The Ski Trip

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Group Sex

My friends really let me have it when I told them I would be bringing my girlfriend along for this year’s ski trip – it’s normally a guy thing. But this years is feeling more like a good idea every minutes as the two of us cuddle close on the lift ride to the top of the mountain.

Since we just arrived this afternoon, it has been a short day of skiing, but we did manage to time ourselves just right to get on the lift just before they shut down for the night. There are only a few people behind us, and the resort employees are looking forward to calling it a night.

As we slide off the chair at the top of the mountain, you quickly “discover” something wrong with one of your bindings, and I kick off my skis to see if I can fix it for you. I assure the ski patrol that we will be right along, and after the last vacationers have left the peak, the support personnel are off as well, leaving the two of us alone on the quiet summit.

Now I quickly take off my pack and pull out the insulated blanket that I brought along – just for this purpose. I lay the blanket in an area that allows a clear view of the valley below, although the setting sun has most of the town below us in darkness. Some of the hotel rooms and houses are lit from within by the dancing light of an open fire, and the warm glow of the twilight sky bathes your eyes in the same orange colors – the most beautiful color I’ve ever seen.

We kneel facing each other on canlı bahis şirketleri the blanket, and we kiss as I begin to help you undress. I unzip your ski suit down to just below your navel, exposing your naked body underneath. Although warmer than usual, the late-spring temperature is cool enough to harden your nipples as soon as they are freed from the tightness of your suit. I push the clothing over your shoulders – those beautiful shoulders – to your waist and take a moment to look at your fantastic curves in the light of the sunset. Mmmmm, gorgeous. You lean back on your hands so the fullness of your breasts falls ever-so-slightly to each side of your chest – you know how much I love the way that looks – and I lean forward to suck each nipple into my mouth one at a time, gently nibbling on their hardness. You arch your back and neck, pressing your nipple into my mouth. “Harder, ” you whisper, and I comply, biting you hard. You moan loudly, and I feel your body shudder with pleasure.

With one hand, you push me off and I fall to my side on the blanket. You roll me over to my back and begin to struggle with my ski pants. I let out a slight giggle as I watch you squirm with anticipation – you look so cute as you desperately try to pull off my pants with your suit still gathered around your waist. You only tug long enough to get them around my knees, never taking your eyes off my cock once it is out of my pants. The cold air canlı kaçak iddaa has had some effect on my erection, so you immediately go down on me, swallowing the length of it into your throat.

You hold me there for a few seconds as I grow back to my fullest dimensions, swelling your neck at the same time. You begin to stroke it in and out of your mouth as you reach behind you to push your suit down past your hips. The sight of my cock slipping in and out of your lips and your beautiful round ass exposed to the world brings me to full hardness. You take me deep one last time, pulling off with your mouth wide open so as not to suck any of your saliva off of my slippery shaft.

You spin around to show me your ass and pussy, pulling your cheeks apart to allow me access to either hole. “Fuck my ass, baby! Please!” I pull off my jacket as I climb to my knees. By now the steam is rising from both our bodies. I inch closer to you – just close enough to press the head of my cock against your asshole. Damn, that’s hot! “Are you ready?” I ask, and you respond, “Come on, baby. Do it!” I gently but forcefully lean into you, my cock spreading the hole wide open as the head passes through. You let out a scream as you open to accept my full width, then gasping with ecstasy as I slide into you, right until my balls are against your pussy. I am in absolute heaven as I slowly begin to fuck your ass. You are now beginning to rock back and forth canlı kaçak bahis in rhythm with my stroking. You know I love it when you finger your self during anal sex, so you reach underneath and begin to play with your clit.

Hopefully you can bring yourself to orgasm soon, because the feeling of my cock in your ass is almost too much for me… in fact, it is too much – soon I am warning of my impending climax by moaning and increasing my tempo. You squeeze your clit to bring yourself closer to your own orgasm. We are both so close to cumming…! As my cock expands just before my orgasm, you pull away from me and spin around to take my cum in your mouth.

I stand as I start to pump out my hot load, and you begin to shudder and twist with your own climax, your fingers still stroking your clit. You moan and whimper as my cum overflows from your lips, and you squeeze the sticky load out of your mouth so it pours down your chin and onto your heaving chest. One hand is over your pussy in an attempt to keep you from leaking your own cum all over your suit, and the other is smearing my cum all over your breasts, fondling them as you coat every curve with the sticky load. You suck my softening dick into your mouth and use your tongue to milk every drop of cum from my shaft.

I bend to kneel next to you, and we hold each other close as we kiss deeply. For a few moments it feels like the Tropics, but soon the cold mountain air forces us to begin to get dressed and head for the warmth of the lodge. The sun sets early in the mountains, so the night is still very young. Maybe the bearskin rug in front of the fireplace will be a nice setting for our next event? I can’t wait ’til then!

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