The Party in the Foothills

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3D Porn

Don had been invited to a weekend party at the home of a couple in the foothills of the Sierras earlier that week. He has known Tom and Donna, the host couple, for some time and even had sex with Donna, a short but athletic brunette, at a couple of their parties in the past. They were not exactly ‘swingers’ but had an easy attitude with each other about sex when opportunities and inclinations arose.

He arrived at their house that evening and the party was in full swing, food, drink, music three other couples and one lone woman, Cheryl, a tall slim blonde that Donna had said was an old friend and was staying with them while she looked for an apartment in the city after being transferred by her employer from out of state and after the end of a bad marriage. He and Cheryl, the only two singles there, had seemed to hit it off immediately.

The party had been fun, nothing wild and had wound down and everyone had gone home except Don and Cheryl. They were sitting on the couch, listening to the music, Tom in his recliner and Donna sitting on his lap. Everyone was quiet. Cheryl had her head back on the couch, her eyes half closed.

“You look like you are deep in thought or half asleep…” Don said.

Cheryl smiled slightly.

“Just thinking.” She said.

“Hmmm… care to share?”

Without moving, he handed him her empty drink glass.

“Fix me another drink and …… Burdur Escort I’ll probably be ready to tell you.” She said, softly.

He took her glass and went into the kitchen and fixed her another. He returned, handed her the refilled glass and sat down next to her again.

“Well?” he asked.

She hesitated and then turned her head and looked at him.

“I was just wondering what it would be like to suck your cock..”

He didn’t say anything and she continued.

“I was wondering what it would feel like to have you inside me…your hard cock in me…fucking me.”

He looked at her. “Would you like to find out?”

“Yes, I think I would.” She replied.

He stood and took her hand.

“Come with me, then.”

He led her out the sliding glass door onto the back deck. She walked to the table and chairs and leaned over the table, then stood upright again and turned to face him.

“I could suck your cock if you want.. but…”

She pulled her dress up above her hips and she was wearing nothing under it, exposing herself to him, uncovering the pale smooth flesh between her legs, the slightly spread damp lips of her pussy exposed.

“But I’d rather…”

She turned her back to him, spread her legs and rested her forearms on the tabletop.

“Like this…” she whispered.

Moving one hand between her legs, she rubbed Burdur Escort Bayan herself slowly, her fingers becoming shiny with her wetness and spreading it over her pussy.

He didn’t say a word but unbuckled his belt and slid his jeans and shorts down and, taking his now hard cock in his hand, stepped between her spread feet and touched the head of his hard organ between those damp lips that she now spread open for him. He rubbed himself up and down several times between her lips, coating himself with her juices and then found her entrance and slowly but forcefully pushed his swollen head inside her as she gasped and followed the head with his thick, hard shaft. She leaned further forward and pushed her hips back, taking his deeper. He gripped her hips and began to pump in and out of her wet cunt as she moved one hand between her legs, rubbing herself in small quick circles with two fingers above where his thick cock was penetrating her as she turned her head and laid her cheek to the table. He increased his speed.

“Oh, yes…” she moaned. “Fuck me…give me that hard cock.”

It didn’t take long and he felt her tighten, gripping him, her muscles tightening around his shaft her whole body becoming tense. Then she began to grip and release him as she moaned. He slowed his strokes, pushing into her with each wave of her orgasm as she released, warm fluid Escort Burdur flowing around his cock with each spasm.

He stopped his motion deep inside her as her orgasm flowed through her body and she slowly calmed and then, almost painfully, withdrew from her. She caught her breath as he slid from her. He sat down in the chair as she remained bent over the table.

Minutes later she straightened and turned to look at him, her dress falling back down, covering her again. She caught her breath as she saw Donna leaning against the door jam, arms across her chest, a smile on her lips.

“See? I told you he was good.” She said, laughing.

“Oh, my God…” Cheryl gasped. “I didn’t know you were watching.”

“You know I like to watch, too.” Donna said as she opened the door and went back inside.

Cheryl turned to him.

“That was good but quick. It’s been a while for me. Guess I was saving up. But you didn’t…”

Don smiled.

“No, but that’s okay. That was for you. Did that answer the question you were thinking about earlier?”

She sighed. “Yes, one of them.”

She took his hand as he dressed and they walked back into the house.

Tom looked as if he was asleep in his recliner and Donna was cleaning up. They sat at the table and Cheryl turned to him and said quietly,

“I usually don’t like quickies, but….I kindda liked that one.”

“Glad to oblige, ma’am.” Don said. “And there could be more to come if the lady was so inclined.”

Cheryl rose from the table and began to help Donna but said over her shoulder, “Oh, the lady is definitely inclined.”

Don moved to the living room and lay down on the couch.

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