The Princess and the Peasant Girl

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Princess Charlotte searched for Thomas. He was her life long friend and it was unusual for her not to have seen him. He was the court composer at the castle so she had presumed he was busy practicing for the concert he was to play for her brother, the king. She pushed open the door of the great hall where his piano was but before she could get the chance to announce her presence she saw Thomas and a young maid, Helena, locked in a passionate embrace. Thomas’ shirt was open as was Helena’s, exposing her left breast. The princess stepped back. The sight of them together had made it all too real for her. She knew Thomas would never take her in that way although she longed for him inside her. She couldn’t understand why he would choose a maid over her. Although Helena was very homely. She was slim and pretty and her skin was like milk. Princess Charlotte was alluring, darker than the maid. Her hair was ebony and her blue eyes like those of a cat.

Disgruntled by her inability to take her life long friend to her bed she took a black cloak and covered her royal blue dress that was trimmed with black lace. The air outside was icy cold so she pulled the hood, covering the silver tiara that rested in her coal black curls.

As she traveled through town she kept her head down so no one would recognise her. She enjoyed being amongst her people and seeing closely what happened in the day to day lives of the peasants. The market stalls in the town square were bustling. The princess was drawn to a solitary quiet stall that was surrounded with barrels of apples. Behind the stall stood a young woman with thick blonde hair which caressed her shoulders and stretched passed her ample chest.

“Some shiny red apples miss?” The peasant girl asked. The princess leaned over to pick one up and when she stood back up her hood slipped back revealing her blue feline eyes and her shining crown. The peasant girl was astounded. “Princess Charlotte!? Your highness you have wandered far from the palace,” She said.

“I needed to get away from the palace. Please make no fuss. I will take your apples,”

The peasant girl lifted her finger to her full pink lips. “It is our little secret, princess,” Princess Charlotte smiled and lifted an apple. She bit into it and the peasant girl continued. “My name is Alana. It is a pleasure having your business,”

Charlotte smiled again. She found Alana quite endearing. She had been mostly surrounded by men for most of her life treating her as daughter, sister, friend. It was quite a change for her to have the company of another woman. As she began to pass Alana Bycasino the coins for the apples their fingers touched and Alana drew hers softly over the princess’ palm. “People are starting to stare,” the peasant girl lowered her voice to a whisper. “If you like some peace and quiet you can come inside,” The princess looked back over her shoulder and could see guards sent from the castle to find her. She couldn’t face going back home to face Thomas and Helena, knowing what they had just done so she followed Alana to a nearby house where she resided. The house was small and Alana led her through to a drawing room which consisted of a sofa and a small wooden table. “Would you like some wine your highness?” Alana asked. Without waiting for an answer she disappeared into the kitchen leaving the princess to look around the humble surroundings. She returned quickly with two glasses and a bottle of red wine. Charlotte had a fondness for red wine so she accepted the glass gracefully. “I was in the crowd when your brother, King James, was crowned. I remember thinking to myself that you were very pretty,”

The princess blushed slightly. “Thank you,”

“If you don’t mind my asking… why ware you so distressed?”

“Has there ever been a man in your life you can’t have? Do you know how frustrating that is?”

Alana sipped her wine. “I have never known that” She explained. “My fondness lies with other women,”

A shock of fear and incitement shot through the princess’ body. “I have never known that. It seems very… wrong,”

“It has never crossed your mind?” Alana asked.

“I can’t say the thought has never occurred,” Charlotte was attracted to Alana. Her breasts were large and round and her figure full.

“If you are frustrated by a man you can’t have, why don’t you have a woman. I can show you things your highness,” Alana pulled her blouse open and revealed her bare breasts underneath. Their nipples were erect. “You like them don’t you,”

The princess offered a wry smile. “If I want to see tits all I have to do is look in the mirror,”

The peasant girl laughed. “If you are not so shy then let me see them,”

Charlotte’s snow white skin was beginning to flush as heat rushed to her face. She couldn’t remove her eyes from Alana’s large mounds. She pulled the long black velvet gloves from her hands and tugged the straps of her dress off her shoulders and pulled it down. Her own breasts were smaller than Alana’s but round and firm. Alana reached out to touch them and immediately the nipples sprang to life. Charlotte’s breathing became heavier. Bycasino giriş Alana pulled herself closer and the princess could feel her breasts against her own. “Are you a whore?” the princess asked.

“No but you can make me one if you like princess,” Alana said before reaching down under the princess’ skirts and touching her genitals with one finger. She found them already moist. Alana leaned forward and whispered in Charlotte’s ear. “Pull your knickers down,”

Charlotte laughed. “I give the orders where I am from,”

Alana stepped back. “Where are my manners?” she backed over to the sofa and sat herself down. She pulled her skirts up to reveal she was wearing no underwear. “So your highness, will you fuck me?”

Charlotte went to Alana and went on her knees before her. She took one of her fingers and ran them softly along her thigh before inserting it into her tight space. Alana moaned with pleasure as the princess removed her fingers and inserted them again. She pushed inside the peasant girl softly at first. Alana smiled. She then pushed her fingers deeper as the juices soaked her whole finger. She pumped them inside faster and faster still until Alana began to buck her hips. “Oh your highness, will you fuck your whore?”

Charlotte pulled her fingers out and licked them. She could taste the peasant girl on her and she enjoyed it so she put her head between Alana’s legs and began to lick the rim of her pussy. Alana grabbed a fist full of Charlotte’s hair and pushed her face closer. She began grinding against the princess’ face until Charlotte finally inserted her tongue. “Oh yes, your highness, I am your whore,” Alana cried. Charlotte tried to stand up but Alana pushed her face back down into her pussy with a strong hand. “Lick it!” she added. “Lick me!” Finally Alana pushed her back and stood up. “I want to pleasure you princess. When I saw you on the day of your brothers coronation I wanted to know what you sounded like as you were being fucked. I wanted to know if you were a squealing girl or a roaring animal. Will you let me find out? Can I do things to you Charlotte?”

“It is, highness, to you,” Charlotte barked but she took her clothes off and pulled her underwear off. Soon she was stood before another woman completely naked. “I want you to fuck me,”

Alana licked her lips in anticipation. “Get on all fours,” she ordered.

Princess Charlotte sprawled herself on the floor like the hounds at the palace during mating season. Alana came behind her, clutching her buttocks before reaching underneath and rubbing her clitoris. “Yes Bycasino deneme bonusu that feels so good!”

“The little whore princess likes that does she?” Alana remarked before inserting her fingers inside. The princess began to writhe. “Yes!” she replied before emitting a small yelp of ecstasy as Alana inserted two fingers into her already wet pussy. The peasant girl continued to finger fuck the princess until she felt close to orgasm. The peasant girl removed her fingers. “No please don’t stop. Fuck me! Make this little whore princess cum!”

“I want to fuck the princess good,” Alana told her and pushed Charlotte round onto her back. She spread her legs and the princess’ so their pussies were rubbing together. Alana began to grind against Charlotte emitting an intense groan as she did so.

“What is your name again?” princess Charlotte asked.

“Alana,” explained the peasant girl.

“Whatever… ” The princess said. “Just fuck me,”

Alana bucked her hips, pounding her pussy against Charlotte’s, feeling their juices. “You really are a little slut aren’t you? Maybe in the palace you give the orders but here little sluts are treated accordingly,” Alana leaned forward rubbing their pussies together, pumping the princess and grabbed Charlotte’s tits. The princess had often brought men from the boats and those subservient to her into her chambers. Each time she fantasised about Thomas filling her. There was something about feeling the peasant girl’s breasts against her that she found quite exciting.

She looked at the peasant girl with wanting eyes as she pumped her so hard her tits were bouncing with the movements. “Little sluts have to beg for it,”

Alana groaned. Charlotte raised herself slightly so she could touch the peasant girls hardened nipples. “Please give it to me!” she gasped.

As Alana leaned her head back, her long hair flowing down her back, she moaned. She grunted and from what seemed like nowhere Charlotte felt it build up and her pussy throbbed. “Oh god! I have never been fucked like this!” she exclaimed before having an howling orgasm.

“Yes, Yes,” cried Alana as she came too.

Charlotte laid back and caught her breath while Alana went down on her and cleaned the essence of sex with her tongue. When she was finished she sat up and gathered her clothes. As she put her skirts back on and covered her breasts with her blouse Alana asked. “Are you leaving?” Charlotte took a couple of her gold coins from her coin purse and threw them at Alana’s feet. “I am no prostitute, your highness,” said the peasant girl.

“You could have fooled me,” the princess replied and she turned to leave.

“You can never go back slut! I know how much of a whore you are! I have heard you beg me to fuck you. You will come back and I will make you pay!” the peasant girl called after the princess.

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