The Mall

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The group of us must have spent a few hours hanging out in the mall by now, and finally I come up with an excuse for us to sneak off on our own for a few minutes. I drag you into one of Nordstrom’s women’s departments, take a good look around and dash into the dressing rooms with you in tow. The room is a good 5’ by 6’ with a cushioned bench on one wall and a full length mirror down the opposite wall. Luckily it’s got a lock and a full length door so nobody can see the extra pair of feet, but it doesn’t feel that private, and I can hear the women several doors down arguing about whether or not the blouse that one of them is trying on is the right shade for her.

I grin mischievously at you and tell you you’d better grab your chance if you want it. Laughing, you turn me to face the mirror and pull me back against you. Your hands reach around me and quickly start unbuttoning my shirt. My cheeks flush as you start exposing my skin to your eyes.

Peeling the shirt back from my breasts, you take a minute to cup them in your hands before pulling the lacy material down, exposing my nipples before tucking it under my breasts, leaving them swaying above the underwire of my bra and making me feel exposed and shy. You seem to appreciate the view though, so I decide to just take as much enjoyment from this as I can.

You reach for the hem of my skirt and Pendik Escort start inching it up my legs, and I can feel your hands shaking with excitement. You are watching me, waiting to see if I’ll stop you. I just stay silent and pliant in your hands, trying to keep my breath slow and steady to keep from betraying how turned on I am. When you’re sure I don’t plan to offer resistance, you just grab the material of my skirt in one fist and pull it up, gathering it up over one of my hips.

Your body is still pressed close behind me and I can feel your hard cock against me. It takes all my control to not to move against you, not to let my body sway back and rub my body to yours just a teeny bit as you teasingly shove it into my flesh to see my reaction.

I’ve been taking turns watching your face and your hands in the mirror, but now I find myself unable to tear my eyes away from your fingers as they grab the front of my black lace underwear. In one smooth move you push them to the side with your other hand and slip a finger deeply between my legs. When you find me wet I hear a low moan come out of your throat.

You grab me and turn me to face the bench, bending me over and down into it so my ass is up in the air facing you. Your hands push my skirt up to my waist and you kneel down behind me. I can tell you’ve decided not to waste Kurtköy Escort any time when you jerk my panties down to the ground and make me step out of them.

Your hands grab my thighs and spread my legs apart. I feel a finger carefully exploring me from behind and a minute later your tongue replaces it, shoving deeply in between my lips. I smother a gasp in the cushion as you start taking turns working fucking my pussy with your tongue and fingers.

Soon I can’t take anymore and I stand up and turn around to face you. I reach for your belt and eagerly open your pants, pausing for a nervous moment before I draw them down to free your hard cock. At the sight of your thick cock I can feel my mouth watering. Falling to my knees I tentatively reach my hand out and stroke my fingers along its length. I lean forward to enclose the head in my mouth. As it pushes between my lips I feel you shudder against my tongue. I take a deep breath then slowly exhale as I move forward and you sink into my mouth until your head is resting at the back of my throat. The rigid shaft twitches restlessly inside me, waiting for something to happen.

Smiling to myself at the enjoyment I’m getting from teasing you, I tighten the inside of my mouth around it, pressing my tongue underneath and gently suctioning with my lips Within a few moments you start making Ümraniye Escort slight movements in and out of my mouth.

I place my hands against your body to stead you and keep you from moving into me… I increase the pressure gradually and your body response by quickening the rate of your small thrusts inside my mouth

I don’t want to stop but I know were running out of time before we are missed I briefly put my lips around you again, running my tongue over you and coating your cock with saliva

I feel your intent change as you push me away from you, and I move to sit on the bench and lean my back against the wall, drawing my legs up to expose my pussy to you.

You teasingly lay your cock flat along the folds of my pussy lips, push it down until the head nestles at my entrance, and moan as you thrust into me for the first time

Soft curses escape my throat as you fuck me and I bury my face against your body. You press me down as your cock fills me and I feel your rhythm change as my pussy tightens around you I tilt my pelvis up to meet your thrusts and we kiss, your moans smothered in my mouth as you cum deep inside me

The weight of your body collapses against me for a minute until you gather the will to pull out of me. You give me an incredulous look as you straighten up, and I can feel your cum slowly dripping out of me.

You silently pull me to my feet and I tidy myself in front of the mirror searching for my underwear, which I use to wipe my thighs before rolling them up in a ball and shoving them in your pocket before I open the door and wander back out to finish shopping…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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