The Sculpture

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September 7, 2004

Dear Diary,

Today I had the most awesome experience. Remember me I told you about Marty, the craftsman/artist whatever . . . the guy who is going to do the sculpture for the garden? Well today we finally met, after a month of sharing those lovely flirty phone calls I told you about. Today started out as one of those, I should have stayed in bed kind of days. At work one of the stylists didn’t show up so I had to rebook and fit in most of her clients (she is so fired, I know I say that all the time but this time I mean it). Then the shipment of new products didn’t come in, and the clients were going crazy. Well like I said should have stayed in bed, but my lunch date with Marty made up for it. It went like this . . .

I had already cancelled 2 other appointments to meet with him and today was kind of D-Day to get the piece finished in time for the party. I got out of the salon on time for lunch even though everything was hectic. So, I show up at his workshop and knocked but I guess he didn’t hear me so I just stepped on in. It’s not like I had time to waste. I guess he really gets into his work because even though my heels make a very distinct sound he never turned until I was about to tap him on the shoulder. Then I guess I startled him. After we got over the shock of frightening one another, I introduced myself and shook his hand. He has great hands; a nice firm touch, and of course after seeing him I couldn’t help but think of how I wanted his hands on me. I know, I have such a dirty mind.

So we chatted a bit, actually it was more like flirting. He couldn’t keep his eyes off my breasts and his voice kept sending electricity through me. So after a bit of what seemed very explicit sexual hints, he asks if I would like to see some of his work. We walked through the workshop and my feet were killing me from the heels so I asked if I he would mind if I took them off. Well of course in the back of my mind I am thinking how cool would this be to seduce this man and have him in his shop. Ok I forgot to mention that Marty is kind of married. I guess that is what intrigued me even more. So we are looking at his work and I have to say it is very nice work. He does a lot of nude pieces – very detailed. Now here I was already hot from his sexy voice and flirting, then he shows me these beautifully sculpted breasts and pussies. Yes I say pussies; these were not your average poses that’s for sure. Well by now my mind is running a million miles a minute, thinking about whether or not he had models for these sculptures or just used his imagination. And then he either noticed my smirk or he was a great mind reader because he said, “Yes I do use models”.

The next few minutes we talked about the sculpture and its details. Then somehow the conversation suddenly took a turn. I mentioned that his hands felt great right. Well me being the seductive little minx I can be when I really want something, escort bayan I inquired how his hands must get tired doing all of this work. So I suggested he come into the salon for a massage and he says in his usual sexy tone, “Oh really, I could use a good massage”. I explained that even though I wasn’t the massage therapist that I did on occasion do hand and foot massages for some of my regular clients, as an added service. He was like “So do you do house calls”, and I was like “For the right person”, and give him a sly smile and wink.

Ok so I was feeling really flirty and I go over to him and take his hand and start massaging it. I think for a minute he was in shock as I massaged his hands one at a time, making my way up his arms slowly. Soon he got a bit more comfortable, closed his eyes and started to relax. Each time I came back down the arm to his hands I let my nails scratch him lightly. He seemed to really like that because I’m sure I heard him let out a few small sighs and grunts. So, there I am, soaking by this point, wondering how I am going to make “The Move”.

I asked if he would find it too forward if I massaged his neck and shoulders. Of course he was thrilled, so I move behind him and begin to loosen up his neck. I was right, he was very tense but I can tell his is going to be putty in a few more minutes. Working his neck loose wasn’t hard so I moved on to his shoulders now this is where I saw my move. Working my hands across his shoulders and slightly down his arms I lean in toward him, just enough for him to feel my breasts brush up against him. He didn’t seem to mind so the next pass down his arms I leaned further in this time, and what happened then was kind of a shock to me. As I leaned in, he leaned back and kind of nestled his head in between my breasts. So I am like “YES. And then I didn’t have any more time to think because he leaned back far enough that we were face to face . . . so I kissed him.

It wasn’t anything more than a smooch and I pulled away. Next thing I know he pulls me back to him and plants another one on me, this time passionate. His mouth was wet and hot and then I feel his tongue pushing in mine. I felt myself lose any control I had left, my wetness running down my legs now; forget just soaked panties. This kiss seemed to go on for ever and you know how much I enjoy a good kiss so I was in heaven.

We broke free and we both took a second to think of what just happened. I told him that I was sorry but I couldn’t help it he had me totally turned on and he admitted that I did something for him as well.

“So now what?” I asked, smirking.

“Well I don’t know about you but I have been thinking of how to get you on my workbench and work my hands all over you.”

So without saying a word I walk over to the workbench, unbutton my blouse, unzip my skirt and hop up on it. It didn’t take him long to get over there to me. Then he stood between my nilüfer escort legs puts his hands on my hips, rubbing my ass just the way I like it. I wrapped my legs around him, still in my stockings, and rubbed them up and down. We begin kissing and I started to pull off his sweater and undo his jeans. After I have him undressed I lean back a bit and admire him as he finishes taking off his boxers, revealing his already hard cock. I couldn’t help but spread my legs and rub my wet pussy through my panties when I saw him, hard and ready. He must have enjoyed watching this because he began to stroke his cock, and what a lovely cock it was; nice and thick neither too long nor too short . . . simply perfect I believe! Well I couldn’t bare it any longer so I pulled my panties off and pulled him back to me.

“You wanted it sugar, now it is right here laid out and ready for you.”

“I want you to ride me Samantha; I want to feel your hot wet pussy dripping down on my cock.”

We switched places, now with him on the table. I tease him just a bit by stroking him before I climb up and ride him. My hand was wrapped round his shaft, squeezing it just enough to make him quiver then I begin sliding it from tip to base. God, he felt so good in my hand, I couldn’t imagine how good he was going to feel inside me. After a couple of strokes I notice him oozing and couldn’t help but want a taste of him, so I bend down and with just the tip of my tongue lap up his pre-cum and give the head of his cock a lick. All I heard was “Oh shit, yes.” I guess I am good with my mouth, even if it was just a simple lick.

Now, you know I am usually one for giving a complete blow job, at least up to the point of climbing on it and fucking it to completion but this time I simply wanted to fuck. And by fuck I mean I wanted to feel him sliding in and out of me till I was numb. So, with that in mind, I climb up and straddle him; not yet inserting his cock in me, just rubbing my slit over him letting my wet cunt lubricate his rod, taunting him really. Lifting my hips up a bit, positioning his cock right at my opening, I slide down on it. Let me tell you I almost went into orgasm from penetration.

I began rocking myself on him to tease him a little. He put his hands on my hips, squeezing, and then moving up my body to my tits. My god does he know how to use his hands. He massaged, pinched and twisted them like they were clay he was molding. My wet pussy was dripping on him now and my rocking turned to bouncing up and down on his cock. Over and over I would pull myself up off his cock to the tip and then fall back on it impaling myself on it. I was going mad and I could feel my juices squirting from underneath me all over him and the table. I love the wet sounds of fucking they drive me further into ecstasy. He pulls me down to him so he can suck my nipples. You know how I love to have that done and that started altıparmak escort my cunt squeezing his cock. I was so close to orgasm then he stopped, I was like DAMN. Then he giggled and told me he wanted to fuck me in the ass. Now, you know I cannot pass that up! He said he had never done it before his wife would always tell him it was nasty and disgusting.

Now here I am on all fours, I would have preferred to just slide it in while I was on top but he wanted to be in control so I climbed off and assumed the position. He crawls up behind me grabs me by the hair. I can tell he must never be dominant because his voice cracked a bit when he was telling me how he wanted he was going to fuck my bitch ass. Although I found it amusing I found it totally arousing and obeyed him. I feel him rubbing the head of his cock against my hole. I try and push back on it and all of a sudden I feel a slap on my ass and an order that I best not try to take over. My pussy quivered and I felt my juices flow down my leg. I wanted so bad to feel him inside my ass. I put my hand on my clit and started rubbing it nice and slow while he pushed himself into me. He was very tender at pushing in, even though I was beyond arousal so I was loose for him he still took his time. He slid in me I began to up the pace of my pussy playing. When he gets himself settled deep in me he pauses for a minute he rubs my ass and the lets me have it a nice hard slap on each cheek.

“You’re my bitch aren’t you Samantha, come on I want to hear you say it.”

All I could do was whimper at first because the feeling of my burning ass sent a wonderful sensation through me. Then I felt another smack as he is pumping in and out of my ass now. Then another order for me to answer him or I would be get more and more smacks on my ass until I did. Now I couldn’t help but disobey because I wanted to feel my ass on fire by him plunging deep in it and heating it up with his hands. He must have figured this out because slap after slap came down as he pumped harder and harder. I was going wild I wanted to cum so bad and I know he must have been about to explode as well from the force of pounding I was getting in my ass his cock surely couldn’t take being squeezed by my tight hole much longer. Then his pace started getting faster and faster and my fingers in my pussy took on his pace of fucking as well. I knew I was going to cum and I felt his cock swelling as well in me. Next thing I know his body starts to spasms and I feel his load shooting in me. My ass was filling with his cum and my pussy contracting in unison with his throbbing cock. It was wonderful. I could feel him pulling out after he had completely gone limp and my ass was on fire. His cum was pouring out of my ass and my pussy aching from orgasm. I loved every minute of it.

All I remember after that was getting dressed and finishing up the details of the sculpture. Before I left though he pulled me close to him and kissed me, then in that voice wanted to know what time next week he could come in for that massage.

I have to say the even though this day started out completely fucked up that I wouldn’t have changed it. I do believe I needed that bit of chaos to stir the fire in me.

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