The Shower

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It was a lazy morning at home. I should have been getting ready to go to the office but I was struggling with motivation. I was incredibly horny. It didn’t matter what I did that morning, the only thing I could think about was cumming. I hadn’t masturbated before I got out of bed, like I normally do, and that was a mistake. Daily orgasms for me isn’t just a want, it’s an actual need! I NEED to cum every day, several times!

My mind began to wander as I was emptying the dishwasher. I began to call upon my fantasies. (the fantasies in my head make ME blush! So taboo, so dirty, but they make me so incredibly wet!) As I’m unloading the dishwasher I can feel my pussy lips swell, I can feel my wetness in my yoga pants! I began to look at kitchen utensils in a sexual way! Thank God I wasn’t cooking or I would have taken the nearest carrot to my room and had my way with it! Dishwasher now empty, task completed, still incredibly horny. I decide it’s time for a shower.

I pull my bursa escort bayan night shirt over my head and as I open the door and enter my shower I notice how much I love the way the hot water bites at my skin and causes my nipples to rise to taut perfect peaks, similar in size to a large pencil erasers. I turn so the water drenches my long blond hair. As it runs through my hair it’s easy to imagine it being my lover’s fingers caressing me with such gentle heat.

I suddenly realize the new sensation of the hot water running down my back and I tilt my ass “just so” and I feel the heated sensation running between my round tight ass cheeks. I shudder at how it feels like my lovers hot wet tongue cleansing my most private parts.

I turn to face the water and let it run over my perfect breast and down my tummy and thighs. I smile to myself thinking about how something as simple as a daily shower can be so fulfilling mentally, physically and sexually. I see bursa bayan escort my shaving cream on the shelf and remember how soft and silky it always feels on my legs. I fill my hand and start to experiment with the sensation of how it feels on my breasts. It feels like silky heaven surrounding my tits, my tummy begins to tighten as my body craves to feel the release of an orgasm. I continue to rub my breast as I watch myself. I rinse my breasts and turn my back to the streaming water again, I ever so gently, barely touching the surface begin to caress my nipples on the smooth cool wall of my shower, the sensation pushes me closer to the edge of the orgasm I seek.

My hand moves to my pussy and I begin to rub my clit, I can feel the silky wetness of my own juices flowing from within me. I turn to begin my daily chore of shaving my pussy. As I put one foot halfway up my shower stall wall I’m thankful for good balance, I’m also thankful bursa merkez escort for how soothing the water rushing over my pussy feels. I look down to watch the water flow freely over my swollen pussy lips, I grab my shaving cream and begin rubbing the silky white foam between my thighs and on the front of my pelvis. The touch of the razor with such even firm strokes only stokes the fire that burns within me even hotter.

I rinse the razor and begin to fuck my pussy with the handle while I simultaneously rub my clit, slowly at first but then I become more frantic KNOWING I need the release. As I fuck myself with my razor handle my legs begin to shake, I can feel my orgasm building in the pit of my stomach, it sends hot, spiking, zings of lust throughout my entire body! I’m so close, I keep fucking myself, harder, suddenly imagining it’s a stranger that’s caught me in the shower and they’re fucking me against the wall! In my mind I’m screaming, “fuck me harder! harder! please!!” As I imagine my lover pounding me against the shower wall I find my apex!

My orgasm shoots out of me like a bullet screaming out of my pussy, my tummy clenches, my pussy contracts, my legs quiver, my body jerks in little spasms of lust, and then…’s over.

Until my next orgasm. ~J~

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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