The Money Dance

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Lounges, always have been my ‘office’. I play guitar and sing for a living and the fringe benefits are fantastic.

I walked up to my little one man bandstand, sat down on my stool and adjusted the guitar and then the microphone. I usually play guitar, and sing to the accompaniment of what’s known as MIDI files. They help me sound like a four or five piece group and let me do countless songs from the past 70s and 80s.

Tuning up the guitar I noticed a nice older blonde sitting at the bar smiling my way.

“Oh this could be a fun night!” I thought to myself.

I often get nice looks from women that come to the bar for little music, companionship and for someone to make her smile and laugh. I am very good at those things.

She was sitting at the corner of the bar with her legs crossed showing me a tanned pair of legs coming down out of a tight white tennis skirt. Her top was more of a light blue muscle shirt and did not appear to have any support under it. Her breasts strained the fabric. The hair was shoulder length and pulled over her right shoulder.

Catching me looking she smiled and slightly arched her back accenting her breasts nicely. I felt my crotch tighten up in appreciation and smiled back.

She looked like she was in her early 40s, medium height and weight. I was instantly attracted to her face as it was pretty from 20 feet so probably was better up close.

I remembered her from several weeks before when she was in with a group of several other girls that stayed in and listened to my songs and old one liner jokes. She had a cute smile and a sweet bosom with gorgeous cleavage.

I remember she and her friends requested songs from the 70s and got up and danced vigorously with each other as there are seldom available men other than older business types that frequented the hotel. They flirted nonstop with the male audience but didn’t come across as being available for any extracurricular fun and games.

I looked around the lounge to see if anyone was accompanying her.

Sure enough her two friends came in obviously from the ladies room and sat down on either side of her. They certainly brightened up the lounge but obviously the blonde was the hottest of the group. Not that I would turn any one of the three down, but the blonde was definitely my type woman – Hot!

I found myself hoping that the blonde might want to buy me a drink or whatever during my three-hour gig. I usually drink free but always welcome women who are forward enough to break the ice with a cocktail hopefully leading to my cock in her tail!

I find myself day dreaming that a lot of nights. I love when I don’t have to sleep alone in my hotel room.

I like to think that I can sing and smile my way into the pants of most of the women that take a liking to me and my music.

“I’d like to welcome everyone out tonight”, is my usual greeting to the crowd. “But tonight I was feeling a little frisky and said,” hi y’all I’m Jack and I’m here to entertain you and take your mind off your day, make you feel relaxed.”

“Maybe make you feel like dancing, and have a good time!”

” I play lots of different music and I kiss well!”I smiled at the crowd.

That got even the bartender Samantha smiling as I had tapped her a time or two over the past few months.

The trio at the bar got their heads together and giggled sneaking glances at me. Good time to start the show!

“What would you lovely ladies like to hear tonight? Some Buffet?, Eagles?”

“OOH “, “we’d love it if you’d do some Eagles!” Said what appeared to be the youngest of the three, a curvy brunette wearing workout clothes that showed off yet hid a nice figure. She wore a cut off T-shirt that showed a little interesting under boob. I was looking forward to watching her dance tonight.

“Whoop’s, did I say Eagles, I don’t really do Eagles, but I’ve been known to do a sheep or raccoon occasionally “.

That always seems to get me a laugh or a smile or two, but they just thought that was downright silly and giggled more among themselves.

Then looking up at me the blonde said,” Oh play anything you want, we’re not choosy tonight”.

Well that always makes it easy for me so I started out with a little reggae version of,”Knocking on Heaven’s door”.

It’s a good way for me to warm up, and I like the song as its catchy and I get a good sound check and make sure my guitar is staying in tune.

I went through various different songs for a good 40 minutes trying to get a feel for what the people might be in the mood for. I have a pretty good head for when people want lively music, or laid-back or little of everything.

Looking out over the small crowd I could see people looking up, some smiling, some tapping their feet, and some not paying a bit of attention to me. It was obvious to me that if I was going to get any crowd reaction it would be with the girls at the bar.

Coming to the end of the song I went directly into a nice version of, “Before you accuse me”, as it’s a little snappy number Anadolu Yakası Escort that most people like, sort of upbeat and catchy.

I sometimes play with my eyes closed and as I opened them I watched the blonde slowly walking up to me with a couple of cocktails in her hands and stopped to the side of me and made it obvious that she had a request.

Offering me a glass she said. “We enjoyed you when we were here last, I especially like the way you sang your slow love songs”.

I got a nice whiff of a subtle perfume that carried a promise of intimacy and pleasure. I enjoy a good perfume as it seems to surround a beautiful woman with an aura that encourages conversation and hopes of more.

“Well thank you ma’am”, I said taking the offered glass. “I always love doing love songs”.

“I try to make everyone happy, especially the beautiful people like you and your friends”.

I laughed gently but it was obvious that I was there not for the crowd but mainly for the ladies at the bar. “What can I play for you all?”

“I remember last time that you played a song about “Every time you go away “and I thought it was great!” She raised her left eyebrow a bit.

Smiling and inching slightly closer she said softly, “I remember it well, you had your eyes closed throughout almost the whole song- it was so cute!”

“Want to sing it again for us?”She stared right at me.

“Hey, no problem, I love doing that song!” I said quickly.

She looked down at my guitar appearing to think, “I could feel you were really into that song and I wished I had someone to dance with but the place was practically empty so I just closed my eyes and enjoyed it”

“You got it girl!” I said.

“Say! What’s your name?” I’ll dedicate it to you”, I said hoping to get a foot in the door.

“Jill”, she said in a low voice that gave me a tingle in the pit of my tummy. “My name is Jill; we’re all down from Auburn to unwind”.

“You can dedicate it to Jill and her sisters”.

I looked at her lovely face and smiled, and without thinking my eyes dropped to her chest and I said;

“That would make my night to dedicate it to a beautiful lady like you”.

I did not mean to be so obvious admiring her chest, but I am a titty man could not help myself.

She laughed, saying “my eyes are up here cutie! “.

She looked around. “Give me a minute and maybe I can find someone to dance with to it “she said looking around.

Sure enough looking she saw a table with two younger man drinking draft beer that had obviously been looking at her and her sisters at the bar since they arrived. I knew at least one of them would want to dance with a hot lady like her and or her sisters.

I started to play her request and watching out of the corner of my eye saw her pull what appeared the oldest guy up from the table and putting her arm through his, brought him to the dance floor and started dancing. I could feel a little jealousy welling up and closed my eyes and really got into the song. Hopefully her partner wasn’t staying in the hotel.

Halfway through the song my eyes opened slowly and saw that she and he were dancing not 6 feet in front of me. He was holding her close and was talking in her ear when she turned her head in my direction, winked and gave me the cutest smile that I had seen in weeks.

I could feel an erection growing behind my guitar, “that lady is so fine,” I thought to myself. If I were dancing with her I’d hold her very close and know what I’d whisper in her ear.

“How would you like to join me in a hot tub with some champagne later?” Hopefully she would accept the offer; I ask that question a lot!

I finished that song and not wanting to see her in his arms throughout the night cranked off with some Rolling Stones tune that hopefully would end my set so I could walk around the lounge and ask for requests or if the music was too loud – ending at the bar of course.

As the night was going well I plugged in some recorded upbeat music that would play during my break. This way the mood continues and when I start up again I’ll start off mellow and work my way back up to fast material.

Standing and turning around I leaned the guitar back against the wall and turned to head to the men’s room first as I had to pee something fierce .

I almost walked right into Jill who instead of walking back to her friends at the bar had come up to me.

She stood with a hand on her hip just looking at me.

“How was that lovely lady?” I asked. “I really enjoy singing that song, especially when I’m singing to someone special.”

“That was just how I remember it!” She said in her lovely voice. “Dancing to that song turns me on!”

She slid her arm in mine and pulled me towards the bar where her two sisters were talking, “Hey girls, I want to introduce to you our entertainer tonight, Jack!”

“He said he’ll take any request we have!”

The younger of the two started laughing and leaning forward said, “Stick around us long enough tonight and we’ll request your butt off!” Hmmm, I might like that!

Jill hugged my arm a little closer to her and I really enjoyed the soft but firm curve to her right breast. Beyond a doubt both those puppies were such a joy to look at; I wondered what they would feel like with both my hands on them. Of course I am a BIG breast man, as long as they were against me I Loved them all!

I started to excuse myself as I still had to go to the potty.

That’s when the song changed to “Wonderful Tonight”, and Jill pulled me closer, whispered in my ear, “I adore that song, would you dance with me to it?” Tugging me tighter to her full breast.

“I would love that”, I said and we walked to the little cozy dance floor.

Now this dance floor is very unique as it’s only about 16 feet square, and from where I sit playing my guitar, a wall runs down the right side meeting another wall with a door leading to where they store extra chairs and tables. I also use that door as it’s a shortcut to the hall with restrooms in it. There is very little light in the corner by the door.

We were in each other’s arms and I could feel her pulling me a little closer than I expected for a first dance together.

I felt her boobs pressing gently but firmly against my chest and liked it. I could glance down and see the swell of her breasts trying to join with me and I Liked that better!

“You dance as well as you sing Jack,” Jill smiled up at me and I held her just a little bit closer to me and replied,

“Thank you ma’am, I don’t get to dance as often as I’d like because breaks are only 15 to 20 minutes and that keeps the boss’s happy.”

I slowly twirled her in and out of the shadow area where all you could see was her white skirt and my white/blue beach stripped T-shirt. I always enjoyed seeing couples dancing in there – Kissing, humping and petting where they thought no one saw what their hands and hips were doing. I spent a lot of time here when I can.

We talked little things like the weather and what she and her sisters were doing in town. They were all schoolteachers from North Alabama and came down to Mobile at least once a month for a weekend just to blow off the steam and aggravation they built up teaching in their schools. I guess they left the husbands behind as they all were wearing rings on their marriage finger. I didn’t blame them a bit.

Clapton got to the bridge- that’s the best part of the song and Jill put her chin on my right shoulder and rubbed the side of her face against my ear. Wow! I could feel a small pleasurable shock connecting my ear to my crotch. Lil’ Jack had better settle down before it became obvious to her that I was becoming aroused. Her scent was just perfect for me and got me to feeling forward.

This is where I steered us gently into the shadows completely and holding her tighter said, “I’ll give you an hour to stop that,”

Jill moved her lips closer to my ear and whispered very softly, “what if I don’t want to stop after an hour?”

“Then I’ll give you all night!” I muttered.

Lil Jack was starting to press up right behind the zipper on my cargos and I knew if this kept up much longer I wouldn’t be able to keep him a secret. When his interest is up, my cock is the size of a medium cucumber. I can’t help it, whenever I hold a good-looking woman all the blood goes rushing south.

I felt Jill bring her head back from my neck and moving her lips slowly across my cheek, closed her eyes and pressed her mouth and breasts against my body all at once. I tasted lips and alcohol as well as lust. My breathing picked up and I felt like a rag doll.

Lil Jack reared up to his entire length and he was a secret no longer. I could feel a slight leakage of precum starting to flow. He had that tickling feeling that precedes loss of control.

Jill slowly brought our groins together and I completely forgot about the restroom.

Her pubic mound teased my cock by moving oh so gently sideways and I froze into a statue from the waist down.

My right hand slowly cupped her ass and gently pulled her closer.

Our lips slowly turned at an angle and I felt her tongue gently probing my lips. That’s all it took for my mouth to open enough to accept it. Damn I love a good kisser!

She had the softest wet tongue and it probed eagerly just barely within me. It played with my tongue so intimately it was as if we practiced daily. Her mound drove me crazy and I pulled away before I had a premature event that would ruin everything!

I realized that while I had a cutie pie in my arms, I had not pissed or gotten myself a drink to take back when I cranked up the music again. I needed this gig and knew I had to get back to work so I gently pulled away.

I softly asked this passionate woman,” I hate to ask but could I have another dance later as I had a job to do and needed to visit the men’s room Pretty Soon!

She laughed gently and leaning her head back [which coincidently pushed her crotch against mine again] said she was thinking the same exact thing.

Nothing was said of the brief encounter we shared in the middle of the song. I really hoped I would get another dance on the next break. But now I had to pee so bad it was beginning to be painful what with the hard on that had its mind on other things.

I said, “Let me walk you to the hallway with the restrooms and I’ll meet you back in here for the next set.”

“Great, I think I forgot where the ladies room is.” Jill grabbed my arm and with her arm in mine off we went for relief.

By using my shortcut through the storage area I beat her back to the lounge and was on my stool with my guitar ready to start before she walked in. Jill looked surprised as she walked to the bar that I was back so quickly from the men’s room.

She tilted her head and gave me a quizzical smile then I saw her talk to the bartender and nod towards me.

Before I got half through the intro Samantha placed a bourbon and coke next to me.

“Complements of the blond bombshell Jacko.” She winked and walked away.

I smiled at her and started doing an SRV shuffle, old Stevie Ray could really write some great music and it always went over well with crowds. Man I felt fantastic! I started fantasizing about Jill in my room for the night. All night hopefully!

The set went well but time dragged on with several of the guys in the lounge asking the girls to dance. I noticed Jill didn’t dance anymore slow songs. I hoped she was waiting for her guitar player to take her back to the shadows and smother her with love and affection and hopefully a little more.

As I always do, I announced that I was going to take a short break again after the last song but I would be back to do one more set and as always take more requests. I finished my song and started the break music back up and headed to the bar for a fresh drink. I didn’t get one on my last break as I was otherwise engaged.

I got to the bar and Samantha came over just as I was raising my finger like you do to say one more like that last one.

She had a bourbon and Coke in her hand and placing it in front of me said, “Courtesy of the ladies you’ve been singing to all night long, I think they like you Jack.” She winked at me.

“They’ve had a good bit to drink and are getting tipsy”.

“Really”. I said taking a sip.

“Yeah: I heard the blond say you were hot- and she might be late getting to their room tonight, so be warned baby”! She giggled back to her post.

Taking my drink I turned and headed for the girls.

“Come over here and talk with us Jack, we need to discuss the words on that last song.” They looked and sounded like they weren’t really interested in music at that point of the evening. I believe they just enjoyed being friends with the band just like everywhere else I’ve played.

I sipped my drink and was about to ask, “What words? That was an instrumental!” When Jill reached out and pulled me over to her side-she didn’t have to pull very hard as I basically floated towards her. I had caught her perfume again. I could feel my penis rising to the occasion again and I hoped her sisters didn’t notice.

“Do you have any other good slow tunes coming up?” Jill asked with a sly look on her face.” It’s dance with Jill time!”

“Yes ma’am I do,” I said, “I think Whiter Shade of Pale is coming up in a minute.”

“Hmmm that’s perfect!”

“I have to run to the men’s room but I’ll be back before it starts!” I took off through the storage area door and had a quick piss through my chubby little friend, washed my hands and was back in less than two minutes.

Jill saw me and walking towards me put her arm through mine and pulled me up against that luscious breast.

“Took you long enough” She chided. “Our songs already started.”

“No problem lady!” I said, “This is the concert version and lasts eight minutes so there’s plenty of time for dancing!”

I had planned ahead.

Jill came into my arms as readily as before and as her body adjusted to mine she sighed and asked, “Where were we?”

Putting her face close to mine murmured, “Oh yeah I remember, we were dancing and you let me kiss you.”

That sweet soft body rubbed me with each step, up and down, sideways and with a slight wiggle that immediately brought us back to where we left off. Placing both arms around my neck she drew me closer and we instinctively opened our mouths and accepted each other’s tongues. Slowly, gently and with a couple very feminine sighs Jill took the lead and danced us deep into the shadow area of the dance floor. We stopped dancing, and for several moments we kissed intensely holding dearly to one another while trying to stay stationary.

I had a feeling wash over me of an intense need for pleasures I wanted so bad to share with Jill. Her fingers on one hand were gently rubbing the back of my neck while my left hand for some odd reason moved up from her waist to her right breast. The moment I felt her nipple under the T-shirt tighten under my fingers she began moving her waist gently side to side right on the underside of my penis. Oh man! I can’t believe this is happening on the dance floor.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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