The New Neighborhood

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Purely a work of fiction and the result of a very vivid and wishful imagination. Other chapters to follow. Enjoy a walk through a fantasy land.


Our new neighborhood. Who could have imagined? The Garden of Eden couldn’t have been better than this.

Ten years ago, my wife and I bought a home 30 miles away from where we had lived for the 20 years. We are childless by choice although it is a decision we have regretted in the past few years.

Another thing we have agreed with over the years was a desire to get the hell out of the city and move away from the traffic and smog of the city.

New River Estates was 30 miles away yet a 40 minute drive due to the two lane road that took us from the city to Route Exit 72. From there, there was a two mile drive on a narrower two lane road that took us to the security booth which was adjacent to the homeowner’s association office and the owner’s home.

We both had very successful careers in the stock market and decided to use our knowledge to become day traders. Goodbye to big buildings and the corporate world. Hello to being self -employed and working from home.

Working from home. No more city life. No more traffic. No more noise and crime.

Our realtor drove us to the remote location about 700 feet in elevation above what we had known. Although it wasn’t the mountains, New River Estates was embedded within acres upon acres of trees and a small stream that ran right down the middle. The fact that it was called New River was an inside joke that was derived from the founder’s wife joking about that huge river in the middle.

We fell in love with the area. The scenery was second to none. The only negative was that while we did own the house we would live in, Bernie and Thelma Stinson owned all of the property that it sat on.

The monthly lease was expensive but it did include armed security. No one came into the community without the express consent of the owners they wished to visit. Also, it was strictly an 18 and over community. No kids were allowed on the premises. My wife and I were expressly warned. All residents had to be over 40 years old. Again, that was strictly enforced and we were reminded of it.

Also included was unlimited use of the pools and spas. There were seven divisions of four houses each. Each four houses were considered a quad. Four houses shared a large swimming pool which was heated in the winter. Each home had their own individual hot tub.

The back yards of each home faced towards the back yard of the house behind them. There were no fences or gates. There was no privacy since each yard had a fairly good view of the other three yards.

Also included in our fees was water, trash, gardening, and fresh paint on each home every 5 years. One other awesome feature was incredibly fast internet service and satellite TV package that had every kind of programming imaginable. That included the porn stations although that wasn’t a big selling point to us.

Our realtor showed us the area on a cool, rainy April morning that year. It was love at first sight. Our home had been owned by an elderly couple. The gentleman had passed away recently and his wife had been put in a home. Their children accepted our generous offer; especially since we were paying cash.

We met at the office and met the Stinson’s. They were a couple in their 60s yet still looked fit and acted younger than their age. Ella Stinson was an attractive lady with only slight touches of gray in her raven colored hair. She was slim with large soulful eyes. Think of Susan Sarandon’s eyes and you’ll get the picture.

We both thought it to be strange that she was wearing a thin sundress that did little to hide the fact that she wasn’t wearing a bra or panties. Standing in the right light, it was easy to discern her large nipples.

We were given a copy of the Association rules and regulations. Before purchasing the home, we had to agree to all of the rules. It seemed like the usual legal language. We were reminded that children under 18 were never allowed. I kind of wondered what that would be like for those with grandkids they’d want to see but rules are rules.

We signed our names on several lines and places our initials on several other places. We agreed to a background check. Essentially, they wanted to know that we had no criminal background and that we were financially capable of paying the steep membership fees each month. It wasn’t a place for the financially strapped, that’s for sure.

Her husband, Bernie, came out of his office to meet us. Strangely, he was only wearing a pair of gym shorts and no shirt. He was a graying man with a slight belly on him and a thick mane of gray chest hair. Again, we thought it to be strange but it was their place and they were allowed to dress any way they desired.

On Thursday. June 1st, the moving van brought all of our belongings to our new home. The movers were reminded that they were to only deliver our stuff and then get out. It seemed like an odd thing to say güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri since that was their job to begin with.

Although we seldom get rain during this time of the year, it was drizzling and cooler than usual that morning. The movers were very quick yet efficient in moving our furnishings in our 1600 sq. foot home. By 11:00 they had been paid and left.

My wife, Lynn, was determined to unload every single box and put everything in its place as quickly as possible. No breaks, except for a drink of beer or a bathroom stop. She was a task master. She wanted to get to work the very next morning. We also needed to drive into town to stock up on groceries in our fridge and our deep freezer we kept in the spare bedroom. It would take some adapting to get everything we need in one trip from now on. Besides, we didn’t really want to see the city again except when necessary.

There was a small town 10 minutes away that had a small diner and an adjacent gas station/ mini-mart. That would make it convenient to buy gas and get basics like milk and eggs without the hassle of dealing with the big city. This place stayed busy since it was one of very few places for a bathroom stop, gas, or refreshments along that highway. Also, the diner had a reputation for very good food and even people from the city drove out there to dine out.

By 6 that evening, Lynn had accomplished her goal (with a lot of my help of course). I had discarded each box in the large bin at the edge of the street at the edge of our front yard next to the street. We walked from room to room, admiring our new place. We were going to enjoy living here.

We were too tired to do anything else but to watch TV, have a sandwich and chips for dinner, then crash for the night before 9:30. The weather had cleared up and the forecast was for highs in the mid-90s the next day.

“Barry, why don’t we enjoy some pancakes for breakfast and we’ll enjoy them with our coffee on our new back patio?” Lynn wasn’t really asking. She was going to do it anyhow.

Actually, I liked that idea. Another perk of our membership was that the morning paper was delivered to our front doorstep each morning. I could sit on the patio, have my coffee, and read the paper. Of course, Lynn was determined to get to work online soon.

Lynn has a unique personality. She is task driven yet she also understands the need to rest and relax. She’ll push her body to its limits for a couple of days then sit back and recharge for another couple of days. Working at home was perfect for her.

Speaking of body, even at 43 years old at that time, Lynn was a head turner. Her toned body was the result of jogging every day. She also did abdominal crunches to keep a relatively flat stomach. She’s only 5 feet 3 inches tall and her she’s always kept her dark brown hair in a loose ponytail. That hasn’t changed since I first met her.

She isn’t that large up top but her 34B tits are firm and her nipples are always hard. When stimulated, they harden even more and protrude very noticeably. That has never failed to turn me on.

At 7 that morning, she had the pancakes cooked, bacon fried, and the coffee ready. She had placed my morning newspaper on the patio table next to my hot cup of coffee.

The morning was very comfortable and it was such an uplifting experience to enjoy our new home, new patio, and new yard in such a beautiful surrounding. It was almost like camping but we could do it every day without leaving the house.

After finishing breakfast, Lynn placed our dishes in the dishwasher and reminded me that we needed to get started by 8. Like I said, she was the boss but I didn’t mind. She knew what she was doing and I had learned a lot from her over the years. Plus we had made a very nice fortune following her lead. Like I said, she could work her ass off but we never hurt for down time when we needed it. She was the best boss a guy could ever want. Also a damn sexy boss at that!

Oddly, I never considered myself much of a catch…at least physically. I am nearly 6 feet tall with a full head of gray hair and a slight belly. At the time I was 45 years old and my hair had already turned completely gray. Lynn never complained about my equipment below. I knew I wasn’t porn star material but she did seem to appreciate my girth.

She came back out to the patio and joined me in sharing the newspaper. About that time, we heard a voice from across the way.

“Howdy neighbors!”

The people across from us were walking outside when they saw us. However, what shocked us was that they were both NAKED! Lynn’s jaw dropped and turned away. I managed to wave back at them and yell back “Howdy to you all too.”

“Can you believe this shit, Barry? Lynn said to me in a hushed voice so that the neighbors couldn’t hear her. “What the hell is this? Don’t they realize they could be arrested for doing that if someone called the police?”

“Besides, I don’t want to have to go to my patio or back yard all the time and see two güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri naked people.”

“Let’s go inside, Lynnie and start work. We’ll deal with that later.”

“Like hell we will,” she said defiantly. “I’m calling the office and talk to the Stinson’s right now.”

“C’mon Lynnie. It can wait, can’t it?”

The nudity didn’t bother me so much. I was certainly in shock to see it. Besides, the lady appeared to be in her early 50s and had decent rack and a thick patch of brown hair between her legs. She was moderately attractive. I didn’t mind getting a few more peeks before Lynn ratted on them.

Lynn was determined. She picked up her cell phone and called the office. She left the speaker phone on so I could hear the conversation and talk to them as well.

Mrs. Stinson answered the phone. Lynn made her complaint and Mrs. Stinson let her say everything she wanted to say. Then she replied.

“Mrs. Carter, didn’t you read the HOA rules and regulations before you moved in. I know you signed and initialed in dozens of places agreeing to them.”

“So, what the hell do the HOA rules have to do with it?”

“Mrs. Carter, do you have a copy of your agreement on you?”

Lynn retrieved our copy of the agreement. Mrs. Stinson told us to go to pages 4 and 5.

“Go to the middle of page four and read it.”

Lynn read silently.

New River Estates is an adult only community. Although residents all must be age 40 or older, or turning age 40 in the calendar year of their residency, adults 18 and older are allowed as long as they have the written permission of a member in good standing and agree to all HOA rules while visiting.

New River Estates is a community where open nudity is allowed and strongly encouraged.

Page 5:

This is an adult community and acts of a sexual nature are allowed in public between two consenting adults. This includes the consent of the participant’s spouses or significant other if there is swapping of partners.

Those in open marriages must still have the consent of their partner’s spouse/significant other prior to any kind of sexual activity. This includes kissing, touching of breasts, genitals, or butts. It also includes activities such as oral sex or masturbation of partner.

Your signature below indicates that you accept all of these terms.

Lynn and I sat in stunned silence as we realized that we had bought a house in the middle of a nudist community and probably a community where sex was often practiced in the open. Big orgies. There was no turning back but at least Lynn let it be known to the Stinson’s that we may live there but that we don’t have to participate in their activities.

“Mr. and Mrs. Carter, you do not have to participate in any kind of sexual activities with anyone other than each other, if that is what you choose. You may choose to do it in the privacy of your own home. That is also your prerogative.”

“Technically, by the terms in the contract you do not have to be nude in public. Again, that is your choice. However, as the contract states, it is strongly encouraged”

“There are 28 homes here and 68 residents. Some homes have two couples living in them. Each and every one of them walks around completely nude except when the weather doesn’t allow it or in some women’s case when it’s that time of the month or when jogging.”

“During menstruation, bikini bottoms are obviously a good idea. Also, wearing a sports bra while jogging or working out at our gym is also allowed. Also, when sitting in any shared area, always have a towel to sit on. For sanitary reasons, obviously.”

Lynn had nothing else to say. Mr. Stinson, however, did want to add to his wife’s comments.

“Folks, why don’t you walk over to that house and introduce yourselves. Their names are Gene and Pam Lockett and they are probably as nice as people that you’ll ever meet. Go ahead and wear your clothes over there if you’re not comfortable being nude yet. Seriously though, talk to them. I guarantee that you’ll like them immensely. They have lived here for 6 years and can tell you everything you need to know about the culture here. I trust their judgment explicitly.’

“Thanks,” Lynn managed to say. “We’ll talk about it.”

“Okay. If you have any questions, feel free to call back but I think Gene and Pam will be your best bet to understand what’s going on. By the way, didn’t your realtor tell you about this place? We don’t advertise our lifestyle but any realtor worth a damn should have told you.”

I figured the realtor didn’t either didn’t know or she was too anxious to make a sale to tell us. Maybe she thought we knew. We were anxious to buy. If we had known what we knew at that time, there’s no way in hell that Lynn would have agreed. Neither would I, even though the idea of checking out naked women did appeal to me. The idea of exposing my naked self didn’t seem so appealing. Also, the idea of a bunch of guys drooling over my naked wife made me uneasy.

Lynn güvenilir bahis şirketleri wasn’t one to be easily defeated but the look on her face said it all. “We’re screwed.”

“Well, do you still want to start work or do you want to talk to Gene and Pam like they said?”

This time she was truly wanting my opinion. Work could wait another day. In fact, it was Friday so work could wait until Monday.

“Let’s go talk,” I said, trying to sound positive. “I know this isn’t something we could have possibly expected but the sooner that we do it, the better.”

In our twenty years of marriage, we had been faithful to each other. We had each had one lover prior to meeting. Since then, our relationship had been totally monogamous. The only exposure to the naked form of the opposite gender was in movies or a few pornos we had rented. For the most part, our life was fairly conservative sexually.

Now we were going to walk up to totally naked people and attempt to carry on a normal conversation. They were still sitting at their patio when we looked back out.

We stepped out on our patio again and they saw us. Again, they waved. Finally, Gene gestured with his hand to come over and visit.

The time of truth. Would I be able to talk without staring a Pam’s tits and hairy pussy? Would Lynn be able to be her usual self that exuded confidence while trying not to stare at Gene’s rather impressive tool? I’ll have to admit that I was impressed with its length, although I was positive that I had more girth.

Oddly, Lynn let me do nearly all of the talking. This was so much out of character for her. I explained, in a clumsy kind of way, how that we had no idea that this was a nudist community. At least that was a way to let them know why we hadn’t disrobed on a morning that was already plenty warm enough to comfortably be nude.

As the Stinson’s had promised, we did enjoy getting to know them a little better. They were both genuine people. It was almost as if they were oblivious to their own nudity and clearly not annoyed at us for not disrobing. Although we were still apprehensive, we were at least more at ease.

Gene explained in detail the general rules and culture of the residents.

As we learned, nudity was strongly recommended. They were surprised to see us dressed that morning. I suspected that the Stinson’s may have called them prior to our arrival since he seemed to have a prepared list of items to discuss. A failure to be nude like everyone else would make us appear to simply be voyeurs; people only there to check out naked people for our own sexual gratification. There had been one couple a three years ago that refused to be nude. Eventually, they were so ostracized that they voluntarily left.

Yes, there were many swingers and those in open marriages or relationships. Gene guessed that off the top of his head about 75 percent practiced sex of some kind with someone other than their spouse/significant other.

Not everyone fits the category of swingers or in open marriage. Some couples stay in a monogamous relationship. That is respected and they are not harassed or ostracized.

There was a general code among the residents to let others know that who was swingers and/or available and who wasn’t. This was the strangest part of the culture. I have no idea how it started. However, men and women that didn’t shave their genitals were believed to be available for extra-marital fun. Those that shaved completely were indicating that they preferred to remain monogamous.

Some that didn’t shave their genitals may only be interested in soft swapping so it was important to make sure before going too far. There were only two couples that fit in that category. We’d learn who they were before too long.

Hot tubs and pools required nudity except if a woman needed to cover during menstruation. Many of the female residents had already passed that part of their life. Lynn had a full hysterectomy 4 years ago so that wasn’t an issue with her. The hot tub and pool rules were specifically spelled out in the HOA agreement.

Gene and Pam informed us that they had been married for nearly 30 years and that the past 15 of those years had been in an open marriage. There was a don’t ask, don’t tell approach. They knew that each enjoyed other lovers and they usually knew who they were, but no permission was needed from the other to pursue it.

We sat and listened, not knowing when or if to speak up. Finally, Lynn asked a question that mattered so dearly to her.

“So, if I don’t want to be a swinger I have to shave my pussy? What if I prefer it to not be shaved? I had surgery 4 years ago and they shaved it for surgery prep. I hated it. I was anxious for it to grow back.”

“I can accept the fact that I’m expected to be nude. I don’t like it but I’ll get used to it. However, telling me how to groom my crotch seems like a stretch to me. I don’t recall that in the rules.”

“It’s not in the rules,” Pam assured her. “If you prefer to keep your pussy hair, that’s your choice. It’s just that you’ll have to explain to guys that hit on you that you’re not a swinger. By shaving, they know not to pursue it…and I can tell you that the men here are gentleman and will not harass a woman that prefers to remain in a monogamous relationship. No still means no, pussy hair or not.”

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