The Masseur’s Touch

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Claire White sat in the physiotherapist’s waiting room and winced as she felt her back go into spasm once more. At 32 she was loving her career as a marketing manager, but the desk work had caused her to suffer considerable back pain for a while now and her company had referred her to this clinic.

A door opened and a handsome, well-defined physiotherapist in his late 20s appeared and called Claire over. He introduced himself as Mark, shook her hand and led her down a corridor. Claire had been single for a couple of years now and her eyes were automatically drawn to Mark’s cute bum which was complimented by tight white trousers. She had the briefest fantasy of grabbing those firm cheeks before Mark opened the door to his room and the consultation began.

Mark ran through a series of questions about Claire’s workplace lifestyle, focusing on her posture, how many breaks she took and so on. As Mark explained the importance of good posture while working at a desk, covering keyboard position, screen height and other items, Claire studied his intense green eyes, perfect hairline and full lips. She allowed herself another brief fantasy of a firm kiss, Mark’s strong hands running through her hair, before jolting back to reality.

Mark suggested that an intensive massage would ease Claire’s immediate pain, which, followed by improving her posture at work, Bostancı Escort would fix things long term.

Mark pointed Claire to a changing area and asked her to strip to her knickers and put on a robe. Claire cursed herself for not wearing more flattering underwear as she surveyed the floral pattern on her ‘comfort’ briefs. She lay face down on the masseur’s table and Mark gently removed the robe before pumping massage oil into his hands from a large dispenser.

Mark began to work Claire’s muscles with powerful yet skilled hands, locating the knots and working them out as she felt a painful yet strangely satisfying aching sensation. Working from her shoulders down to her lower back, Mark took his time, stopping occasionally to get more oil.

Once Mark had reached the base of Claire’s back, he seemed to pause and consider something. Claire waited for a signal that Mark was finished, before she was surprised to feel his hands on her thighs, working the oil up and down her slender legs. Claire felt that familiar, gorgeous twinge between her legs as Mark’s fingers raked up the inside of her thighs, beginning at her knees and stopping agonisingly close to where it felt best.

Barely able to believe what was happening, yet not wanting it to stop, Claire parted her legs, inviting Mark to continue. She felt the warmth from her vulva Anadolu Yakası Escort radiate against her thighs as Mark continued this teasing, reaching the gusset of her knickers with each pass before moving away again.

As Claire’s hips instinctively moved forward against the table, Mark said “Turn over.” Claire rolled herself onto her back, her whole body ablaze with anticipation.

Mark stood behind Claire, reached forward and began to rub oil into her firm, perky breasts. He allowed her nipples to run between his fingers, expertly squeezing them with each pass. Going from every angle, he massaged Claire’s breasts until her tingling nipples stood firm.

Without speaking, Mark pulled Claire’s knickers down with both hands, the damp material clinging to Claire’s labia momentarily before coming free. As he slid the panties down her legs, Claire noticed the odour of her arousal being released; that sexy, musky smell she was so familiar with. Claire, sensing that her moist pubes were plastered to her lips, trembled with expectation.

Mark stood at Claire’s side, parted her legs and ran a finger delicately from the bottom of her glistening labia up to her swollen, aching clit. For the first time Claire let out a gasp as Mark finally touched her there, her mouth agape as he continued to barely glance her folds with those Pendik Escort skilled fingers. She glanced at Mark’s crotch, following the outline of his bulging erection down the leg of his tight trousers.

The next thing Claire felt was two of Mark’s fingers entering her, sliding into her soaking sex with ease. The deliciousness of being penetrated caused Claire to cry out and throw her head back, before Mark placed the first two fingers of his other hand on her clit.

Mark began a rhythmic circling motion on Claire’s hard, protruding clit, her wetness allowing a slick, smooth sensation that increased her arousal further still.

Breathing in short, sharp gasps, Claire felt her climax building between her legs as Mark combined his steady clitoral action with the long, slow, gliding motion of his other hand.

Claire’s brow furrowed, her legs began to twitch and then it arrived, a long, intense orgasm that radiated down her legs and up into her stomach. She let out a huge grunt of pleasure as Mark maintained his steady pace, waves of pleasure running through her. As the aftershocks of her climax began to subside, Mark’s fingers slowed to a stop with perfect timing.

Claire let out a final moan as Mark slid his fingers out of her engorged vulva. “OK, if you’d like to get dressed now,” he said, with a tone so controlled that Claire would have sworn she’d imagined what had just happened if it wasn’t for her still-shaking legs and the knot throbbing between her legs.

Claire hurriedly changed and headed for the door, stealing a glance at Mark as she left. He was hunched over some paperwork and didn’t say a word.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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