The Shower

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The heat of the water hitting my back was more welcomed by my skin than I expected. The water droplets were hot enough that I felt a small hint of pain as they struck me, but the warmth was too soothing to allow me to move away. Steam was filling the entire shower, engulfing me in zone of pure aloneness and relaxation. I could stay standing right here for hours. With such a crazy busy schedule, hectic life surrounding me, this escape from everything, and time just for myself was more than I could hope for. I could spend the entire day in this hot shower, without another soul to bother me, without a single sound of the outside world.

It has been so long since I have had solitude. The warmth continues, and my mind begins to settle. I have nothing but myself to worry about now. My eyes close, and I begin to let my mind wonder. The immense relaxation takes me to the thoughts of how long it has been since I have been touched…really touched. Touched in a way that was about my pure pleasure. I like this…it Betturkey has been a while since I could have enough peace and privacy to let my mind wonder to where ever its wants to go. What shall I indulge myself with?

As my eyes stayed closed, and my head slightly tilted back into the steam of water, I could so perfectly imagine her here with me. Her hands were soft as they caressed my sides, just the slightest of touch. I could feel her pressed up gently behind me, and the curves of her body meeting mine. He breath on the back of my neck. She was silent, not a sound above the noise of the water hitting us, just slowly moving her hands over by naked body. I close my eyes tighter and picture her hands cupping my breasts, running her fingers so softly over my nipples. I can visualize her kissing the back of my neck, as her hands continue to rub my now hard nipples. It feels sooooo good. I can feel the beginning of the wetness building between my legs. With every brush of her fingers past my nipples, Betturkey Giriş I can feel my lips swell more, and the wetness begin to seep slowly out of me. I don’t want this to end…

My clit begins to work into a dull ache, and I can feel each beat of my racing heart travel down the base of my clit and throb at the end. She is driving me crazy with desire. I don’t feel the water anymore, my mind is far from my environment, I think only of my wanting to release, to have waves of pleasure spread across my entire body.

My pussy wants…it wants what is it due. I clench my muscles at every caress of her hands on my breasts. I am at the point of bliss and intense wanting. My wetness is running down my legs with every pulse of my yearning. I lean forward, put by hands on the shower wall, arch my back, and press into her. She must know my needs, I am presenting everything to her. Without a word, or break in her caressing stride, her hands begin making their way down my chest, softly over Betturkey Güncel Giriş my stomach and down onto my inner thighs. It is torture, I need to cum and need it now. As if she could sense my peak of desire, her hands slowly work up my thighs and spreads my waiting lips. It is nearly unbearable, her hands so close to my throbbing clit. She runs her fingers up the inside of my lips, just close enough to send a shutter of pleasure through my engorged self.

She holds me open with one hand, and her two fingers of her other hand slip deep inside me. It is amazing…pure bliss. She presses her fingers in deeper, and her palm right against me, right in the perfect spot. She begins to grind her palm against me, slow, but with hard pressure…up and down…in perfect rhythm, as her fingers inside me rub that oh so sensitive spot. My mouth is wide open, but yet I hold by breath…its getting closer…i can feel the tension building as my muscles tighten their grip on her fingers…she presses into me harder…it’s really close…my hands are shaking against the shower wall…just a few more seconds and I can have what I want.

She quickens the pace of her hands, and presses her palm so tightly against me.

I am cumming,…I am cumming…I am cumming.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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