The Red Door

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It was the weekend after Thanksgiving when Jennifer and I went to the shopping mall. My name is Heather, and she and I have been best friends for many years. We are both 18 years old, and just started community college. We have always done everything together—shopping, socializing, and going on double-dates. We have been nearly inseparable.

Jennifer drives a beautiful red Volkswagen Cabriolet convertible (which gets drafty in the winter.) We couldn’t find any parking, so her eye wandered across the street to the trendy spa/ salon know as The Red Door. They had parking, so she made a plan to get a nail appointment and possibly cancel the appointment, or not, depending on how fast we could get our shopping done.

She marched purposefully to counter and asked if they had any nail appointments. The girl at the counter found an opening in an hour and a half, so Jennifer made the appointment. She asked if they minded if we went to the shopping mall to “pass the time.”

The receptionist told us that she was actually the nail technician, and that somebody else would be watching the desk when she got back. “Just ask for Mindy when you come back.”

On the way out, we noticed the stern manager lady, come up behind the girl we spoke to. She obviously asked her where we going and why we were parking in her lot. The manager was very skinny masculine, and I instantly had the impression was that she is a lesbian.

Just as we were leaving we nearly ran into Mrs. Webb coming in the front door. She is our friend Kim’s mother. She is a real fashion plate and always looks fabulous, and sometimes provocatively sexy.

“Hi, girls! What are you guys doing here? You’ve come for a little pampering, and make yourselves all glamorous, huh?”

We explained that we were coming back in a while and maybe we’d see her. She kissed us Hollywood style on both cheeks. I could smell her perfume and noticed her low cut outfit, as her coat opened up while she hugged us.

So we hurried across the street and shopped quickly. We went to 5 stores and bought several items as gifts and some for ourselves. With only 10 minutes left, we came back across the street and went inside The Red Door to wait for Mindy. Right away she called Jennifer back to the nail table.

I waived to Mrs. Webb as she sat getting her hair brushed out by the manager. “You look pretty, Mrs. Webb,” I called to her. Mrs. Webb chatted with me as she waited at the cashier. She invited me and parents to her holiday party in a few weeks, on the Saturday before Christmas. I told her it sounded great and that I would tell me parents. “Thanks for the invitation, and please say hi to Kim,” I told her.

“Oh, Heather, before you go, let me introduce you to Pamela, the store manager.” I told her that I’d seen her earlier. She was much nicer to me now, that she knew we were friends with a good client. “Oh, what a lovely girl you are. You should make an appointment before the next big holiday party. Please take my card, come back any time.” she said as her hand grazed mine.

I went over and sat next to Jennifer getting finished drying her nails under the light. She told me that Mindy had invited her over to her house to watch the Country Music Awards, and asked if I wanted to go. “You never liked country music before, and I definitely don’t either.” I explained that I felt a little miffed that she would be going without me. Especially to some stranger’s apartment, who works for a lesbian salon. I immediately regretted saying that, like a weird homophobe.

So Jennifer went alone, and for the next week seemed a little cold to me.

The Onwin following weekend was Mrs. Webb’s party. Kim called to talk to me and said her and said her mother had a dress I could borrow to wear to the party and I should stop by her house to try it on. Mrs. Webb called my parents and even insisted that I take my boyfriend, who I’d actually broken up with before Thanksgiving.

One afternoon after my classes, I went to Mrs. Webb’s house and Kim was just going out to get her hair done at The Red Door. Mrs. Webb invited me back into her bedroom.

As she pulled party dresses out to try, she insisted that I strip down to my panties and bra. I felt shy, but sexy as I noticed the tight shape of all the dresses. Some made my bust feel too small, but I wondered how Mrs. Webb could fit into all these fantastically petite sizes at her age with such large breasts. She weighs 125 lbs., about the same as I do, and about the same dress size. We’re the same height when she wears high heels, but I figured hers were a C cup, or maybe D, and mine are barely a B cup.

I tried on several dresses and she offered me a glass of wine. “I won’t tell anyone,” she said, as she straightened the fabric on the dress, touching me and making me feel comfortable with being physically close to her. I expected her to disrobe or try to touch me or seduce me or kiss me, but it didn’t happen that way. I was beginning to suspect everyone around me of being a lesbian.

Her husband came home from work at 5 p.m. “Hello, honey I’m home,” he announced as he opened up the front door. I thought it was odd that he entered his home like that, as not to interrupt anything.

He knocked on the bedroom door, which was already open. Mrs. Webb said, “Come in, dear, we’re all dressed.” He said “Wow, Heather, look at you all grown up in that slinky black dress. You look very nice.”

Mrs. Webb went out to pour her husband a glass of wine. As I changed back to my jeans and sweater to go home for my dinner, I noticed my panties were moist from all the excitement. I left the house feeling very sophisticated, and a little woozy for the wine and stressful excitement of trying on all those wonderfully chic dresses.

The next night I went on a date with Billy, but I got upset when I saw Jennifer’s Cabriolet parked in front of The Red Door after 8 p.m. closing time. It drove me crazy to figure out why she would be there. I got my cell phone out and texted Jennifer to see what she was up to, but she didn’t answer. I called her later and she answered the 3rd time I called, saying she’d gotten her hair done, and was waiting to give Mindy a ride home. I got absolutely furious, a bit jealous and worried that she was switching to the other team. Was she going gay? A distance was settling in between my best friend and I. Was I losing her?

I ended up being very bad company and cranky. Billy was upset that I didn’t want to kiss or fool around. He asked me if I was “on the rag.” Sensitive. He always seems to know just the right to say.

I went home and cried. Then I masturbated. Twice.

The Sunday before the Webb’s party, I had been shopping for gifts for Jennifer, and I probably went too far. I bought a perfume and an expensive leather coat. This cost me almost $400 and my parents would flip out when they heard that I spent my whole allowance and dipped into savings. I also bought about $200 worth of stuff for the parents and my grandma. This was supposed to be my college spending money and I would definitely need to get a summer job now to save up.

Jennifer called me up and asked if I wanted to go to Mindy’s house Onwin Giriş and watch HBO. I told her I would go with her, although I was nervous. I predicted it might be awkward or boring. But when we got there, Mindy and her roommate had beer. Mindy is 21 years old, and so is her roommate, Irena, who is a Russian immigrant. I noticed they only have 1 bedroom.

After the first movie, we had already finished their beer, so Jennifer and Mindy went for a beer-run. I stayed with Irena, and she switched the TV channel and we started watching the L-Word, the series about a group of lesbians. It’s not particularly provocative or risqué, but in this situation it made me nervous watching this show with Irena. Was this supposed to de-sensitize me? The power of suggestion?

Irena didn’t make any moves, or do anything weird, and we stayed up until Jay Leno’s monologue. Jennifer suggested we go home after Mindy changed into her pajamas. They weren’t terribly sexy pajamas, but you could see her hard nipples under her clothing. I was glad to be going home after an odd evening. On the way home, I asked Jennifer about the 1-bedroom apartment, and then asked if she thought they were gay. I told her that Irena turned on the L-Word, while they went to the store for beer.

Jennifer was annoyed with me. She brushed me off, saying, “I have no idea what they do in their bedroom. It wouldn’t bother me in the least.”

I didn’t see or talk to her again until the Webb party. I went with my parents and Billy as my date. Jennifer was there, but there were also many weirdo people at the party. All the women wore sexy, glittery clothes, and a lot of makeup and perfume. Mr. Webb’s co-workers were a strange bunch, and several guys were clearly gay, and very effeminate. Pamela from The Red Door was there with her lesbian date, and so was Mindy with Irena.

My parents didn’t seem uncomfortable and everybody but me seemed to be having a great time. The gay guys were joking with Billy, and making sure he had a full glass of spiked punch. The party was really getting loud.

I walked in on two people having sex in one of the back bedrooms. One woman had her dress hiked up and somebody was kneeling between her legs bobbing their head. I watched for a minute nervously until they looked up at me. They seemed to enjoy having me look at them in the act. But I got flustered and excused myself quickly, and told Billy, who replied, “Awesome, that’s tight.” Clueless again.

I talked to Jennifer long enough to tell her that I had some things to give her for Christmas in the car. She said, “Oh, you shouldn’t have gone to any trouble.” She came out in the cold with me to get them and put them in her car. She told me she’d drop off something for my family on Christmas Day.

On Christmas, she stopped by and gave me a Day at the Spa at the Red Door, which included many services. I got quite nervous about getting serviced at the lesbian spa, but I made the appointment anyway, for the day before New Year’s Eve.

I noticed how much the Day at the Spa cost and hoped that she had gotten a discount. I got a wonderful hair cut, did my nails, gave me a massage with almond oil and finally, a Brazilian Body Wax, which depilated all my pubic hair. I now had a clean shaved pussy. Pamela and Mindy and the other staff gave me very good service, but I felt odd with the special treatment.

It was very luxurious and you can’t help but feel sexy, just lying there nearly naked, getting the royal treatment. The masseuse and wax person, both touched me provocatively, but didn’t do anything sexual. I was beginning to be Onwin Güncel Giriş paranoid about everyone. I tried to stay cool and go with the flow. Billy and I made plans to go out and meet the old school gang for the New Year’s Party at my friend Vanessa’s house and hopefully see Jennifer.

The party was rolling and I quickly got drunk– really drunk. Way too drunk, so that I didn’t remember anything at all. I mean it was a total blackout.

The next morning I awoke with a splitting headache in my own bed. Jennifer was sitting on the side of my bed. I asked her what time it was, and she said “It is past 12:00 Noon.”

“Oh my, God,” I said and sat up too quickly, “How did I get here? What happened?” She told me that she had brought me home, after 1 o’clock, when I started puking at the party.

“Heather, you were ok before midnight, very jovial and festive, but after midnight you tried to French Kiss everybody in the party including me, and it went downhill from there.”

“What? You’re serious? Kissing everybody? Who did I kiss or make out with, or whatever?” I inquired. “Did I try to kiss you?”

“Yes, you chewed face with about a dozen people, mostly girls, right in the middle of the party.” she said, “I was one of first ones. You kissed me right at midnight after you kissed Billy. You’re a good kisser, but you smelled like alcohol. You and I made out for about 5 minutes in front of everybody. I only stopped you after you tried to feel my boobs with everybody watching!”

“Oh, no, I’m so sorry, Jennifer.” I lamented, still in disbelief and trying to hear the whole story to envision what I could do for damage control.

“I let you run around kissing everybody for about an hour, but then you started chasing the cat around, asking if anybody wanted any ‘pussy.’ Then you took you panties off, exposing your freshly shaved self to the whole party. That was when I decided to take you home, but you started puking in the front yard and then in my car. It turned into a long night.”

“Oh, no! Not the Cabriolet! Do my parents know?” I asked.

“Of course,” Jennifer said “I went home for a few hours, but came over after I had breakfast with my parents. Are you hungry?”

“No, I think I would hurl if I got anywhere near food. I am never drinking again. I can’t believe you and I made out. Now everyone thinks we’re lesbians.”

“It was nice. I liked it. I am going to get a Brazilian Body Wax, so, Heather, why don’t you come over tonight? My parents won’t be there.”

She left then, and after I while my hangover subsided. The headache went away after an afternoon nap. After dinner, I went to her house and she answered the door just wearing pajama top.

She kissed me wet on the lips and started to undress me in the living room. She reached down my panties and rubbed the lips of my pussy. I was gushing wet. She fingered me standing up for several minutes and then lowered me down to the sofa and started finger fucking me.

She told me that she wanted my pussy. She started licking my hairless vagina. I asked if we could go into her bedroom, and then I returned the favor, going down on her for my first taste of another woman. I wanted to see her since we both had the total body wax.

We stayed for hours kissing each other breasts and eating each other’s pussy and snuggling. I asked her when she decided to let me make love to her. She told me that she was waiting for the right time. You can’t rush acceptance, and she knew that I was uncomfortable with many things. She knew that I’d be ready once I spent the day and The Red Door. Love would conquer all.

Just after midnight, I leapt out of her bed and hurried to get dressed after seeing headlights passing on the shades and then heard cars door slamming.

Her parents were home. We came down nonchalant to greet them with the smell of pussy on our lips.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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