The Seventh Date Pt. 05

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I can’t believe Tegan had restarted my time in chastity, my balls literally feel like they’re about to explode, I usually masturbate daily, it’s been over a week now and I’m starting to feel like the next time I see her I’ll be humping her leg like a horny dog!

I was meant to be released in one days time but she had restarted it that night she teased me. I must admit that since I’ve not had the ability to waste time jerking off I’ve been using other things to distract me, things that I never would have done before. Including learning to play an acoustic guitar, okay I’m currently awful and it makes my fingertips feel as sore as the tip of my cock against hard plastic but it keeps my mind occupied, in the space of two days I’ve learned to play Wonderwall by Oasis but everyone knows how easy that is so I sure as fuck won’t be going on the X Factor anytime soon!

I’ve never been the type to stick to hobbies so I didn’t bother buying an expensive guitar, I’m not even sure if you can justify some of the price tags for the more expensive shit but hey, that’s just my two cents.

We still hadn’t made plans with Tegan’s friends on what to do over the weekend and that was making me feel relieved but anxious at the same time, what if Tegan has actually planned for some last minute surprise?!

I quickly reached out for my phone and dialed her number, I had to check in on all of this stuff otherwise I knew i’d regret it.

“Hey baby” I heard her soft voice from the other end

“Good morning beautiful, I hope I didn’t wake you up!” I said calmly forgetting it was only 8:32 am

“Oh trust me you’d know by the tone if you’d woken me up early sweetie” she replied.

I let off a brief chuckle before getting straight to the point

“Listen, babe, I know you mentioned a few days ago about doing something with Dani and her boyfriend, has that idea been scrapped or?” I said.

“Well…” Tegan said before pausing, I instantly knew this wasn’t a good sign.

“Dani and I became close friends from school, and well… we both enjoy swimming a lot so between me her and her boyfriend Chad, we’ve decided it would be great to try and teach you how to swim because I know you struggle with that darling,” Tegan said in the most patronizing tone.

“Fuck off!” I blurted out, the words just escaped my mouth without me having any control. “I mean, you’re joking right babe?” I quickly said recovering from my last remark.

“Trust me cutie you’re in safe hands, it’ll be a laugh I promise!” Tegan responded.

I didn’t know how to react to this but all I knew was that shit literally almost dived from my arse over the panic of the whole suggestion.

“Right, we’re going to have to discuss this later because I’ve got work.” I quickly exclaimed. I just knew i had to get off the phone call before I said something that would land me in more trouble.

“I knew you’d come around to the idea eventually, we’re leaving tomorrow at 10 am by the way so make sure you get some sleep tonight, see you bright and early darling!”

The tone of her hanging up was the next thing I heard followed up by my own voice saying fuck fuck FUCK, as I paced around my room.

I hadn’t been swimming since I was a 12 year old at school, long story short I was the worst in my school for swimming, we had 3 different ranges in our pool from shallow up to the deep end, everyone would start in the shallow end at some point. Everyone except me of course. Most kids would move to the middle range within a few months and then maybe a quarter of the class would soon progress to the deep end.

There was just something about me that couldn’t quite get the hang of learning to swim though, it’s been one of my fears ever since I was forced to jump into the deep end one swimming session to try and overcome my fear of drowning, this made my fear ten times worse, however!

Later on at work I told my colleagues about the conundrum I was facing and they just found it hilarious, before telling me to get control of the relationship and prove I’m the alpha male. Oh, how little did they clearly know about me?

When I got home it was the same old routine with that one thing eating away at the back of my mind. I just knew that it was going to be an absolute disaster and that Tegan had only planned this to humiliate me and further cement the fact that she’s boss, it did slightly arouse me the fact she was being so sadistic but I had to control those thoughts to avoid waking up sleeping beauty in my briefs.

It suddenly hit me that I don’t even have swimming shorts because that’s something I’d never consider buying, I text Tegan telling her that she had to leave a bit earlier tomorrow so we could stop off Maltepe Sınırsız Escort somewhere and buy some.

She responded a short while later with “Bottom drawer of your chest of drawers in your bedroom.”

What on earth could she mean? I threw my phone to the side and quickly got on my knees pulling open the bottom drawer only to be greeted by the smallest and tightest looking swimming briefs, I pulled them out and lifted them up in pure horror. They were black spandex with blue lightning strikes down the sides saying “I’ve got the power” in bold writing. This must have been a bad dream, there’s no way on earth I can wear them, especially not with my chastity cage on, EVERYONE WILL KNOW!

“We need words babe I cannot wear those in public, I’ve just tried them on and it’s so obvious that I’ve got a chastity cage on underneath them!” I text Tegan.

“Well, you will wear them. I’ve got the power after all babe. ;)” she responded.

“You just want me to die of embarrassment, don’t you? I’ve worked it out now!” I text back.

“Not at all handsome, I just want to push your boundaries, you’ll love it! And if you’re a good boy I may even make tomorrow your lucky night, no promises.”

Wait, could she mean what I think she does?!

I started evaluating the deal in my head. Oh my, she had me on my knees and she knew it. But I’d do anything right now to be released so this was an offer I just couldn’t turn down.

I decided to try and get some rest. I was going to need as much energy for the day ahead of me to stop myself from sinking like Jack from the Titanic.

Next thing I know I’m waking up to the sound of my phone ringing. No way had 10 hours passed in the blink of an eye, it’s amazing how fast time seems to pass when you’re sleeping. I pick up my phone not even being able to see whom it is calling because my eyes hadn’t fully awoken.

“We’re outside” sounded the familiar voice that I definitely didn’t want to hear saying those words.

“Fuck babe, give me two seconds I overslept!” I burst out in shock, how the fuck had I overslept?!

“You’ve got 5 minutes to leave, don’t forget the deal we had,” she said in a quiet tone.

I hung up instantly jumping out of bed and slapping myself in the face before throwing the first items of clothing that I grabbed from my wardrobe. Throwing my swimming briefs and towel into a gym bag, grabbing my keys and cigarettes just for stress sakes and rushing out of the house, my hair in all kinds of funny bed head patterns but I really didn’t give a fuck, this was the least of my worries today!

Tegan was in the driving seat and her best friend Dani was sat next to her in the passenger seat so I knew I’d be sitting next to Chad on the way up to the leisure center.

I’m so awkward at meeting people for the first time so I quickly started repeating “hey nice to meet you” until the ice had broken between me and these two new earthlings.

I must admit Chad was a decent looking guy, ever so slightly tanned with blue eyes, perfect teeth and a nicely chiseled jawline, medium length brunette looking hair, he basically looked like one of those stereotypical Australian surfer dudes. For some bizarre reason I decided to hold two fingers in the peace sign up to him. He just chuckled. Nice one Ryan, way to make yourself feel like a loser before even getting into the pool.

I couldn’t really see much of Dani other than the fact she was quite slim looking with shoulder length blonde hair. She had quite pasty looking skin but was definitely attractive. I tried not to look too much in case Tegan checked the mirror and saw the reflection of me gawping at her friend. Oh, that wouldn’t go down well at all.

Breezing through the awkward small talk of introductions and a hilarious story of Tegan once pissing herself at school we eventually arrived at the Leisure center carpark and all I could think was “Fuck, shit, piss what have I gotten myself in for?!”

Entering the building I instantly got that smell. The smell of pure fear you may ask? Close enough, it was the smell of that chlorine shit they put into swimming pools to keep it clean. I could feel everything boiling up so I quickly paid for mine and Tegan’s session and bolted for the Male changing rooms to get undressed before I start drowning in my own nervous sweat.

To cover up the shape of the padlock in my swim briefs I put a shoved a small ankle sock down and just prayed for the best. Luckily no one noticed or I would have looked like loser of the century. I took one last look at my junk before shaking my head in shame and leaving the changing rooms to wait for the disaster that was about to pursue.

Chad was the next Maltepe Suriyeli Escort person out and all I saw was him cover his mouth for a brief second (excuse the pun) before singing “I’ve got the power” and then patting me on the back.

“Haha, yeah it was Tegan’s idea. I live by the never take life too seriously plan” I said trying to blag myself out of this embarrassment.

Chad was wearing normal swimming trunks that didn’t look like they were designed for 8-year-olds. He was quite tall in stature, reaching up to probably 6 foot 3 in height with a striking six pack. Basically, everything he was, I wasn’t.

Tegan and Dani came out together (of course, women do everything together right?)

“Oh my god” was all I heard from Dani before a fit of laughter, I felt my cheeks already flaring up in shame as she Chad and Tegan all lol’ed literally.

“Yeah, just a joke” I shamefully muttered before quickly changing the topic to “okay shall we proceed now to the pool?”

“Aww you look, adorable darling,” Tegan said, holding onto my hand and giving me a quick peck on the cheek.

All I can say for the next hour or so was just pure embarrassment of the highest order. Nearly drowning twice as I attempted the deep end before being saved by Chad and various other lifeguards I’ve never felt so much embarrassment in one day. I just wanted the earth to swallow me up. If Tegan doesn’t notice the sacrifices I’ve made today then I’ll be speechless for once in my life. Luckily I didn’t recognize anyone else at the swimming pool so I guess I’ll soon be able to forget all this, I know I’m clutching at straws but give me a break.

I don’t have much more to say about the swimming session other than the fact I couldn’t swim and I was extremely scared before entering the pool and now I’m still shit and terrified! I now know the reason why they put the extra strong smelling clean stuff in the pool, it’s for when people like myself piss themselves. Yep, that actually happened!

Dani and Chad were actually really good sports and although my first encounters with them were quite possibly the worst possible, I, at least knew that any further double dates couldn’t possibly be anywhere near as bad!

We went for some pub grub and drinks after the swimming session and although I’d used the changing room showers I could still smell the scent of the pool clutching onto my skin and crawling up my nostrils whilst feeling embarrassment still seeking out of every hole in my body.

“So what do you and Tegan get up to in your spare time then?” Dani asked.

I had to think and tread carefully for an answer to this question so I just responded with

“Oh just the usual cute shit really, we go for meals together, watch scary movies but I’m yet to witness her piss herself yet.” Letting out a chuckle and then quickly winking at Tegan as if to say checkmate.

Tegan laughed along with everyone else and her reaction was great, although I could feel myself regretting my move.

“Any more of that and I’ll spank you right now.” Tegan spluttered before winking back at me as if to say “if you want to play that game I’ve got plenty of ammo.”

I laughed it off and decided it would be best to back off and quickly change the subject before she said anything else to actually cement the fact she’s not actually joking.

After a few hours, and a few beers later we decided it was time to call it a day so we left the classy looking pub and dropped off the couple. The embarrassment was finally over and I could finally relax and just pray that Tegan had enjoyed today as much as I’d expected.

“That’s the best day I’ve had in ages baby, thank you so much for being such a good sport,” she said.

“Can we not go bowling or something next time?” I joked, definitely wasn’t joking though and she knew it.

“Haha of course babe. I’m proud of you for today.” She said before kissing me on the cheek. “Let’s go back to my place, it’s about time you saw my apartment,” Tegan added.

We pulled up outside the posh looking apartment block shortly later. This was the first time I’d actually seen where she lives, it’s not that she’s secretive, just that I usually prefer the comforts of my own place plus I have a full sized house.

After climbing up two blocks of stairs we arrived outside of her apartment, Tegan went to unlock the door before dropping her keys and bending over. My penis instantly rose to the occasion as I noticed she had a black thong on underneath the short black skirt she was wearing. She turned around and giggled before picking the keys up and slowly rising back upright to unlock the door.

I was instantly welcomed to the smell of cinnamon Maltepe İranlı Escort the second the door opened, it made a refreshing change to the horrible scent I’d been stuck with all day, although the beers I’d drank had already wiped away most other things.

We walked inside and I was quite amazed by how modern the apartment looked, very spacious and not full of clutter or anything. It made me realize just how much of a sloth I must look in comparison with how my place looks. Her bedroom, in particular, looked excellent with its black and white modern theme with bright spotlights beaming from her ceiling.

We showered together me cleaning her up and down before cleaning myself and kissing passionately as we shared the same shower. I wanted so badly to just lift her up against the tiled walls and fuck her relentlessly but just knew I couldn’t so instead settled for the steamy kisses and body rubs.

“Are you ready for your surprise?” Tegan said after we got out of the shower and had dried up.

“Of course baby, I’m so ready,” I exclaimed following her into the bedroom.

“Don’t worry about your clothes, you won’t need them,” she said as she walked over to the end of the bed. “Just do me a favor and lift this up for me?” She asked, pointing down at the bed frame.

I wanted to question what exactly she was planning but knew I wouldn’t be told anyway so just did as I was asked and lifted the bed up to the wall. To my surprise underneath the hard surface lifted up against the wall were metallic wrist and leg restraints drilled into the wooden surface.

I knew exactly where this was going and so did she.

“Amazing isn’t it? I had these fitted a few days ago just for you!”

“Now… time for your reward,” Tegan said teasingly, stroking down my chest in a spiral motion all the way down to my cock as she bit her lip. “Just stand up against this and let me work my magic for you.”

I did what I was asked without question because I just couldn’t wait to be released from the cage this time.

Holding my arms slightly up and my feet spread against the metal shackles she closed them and locked all four to pin me up against the bed before slowly walking off to her drawer and picking up a key.

I recognized it instantly and knew it was time. She unlocked the device around my cock and slowly eased it off making sure not to hurt. My balls were full to the brink.

“Oh wow we’ve just showered but look at all this pre-cum,” she said, tracing to fingers up the head of my cock and dragging the sticky juices to her fingers before raising them up to my mouth and forcing them inside to be sucked.

I felt so at ease, this was pure heaven for me right now and totally worth the day I’d just endured.

Tegan slowly lowered herself to her knees and started sucking on my cock nice and slowly, her lips teasing the shaft of my cock as her tongue stroked across the head.

“You enjoying that baby?” She said, by this point pushing her lips to the base of my cock before gagging and then sucking back, taking it out her mouth as she giggled, covered in her own drool.

“Feels so good, thank you.” I gasped, knowing I wouldn’t last two minutes.

“Just because you’ve done exactly as I asked today, you get to cum without my permission,” Tegan said to me, looking me directly in the eyes as she put my cock back in her mouth, working it faster now and with more suction.

It didn’t take long at all before my cock erupted full of my semen, she took my cock out of her mouth aiming it up towards my face, I didn’t even care though because my body was in complete ecstasy as I groaned pulling at the restrains and writhing around in pleasure.

“One-second baby,” Tegan said jumping to her feet as she walked out of the bedroom.

She soon returned with her hands behind her back. Slowly walking up to me as I still grunted and groaned at the release I’d just been given after a long hard week.

She pulled her hands from behind her back and all I saw was her facial expression drop to a stern look as she lifted up the trainer sock I’d used earlier that day to hide my chastity.

“Think I wouldn’t notice” she exclaimed before slapping my cock and then jerking it off.

The sensation was too much as my sensitive dick went into overdrive.

“I’m sorry babe I’m sorry, please stop,” I shouted to her in desperation as she carried on jerking me off.

“You’re not yet, but you will be.” She responded, giggling away as she carried on working my torment.

“I’ll do anything Tegan, please just stop I beg you!” I screamed.

After five long minutes of pure torture, she stopped.

“Goodnight babe.” She said raising both arms up to the top of the bed before pulling it down inches away, leaving me to look at her floor for the rest of the night.

“Oh and one last thing, I’m going to need a man to lift that back up, I’m not strong enough myself so enjoy tomorrow darling.” She said before turning off the lights and leaving me in darkness.

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