The Unexpected Affair

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She’s thirty-three years old and really rather inexperienced with sex. She got pregnant at an early age, a teenager really, and married another man when she was twenty-nine. She is approaching her sexual peak as a woman, and her husband really is a very non-sexual guy. She on the other hand is a big dreamer and fantasized all the time. She felt alone in her desires and began to get bored.

Her name is Joy. Cute and sexy she is, but a little on the self-conscience side. She has brown hair, big brown eyes, pale skin, a great natural white smile, a cute hour glass figure, nice legs and hips, small boobs, a small waist, and about 5’3 and a half inches tall. Her personality is outgoing and she talks a lot. She is the type that can talk to strangers and the strangers are usually very receptive to her. She is loved by all of her friends and is always told that, “The party doesn’t start until Joy gets there.” Always happy, smiling, and laughing, everyone loves Joy. Even though she seems outgoing, she is very shy in a lot of ways.

One day while discussing with her single girlfriend, Bobbi, how she is getting no sex at home, the subject came up of how to meet new people. Bobbi mentioned how she used to play around in chat rooms.

“Chat rooms?” Joy said, “What do you do in those?”

Bobbi replied “Oh they used to be popular a long time ago, and they are quite addictive, you can meet all kinds of weirdo people in chat rooms.”

The both of them began to laugh, but Joy was really thinking “Hey, maybe I’ll try one of those out for fun. I’m bored at home, my husband ignores me, maybe I can get some kicks.”

When she got home that night she thought she’d give it a try. With her husband sleeping, she went on one of those websites that had “chat” in them. She downloaded the program and went into a peers type room. Automatically she got a message.

“Hi” some guy said, and others started behind them.

They chatted about silly stuff like hobbies, what they did for a living, all the starter stuff. Joy thought it was ok and chatted for a few hours and went to bed.

The following weekend came and it was the 4th of July. Joy was drinking wine and was much more bold when she had a few drinks in her. She went back in that chat room website, but this time she found more rooms. She saw something that said “Sex Chat.” “Oooo” she thought.

Curious and shy about sex talk most of her life, she wanted to check it out. She thought that maybe you discuss your sex life in there. Well, “click” she was in the sex room. Again she got messages.

“Asl” it said.

Joy replied “What does that mean, I’m new.”

The man replied back “That means what is your age, sex, and location.”

“Oh, ok, well I’m 33 years old, female and I’m from Florida.”

The man then said “Do you like to cyber sex.”

“What is that?” Joy asked.

“It’s when you talk about sex on the computer and you masturbate at the same time.”

“Wow, no, I don’t do that, I don’t even understand that.”

The next thing she knows other guys are begging her for phone sex.

“Oh my God, I didn’t know all this stuff exists, wow.” She was scared to death to call anyone so she told everyone “no.” Needless to say, she stayed in the room a few hours and made a few friends, some guys thought it was cute that she was new; they could tell she was curious and they liked her.

The next day came and Joy was home alone. By now she has found out that these chat rooms are rather addictive. She even let one guy talk her into calling him. She told him she never did it before and that she didn’t know what to do. She called him and he tried to get her to masturbate. She wouldn’t do it, but she talked so much, and was such a nice person, that he liked her anyway.

They discussed sex and she told him her fantasies, and the guy ended up cuming on the phone. She kind of thought it was erotic and talked to him a few more times and they would talk dirty to each other. Needless to say he came every time they talked. She didn’t though, she still didn’t know what the fuck she was doing, but she thought it was fun and she loved the attention.

A few more weeks passed and now Joy was getting to be a pro. She was a lot less nervous, was getting less shy and was getting more open with her discussions, and even began e-mailing her picture to guys when they asked. Now Joy is very attractive so when the men would get her picture, they usually liked her even more. She made a ton of friends and she loved going in there, it was her fun, and it was giving her a lot of self-confidence that she needed.

Everyone she talked to liked her. Most men told her how fun she was to chat with. She still had never done the cyber thing or really masturbated. She didn’t even really know how to masturbate, but she was learning about a whole new world out there and was learning that maybe masturbation is something she should do. She was such a private person and didn’t discuss much sex stuff before this. At this point in her life canlı bahis she never even had an orgasm.

One Saturday afternoon she was home alone again and decided to go on her chat. None of her friends were on so she went into the sex chat room. She got very busy, had six or seven messages at once. Since she is so polite and does not have a mean bone in her body she would always try to keep up with everyone. It was getting hard. She was pounding away on the keyboard, then another message came through.

“Asl” it said.

Joy responded (since she was a pro now) 33, female, florida.

“Wow,” the guy on the other end thought “I’m in Florida too.”

He was visiting from another state on business. The guy responded “33, male, and how close are you to Palm Beach?”

Joy lived in Palm Beach, so she responded “Very.”

Now within all this chatting Joy was doing, she’d met some weirdos, some nice guys, and she learned that she liked the other married people on there the best. When they sent their picture they tended to be the better looking ones, they usually seemed more normal, plus she felt like they were in the same boat as her.

Next he said to her “married?”

“Yes, you?” Joy responded.

“Yes, I’m married too.”

Good she thought. The next thing she knew he asked her if she knew where his hotel was located, and he started discussing the possibility of meeting up that night.

Joy said “I don’t know, I don’t think I could do that, besides don’t you think we should at least exchange pictures before even discussing meeting.”

“Ok, he said, and he sent his picture.”

“Wow, he’s cute” Joy thought “Definitely one of the best ones I’ve gotten so far, wow.” Joy responded with her picture. “You’re very attractive” the man replied. They chatted a little while longer, Joy told him some of her fantasies, and they chatted about sex.

“I have to go make a speech at this seminar I am here for and I have to go. Will you meet me tonight? It will be a one time deal and we will never see each other again. Come up to the hotel and I’ll look for you.”

Joy said “I don’t know, I’ll think about it. Do you have a cell phone or something?”

Wanting to really meet this girl, he said “Oh fuck it” and sent her his number which he had never done before, but they chatted a while and he could tell she was normal, and he had always fantasized about meeting a woman, and he knew this might be his only chance.

“555-1212, I can’t believe I’m doing this” he replied. She wrote his number down on a piece of paper and stuck in the back pocket of her denim shorts.

Joy didn’t know what a wonderful man she had just stumbled across. Yes, he seemed a little daring and he is married, maybe willing to cheat on his wife, but he was still a really nice guy. Hey, nobody is perfect and forever sure is a long time. He is a successful business man that owns his own business. He was normal, cute, took care of his wife and family, just a nice man. Besides if Joy was even thinking about meeting him, she is no angel either.

Joy’s husband came home that night, and they ended up going out for dinner. She had a gift certificate that was going to expire soon and that was all she was thinking about. In the middle of dinner she remembered the man that she was kind of supposed to meet. Until then she forgotten about him and even after remembering him, she was afraid to call because he was married. His wife wasn’t with him, but she thought you never know, so she just let it be. She never called and she never went to meet him that Saturday night.

That night after getting home from dinner, her husband went into the garage and she snuck back into the chat room.

“Dink” a message that from that man was there saying “I guess I’ll go look around the hotel for you.”

“Oh no I don’t want to hurt his feelings,” she thought and responded “Well, obviously I didn’t come, and I was afraid to call you, I’m sorry.”

Well, he was on and “Dink” another message came back “Why didn’t you come, was it you couldn’t get away, were you scared, or was it that you did not like my picture?”

“A little scared, a little couldn’t get away, and no, you are very cute” Joy replied.

“Well, would you be willing to meet me for breakfast tomorrow morning? My plane doesn’t leave until 1:30 p.m., just come up for breakfast and it will be a one time thing.”

Gosh she thought, he sure is persistent. “Ok, if I meet you tomorrow, I’m not having sex with you, I’m not going to your room, I will just come up for fun and to eat breakfast with you. Let me sleep on it and I’ll call you in the morning. Ok?”

“Ok” he said “Just as long as you call me and let me know.”

The morning came and her husband left for work. As she laid in bed she thought “I’m just going to call the guy and tell him that I’m not coming.”

She dialled his number and told him. He sounded so disappointed when she told him that she decided not to go that she finally gave in.

“Fine” she said, “but why bahis siteleri are you choosing me to meet? You say you’ve never cheated on your wife, why me?”

“The timing is right and I’ve always fantasized about meeting someone” he replied.

“Well, did you imagine having sex with someone, cause I’m not having sex with you,” she said.

“I’m not going to lie to you, of course I thought about having sex, but its fine if you just want to come up and eat breakfast with me, it will be a one time thing, and just the excitement of it all is enough for me” he replied.

“Fine, I’ll come.” She hung up the phone, took a shower, got ready, and headed her way down there.

Driving there she thought “What the hell are you doing, Joy? Although this is rather exciting.” She drove to the hotel and there was a big convention going on and they were charging $10 to park. Now living in a world with debit cards, and not really expecting to go anywhere, she didn’t have any cash.

She called the man she was meeting and said “Hey, they are charging money to park and I don’t have any cash on me. The lady said if you come out here and show your room key I can park…you know what, do you just want me to pick you up? That may be easier.”

“Ok” he said “I’ll be out front. Where are you?”

“I’m pulling around now, I have a gray SUV.”

He came outside to the front and she saw him, he looked like his picture so she recognized him. He is about 5’9, average weight, brown hair, nice hair by the way, and brown eyes. She thought he was adorable immediately, and she really thought his hair cut was cute for some reason. She waved to him and he walked up to her vehicle. “Click” she unlocked the door and he jumped in.

Now she got a little nervous, she thought “I really don’t know him, what if he wants to kill me?” She broke the ice by saying “You don’t have any knives or guns on you do you?”

He laughed and said “No do you?”

She could tell that he was normal and she began relaxing. He seemed very nervous to her. At this point she really wasn’t all that nervous. Being an only child, she doesn’t have much family, so she really does like to entertain company and she was kind of happy to be meeting someone new. Someone who doesn’t know the area and she was in charge of showing him a good time. “Where do you want to go?” she asked.

“I don’t know, this is your area, you decide” he responded. He still seemed quite nervous, and he was, only he was also in shock at how pretty the girl was that picked him up. She had short brown hair in a professional cute cut, a beautiful white smile, and the biggest brown eyes he’d ever seen. She was sitting so he couldn’t really see her figure yet, but he could tell it wasn’t going to be bad. He was shocked at how much she really looked like her picture since you never really know what you are talking to in a chat room. “This girl is cute” he thought to himself.

She drove to a 24 hour breakfast type restaurant. She got out and began to walk around to the passenger side of the SUV. She was just trying to be polite and walk with him into the restaurant, and she noticed that he had puzzled look on his face. He was really trying to stay behind so he could check out her cute girlish figure as she walked ahead of him. She saw him start messing with the door handle and she figured out what he was doing. She purposely started to walk in front of him; she really wanted him to check her out because that made her feel good. She didn’t realize it yet but she was already attracted to him.

They went up to the hostess stand and let the her know that there was two of them.

The hostess said “name please” the man responded “Paul.”

The hostess replied “It will be about five or ten minutes.”

The two of them sat down on a bench. Joy didn’t realize how close she sat to him, but she sat very close. Joy said to her new found friend “Paul, didn’t your e-mail address say something like Dan White? When you sent me your picture it said Dan White.”

He replied, “What you think I’m going to put my real name on there?”

They both laughed. She thought to herself “I’m glad that I know his real name, honesty really turns me on.” Joy began talking and talking.

Paul said “How long have you been doing the chat thing? Do you talk to a lot of guys on there?”

“I’ve been doing it about a month or so, and I have a few guys that I chat with,” she replied. She told him how naive she was and the story about the guy telling her what cyber sex is.

He smiled.

“Paul” the hostess said. They stood up and started following her.

All the way to the table Paul checked out Joy’s figure. “Fuck, she has a great ass” he thought. She was dressed in a pair of white capri pants and a dark blue shirt that was a little tight in her small boobs and tight in her waist. White sandals that had a bit of a heel on them and damn was she cute.

They sat down at a booth and began talking. Gosh could Joy talk. It was great though because she talked bahis şirketleri so much there was never a moment of awkwardness, and come to find out they had a ton in common. They both loved to go to Las Vegas. That gave Joy a lot of things to talk about since she had a trip planned and it was coming up in two weeks. They ordered some coffee and when it came Joy just grabbed it and poured herself and Paul a cup.

He thought “Oh she’s so cute, she didn’t even make me be a gentleman and make me pour her coffee. Not only did she pour her own, but she poured mine too.” They started discussing sex subjects.

Now Joy is shy so she would change the subject from time to time and she was good at that. “How’s your sex life?” Paul asked.

“Not good” Joy responded. “My husband is a very non-sexual guy and always turns down my advances and it hurts my feelings and I’m over it. I go in those chat rooms for attention and I love the attention I get from men in there. What about your sex life?”

“It’s good” Paul replied.

They ordered a couple of muffins and when they came Joy picked at hers. Paul watched her pick off the top of her banana nut muffin and ball up little pieces and pop them in her mouth in very feminine type way. As he watched her he noticed that she was wearing a minnie mouse watch on her left hand.

“What’s her deal, how the hell did I meet her in a chat room” he thought.

They talked for over an hour. Joy talked about this and she talked about that. They would dabble in sex subjects here and there and it was Paul that would start that up. Joy told him that she was a big into fantasizing and liked to get kinky but has never had the opportunity. That she was inexperienced but that she thought a lot about sex and her fantasies. Then of course she changed the subject. She started talking about her upcoming trip to Vegas, but Paul heard the word “kinky” and didn’t forget.

Three stories later he said “How kinky do you like to get?”

“Well” she said getting a little shy and nervous “I don’t know, I haven’t done much, but I think, I don’t know, just no whips and chains and stuff.”

He asked her what her favorite sex position was, and she replied, “I like being on top of a man, that is my favorite and my second favorite is doggie style.”

Paul was starting to get a bit aroused at this cute girl telling him her sexual fantasies and what she likes to do. Joy of course being a bit naive and talking so much had no idea Paul was already a little hot for her.

Paul asked “What are some of your other fantasies, Joy?”

“My fantasies are kind of simple” she said.

“Well, you see I am a very good dancer and I’ve always wanted to play strip club and act like stripper for a man.”

Now Paul is picturing her swinging around a pole and dancing naked for him and that was a real turn on.

“Another one is I’d really like to get silly and play doctor and patient, I think that would be fun. I can be the patient and the man can be the doctor and we could start by going out together and buying a bunch of sex toys and the doctor can operate on me when we get back home” Joy said as she used her hands to talk.

Now Paul was picturing playing with Joy, and inserting sex toys into her body. He was ready to leave the restaurant now.

Paul had plans to get a cab to the airport, but Joy said “Hey do you just want me to bring you to the airport? That way we could have more time.”

“That would be great” he responded “As long as you don’t mind.”

“No, I don’t mind.”

“Thanks, hey, let me go take care of this bill and let’s go back and get my luggage now, ok?” he asked.

“Sure, I’m ready whenever you are.”

They walked to the cashier and Paul paid the bill. They got in the vehicle and Joy asked Paul how long he’d been married. He responded “Ten years. What about you?”

“We’ve been married four and a half years, but together nine, same thing, right?”

“Yeah” he said.

They both admitted to each other that they had never actually cheated on their spouses before. As they drove back to the hotel Paul asked a few more sex questions and Joy answered them but would change the subject after answering.

They got back to the hotel and there was still that stupid parking problem. At this point they were starting to feel some sexual tension but Joy never let on. They pulled and asked the bellman where they should park because they need to get their luggage.

He said, “Have someone wait in the car and the other go get it.”

Yuck, neither one of them wanted to do that. They had the same urge of wanting to go to the hotel room together even though they knew they didn’t have much time.

Joy said, “This is ridiculous, if you have a room key we should be able to park somewhere.”

She drove up to a man by a parking lot and Paul showed his room key, he opened the gate and let them in. “Wheeeew” they both thought.

They both got in the elevator and Joy started mocking herself, she sort of sang “I’m not going to your room with you, na na na na” making fun of herself remembering she had told him that, and now she is going to his room with him. He laughed and the doors opened and they walked down to his room and went inside.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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