The Story of N Day 01

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We bought N because J was getting sick of my constant requests that she play out my creampie and cum-eating fantasies. She was more into plain vanilla sex, which I was fine with me some of the time. But sometimes I would get carried away with fantasies about being dominated and forced to eat my own cum that did not always excite her, and usually ended up getting on her nerves. I understood that what I was asking for would require more energy and time devoted to sex than could be expected of my partner. So the idea of a robot like N seemed like a good one to both of us – I would get a way to play out my fantasies, while J would get what she wanted when she wanted it.

N was truly an amazing piece of hardware and AI. Externally, her body looked like a completely real fantasy porn star. Her movements were totally fluid; she had huge, perky tits with long, firm nipples; her ass was round and firm; and nearly everything about her could be customized at will. Her pussy could be hairy or shaved or anything in between, her hair could be long or short, finger or blonde – all with a few quick adjustments. She could increase or decrease the size of her breasts, nipples, lips and ass to change her appearance on demand.

What was hidden inside was a true work of mechanical wonders. Her ass, pussy and mouth were all designed to replicate a human’s – you wouldn’t know the difference if you were fucking, licking, kissing or sucking any part of her. But with a dick inside her, N could also activate mechanisms to vibrate, suck, stroke, twist, pull, and perform just about any other type of manipulation imaginable.

While she was 100% mechanical, she was designed to be able to replicate human bodily functions if asked to do so. She had multiple internal storage vessels, with the ability to sterilise, freeze, refrigerate, heat, and mix substances as needed. N could fill the internal storage through any of her orifices, or through special input openings that she could open as needed in places like the tips of her fingers, or even a little pop-out door just below where a human’s rib cage would be.

These physical abilities opened up a whole host of possibilities that would not even have been possible for a human. But there was more. The clip-on’s, for example. Talking J into putting on the strapon and giving me a good fucking was a rare treat for me. N had a whole array of clip-ons that attached to her body just above her pussy and could be nearly any imaginable shape or size. And function – as I would find out later in our story.

She could extend and inflate parts of her body as desired, with the ability to manipulate these extensions while they were inside you. And she was strong. While her sensors and programming made it impossible to do serious harm, if you wanted a session where she had absolute physical control, she could force you to do nearly anything.

N’s language abilities were likewise amazing. She could be mean, scared, turned on, hesitant, nervous, assertive and every other type of emotional state just by the tone of her voice and choice of words. It was truly difficult to catch her out as being a robot in regular small talk, and even less so when discussing sex.

N did not have her own unique personality or real emotions – she was a robot – but she could mimic and replicate them extremely well. There were many ways to programme her for different sexual interactions, and she was extremely convincing in each role. You could pick from generic topics, like “first time”, “mistress”, “BDSM”, “hesitant” or “horny housewife”. You could talk to her about what you wanted to do and she would develop a routine using a combination of pre-installed programming, searches of porn sites, and practice sessions.

If you found a video or read a story that you wanted to re-enact, you could just drop the link into her app and she would develop the routine. You could also write a script, just select tags representing what you wanted, adjust the level of improvisation and, in my case, the levels of cruelty and humiliation for domination games.

She had the ability to improvise based on the parameters she was given and her analysis of a partner’s (or partners’) desires, even if they had not been directly expressed – this became especially evident with me as she pushed my limits beyond what I had thought I wanted, but in a way that I ended up enjoying.

So we arranged to have N shipped just over a month before my wife left for a long visit with her family, and I was due to take a vacation from work. Following the recommendations from the manufacturer, we wanted N to interview both of us for a few days before my wife left. This was supposed to help make my wife more comfortable with this life-like robot woman living with me while she was gone, and would apparently improve the sexual experience by enabling N’s AI to gain a better understanding of me from my long-time partner.

Before we got started for a full domination session, I spent about 1 month talking Pendik Fetiş Escort to N, feeding her stories and videos, telling her what I did and didn’t want, exploring ideas for her “extra-human” abilities, and letting her quiz me on where I thought my limits were. There were lots of grey zones with cum eating fantasies, especially with the possibility of other people getting involved. J said that N asked her a lot about this in particular, wanting to know what J’s limits were in terms of what kind of contact would be allowable to her. J wouldn’t tell me what her answers were, though – she just said I’d have to wait and see, with a sly smile.

My main fantasy – and one of the hardest to make happen – was about being forced to clean up my cum after coming in her pussy. Aside from the birth control issues, I always became hesitant to go through with it after my orgasm, and J seldom had the energy or the desire to try to coax or force me into it. So she was happy to let N take over in this area – and she must have shared with the robot all of the perverted ideas I had whispered in her ear over the years when I was in my extremely horny pre-orgasmic state.

I was planning for our first session to start when J headed off for a month with her parents in their village home. She was happy knowing I’d be eager to get home every evening, not going out, not drinking with the guys or doing anything else unhealthy. J would also have the option to monitor N’s activities online, and to provide inputs on N’s routines if she wanted.

During the month of preparation, I would occasionally have sex with N – sometimes I ended up coming when we were practicing a new activity. Sometimes just because I was curious. In total, I probably came about 10 times – and N without my knowledge was storing my cum in her freezing unit even as she pretended to go clean herself out.

Day 1:

When the day finally came to see J off, we had one last fuck the night before, with both of us climaxing together and falling asleep entangled in each other’s naked, sweaty bodies. J got up early to get ready – I was just waking up as she was getting ready to head out to the car waiting outside. She came in to give me a kiss goodbye, and wished me a “surprising” time with N, telling me to “be a very bad boy”. I kissed her goodbye and was about to get out of bed when N walked into the room and pinned me down.

She had put on a sexy outfit, with black fishnet stockings and a garter belt, and a bra that left her nipples exposed. She whispered in my ear that there was going to be a slight change of plans, and my session was about to begin at J’s request.

Next she took my telephone from the bed stand and typed an email (from me) to my colleagues, saying I would be working from home and told me to press “send”. I did.

Pinning me down again, N attached cuffs to my wrists and ankles and a choker around my neck. She used a variety of ropes and spacers to leave me on my knees, ass in the air, legs spread, and shoulders on the bed.

“This will be your first morning milking routine” she said as she put a vibrating hand onto my already-erect cock and started stroking with a slow up and down motion. As she vibrated and stroked my member with one hand, N opened her mouth and sucked both of my balls in. She sucked hard, stretching my balls so much that I cried out in surprise and a little pain.

She released them, but only to threaten me to remain silent, or she would silence me herself. I did my best as she continued working me towards a quick orgasm. But there was no orgasm. As I got to the edge, she suddenly let go of my cock, and just kept stretching my balls as she sucked them deep into the back of her mouth. I moaned and asked her to let me come. This got me another warning – I was to never ask for an orgasm. My orgasm would be granted when I had earned it or when N wanted it.

She then took my dick in her hand again, vibrating but not stroking, taking me to the edge of an orgasm several times but never letting me come. At this point, N slid her head between my legs, took my cock in her mouth, and started jerking me off again – finally getting me so close that I actually ejaculated, but didn’t come.

And that was it. N got up and left the room, leaving me aching for an orgasm but unable to reach my own cock to do it. She came back in with a large bowl of ice-cold water, which she forced my cock and balls into, holding them there until they had shrivelled to less than ½ their normal flaccid size. Removing the ice water, N took out a chastity kit and locked up my penis in a short cage, informing me that this was my “starter kit”.

Now that I was locked up in a device that made it impossible for me to masturbate, and painful to get an erection, N released me and took me to the bathroom to get cleaned up. This is where the first surprise from J’s private discussions with N happened. As we walked into the shower, before I could turn on the water N said, “I need to pee”. Pendik Gecelik Escort I didn’t expect this as a robot should never “need” to pee – but before I had time to put the pieces together she had forced me to my knees and commanded “open up!”

I complied, and piss started gushing out of N’s completely bald pussy into my mouth. She pushed her pussy right down onto my mouth, forming a seal and forcing me to swallow a long stream of what tasted and felt exactly like real urine. When she was done, after reminding me it was my job to clean her up, N informed me that the routines we had planned for the month were going to be a bit different thanks to some surprises that J had prepared for me.

She added that J had left “plenty more where that came from” in the month N had been with us.

Before I could ask the many questions I had, N turned on the shower and started washing me. Of course she did it in the most erotic way possible her huge breasts and firm nipples constantly rubbing against my body, or letting my caged cock get squeezed between them while she reached behind me to scrub my ass and then legs.

It was torture. My dick was pushing against the narrow cage, and in the process stretching my balls as it tried to push out horizontally. The torture continued when N said it was time to clean me on the inside too.

She put me on my hands and knees and pressed her palm against my ass. I felt the skin of her palm part and something came out of her arm, entering my ass and stretching me until it popped into place. N had just inserted a buttplug that was stored (along with many other interesting things) inside of her arm. The buttplug had a small opening through the centre, and was connected to tubing inside of N, so while she kept her hand on my ass, she took the shower, unscrewed the shower head and then (I think just to drive me even more nuts) stuck the tube into her pussy.

She routed the water now flowing into her pussy through her arm and the plug into my ass. As I began filling up with her enema, N regulated the flow to slow it down when I tightened up with cramps from the water flowing back up through my intestines. After about two quarts, she stopped the flow, sealed off the buttplug, and removed her hand, telling me to remain still until she allowed me to move.

Not about to give up an opportunity to torture me more, N sat down on my back with her naked ass and began masturbating – something that she seemed to be genuinely enjoying until she noticed the plug start slipping out from the pressure of my cramps pushing the water back out. She activated the in-built air pump, inflating it to a size where it could not possibly slip out – and simultaneously putting even greater pressure on my insides.

The way the enema ended took some getting used to…N reattached the plug to the palm of one hand, put the palm of her other hand on the drain, and sucked the fluid out, disposing of it directly down the drain. She repeated this enema several times, making sure I was flushing out completely clear water before letting me go.

Saying she needed to clean out her systems, N ordered me to go back to the bedroom and open the present I would find under the bed, saying I would know what to do with it.

Feeling incredibly horny and extremely excited, I tore open the box I found under the bed, finding it contained a set of sexy lingerie and a little dress with a closed neck. The bra had fake breasts (that looked and felt very real) already in the cups, and I understood that I was supposed to put on this sexy outfit for her. I dutifully did so, and was looking at myself in the mirror when N walked in.

She looked at me from head to toe and was clearly unhappy. “Take if off and follow me,” she said. I stripped and followed her back to the bathroom, where she stood holding a straight razor and looking rather sinister.

“This will have to do for now, but we’ll need to get started on a longer-term solution later today,” N said. Starting from my toes, she skilfully and frighteningly quickly shaved off every hair on my body, leaving only a short cut on my head that could easily be covered with any good wig. The shave was extremely close and my skin was silky smooth everywhere.

We went back and I slipped on the outfit again, then N took out a brunette wig and put it on. I looked at myself in the mirror, and was actually turned on by the woman I saw staring back at me.

“OK, time for some sex before we go for a walk,” N said – shocking me with both parts of her statement. But sex was not what I expected. Of course. N reached into the closet at the end of the bed and pulled out a clip-on dildo. This was the same general idea as a strapon, except she just pressed it onto her body just above her pussy and I could see it come to life as it connected to her systems and started responding to her commands.

This clip-on didn’t really look like a real cock – it was completely smooth, was very wide, and a fairly quick Pendik Genç Escort taper to its tip.

“Since you look so pretty in that outfit, I’ll give you a special treat today,” N said with a look that made me wonder whether this was really going to be a treat.

“On the bed, on your knees, legs spread, hands on your ankles,” she commanded.

I did what she said, and she pulled the dress up to reveal my completely smooth ass. She tugged on my clean-shaven balls a bit, and then held her clip-on dildo next to my tiny caged cock just to humiliate me by showing off how short I was compared to her “cock”.

“Now we’re going to have sex. You better learn to enjoy it, because this is the only sex you’re going to be having for quite a while,” N said as she worked one finger, then two, into my ass and pushed at the sides to get me stretched out. As she did this, she would stop on my prostate every now and then, and release low-level electric current from her fingertips directly onto my “p-spot”.

After loosening me up, she pressed her sizeable dildo against my ass and slid it in. It really stretched me out, but thankfully was not so long as to be painful deep inside me. She started fucking me, slowly and gently at first but then picking up the pace and slamming her hips against my ass as she drove her wide dildo all the way in.

The pressure on my insides was making pre-cum leak out of me, and I could see it streaming from my caged dick onto the bed. N just kept fucking me, with the self-lubricating dildo now slipping nearly effortlessly in and out. She would pull out sometimes and make me gape my ass open for her – with my ass wide open she would see how many fingers she could insert without actually touching my skin.

Then, with the dildo all the way inside me, she turned on the vibrator and told me it was time for the special treat. The vibrator was so powerful that it was driving me towards the edge of an orgasm, but before I could come, N came herself. While I knew she was just a robot, the experience was amazing – her body movements became jerkier, she started to moan, and the dildo began throbbing…and then I felt something being released into me as she reached her climax. She had just come inside me – I just wasn’t sure what it was that had been released.

Pulling my panties back on and pulling the dress back over my ass, N said: “That felt great – now it’s time our walk you little slut, and don’t bother looking for some clean panties – you’re going out with just what you have on now, though you may want to smooth things out a bit.”

I lay there with my ass elevated for a few seconds longer, trying to retrain my muscles to tighten again before I stood up. Once I finally got up, N had put on some jeans and a light t-shirt without any bra – which I thought was good because her hard nipples would attract more attention away from me.

N tossed me some high heels (just my size of course) that thankfully looked relatively stable, “you can learn to walk in these for today – don’t want you to fall over while you try to walk and keep my cum from leaking out of your ass,” she sad and headed for the door.

“My what??” I hadn’t quite figured it out.

“Well, technically it’s your cum, you little slut, but since it came out of me… Anyway I just put about three orgasms-worth into your ass when I came. J told me about your fantasy from the start, so I’ve been storing your cum since day one, and I’m going to be milking more out of you for the rest of the month. No orgasms for my little slut though, just cum collection until we can train you to be a proper cum slave. I wasn’t going to give you any until I’d filled up my reservoirs, but you just looked so hot in that little dress and those fishnet stockings that I couldn’t resist.”

I had so much going through my mind that I almost walked out of the house with the little cock cage sticking straight out under the dress, but N stopped me.

“Oh, that doesn’t look right – we’re going to need to do something about this little bump down here,” she said as she produced a set of straps that she quickly put around my upper legs and waist, and then attached to the cage and tightened so that my cock and balls were pulled back between my legs, almost reaching my soon-to-be leaking ass.

“Now, let’s go – and try not to let too much of your cum leak out – the tops of those stockings will only absorb so much before it starts dripping down your legs and everyone sees,” said N with a smirk.

We started out for our walk, which took us through the centre of town. Sensing how nervous I was that I would be recognised (something neither J nor I wanted – and we had told this to N), N produced a pair of large sunglasses for me to put on. Passing by a shop window I nearly fell over as I stared at myself. I was hot, and I was definitely going to attract attention.

N took me to a restaurant by the river and, turning on her natural human voice, got us a table outside in the sun where every passerby would see us. I had never felt so humiliated, but was so busy concentrating on the delicate balancing act of not crushing my balls by sitting directly on them and keeping my just-fucked ass closed tight so that I didn’t end up walking around with a huge we spot on the back of my dress.

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