

“I like them being free, too.” I reached up and cupped both of them, feeling their weight and smoothness. Barb moaned and moved closer. Out of the corner of my eyes I could see everyone else staring. I doubted there was a limp dick in the house.

“Kiss the nipples.” I wasn’t going to ignore that order, so I did. I kissed and nipped at them for a few seconds before she pulled away. “Fuck! That’s going to make me wet.”

Barb walked back into the kitchen. Sean turned to me. “Where the hell did you find that hottie?”

“She is the friend of a friend. She always looked like a total sex bomb, but I had no idea.” I had to lie, not letting on that I had fucked the hell out of her with Sandra.

The next hand went to Bob, so we were going to get to the festivities immediately.

“Barb!” I called to her since she was still in the kitchen.

She strolled back into the dining room completely naked. We all watched as her tits jiggled and bobbed and drew your eyes, but also at the completely shaved pussy that was now on display. The little slut had taken off her thong! Fuck, but she was hot. I remembered our time with Sandra and I got harder, if that was possible.

“Who won?”

There was a moment of silence as four guys couldn’t stop thinking with the little head long enough to understand the question. Finally, Bob spoke up. “I did.”

Barb grinned and held out her hand. “Come with me.”

Bob took her hand and she led him into the living room, her voluptuousness Gebze Escort on display as she shook and jiggled in front of him. We all followed closely behind. She led him to the center of the couch. She was carrying that little bowl. She held it up. “Pick.”

Bob reached in and picked a number. It was the fifty dollar selection. He grinned.

Barb took the slip and looked at it. “Fifty bucks.” She held out her hand.

Bob looked down at her hand and then towards the dining room. “Be right back.”

The rest of us just watched Barb as he retrieved the money. He placed it in her hand and Barb smiled. She put the money in the bowl with the other slips.

“Okay, take off your pants and sit on the couch. I’m going to suck your cock.” Everyone was in awe of Barb’s raw sexuality.

Bob immediately stripped off his pants and boxers and dropped them to the side. We couldn’t see his cock and Barb was not looking until he sat down. He was hard as a rock and definitely large. His cock must have been about 9 inches.

“Oh, my. Now that’s a large cock!” Barb was staring at it. She knelt in front of it and took it into her hand, grabbing it by the root. A lot of it still protruded above her hand. She leaned over and licked it along the bottom and then put her mouth over it and start sucking.

Ann and Marie must have very quietly opened the front door and been standing just in the foyer. Barb probably texted them or something, because they were there at exactly the right time. They had been watching for a little while as Bob got ready and now they picked this moment to make themselves known.

Ann and Marie strolled into the living room with a couple of shopping bags, acting nonchalant until they saw Bob. Bob saw them at the same time and, naturally, the three of them froze and stared at each other for just a split second. Barb just kept bobbing on Bob’s cock, oblivious.

“What the fuck!” was what finally came out of Marie’s mouth.

“Uh, Marie – honey, I, uh.” Bob couldn’t get a sentence out and he had grabbed Barb by her hair to pull her off his cock.

“Hey!” Barb exclaimed and then acted like she was just noticing the other two women. “Oh, hi Ann.”

Ann’s left eyebrow went up. “That’s all you can say when we catch you sucking the cock of this woman’s husband? Are you such a clueless slut that you can’t recognize the problem here?”

Barb looked back and forth from Bob, to the two women, to me, and back. She was doing well playing this game.

Finally, I acted. Bob was trying to stand up and Barb was still kneeling there with a shocked look on her face. I moved in front of the couch next to the other players. “Okay, guys, let’s be nice and not get carried away. There are problems here, but we can’t let our emotions make bad decisions and hurt each other.”

Marie marched forward and grabbed Barb by the hair. I tried to stop her. “And I’m supposed to be calm when I see my husband let this slut suck his cock?” Everyone watched closely and Marie was displaying her anger such that it was very believable.

Sean and Matt were inching toward the door. Marie turned toward them, still holding Barb by the hair, and took advantage of this. “It’s best if you get out of here, this is not going to be pretty.” They left as quickly as they could, probably thinking that things were going to get bloody.

Before anyone could answer, Marie turned to Ann, who was trying to get a look at Bob’s cock as he covered it in shame at being caught. “Want to help me out here?”

“Uh, sure.” Ann looked up at me and I could see the mischief in her eyes.

“Come here.” She pointed to a spot right in front of the couch. Bob just stared at his wife. “Are you willing to suffer the consequences of these terrible actions, Bob?”

Bob just nodded and looked at his hands that were covering his crotch.

Marie moved to a spot directly in front of the couch. “Bob, lean back and uncover your cock.” She waited for him to do so as he tried to figure out what was happening. Once he did, his now chubby but no longer hard cock was exposed. It was still very large. “Ann, I want you to give him a hand job. Hands only.” She emphasized that with a pointed finger. Then she turned to me. “It’s my turn for oral stimulation.”

Marie turned and started to sit down on the couch. She was wearing a knee length skirt so she pulled it out from under her ass as she sat down. When she sat back and her skirt was lifted up, you could see nothing but skin. She had gone commando.

Marie leaned over and whispered something in Bob’s ear too low for anyone but him to hear. He nodded. She said something else and he smiled and nodded again. We could all hear her as she whispered “I love you” to him. He kissed her and then Marie went back to being the seemingly angry spouse.

Ann turned toward Marie. “Are you sure about this?” But Ann already had one hand on Bob’s cock. I knew she was going to handle him, but I still watched carefully as she measured his size Aydınlı Escort with her hand. She was letting me fuck anything I wanted to but I was still a little jealous that she had her hands on a 9″ cock. I guess that would never go away.

“Yes.” She turned to me. “Eat my pussy.” She leaned back and we all saw a very pretty, completely shaved, bright pink pussy.

I knelt and stared at the treat in front of me. It was beautiful and already wet. She must have been thinking about this so much that she got excited imagining what she was going to do.

I gave it a tentative lick and Marie slid down further. She pulled her legs up and sighed. I kissed her pussy and slipped my tongue inside and she sighed again. I licked up over her clit and she put her hand in my hair. I pulled her closer to the edge and pushed her legs up to her shoulders. I licked and sucked on her lips, french kissed her pussy, and licked around her clit. At this she got vocal.

“Oh, Bob, this man knows how to eat pussy. I think we may have to have him give you lessons.” I kept licking and sucking while I glanced over at Bob. He was mesmerized looking at where my mouth was attached to his wife. And Ann was using both hands to stroke his big cock. Marie turned her head toward Bob. “I can see that we are going to have to have you practice every night.” She grinned at him. “Maybe even after somebody fucks me, yeah?”

Bob groaned and started thrusting up into Ann’s hands.

“Ease up, Ann. He can’t cum until I do.”

Marie turned back to me. “Make me cum, baby, and I shall reward you.”

I attacked her pussy. I shoved two fingers up into her wet cunt and found her g-spot. I rubbed it while I licked and hummed on her clit. She came like a freight train.

“Fuck, yes.” She kept humping my face while holding it to her crotch. “Oh, god, I’m cumming so hard.” She jerked her hips under me and tried to smother me in her crotch. It was about a minute until she relaxed and I could breathe regularly again.

When I sat up, I could see that Ann had stopped and was holding only the bottom of Bob’s cock. Marie stared at it, and I knew what she was doing, but I had a boner of my own and knew where I wanted to bury it.

I shuffled forward and put my cock at the entrance to Marie’s pussy. She was grinning at Bob until she felt that. She flinched and looked up, like she didn’t expect it to go there. “What are you doing?”

She hadn’t blocked me so I just pushed and slid into her. She gasped as I bottomed out. “I’m fucking you in front of Bob. I’m going to fuck you until you cum again.” I turned to Ann. “Jack off that cock, baby. Make him cum.”

Marie was just groaning and loving it. She had reached over and she and Bob were holding hands. I guess she was right about everything when it came to Bob.

Ann was using two hands and jacking him off. Marie finally found her voice, but I was fucking her hard now. “Ann – ugh – he hasn’t cum in a couple of weeks – ugh – and he will cum a lot – ugh.”

I turned and saw that Barb was standing next to the arm of the couch with one leg up on the arm, frigging herself. “Barb, when he cums, you put your mouth over the head and take care of it all.”

I kept fucking Marie and Ann was jacking off Bob and Barb was kneeling right next to them, hovering. She and Marie egged him on.

Marie groaned and squeezed his hand. “Oh, fuck, Bob, this is so hot having you watch me get fucked. I want you to cum, baby. Cum for me.”

Bob finally spoke. “I am going to cum, you little slut, watching you get fucked right in front of me. I’m going to fill this slut’s mouth with cum while John fucks your hot, pink cunt.”

Barb leaned over. “Yeah, Bob, cum hard. I want to swallow all that delicious cum. I want to do that while you watch John fuck your wife.”

Bob started thrusting up into Ann’s hands and she let him set the pace.

Marie was close, too. “Oh, fuck. I’m going to cum again. Fuck me hard, John. Make me cum. Make me a fucking whore in front of my husband.”

I just kept fucking her hard, holding onto her hips and thrusting as my hips slapped up against her ass. I was pummeling her fucking cunt. I then reached down and rubbed my thumb over her clit, back and forth, pushing her over the edge.

“Cumming!!” Marie yelled as she started thrashing under me.

“Me, too!” Bob thrust up and Barb obediently put her mouth over his cock. “Fuck!” Bob yelled as he started cumming. Barb placed her lips just over the head and sucked on his cock and kept swallowing, ensuring that she captured all his cum. Even over the sound of my hips slapping up against Marie’s ass and the squishing of her wet pussy, I could hear her gulping down the cum.

When Marie stopped cumming, I was still hard as a fucking iron bar. Bob had collapsed back against the couch, seemingly spent. Ann was still lighting stroking Bob’s cock and Barb was licking the tip of his cock, making sure she got everything.

I pulled out and stood up. I moved as far forward as I could between her raised legs and aimed my cock at Marie’s mouth. “Your turn to swallow some cum.”

Marie glanced briefly at Bob, probably wondering if she was going too far, but he smiled and nodded. Marie sat up and looked at my pussy-soaked cock.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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