The Stepmother Ch. 2

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After the ordeal, Billy was dragged up the stairs. He was taken to his bedroom where his cuffs were tied to the bed. Billy lay on his back, in a dazed state while Jane and the girls stood over him. Jane mentioned, “Tomorrow I think Billy should go see my nurse friend. She can give him a check up and also she can show Billy how to take care of his slut hole. Then we’ll take him shopping for some little girl panties and since he’s going to be tied down every night for awhile, perhaps he’ll need some diapers.” Susan and Kelly looked at each other and smiled. “Poor Billy. He has no idea how much worse it’ll get.” Jane told the girls it was time to shower up and get a good night rest, since tomorrow was going to be a busy day.

The following morning, Jane woke up, put on her robe and headed towards the kitchen. She passed Susan’s room and saw her and Kelly sleeping in their panties. She admired how pretty they had become. Jane walked into the room and kissed them both good morning. As their eyes opened, the girls noticed their mom’s nice tits. “Mom, you sure have a great body.” Said Susan. “Why thank you. You girls are very pretty and have matured into nice your girls. I bet you both drive the boys crazy.” Replied Jane. “We do.” said Kelly. “And sometime we have the same effect on girls to.” Maltepe Yabancı Escort She added. Jane looked at both at told them. “Eating a cunt every now and then is good for you. Now get ready cause Billy is going to have a very busy day. I want you girl to go braless, just panties if your cunts are still dirty.”

“Ok Mom.” They replied.

Jane walked into Billy’s room. He was somewhat awake. She began to untie him. As she did she asked him if he was going to behave enough to shower. Billy said “Yes.”

“You have a busy day ahead of you and I don’t want any trouble from you cock beater. I’m sure you can recall the pain by getting kneed in the balls. After you shower I want you to wear shorts with no underwear and a t-shirt with sneakers. Do you understand? And one other thing, you are never to stand up to pee. Since you like wearing panties and being a sissy boy, you’ll sit on the toilet. Also, until I can trust you, you’ll be tied to the bed every night and I’ll put you in a diaper so you don’t wet or shit the bed.” She added. “A diaper?” asked Billy. “Do you have a problem with wearing one at night and using it for a toilet?” Jane asked. “No ma’am.” He replied. “The better you obey me and my daughters the better things will get for you. Disappoint us and Maltepe Yeni Escort you feel the wrath. Do you understand?”

“Yes.” He replied. “Now go get cleaned up and ready. You have 15 minutes and then come down to the kitchen for some breakfast. Billy got some clothes out of his dresser and then walked over to the bathroom. He started the shower and then sat on the toilet to pee. Jane went back her room, freshened up a bit, got dressed and went to the kitchen.

When she arrived at the kitchen, Susan and Kelly were eating some toast with coffee. Both wore short jean cut-offs and tight cotton shirts. Jane could see their nipples against the material of the shirts. “Morning girls.” Said Jane. “Mourning Mom.” They replied. Jane fixed a cup of coffee and then picked up the phone. She was calling her nurse friend Pat. “Hello.” Answered Pat. “Pat, its Jane, how are you?”

“I’m fine replied Pat.”

“I need your assistance Pat.” She asked. “What’s up?” replied Pat. “My stepson Billy was caught using my daughters panties to beat his cock off with and he’s been caught. I would like to bring him by this morning so you can examine him and teach him how to maintain his slut hole. “So Billy is a sissy boy huh? She replied. “Yes I am afraid so. So you interested Pat? Maltepe Masaj Salonu “Pat was only wearing a robe and she could feel her pussy getting wet at the idea. “How about 1 hour? Asked Pat. Jane replied “See you then.” Jane hung up the phone and finished her coffee. Billy had just entered the room after she hung up the phone. He looked at the girl’s tits and then went to the fridge to get some OJ. Jane told everyone to be ready in 10 minutes. “Where we going asked Billy?”

“Since you like being a panty boy, thought me and the girls would take you shopping to buy you your own panties.”

“You think I’m going out in public with you all to buy panties?” he replied. “Think you have a choice in the matter? Asked Jane. Before Billy could answer, Jane kneed him in the balls. Billy dropped to the floor screaming. “You just don’t understand Billy that your pathetic cock and mind are mine. The faster you accept your place as a cock beater sissy boy, they better things will get. The better you try to please me the more rewards you’ll get. I’m sure you’d love to lick my girl’s cunts. Please me and you’ll be rewarded, disappoint me and I’ll punish and humiliate you more. Am I clear?”

“Yes ma’am.” Billy mumbled. “Ok girls, pick panty boy off the floor and let’s go shopping. The girls picked up Billy and took him to the SUV in the garage. Susan sat in the back with Billy and Kelly sat up front with mom. “Ok girls. Time to go shopping for some new panties for out sissy boy Billy.” Jane said as she started the car. She backed out of the driveway and soon the group was on their way.

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