The Rent is Due

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Lick Finger

Editor’s note: this story contains scenes of non-consensual or reluctant sex.


“What the fuck is this?” I screamed as I shook the notice at him. “Danny how come you haven’t paid the rent. It says we owe five thousand dollars. That’s five months of rent. What the fuck have you been doing? I’m working two waitress jobs and I know you’ve been roofing all summer. We should be flush with cash!”

“We are Missy, we are.” He replied defiantly.

“Then why haven’t you paid the rent? What the fuck is going on?”

I haven’t paid the rent because we don’t have to. You can ignore that notice, nothin’s gonna happen. I promise.” He reached up and tried to touch my cheek. I pulled away. Sometimes this would work to calm me and then we end up in bed screwing our brains out. But not this time. I was TOO angry!

“Seriously, that little pencil dick of a landlord aint gonna do anything. He a little mouse. He’s here all the time, mowing the lawn, clipping the bushes. And he cant keep his eyes off you when you’re home. I see him staring at your ass. If he makes a fuss just bat your eyes at him, give him a wink and flash a little boob. He’ll probably run home and squirt. We’re good. I promise. He aint gonna do nothin.”

“Then why did he send us a Late Rent Notice? Smart ass. Of course, he’s gonna do something. He’s gonna kick us out. This a great place. A little cottage out in the woods, away from people, no neighbors, no bullshit. This is paradise and you’re gonna fuck it up.

“That little shit aint gonna do nothin. He’s 70 if he’s a day and a strong wind could blow him away. He’s a panzy.”

“I don’t know, I think you’re playing with fire. He’s tougher than he looks. I saw him tear out a small tree with his bare hands, last month. And he’s a quiet one. Those are the ones you got watch out for. I know, it’s the benefit of waiting on tables, I get to see all kinds. If we’ve got the money, we should pay him and say sorry. I don’t think I’m ever gonna be able to look him in the face ever again. This isn’t how I was raised.”

“Fuck that, he’s not gonna do shit.”

“You got it all figured out do you. This notice says legal action will follow. That means eviction, I don’t want to get evicted! You’re gonna make us homeless. Is that what you want Mr. Smartypants? You’re playing with fire. You’re an asshole…!” I had to slow down. I was getting too worked up. I needed to make sure this wasn’t going to get my juices flowing or I would fall for Danny’s bullshit and jump his bones. “I’m calling Mr. Bauer and apologize. I’ll tell him we’ll pay up. We’ve got the money, right? You said we’re flush, how much do we have?”

“No fucking way, you’re not calling him. Screw him!”

Danny was furious, but I read something else in his face. “Wait! What are you telling me, what are you NOT saying? Do we have the money or not?”

“No, no we don’t! How do you think we paid for that trip to the Coast?” You said you had a good time, am I right?”

“Don’t put this on me, you asshole. I wouldn’t have agreed to go if I’d known you hadn’t covered the bills. Besides the trip didn’t cost anywhere near five grand. Where’s the money, where the fuck is the money?”

“I kind of spent it, well not really, I kind of lost it at the casino. Those dealers are cheats.”

“Sure, it’s everyone else’s fault. You’re a child, grow up, this shit has consequences.”

“I don’t see it, the worst that’s gonna happen is we move. There’s other houses out there.”

“Fuck off, I’m calling Mr. Bauer. I’m gonna lay it out and hope he understands. I guess I’ll have to take on more shifts. I’m not moving. I like it here. But you, you might be done, I’ve had it, you might just be out on your ass.”

“Ah come on babe, lets go to bed, we’ll work this out. Come on.”

God, how I wanted to fuck, he had a point. When he got me this angry I was horny as hell. What is wrong with me? The angrier I get the hornier I get. I wanted to fuck, I just didn’t want to fuck him. My panties were soaking, my nipples were hard and the muscles in my thighs were quivering. I was so hot and I needed sex.

“I know you want it. I’ll go down on you. Lick you pussy until you cant stand it, then I’ll rim you. I know you like that. Remember the last time, you squirted so much you almost drowned me. Come on babe, I’ll stick my tongue deep into your ass. You know you want it, I know you want it. You’re squirming like a kid needin to pee. You can even pee on me.”

“You’re fucking right I want it, but not from you.”

“Don’t you want your little Mexicano. At that he ripped open his shirt and and pushed out his chest, emblazoned with a tattoo of the Mexican flag.

“I need a man, not a weasel. Maybe I should go to a biker bar. Get some real dick, not your little burrito. I’ll admit you’re pretty good with that tongue but there’s more. LOTS more! You’re a shithead.”

“Who the fuck is that?” Danny yelled as a set of headlights swept past our kitchen window. Crunching gravel signalled istanbul travesti a car was pulling into the driveway. Although it was only 8 PM, the winter night was jet black and the high-tech blue lights cut through the inkiness with laser intensity.

I pulled aside the curtain and watched as three men stepped from a Mercedes SUV. Two of the men were huge and dressed entirely in black. The man that stepped from the front passenger seat was smaller but carried himself with confidence. His walk was familiar, but I couldn’t make out his face. The driver clicked a key fob and the headlights turned off. I was now night blind and couldn’t make out anything more than rough shapes.

“Holy shit, it’s old man Bauer,” yelled Danny. “Who the fuck does he have with him?” There was an uneasiness in his voice.

Anxiety replaced my horniness. I was frozen in place when a loud knock got me moving toward the door. “Just a minute,” I called out nervously. Out of the corner of my eye I saw Danny stand up. Chest puffed out, attempting to look masculine but appearing as pathetic as banty rooster.

Mr. Bauer stood there dressed in a gray suit and a red tie. He looked distinguished and in charge. Not at all how Danny had described him just moments ago. And not anything I’d ever seen him like before. Every time he came around the property, he wore cargo shorts, work boots and camo t-shirts. It got to be that I thoughts those were the only clothes he owned. But now, wow! They say the clothes make a man, never have truer words been spoken. Without saying a word, you knew Mr. Bauer OWNED the room. Although almost four decades older than me I felt drawn to him. Right then and there I wanted him like I’ve never wanted another man. He might be older but I’m sure his dick worked, and he knew how to use it. I almost came right there on the spot.

“May we come in?” The question was rhetorical, there was no way I could refuse him. I nodded my headed dumbly, not trusting my voice.

His companions entered the room about one second behind him. They were huge and black. Not just dressed in black, but their skin was black and shiny as crude oil. They were also huge. The one on his right stood a tad over six foot. His hair was a wild collection of deadlocks and his, was stretched across a 50-inch chest. There was a yellow X and green triangles embroidered above his left pectoral muscle. It was a flag of some kind. I’ve seen that somewhere but couldn’t recall. Some where in the Caribbean. The other man was thinner but not by much and almost a foot taller. He wore his hair was in small tight braids, not corn rows but similar. Something like you might see in National Geographic. His polo shirt had some type of tribal logo embroidered on it. Neither man said a word, but they exuded an aura of menace. Definitely no one to fuck with.

“Mr. Bauer…Mr. Bauer we were just talking about you,” squeaked Danny. “Wasn’t that right Missy?”

“Mr. Bauer, I want to apol…apolo…apologize,” I stammered.

“I see you got my letter,” he said as he picked up the document from the kitchen table.

“I’m really really sorry, I truly am, please don’t throw us out. Please.” My emotions were running amok. I wanted to fuck this man and would even fuck his buddies if it meant I could stay in the little cottage. I loved it here. But I was mad at myself for sounding so pathetic, so weak. I wanted to sound strong, sound confidant. I also hated Danny more than I ever thought possible, for putting me in this spot. Me, not us, because I knew after tonight there would be no more us.

“I’m sure we will work something out, mater-of-fact I positive. I’m positive all will be resolved by the end of the evening,” Mr. Bauer said.

“Would you like some coffee? We’ve got a Kuerig machine, I could make some right away, it wont take a minute. Maybe your friends would like some. Where are my manners?” I blurted out as I turned to the two men.

“No thank you. And that reminds me I guess I’ve misplaced my manners as well. Please meet my two associates.” His voice was business like. He pointed to the tall one. “This is Mr. Kenyatta, and this is Mr. Jamaica.”

Kenyatta, with a thick English accent nodded his head and said, “Evening mate.”

Jamaica parroted his friend and said, “Evening mon” and then turning to me he said “…and mum.”

“You’ve gotta be shitting me,” Danny barked nervously. “Are those real names?”

I wanted to scream “shut up, shut the fuck up.” But I held my tongue. Let Danny dig his own grave.

“Maybe we should sit?” Mr. Bauer said. Again, the question is rhetorical.

“Yes, yes, please,” I said, while reaching for a chair. As I did so he placed a hand on mine. My knees almost buckled.

“Everything will be alright, we’re all adults here, calm down, by the time we leave here everything will be resolved.”

If he was saying it, I believed him, I just wonder what kind of an arrangement would be worked out. As I sat, I could feel pussy istanbul travestileri juices running down my leg.

Bauer ran his hand over the table top. His finger traced the grain of the wood. “Nice table, is it oak? Maybe maple, it seems solid, well built, is it new?”

What the fuck, why was he asking about the furniture? I stammered, “yes it’s new, it’s oak.”

“I thought so…I should start by saying, I wish we didn’t have to be here.”

“Mr. Bauer, works been slow, we just got behind a little,” Danny interjected.

Bauer raised a hand and said, “stop talking.”

Danny did as he was told.

“You see” Bauer continued. “I have many business interests. This little house is only one of those. You know what, I will have a cup of coffee.”

When I heard this, I jumped to my feet.

“Relax Melissa, I can make it. Please sit.” He stood as he said this and then took three steps to the Keurig maker. “As I was saying I have many investments. Matter-of-fact, I own a part of the company Danny’s boss runs. So, I know how busy you were this summer and still are, thanks to a mild winter. Don’t lie to me again, its disrespectful and I am very big on respect.”

I watched his back as he continued. I was intrigued and surprised by his mild manner.

“Mr. Kenyatta and Mr. Jamaica work in my entertainment division.”

“They look more like boxers, than entertainers,” Danny said sarcastically.

What is wrong with him, he doesn’t know when to shut up, I thought.

“No… not boxers, although some might call them wrestlers when you see their performances,” Bauer continued.

The big men laughed in unison as this was said.

I snickered as well, to hide my nervousness. What was Bauer talking about?

“They are adult entertainers, as in porno.” Bauer continued.

With his back still to us he asked, “when was the last time you sucked a dick?”

“She’s not sucking anybody’s d…” Danny jumped out of his chair.

Danny never got to finish his statement. Mr. Kenyatta’s hand shot out like a snake and punched him in the throat. Danny crumpled to the floor. He wiggled around like a gulping fish. I was frozen in place. My mind was spinning. Was I gonna have to suck everybody’s dick, or just Bauer’s? I’ve heard black dick is big, but I’ve never had it. Would I choke? Would they leave me on the floor, like Danny?

Bauer turned toward me. I searched for my answer in his eyes, but they were blank. While still looking at me he said, “Mr. Kenyatta… please put him back in his chair.”

Kenyatta did as he was told and then he crouched down eye-to-eye with Danny. Kenyatta then grabbed Danny’s cheeks and squeezed them together, like you might a child. In a growl Kenyatta said “He wasn’t talking to her… he was talking to you. Answer the man.” Kenyatta then let go of Danny’s face.

“I…I …I don’t do that.”

“You will tonight.” Bauer’s tone was stern and there was no arguing with him.

“Did I hear that right, are they gonna make Danny suck cock, for the rent? What about me?” I was seeing a whole new side of Bauer, a side I never even dreamed of.

“I…I wont.”

As I was trying to process all of this Bauer nodded to Kenyatta. The big man grabbed Danny, threw him up in the air, like a party favor and then slammed him face down into the table. Like a flash Mr. Jamaica dove for Danny’s legs, pulled a zip tie from a pocket and cinched it around his Achilles tendon. Until my dying day I will never forget the sound that tie made as it zipped around the table leg. Then the next one, zip, zip. Kenyatta did the same to Danny’s wrist on the opposite side of the table. They’d obviously done this before.

Bauer walked up and put a hand on my shoulder. “Don’t worry, you’re safe. We wont hurt you.”

“We….we…” I quivered.

“No one will hurt you. These men shoot gay porn, gay rape porn, they’re not interested in you, I assure you.”

I looked up and read his face. He was telling the truth. I then heard a door slam and realized the black men were gone. “Where’d they go?”

“Out to the car, to get some gear, cameras, lights, boom mike, you know.”

“No, I don’t.” I really didn’t. I had watched porn but didn’t know what went on behind the scenes. I guess I never really thought about it.

“You can’t do this, you can’t… why…why me?” Danny cried as he squirmed against his restraints.

“You really are a dumb fuck,” Bauer said. “This is all about respect. In my book lying is disrespectful. You lied to me, you lied to Melissa. Tonight, you will pay for your sins. You will be disrespected in all sorts of ways. These guys are gonna fuck you like a piece of street meat, and they’re gonna film the whole thing. Then we’ll sell it. That’s what you get for not paying your bills.” He paused, “I really hate using the word fuck, its so vulgar, but that’s the only thing we can call this.”

Bauer squeezed my shoulder again, his way of reminding me I was safe. “Breathe,” he travesti istanbul said softly. It was then that I realized I had been holding my breath. I sighed and felt my lungs empty of air, then fill, then empty. In, out, in, out, in, out I reminded myself.

As Bauer finished talking the men returned to the kitchen with the equipment, all in hard-shell cases. Jamaica handed Bauer a clip board.

Bauer then walked in front of Danny and cut the tie on his right wrist.

“Oh, thank you, thank you, I knew you weren’t gonna do this, this was all to scare us into paying, we’ll pay, I’ll pay, I learned my lesson, I promise I’ll pay.” Danny was shaking the wrist to get the blood flowing and weeping with relief.

As Danny was doing this Bauer handed the clipboard to me, along with a pen. A small yellow sticky tab read SIGN HERE. I looked at and immediately understood what it was. I signed on the line that read WITNESS. Bauer smiled and took both items from me. He then handed them to Danny. “I need your signature,” Bauer commanded.

“Anything, I’ll sign anything. Can you cut me loose?”

“Just sign the damn thing, and do it right, this is a legal document. Take your time.” Bauer guided Danny’s hand to the spot next to another sticky tab.

When Danny was done he handed the clipboard back to me. “Is that his signature?”

“It’s close enough,” I said as I watched Kenyatta replaced the zip ties with duct tape.

“What are you doing, I signed a release. You promised,” Danny whined.

“Do you want to tell him?” Bauer asked me.

“Sure thing, I’d love to.” I paused and thought about the best way to explain it. “Danny, you signed a consent form, you consented to being in an adult film. Do you hear me? You consented and I witnessed your consent. Good luck.” I looked up as Mr. Jamaica took out a knife and cut Danny’s jeans off. He squirmed and whined like the baby he was.

Bauer handed me a camera and guided me behind Danny. I zoomed in on the puckered starfish that was my soon to be ex’s asshole. A poop chute that I was sure would never be the same. As this thought entered my mind Jamaica smeared a thick paste into the crack. Bauer then guided my free hand to the left check. “Push it in,” he whispered into my ear. “Just one finger, lube him up. Go slow, we have all night.”

“Missy no, please…please no.”

Danny’s begging was a turn on. I was getting wet again, I grinned and swayed my hips. I pressed my bottom back into Bauer’s crotch. I felt his hard-on grind against the skirt of my diner uniform. He didn’t say a thing and a little thrill went up my spine. “Middle finger, do it,” Bauer ordered. I smeared the goo around the rosebud, and felt it squish through my fingers. I stare at Danny’s pathetic balls, shriveled and his cock so small it looked like it was trying to climb back into his body. How pathetic. I pushed my finger inside him, but only as deep as the first knuckle. “No, no” Danny whimpered and tried to pull away. But the restraints held. I slid the finger in deeper. His butt tightened and I pushed deeper. A pulse ran through my body. Is this what a Dominatrix feels, this power, this power over a man, the power to violate him.

I pulled away from Bauer and ground my swollen clit against Danny’s thigh. I started the slide my finger in and out, in and out. The rush was immense, so much so that I almost dropped the camera. Kenyatta took it from me and Bauer whispered, “good girl.” But I wasn’t. I wasn’t a good girl, I was a bitch hurting the man I lived with for five years, but I was now angry. Angry that I’d wasted half a decade with this piece of shit. He deserved everything he got. I squeezed his leg with my clenched thighs as I finger fucked his asshole. I was dry humping him as the finger slid in and out at an ever quickening pace.

“Stop,” commanded Bauer. “Look…he likes it. Look at this.” He was pointing under the table, at Danny’s engorged cock and swollen ball sack.

“No, no I don’t, please stop, please.”

“I’m getting really tired of that noise,” I said to no one in particular.”

Bauer reached down between my legs. His hand on my cotton shrouded womanhood. “Hmmmmmmmmmm” he purred. “Now put two fingers in him.”

“Only if you put two fingers in me.”

“Later my pet. You’ll get that and a whole lot more.”

There was no arguing with him. I complied as Jamaica seared more lube in Danny’s crack. Bauer stroked my clit with the same tempo, as I fucked Danny. If I went faster, he went faster, if I slowed, he slowed. After three minutes I couldn’t handle it anymore and my body spasmsed with an orgasm as I thrust my fingers deep into Danny ass. He howled in pain and I screamed in ecstasy. Bauer wrapped his other arm around me as my legs threatened to give out. His other hand cupped me and encased the space between my thighs. My cunt juices perfumed the air.

“You did well, Melissa, very well. Now step back and see what you’ve done. Look at the floor.”

I saw lines of sperm on the linoleum. Danny had busted a nut.

“Ya mon, he like it. He really like it,” Jamaica commented.

“No, I don’t.” But there was no denying it, here was the evidence.

I had mixed emotions about that, but my thoughts were again interrupted by Bauer.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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