The Power of Touching

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It was a cold night and despite having been lovers for several months, they had not managed to spend a Saturday morning together. Kelly had frequently shared his bed after they made love on weeknights. She enjoyed the feel of his warm body against hers even when she was unable to fall asleep, which was more common the first couple times. Of course it was nice to be able to rouse him in the middle of the night. The feel of his naked body against hers seemed more like a dream than reality. The horrible sound of his alarm clock at 5 am usually started the day. She enjoyed listening to him slip off to the shower, occasionally moving to his side of the bed, taking a secret moment to feel the warmth of the sheets and snuggle with his pillow. Most mornings she considered joining him in the shower. She never had, mainly because she felt it was unfair to start something she might not have the time to finish. Today was different, it was Saturday and neither of them had to be anywhere, so there would be no alarm clock. Friday evening had been amazing as usual, he was getting better at reading her and she was able to relax more. She sat up to look over him and squinted her eyes to see what time it was, since it was still dark out. The glowing red numbers said it was just before five, she knew he’d probably be somewhat awake any time now.

Kelly had brought her ‘toy box’ on other occasions, but had not wanted to interrupt him to bring them to bed. She wasn’t sure why, but she enjoyed Wade’s hands more than any other partner she had ever had. Other lovers had been rough and/or rushed, while Wade was neither. She enjoyed tasting his cock, which was not something she had relished with her previous lovers. He was curious about her toys, and she had shown them to him one night, but she hadn’t been in the mood to play nor the energy to get into the mood. She blamed it on the fact that it had been a Monday. In the last few weeks he had expressed a desire to see her use them, and to watch her masturbate. It was not something she could just do. It was difficult to express her reluctance, she was working on getting comfortable enough to share that with him, but so far it usually led to her playing with him before getting very bursa sınırsız escort far. While his comment encouraged her to freely touch herself while they made love, she wanted to fulfill his wish. It was somewhat difficult to want to masturbate when his hands were available. Before this she had mainly touched herself when he was answering the phone, getting a drink, or one delightful evening, when they’d been sitting in separate chairs. It was a strange feeling, not necessarily self-conscious, but the feel of him watching was an unusual sensation. Trusting him enough to allow him to touch and arouse her, was different than allowing him to see how she touched herself. It was a little scary to allow him to get so close, when she had more than her share of men let her down. It was tough to even think about letting him inside her head and her heart.

She had joked that he wouldn’t be able to keep his hands off; he’d softly said he’d try to keep his hands to himself. Kelly listened to him breathing as he slumbered, her eyes had adjusted to the darkness as his back lay exposed as he was curled up facing the edge of the bed. The flannel sheet and comforter tossed back, barely coming up to his waist. She slowly moved so that she was on her back, letting her fingers run down along the soft skin of her neck. She knew he would wake up eventually and it was easier to start without him being aware of her actions. Gradually working down to her full breasts, the nipples quickly puckering as she recalled last night’s pleasure. She was so involved with her own touch that she did not feel him turn over.

Wade awoke to the soft excited breathing of his lover, who would deny that she moaned, despite the erotic sounds she made. He carefully rolled over, the flannel sheet pulled only up to his waist. He recalled how once he’d wanted under the sheets to combat the cold, and she’d replied that she’d keep him warm. Hot and sweaty were common above and below the sheets. He wasn’t always sure of himself when it came to her pleasure, there were times when wondered if he was hitting the right spot. She was amazingly confident, sexually; she’d even mentioned toys. She always said he felt great, but just once bursa üniversiteli escort he wanted to make her feel as incredible as he did. She was without a doubt the most intense sex he’d ever had. He thought about what it had been like when she had slipped from his bed afterwards. He wasn’t sure what had taken him so long to ask her to stay. Holding her trembling body, and hearing her unable to speak was amazing. Plus her willing body in the middle of the night, it made those nights he slept alone seem empty in comparison.

He noticed her eyes were closed, and he wondered what she was thinking of as her soft fingers stroked her breasts, and tugged on her gorgeous nipples. Wade had expressed a desire to watch her masturbate, and Kelly had been hesitant. He hadn’t pushed, merely enjoyed the times she did caress herself. He wished he was wearing his glasses so he could more easily see the look on her face as her fingers stroked down her body. Her touch seemed lazy, as her fingertips barely brushed her skin. He was getting turned on and as quietly as possible, he retrieved his glasses from the nightstand. Wade was not surprised to see that it was barely past 5 o’clock. He watched one hand disappear from sight under the sheets, between her legs that were obviously spread by the movement under the sheets. He slowly pulled the sheet away, relieved when his action had not distracted Kelly. She was very hands on, usually on him, which was fine, except for when he wanted to watch her touch herself.

He hadn’t noticed until then that she’d cropped the curly mass of hair between her legs, the dark strands just long enough for her fingers to run through. He wondered how long ago she’d done it, and wished he’d been there to watch. Her fingers continued in a slow soft teasing touch, he listened to her breathing, the soft sounds of delight that had roused him earlier. Wade wished he had a better view and more light, but had a feeling that a move to do so would cause her to turn her attention to him and end his current view. He could smell her now, as he slid one hand down to take care of his throbbing cock.

Kelly kept her eyes closed, she was bursa anal yapan escort very much aware of him, she could almost picture where he was and what he might be doing, but she knew that to open them would be to acknowledge him. Doing so would lead to hot passionate sex, and she almost did so, but as he had been very quiet she pulled her thoughts back and tried to imagine she was alone on his bed while he showered. Her fingers gently stroking her labia in order to feel the warm wetness of her desire. She almost wished for her toys so she could feel full while seeking out her clit, but such an interruption would spoil her mindset. It was hidden at times, which allowed her to dismiss its existence when she was younger. Finding it, well that was a time worth remembering, as her fingers stroked upward, finding her clit. It was like a joy buzzer when exposed, intense contact, drove her nuts as she could barely stand it. It was difficult to get a guy to understand this, as they enjoyed intense contact. She circled around it, brushing over it, flicking it, as her breathing changed. She wondered what it would feel like to have his tongue soft and gently working her to release. Kelly enjoyed his mouth, but his scruff on certain tender spots was almost enough to break her focus at times. She felt vulnerable and exposed, despite his patience she wasn’t sure she was going to be able to cum while he watched.

He watched her fingers, trying to memorize exactly how she liked being touched; she wasn’t the type to order him about. Pretty much as long as it felt good she’d let him keep doing whatever he was doing even if a slight change would feel better. It was an eye opener to watch her fingers, she never slid one inside her, and he suddenly understood that she didn’t need penetration to get off. He briefly wondered if she’d ever had an orgasm in his bed, she had said she was pleased sexually, but he had never seen her body look the way it did now. It was tough to keep his hands and mouth off her, especially when she paused. “Don’t stop on my account,” he whispered.

“The audience is the problem, it’s hard to fantasize about you, when you are readily available.” There was more to it than that, but that was a large part, the rest was at this moment difficult to articulate.

“Do you want me to leave?”

“Do you want to leave?” she replied back.

“I want a whole lot of things right now, you are involved in every one of them.”

Which ended the talking as Kelly moved her hand and pulled them together for a kiss that was very hungry.

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