The Vibe

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Walking in from the shower I stop to take in you sexy body laying across the bed, so soft and sensual in the soft glow from the candles you have throughout the bedroom. I see you lying there, mmmm you have your very special vibrator out and running, I can hear it’s soft hum as I look at you sliding it across your stomach, up between the sweet valley of your breasts.

As I walk over to the bed I drop my towel down to the floor as I slide in next to you on the bed, setting beside you. As you scoot over closer to me I look down into your soft eyes, I could get lost in those eyes you know. As I slide my hand across your cheek I lean down and kiss you very deep and passionate, our tongues entwined as I find yours sucking it back into my mouth. As I slide my hand down the length of your arm I take the vibrator from you sliding it slowly up back up your arm as I break from your sweet lips. Looking at you as I slide it across your neck as it slides down between your breasts. As it rolls up your mounds of pleasure I circle it around your nipple.

Watching as it grows so hard with excitement şişli escort and anticipation, taking the tip of it and touching it on your nipple, replacing it as I lean down and wrap my lips around it, sucking it softly my tongue teasing it from inside my mouth. The vibrator sliding across you and up to your other breast as I continue licking and sucking you hard nipple. Sliding down between you I slide it down across you zig-zagging my way down your body, as I slide between your legs, I slide the vibrator around your navel, my tongue always following so close behind it licking your sweet body. Sliding the Vibrator down further across your legs moving closer and closer to your sweet toes.

As I slide down I have them cute things just inches before me as I look up and see you looking down at me waiting with anticipation. Taking it I slide it across your toes, letting the tip of it tease between them and my lips wrap around your big on sucking it softly. Nibbling it between my teeth. As I continue to suck it so lovely I slide the vibe under your escort mecidiyeköy toes, rubbing across the bottom of them, before sliding it along the bottom. My tongue teases them on the bottom also, flicking across them and between them, stopping only to put one in my mouth and nibble and suck it.

Sliding back up your sexy legs I stop with my head just inches above your sweet pussy I slide it through the soft hair covering your mound, again my tongue glides through it also. Taking my hand I gently spread your swollen lips, you clit already hard and throbbing, turning the vibrator down to a low soft hum I touch the tip of it to your clit, feeling you shudder in pleasure at the feeling of it. Then I circle it around it the soft vibrations making you so wet. As my tongue slides around your clit I slide the vibrator down and across your swollen lips, just touching the outside of them sliding down there full length past them and across your cute ass.

As my tongue teases your clit between my lips. I slide it back up across your ass and lips before sliding it slowly escort gecelik between them, as I now slide my tongue down your lips you can feel me nibbles and sucking your lips as you feel the vibrator sliding deeper into you. You can feel my warm breath against your lips as I suck your sweet juices from them. I slide the vibrator in and out of your lips, almost all the way then slowly all the way back in, twisting it as it slides deep inside you, Mmmm I can feel the vibrations through your lips as I suck them in. As your hands rest on my head guiding me across your sweet pussy I continue sliding it deeper into you.

Turning up the speed I twist it deeper and deeper between you oh so wet lips, and continue sucking your juices from them, as you slide your legs up and rest them on my shoulders, you can feel your hot cum sliding down and across you ass, mmmm some that got away. As your legs wrap around my head pulling me and the vibrator close you I can feel your sweet pussy clamping down on it as the pleasure mounts so much you let it all go, your sweet cum exploding out, covering my face and tongue as I lick you, sucking all of those juices up.

Licking your hard clit as I slide the vibrator from you I slide my tongue back up your sweet body kissing you once again as I slide over next to you, my hands caressing your breasts, as we wonder what could be next.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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