The Mysterious Village of St. Sienna Ch. 01

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The mysterious legend of the village of St Sienna.

Located midway up the mountain range some called it the village time forgot while there were others that spoke reverently as though acknowledging its mystical qualities. Down below local male townsfolk most always remained silent believing what they’d heard since their youth. Women on the other hand quietly had a sense of pride on its lore of empowerment.

One could only get there to the single entrance by horse drawn wagon or a vigorous effort of climbing. Hiking up the mountainous terrain often left even the most seasoned male climber exhausted. Unwittingly they likely found their muscle fatigue left them susceptible to the spell no locals spoke openly about.

Like many a town or village in France or Switzerland in the 13th, 14th or even 15th century it had been given the name of a Saint as the church tried to stake its claim. Over time the power of witchcraft drove those priests displaying their usual tyrannical piousness away.

As was most often the case in locations they hadn’t converted the church claimed those that remained to be heretical heathens. Yet the truth was they never understood how a village could be run with women in the positions of power and control.

Perhaps it was the harmonic convergence but electrical power was an issue that to this day never was straightened out. Sometimes it worked others times no.Mobile phone…forget it electrical storms in the surrounding mountains prevented any consistency the same could be said with internet connectivity.

The terrain so difficult no one raised children yet there were always adults in the village ranging from their 20’s up. No automobiles or trains with horses as the only means of transportation was one of the reasons it was called the village time left behind.

Legend had it a beautiful coven witch had been spurned by a male lover during the seasonal change from that day forward no man living there remained the same once fall was in the air.

Philip Dumont sat at the open-air café near the entrance to the Gherkin waiting for his wife to come out from her office in the building some called 30 St Mary axe. He enjoyed girl-watching and the street had plenty of women he could silently leer at.

Having a thing for it what he truly enjoyed seeing was large breasted girls and how pretty they looked in their office wear of tight dresses and well put together outfits of short skirts and tops or sweaters.

The situation still not resolved despie Britain’s 2010 Equality Act that most women felt was unevenly applied. There had been repeated protests by women working in offices who complained they were required to wear high heels with a proper ensemble while in the workplace.

A petition garnered 150,000 signatures with complaints ranging from some women in retail that were told to unbutton more buttons on their blouses during Christmas time pandering to male shoppers to a popular male cable tv show host saying it was not unreasonable to expect a receptionist to wear stiletto heels.

It was enough a Parliament set up an inquiry to look into the matter over the battle between flats and high heels.

All Philip knew was that women in heels had a bounce to their step that quite often sent their breasts to wiggling. Sipping his latte Philip commented to himself unaware his wife Claudine was watching.

“Bloody hell Guv’nor…Queen Victoria riding a bike at piccadilly circus…she must be a double d-cup…look at the way those move.”

In their late-30’s Philip and Claudine Dumont both quietly realized their 3 year marriage was in jeopardy. Something that had started out with so much promise was being threatened because the husband had fallen back into his habit of flirting with younger woman to the point Claudine was certain he had cheated on her a few times.

Raised in London by a single divorced mother that spoke fluent French with a father that wasn’t around Claudine’s grandmother made sure her granddaughter learned her native tongue. The woman had been a nurse that saved the life of a decorated English soldier during the invasion into Normandy. After the spearhead into Germany crushing the ‘nazzzz-zieeees’ as Sir Winston mockingly referred to them he returned to find the woman he loved.

It had started with a conversation over where to find the best cheese in France. Sitting in a beauty salon Claudine listened to younger woman doing her nails that said she read about the mysterious legend of the village of St Sienna over the internet.

The lass smiled as she said it.

“Is it true what they say?…who knows?…certainly any man wishing to retain his manhood would be wise to treat it as though with trepidation he is walking where angels fear to tread.”

Claudine replied.

“Quite right…yet the lure of romantic love has led many done that path…send me a link…it might make for a nice get-away holiday I’ve wanted to take.”

A call to her travel agent to make the arrangements quietly porno to herself Claudine wanted to revive the marriage rather than see it be put in the ash heap like other divorced couples too lazy to make an effort of saving a committed relationship.

The quaintness of a carriage ride dwindled the longer it took until finally arriving 3 hours later at the entranceway of the village. Disembarking only to see a lovely fresh water brook with floating lily pads nearby Claudine thought its pastoral look was something Monet himself could have painted.

Strolling through main street Philip saw the couple wearing matching dresses. At first glance it didn’t seem odd yet the longer he looked walking by the more the one seem to have a hint of masculinity. Staring his eyes took in the lovely sway of the full rounded bosom as they passed dismissing any claim he was a man.

Claudine lifted her voice.


It had been a source of contention she hadn’t caught him red-handed yet was convinced he was out ‘Tom-catting’ with a few of his mates when she was out of town on business.

“Sorry Claudine…you know you’re the only one.”

“Some days I wonder oh look they have such lovely boutiques.”

“Yes but I don’t see any guy stores…I’d have thought something for mountain climbing and maybe a few pubs for mates to drink suds at…now that I think of it I don’t see any men around…must be out chopping wood huh?”

Claudine ignored it bi-lingual in English and French the second part came out sounding so beautiful as she spoke what she considered to be her native language.

“I’ve counted two lingerie stores…personne ne porte intime comme nous Francais.”

“Geez Claudine even though I’ve been trying to learn I’m still pretty rusty with my French.”

“I said nobody does intimate wear like us French…og regarde deux salons de beaute…j’aimerais avoir une nouvelle coiffure.”

She looked at her husband.

“Sorry honey…oh look Philip two beauty salons…I’d love to have a new hairdo.”

A woman in her mid-50’s pulled the horse drawn carriage to a halt.

“Tenir le baton de menthe poivre…”

Telling her horse ‘hold peppermint stick’ she added ‘oh tu dopis etre Claudine…je suis Jennifer Renault’ before saying the same in English…’you must be Claudine…I’m Jennifer Renault.’.

Drawing a curious look on her face the woman stared Philip up and down. The only luggage a backpack on each the two climbed in the attractive carriage with its ornate trimmings and fringed overhang that provided shade.

Claudine sat in front as Philip did a man-spread sitting on the bench seat behind them.

“Si mince encadre pas trop grand je vois beaucoup de potential…Je m’appelle Jennifer”

Claudine replied.

“Bonjour Ms. Renault…Jennifer…I’ve always like that name…thin and not too tall I’m not sure what you mean when you say you see lots of potential for him.”

Jennifer smiled deciding to use English.

“You will later perhaps by sunlight…a full moon with the stars in alignment and the fall weather will bring change come morning.”

Her eyes turning back to ‘peppermint stick’ a couple of swats with the fly tip buggy-whip had the horse grunting out as they moved. Without looking the woman added.

‘Un si joli nom…vous voudrez peut-etre envisage d’itiliser Yvette a l’aube…tu trouveras les robes et la lingerie deja dans l’armoire.”

Claudine a puzzled look on her face she thought about the words…’Such a lovely name …you may want to consider using Yvette come day break…you’ll find a frock or two and lingerie already in the armoire’.

A good hour outside the village the house had all the charm of the pictures in the brochure.

Spotting the fresh stream nearby Philip looked around to see the openness of the sprawling lawn in front of the home with the wrap-around porch and bed of flowers near the front stoop. Built of stone and what looked to be a sturdy copper roof the two story 3 bedroom house had been standing for two centuries.

Near the porch’s corner an axe was kept in place stuck in the cutoff stump along-side the pile of a dozen pieces of corded wood.

The older woman looked at Claudine as though she was the decision maker as the two climbed off the carriage.

“It’s best to go to town every 3rd or 4th day for fresh food and vegetables and other things of interest in our shops… though you are stocked up for now…au revoir…faites attention a l’etrange lynx roux apres tout ce sint led montagnes.”

Claudine briefly put a serious look on her face in hearing ‘be mindful of the odd bobcat after all these are the mountains.’.

Claudine spoke

“Au revoir madamoiselle.”

” Je vous suggere d’agir rapidement en voyant…un climax active le feminine a l’interieur

Like many a French native the words came out quickly as the woman continued to speak.

“Rappelez-vous venir le matin…le changement apporte touhours un renouveau japon porno de la romance dans le Coeur des amoureux…vous remercierez myste du cadeau feminine de la deesse du coven.”

The woman drove away knowing what she said was mostly true. Jennifer appreciated the irony aware that it took a little time for the male minds to catch up to the new developments.

Claudine thought about her words and what she really meant…’I suggest you act quickly upon seeing…a climax often activates the feminine within…remember come morning …change always brings with renewal of romance in the hearts of lovers… you’ll thank the mystery of the feminine gift of the coven goddess.”

By sundown the evening air had turned to bring a chill with the full moon in view in the big sky totally clear of clouds.

Deep in sleep Philip lightly tossed and turned yet not waking. The softness of the blankets felt so nice and warm on his skin. Claudine felt a strength within her previously missing as the sun creeped into the room. A glance at her arm as she pulled it free from the covers showed a new level of firmness in her bicep.

A skilled athlete she routinely did ‘ironman’ races along with marathons that had always helped maintain her taut muscles and waistline to go with her near perfectly shaped c-cup breasts.

Reaching over she took the black elastic hairband off the nightstand before collecting her brunette hair putting it in a ponytail. A business women of accomplishment in her own right she never let it grow too long knowing men thought it a sign of weakness across a boardroom meet.

Though 3″ shorter than Philip’s 5′ 11″ height she’d always thought they were a perfect match under the covers. A clump of blankets over it his head lost in the pillows she turned to stare at her husband as sunrise took hold. Somehow he seemed different…smaller…and his hair…a lighter yet prettier shade of auburn unlike his usual darker brown color.

Turning still asleep more of his hair became exposed. Part of it spilled over the white colored pillow of brushed cotton. As he turned she saw length fall along the blanket tip silky smooth in its appearance it slid gently across.

His cheek-line came into view. There was a new contour as it dipped towards his mouth. Free of facial hair his smooth complexion highlighted a pair of plump pouted lips.

‘Oh dear Goddess is this what she meant…my darling has a look of beauty’.

Claudine never hung up about it being a French woman at heart always had a thing for lesbian love. There was just something about being in bed with another woman or two that had always turned her on. By her way of thinking while a hard cock had its purpose there was nothing finer than a vagina.

Yet she felt clearly different herself. More physically stronger more self-assured more confident in who she was and could be. Lifting her own covers up brought a smile as she felt her breasts sway.

“My little kitten of a pussy is still intact.

That’s when she got a better look at her arms. They looked like she also lifted weights more than she normally did.

Eyes closed a gentle coo escaped from Philip’s mouth.

She couldn’t help yet think it…’Damn that’s sexy’.

His body moved letting the large rounded bosom come in to view as his covers lowered.

Under her breath Claudine whispered.

“Oh fuck…look at those nipples…my goodness they must be an inch long…and these breasts…I love how milky they are.”

‘Hi Claudine…good morning it’s so nice to see you…oh I had the most wonderful sleep last night…I think I had a delightful dream yet I can’t remember it now”

So different than he used to react upon waking the thoughtful caring ‘morning hello’ came out in a soft breathy feminine voice. His hand lifted letting his fingers move some of his long hair back behind his ear. He’d yet to notice the long fingernails that needed polish in order to heighten their femininity.

Claudine saw he hadn’t realized what had happened…that the spell of the village of St. Sienna was a real thing.

A girlish yet womanly giggle was next.

“What?…you’re smiling that smile Claudine.”

When Philip moved to sit up the weight of the pair of d-cup breasts was felt first before their lovely appearance came into view. The large areolas were evenly centered on the expanse of large breasts any woman would enjoy having. The thin waist added to the feel of the shapely hips as though it was now what drove how he moved.

His hand came up covering his mouth as the thin fingers stood straight out showing a weak prettiness in their feminine appearance. Tilting his head Philip could sense the tactile feel with the silkiness of his hair spilling across his shoulders.

Feeling a tingle between his legs his dick never felt so hard.

“What the hell is going on…I have breasts…look at how big they are…and these nipples…my hair…do I look pretty now?”

The lezbiyen porno moment of seeming male assertiveness gave way to an estrogen rush. Philip fell back to the mattress his luscious breasts jiggling as he did so. Looking at his woman he could see the lust filling her eyes.

That’s when it hit Claudine…what the female horse carriage driver Jennifer meant…’ ‘I suggest you act quickly upon seeing…often a climax activates the feminine within…remember come morning’.

Not wanting to pass up the opportunity she bent to silence him with a kiss. Lifting up she felt a new power she never had before. A sly radical feminist grin appeared on her face. Aware she needed to act thinking of Jennifer the driver and her words she let them come out in French.

“Rappelez-vous venir le matin…le changement apporte touhours un renouveau de la romance dans le Coeur des amoureux…vous remercierez myste du cadeau feminine de la deesse du coven.”

Barely able to understand even the most basic French words he had no idea they meant …’ change always brings with renewal of romance in the hearts of lovers… you’ll thank the mystery of the feminine gift of the coven goddess.”

Her lips dropped once more to kiss while her hand started fondling his milky breasts. A shake of his long hair had her nuzzle along his neckline licking and kissing. Philip felt so submissive letting it mingle with how harmlessly docile he looked.

Claudine lifted up and pulled the blankets off. Staring down he saw the tapered look as his body sloped inward to where waist met hips. Plain as day for both to see his cock had lost size. At a mere 3″ fully stiff it no longer appeared menacing as it once had when made angry.

The woman lifted up kicking his calf out with her knee so he would be mounded with spread legs. With her own breasts wiggling Philip pressed his hands at Claudine’s shoulder line.

To her self she said it internally…’Not this time…not ever again…let’s see if you can prevent my strength from overpowering you’.

Her hands balled into a fist and pressed into the mattress on either side of Philip as she began to lower. Not used to being on the bottom he’d always believed a male should be on top. The lingering masculine thoughts within he did his best to stop her. Inch by inch the weak arm muscles gave up ground.

He began to whimper in a girlish way with his arms starting to hurt from the strain. Closer and closer her body neared his prepared to mash her breasts against his womanly twins.

It came out in a raspy voice that sounded sexy.

“Ohhh, ohhhh…you’re sooo strong Claudine…ohhhh, ohhhh…I can’t stop you…my arms feel sooo weak…ohhhh, ohhhhh.”

Silently enjoying the power rush she brought her nipples and areolas to lay on his larger ones. A simple flick with her fingers let them move across his engorged nipple.

It was new experience for her husband.

“Oh my goodness they are so sensitive.”

Claudine bent and pulled at the near 1″ long nub with her lips. Its length startled him on her retreat. A burst of feminine pride he felt the need to arch his back and show off the two hard nipples.

“Baby look at your little plaything…it looks so adorable…so tiny yet so hard…and these balls…they look like cute little orbs…be a good girl spread wide for me…I’m certain I can make you get wet.”

He never called his orgasm ‘getting wet’…instead him and his mates would say such things as I spunked her…or I really jizzed her…or I dropped a load in that little love cave.”

Something inside him made Philip obey her. His words came out confirming his new found obedience.

“Yes Ms. Claudine.”

The feminine urges expanding Philip stretched his legs out as far as he could. In a final act acknowledging his surrender he lifted them off the bed. No male ever wanted to be caught doing that…no their job was to plunder a pussy with meaty thickness fucking a woman into submission while being on top.

As his legs lifted higher he felt his breasts give off a delightful jiggle.

“Sweetie this feels like a lovey clit…go ahead play with your boobies…you know I’ve always had a thing for how pretty another woman can look in bed.”

There…Claudine had said it…she had called him a woman. Once more demonstrating control she took hold of both his ankles as her vagina engulfed his tiny love stick not much larger than Hedwig’s angry inch.

Just the opposite of a manly man it’s been said sissies have little or no control as to when they release. Barely past the opening to her vagina canal he felt his climax approaching. Her hips humping away she cared little for her own orgasm this time.

The woman knew her focus was on making him climax locking in his femininity while mocking any remaining masculinity. In a moment of concern she briefly considered ‘where will I get my dick’s in the future’ then realized most any woman could get laid if she really wanted to.

What she did understand was status in a relationship…The idea that ‘every woman needs a housewife’ popped into her mind. Dirty dishes, making beds, doing laundry and ironing or ‘hoovering’ carpets…how nice would it be to never have to do a lick of housework anymore?

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