The Slavescapades Ch. 02

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Morgan awoke, bright and early, in her large and comfortable bed to the sound of her alarm. She shushed it quickly, lest she accidentally awoke her sister slaves in the next rooms. She got out of bed, already dressed for her plan, and quietly left the room, closing the door very gently behind her. She tiptoed down the hall, watching out for the creaks in the floor as she made her way very directly for her Master’s bedroom. She tensed in herself, trying to brace herself for this very forward action, but she had to do something to get ahead of the other two, especially after last night at dinner!

Yet as she approached the master bedroom, she noticed its door was already ajar. Moving stealthily forward, Morgan silently opened the door further, just enough so she could peek through. There was her master, leaning back with his eyes closed, and… his hands resting on a bump in the duvet! A bump too large to be Alexis, and just the right size to be Cassie. Morgan swore under her breath and drew back, being careful not to slam the door in her rage. Standing in the hallway, she took in a breath, debating if she should go in and join them. But that would be so forward! she thought to herself, though moments later the decision was made for her; when she heard the unmistakable sound of her master reaching culmination.

Spurred by the horror of being discovered hovering outside the door, Morgan made her retreat, slipping back into her room and getting back under the duvet. To control her anger and jealousy, she bit her duvet hard, sinking her teeth and punched her mattress a few times. A while later, she awoke to the sound of one of the little bells ringing in her room. She could hear it ringing simultaneously in the other rooms around her, and fell out of bed in her eagerness to get up. The Lounge bell, it was, rang. The bell summoning was generally assumed to be a come as you are, but as it was gone 12, she quickly threw on some jeans and some eye liner, dragging a brush through her hair before she dashed down to the lounge. Bursting through the doors, she saw Alexis and Cassie were already there, stood in front of their master’s favourite chair, both looking pleased with themselves, but though Cassie looked more so.

Morgan, attempting not to look like she was sulking, stood next to them, berating herself for falling asleep and looking terrible. For half an hour they waited for their Master, until he finally arrived. He sat down in his chair and chose to read his paper, getting through the first few pages before he paid them any attention. Not looking up from his paper, he said only “I feel like going out for a drive. One of you will come along. Go and prepare yourselves for it, and I will judge which shall come with me. Now go.”

He did not have to ask them twice, and while all three kept their composer in his presence, Alexis and Cassie ran once the doors were closed, fighting up the steps and disappearing down the corridor to their rooms. Morgan, while standing sulking for half an hour, had decided that in attempting to set herself apart from them both, she should set apart in their tactics, and remain the submissive. They were too damn forward in trying to curry his favour anyway. Morgan would wait, and allow him to choose her, and remember why she had been his first slave.

As she made her way across the foyer to the steps, she threw a smile to the butler Forbes and ventured over to him. “Mr Forbes, might I venture for your assistance?” Forbes, a well aged man and well-used to his Master’s and slaves’ ways, nodded, and then followed her as she made her way up the stairs to her room.

Inside the room, having no embarrassment of nudity infront of Forbes, for he had seen it many times, she pulled off her clothes. “I’d like the leather cuffs please Forbes, the collar-to-nipple clamps, blindfold and the ball gag please. The big red one, if you dont mind.” Her room was of decent size, probably too much, with a large built-in wardrobe taking up one wall of the room, filled to the brim with everything a slave would need in her day to day business. To the right hand side of this did Forbes venture, opening the double doors to reveal the mass of BDSM items strewn about it, fishing out the items she had requested.

As he did this, Morgan rooted through her clothes wardrobe, the left hand side of her wardrobe, knowing exactly what she was looking for. She knew her master’s tastes: leave a little to the imagination, allow for exposure, and the humiliation that comes with it. And found what she sought not long after beginning to look. It was a short black skirt, and as she pulled it on it became how obvious short it was, for it just barely covered her ass, and would not have left anything to the imagination had she leant over. To compliment the skirt was a white bustier, which she promptly pulled on over her head, leaving both bra and panties in the wardrobe. With a soft ‘ahem’, Forbes announced he was ready, just as she Maltepe Ukraynalı Escort pulled her heels out of the centre section of her wardrobe.

She placed her heels on, then stood still with her arms behind her back to allow Forbes to do his work. First he placed the leather cuffs around her wrists, binding them tightly behind her, giving them a tug after he was finished. Moving around to her front, he tapped her jaw, waiting for her to open her mouth for him then he placed the large ball gag into her mouth, fastening it behind her head. He placed the blindfold over her eyes and tied it behind her head again.

With that done, he pulled down the front of her bustier, letting her breasts hang out. She stood there, not moving as Forbes took a moment, unbeknownst to her easing his penis out of his trousers, before he went forward again. Pinching each nipple, not that it was require for she was already hard, he then placed a clamp on each one. Each clamp was attached to a small piece of metal, which he led up to the collar at her neck and attached them to the front. “Will you be wanting the leash, madam?” in answer to which, she nodded, and he rooted around for her leash, before clipping it to the front of her collar.

Forbes suddenly grabbed the end of the leash and yanked it, pulled Morgan across the room to her bed and pushed her onto it. Surprised but unable to flail, she fell back onto it, her cunt suddenly on display in the tiny skirt and her breasts still hanging out of her bustier. Forbes climbed ontop of her, then forced her legs apart and rammed his cock straight into her pussy, while he lifted one hand to squeeze her tit, while Morgan tried in vain to struggle under his weight. He ploughed into her, pushing his cock deeper and deeper inside her cunt, then lifted his head up next to her ear. “I trust you’ll remember that the monthly servicing is coming upon us. Do mention my choice to your good master, please.”

And without a further word, Forbes pulled out of her, careful not to wipe her juices onto her legs, skirt or duvet cover, then reached out and pulled her onto her feet. He sorted her hair out, and then finally pulled her bustier over her large breasts, though the nipple clamps were still visible and stood out through the thin material. Morgan merely nodded, wet and hot from the encounter and ashamed to be wet and hot for the old man, and followed as he tugged on her leash, guiding her into the hallway and back towards the lounge. When they arrived, the other two were already there, Forbes pressed the leash into her Master’s hand, bowed and exitted. The Master put his paper down, only now looking upon the other two that had been there for ten minutes.

Alexis had wrapped her breasts and hips in PVC tape, stopping at the bottom of her ass, while Cassie had returned once again to stockings, garter belt and a corset that ended underneath her ample breasts. The Master mulled it over, briefly flitting over each prospect, then his eyes rested on Morgan and stayed there for minutes, eyeing her up from her heels, up to the just-out-of-sight pussy to the practically in-sight nipple clamps, and resting finally on the blindfold and ball gag. Having decided, he waved the other two away, who exhaled in a pout and left the room, then he stood up, and guided her out of the room to the front door.

Forbes opened the door for them, staring lustily after Morgan as they went down the steps to Edwards who was standing next to the master’s Land rover and held its door open for Morgan to slide in the front seat. He leant over her, brushing her hand briefly against her clamped breast, to put on her seat belt, while Master Flynn went around to the driver’s side. “That’ll be all Edwards.” With the key in the ignition, they headed down the gravel drive.

As they drove out of the gate and down the lane, the Master looked over his slave, trussed up with her legs slightly apart and her nipples blatantly hard. “Nicely played slave.” Morgan heard and beamed, as much as the ball gag would allow. He opened the windows for them, and every now and again turning to watch the effect of the cold breeze on her nipples and skin, while they drove around.

Eventually, after what felt like an endless span of time to Morgan, who burned so hotly and wetly in her cunt (made even worse by the vibrations of the car), the Master brought them to a halt on the side of the road. Kind enough to undo her seatbelt for her and lean over to open the door, he ordered “Get out and get on the hood.” Morgan rushed to obey, shifting carefully out of the car, moving around the door blindly and pressed her side to the car to guide her around to the hood. Once there, attempted a few times to push herself onto the hood, finding no purchase with her heels on the bumper, and with no hands to keep herself up there. However, finally she managed, and lay back on the bumper with her legs already spread for him. She felt the Master Maltepe Üniversiteli Escort get out of the car, as it shifted with the change of weight in it, and again felt as he pulled her down towards him, shuddering as she landed cunt first on his large erect cock. Rather than fucking her on the hood, he lifted her off of it, where she wrapped her legs around him automatically, and he started lifting her and dropping her on his cock, bouncing her on it, while they both moaned in unison.

She felt him stop briefly, and realised why when the noise of a car passing them reached her, for it had slowed down briefly then seen what was happening, then made a quick escape. Since she was blindfolded, it didnt nearly as embarrass her as if she had seen the people inside, and as such held onto her burning hot orgasm as it slowly crept its way towards her with each drop onto his hefty cock. He took one hand off of her, using momentum to keep her dropping on his cock, lifting his hand to pull down one side of her bustier, gripping her tit and pulling on it, twisting it and then pulling on the chain that connected the breasts together and to her collar. She heard him moan loudly into her ear, and quickly tensed up around him, for all the good it would do with her giant pussy, but was rewarded either way as she felt him erupt inside her, coating her insides with hot gooey semen. It pressed her overjoyedly over the edge and she groaned into the gag and into the dark as she came.

Abruptly he stopped, lifted her off of his cock and dropped her, letting her gain her balance for a moment before pressing her back to the car. She went with him obediently, climbing back into her seat, keeping her legs spread slightly as she felt the warm oozing between her legs slowly dribble down her thigh, all aware of one of her tits just hanging out for the world to see. And realised it would not be put away any time soon.

She felt him lean over her and pull her seatbelt on again, then turned on the engine and drove. Still coming down from her orgasm, Morgan was content to lean back in the car, close her eyes under the blindfold and simply be blissful, still hoping for something to be shoved in her soon, but content as she was. Some time later, still unknown to Morgan, they came to a halt again, and he undid her seatbelt again. He then reached up and pulled off her blindfold. Morgan blinked against the light, slowly adjusting to it as he leant over her and opened her door. Looking around her, she realised they were at a gas station.

“Do you want the gag out, Morgan?” He whispered to her briefly, and she shook her head, to which he grinned and patted her gently on the thigh. “Good girl. We’ll have you nice and humiliated.” With that, he got out of the car, and she followed suit, pushing her unlocked door open with her knee and stumbled out. He came around, and grabbed her leash, before leading her to the station.

Morgan followed obediently again, before a light breeze reminded her again of her escaped tit, jiggling with every step she took, and she went red, burning crimson as she was led through the doors. Avoiding eye contact with the cashier, who did a double-take when he saw the large man leading in the hot-one-bare-breasted-brunette-with-a-ball-gag-in-her-mouth in, and followed as her Master perused the shelf. Reaching the drinks fridge at the back, he opened the fridge and took out a bottle of pepsi, closing it again and then pushing her against the glass. He brought the pepsi down under her skirt and slowly pressed the larger end in between the lips of her cunt. Morgan squealed ever so gentle at the cold of the bottle, and moaned as he slowly started fucking her with the bottle, though looking past him to see the attendant still staring at them. Her Master slowly pushed it further and further in, then stood back, leaving the top of the bottle visible under her skirt. “Don’t let that fall out my wide-open little fuck.”

He then turned and led her to the front. Looking around, he checked the store was empty, then stood at the counter. “I want my whore to suck your dick, okay?”

The attendant laughed nervously, before realising there was no joke here, and moved to a more serious place, looking from his face to her tit. “Really?”

“Yeah,” Master Flynn continued, “But there’s a catch. Wanna hear it?”

“If you want that pepsi free, yeah, you can have it.”

“No, i’m paying for that pepsi, here” He handed over a twenty note, “No, the catch is she wont start til someone else comes in here, and you have to serve them while she’s at it.”

“Oh.” The attentdant thought about it, briefly, then nodded “Okay.”

“Okay Morgan, get under his counter.” He moved close up to her, whispering to her as he undid her gag, “and you better fuck yourself with that bottle while you’re doing it.” Morgan nodded her ‘yes sir’, then walked around the counter and got on her knees in the space underneath. Maltepe Vip Escort She spread her legs, slowly letting the pepsi bottle slide out of her, keeping herself close enough to the floor so that it couldn’t fall all the way out. The attendant infront of her unbuckled his pants and lifted out his cock, still a little limp and held it infront of her face. But since there was no one there yet, she did not take it into her mouth.

Time passed again, slowly as before, until finally the ‘ding dong’ of the door went through the shop. Her master was busy reading magazine as she straightened herself up, leaning up to take the attendant’s, Gary, half limp penis in her mouth. The people in the shop meandered around, and it took most of their meandering for her to get him hard. As she sucked his dick, which was averagely sized and sweaty, she dropped down on the bottle, fucking herself with it as she had been ordered, going faster and descending on it as she pulled her mouth off of his cock and back on again, moaning around him as the slowly warming bottle was pushed further into her cunt.

The new customers had come up to the till and were paying when the attendant suddenly jerked and crashed forward onto the counter, moaning loudly and hitting his hand on the surface as he emptied his load into Morgan’s mouth. She swallowed dutifully, as the customers made a quick retreat away. Carefully, she lowered herself as far as she could onto the bottle, then clenched it inside her as she crawled on her knees out from under the counter. Her Master then led her away back to the car, leaving a “See ya kid” for the attendant, who was staring at the back of Morgan, tracing down her thighs to where liquid oozed down them.

Getting back into the car again, he closed the door after her, then climbed in his side, putting her seatbelt back on, and then reached into her cunt and pulling out the bottle. He opened it and took a swig, offering it to her and she accepted. Only the rim tasted of her. Her master couldn’t help but grin as he turned on the ignition again, and took them home. He didn’t say anything, but Morgan could still see him smiling as they pulled through the gates to his manse. Edwards once again helped her out of the car, to which she thanked him, and Master escorted her back to the house, greeted again by Forbes.

Forbes remained emotionless as they passed by, closing the door after them as they headed to the lounge. Master Flynn took his seat again, leaving Morgan to stand up next to him, as he decided if he wanted anything from her.

Morgan, not one to forget favours, made a small “Um…” noise as she sought the bravery to bring up the subject to him.

Master Flynn looked to her, “Yes Slave?”

Morgan smiled and dropped to her knees to the side of his leg. “I merely wished to mention, Master, that the monthly staff servicing is imminent, and I wondered if I might be able to offer my services.”

“Ah, what a good slave you are…” The master reached out to brush her long black hair, considering it while he stared into her big grey eyes. “Then you may. And I’m sure you’ll do a stellar job. I’m taking the two new girls into the office tomorrow, so if you’d like to do it then, by all means go ahead.”

Morgan nodded dutifully, remaining where she was until he dismissed her. “You may go. Have Forbes untie you on your way out, and if you see one of the girls, send her to me.”

Even though dismay crept over her as the baton was given to one of the others, she reminded herself of the little adventurous romp they had just shared and whispered her “yes sir”, got to her feet and then left. Outside, she wandered the house, with her hands still behind her back and one free breast, searching for Forbes. Before she found him, she ran into Alexis who was no longer in PVC, who greeted her with a sneer. Before she could actually say anything, Morgan nipped in there first with “The Master has expressed his wish to see you in the lounge” and then carried on in her search for Forbes. She found the old man in the kitchen, going over to him gingerly, remembering his jump on her earlier, and for her sins feeling herself moisten up again.

“Mr Forbes, can you help me out of this?”

Forbes looked up, and grinned a toothy grin at her, striding over and moving behind her. He once again shoved her forward, forcing her to bend over the kitchen table, as he gripped her wrists with one hand and her neck with the other, pressing her cheek into the wood. “I trust you haven’t reneged on our deal?”

“Of course not…” She uttered, before he let her up a little, moving his hand from her neck to start undoing her bindings. “It’s set for tomorrow.”

“Ah, good. I do look forward to it.” He smirked at her a little, hiking up her skirt after he had freed her hands and inserted four of his fingers straight into her warm, moist cunt. “I trust you’ll be wet like this tomorrow?”

Morgan moved her hands back infront of her, shuddering as he touched her, going red as she listened to him, knowing she would probably be even wetter than she was now. Finally, he pulled his fingers out of her and stood back, allowing her to regain her balance. With nothing else to say, Morgan exited the kitchen and went back to her own room.

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