The Wake Up Ch. 03

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Author’s note: This story posted by RedTang is actually co-authored by two Literotica authors, BlueTang and Ethyllene. The copyright is co-owned by both authors. Please visit our separate pages for other stories.

Important note: this story includes anal sex and anal watersports that some might consider to be on the edge of extreme.


The next night, Hank and Ava were enjoying dinner at one of the local restaurants. Hank and Ava had planned their long getaway weekend in the Bahamas, close enough to home to be a short plane flight, but far enough away and with warm enough temperatures to be a wonderful getaway. Besides getting to know each other better, Hank, an experienced diver, had also encouraged Ava to try scuba diving and she had loved it. After her discovery lesson the day before, they had gone out on a boat to an extensive but still relatively shallow reef that was a perfect place for beginning divers.

Sitting next to Hank on one side of their table, Ava couldn’t stop talking about the day. “That was such a rush out there,” she said, “I’ve never seen coral like that.”

“Yeah, even the stuff you see in large-scale aquariums can’t compare to viewing it in person, can it?” Hank replied.

“And that sand shark! I thought I’d be afraid of seeing a shark, but he was just lying there. I loved it.” Ava said. “I love all the new things you have been showing me.” Ava glanced over at Hank mischievously.

“I’m so glad to hear that. You have been a very willing student so far. What did you like best?”

“I told you already, it was that shark. He was very cool!”

“Ava, I’m not talking about the diving.” Hank poked her, making her laugh.

“I know, baby. EVERYTHING has been simply wonderful. Better than I could even imagine.”

“I’m so glad you feel that way. It’s been that way for me too.” Hank took a sip of his wine. Then he reached down and stroked her leg. “But there must be something that stands out in your mind as something special that you’ve liked.” Hank pressed. “After all, we’ve done a good bit of, um, experimenting. And you’ve cum every time. What turned you on the most?”

Ava blushed a very deep red. Almost as red as her low-cut dress.

“Ahhh, there is,” Hank said. “Tell me.”

Ava looked down. “I’m a little embarrassed. I’m not sure I can say.”

“Ava, we came with open minds, to try all kinds of things, and tell each other what we thought. I haven’t done anything I’m embarrassed about. And I have even more ideas. It’s OK to say whatever you think, baby.”

Ava was still blushing. Taking a breath, she sat up straight and looked at Hank. “Well, remember what we did in the shower this morning?” she said, quietly.

“Baby, we did a lot of things in the shower! What do you mean?” Hank goaded her a bit.

Ava looked down again. “I meant when you asked me to pee for you.” Her blush deepened even further.

“Oh!” Hank said, “You liked that?”

“I did. And I wasn’t sure I would.”

“I’m glad you did. I knew if you kept an open mind you would. And you didn’t disappoint. Baby, you were magnificent.”

As they had been talking, Hank had been continuing to stroke Ava’s leg, her short summer dress high enough that he could touch her smooth skin. Hank began to stroke a little higher, pushing the hem of her dress up a little bit more. Then he slid his hand over the top of her thigh, towards the softer skin on the inside of her leg.

“In fact, if you liked that, there are a few other things I think you might like,” Hank said.

“Baby, what are you doing to me?”

“Showing you something you might like. No one can see.” They were seated in a back corner of the mostly-empty restaurant and the tablecloth covered up their legs from view. Hank’s hand reached Ava’s inner thigh and he gradually began to slide it higher up her leg. “And I’m curious about something.”

“What’s that?”

“Whether you wore actually wore panties.”

“Well you could just ask!” Ava said. But she made no move to close her legs to keep Hank from moving higher.

“But how would I know if you were telling the truth then?”

“Have a little confidence in me baby. Why would I tell you the wrong thing?”

Hank’s hand moved a little higher. “Well, maybe you wouldn’t. But if I asked, I wouldn’t Sex Hikayeleri be able to feel for myself.” With that, Hank’s hand reached the top of Ava’s thigh, where it met her torso. No panties. You little slut. Feeling her smooth, bald skin, Hank began to stroke with one finger. “You are such a bad girl.”

“Mmm hmm. And you, sir, are a bad boy. You should be eating your dinner, not checking out the panties of the other diners.”

“Oh, it’s not just panties I’m curious about. I’m wondering if our conversation has made you wet.” With this comment, Hank probed between Ava’s lips, separating them easily. He felt his finger hit a gush of warmth and wetness. Ava made a small noise, looking fixedly at the table in front of her. “Oh yes, I’d say it did.”

Hank glanced at his watch. “Almost time to go baby, you’d better finish your wine.” He continued to stroke his finger inside her lips. Mechanically, Ava picked up her glass and drained it. After she swallowed, Hank pushed his finger deeper in her pussy.

“Oh, Hank….” Ava whispered.

“Enjoy it baby. Another new experience for you.” Hank took a drink, using his other hand. His finger began to move in circles, half inside her pussy. “And since I know you are enjoying this experience, and you told me before how much you enjoyed your last dirty move, there are definitely some other possibilities later.”

“Even more possibilities?”

“Oh yes baby. Especially since I know how much you like me in your ass. And that you liked your introduction to watersports.”

“Oh. You know I really did,” Ava said with a smile, her face a bit flushed.

“Just tell me you trust me, and we’ll try some other things.”

“Baby, I trust you. What do you want to try?”

“I’ll tell you when it’s time.” Hank withdrew his hand from between Ava’s legs. He casually brought his hand up to his mouth and licked his finger. “Mmm. You taste good baby. Here, you try.” Ava’s lips parted and her nostrils flared as her own scent hit her. She drew Hank’s finger in, her tongue licking the juice off it. She made a small noise and closed her eyes as she sucked his finger, twirling her tongue over it. After a moment, Hank withdrew.

“Mmm. Good girl. Now let’s get back to the hotel.” With that, Hank flagged down the waiter for the check.

When they got back to the hotel room Ava sat down on the bed. Hank stood over her and ran his hands through her long hair.

“You’re so beautiful, baby,” he said,

“Mmmm, thank you,”

Hank moved Ava’s hand to the erection that was bulging through his pants. She rubbed it gently, but he pushed against her hand with more insistence and she looked up at him. “Take off my pants. Ava,” Hank said. When she had trouble, he helped her with his belt and the button on the front of his pants.

His pants falling to the floor, Ava reached inside Hank’s boxers and closed her hand around his erect cock. She loved the feel of it. He was so hard, so aroused. His good-sized cock fit perfectly in her hand. The tip of his head was swollen and dripping precum already. Ava looked up at Hank and locked eyes with him.

“Baby, I have been thinking about your mouth on me all day, ” Hank said, “Now take me out and show me what you can do.”

Ava complied, pushing Hank’s boxers down to his knees. He took his cock in his hand and ran his hand up from base to tip, forcing a big drop of precum to the end. “Open,” he ordered. Ava opened her mouth and Hank rubbed the head of his cock across her lips. “Taste me.”

Ava stuck out her tongue and licked the precum off his head. Her tongue swirled over the top of his head, underneath, and dipped into his small hole. Hank closed his eyes and tossed his head back as a moan escaped his lips.

Hank pushed his cock further into her mouth and Ava closed her lips around it. She ran her tongue up and down the back side of it and began moving her mouth back and forth. She brought her hand up and began massaging his balls as Hank shook his pants off. He was standing there, over her, naked from the waist down, and he deftly pulled his shirt off over his head. He leaned down, his cock still in Ava’s beautiful, soft mouth, and he lifted her dress up over her knees so he could barely see her beautiful bald cunt between her legs. But just barely.

Hank grabbed Erotik Hikayeler a chunk of Ava’s hair from behind, pulling her off his cock. She looked up at him, surprised. “Lie on the edge of the bed. I want you accessible to me.” Ava complied, swinging her legs up onto the bed and lying on her back. Hank reached down again and pulled her dress up so that he could see her bald mound.

“Open your legs,” Hank commanded. Ava obeyed and spread her legs, pulling them up slightly and revealing her pink folds. Hank reached down between her legs and stroked her slit, finding it still wet and slick. He slid a finger into Ava’s pussy, and then moved his cock back to Ava’s face. Ava opened her mouth to suck him in while he fingered her. Hank put his free hand on her shoulder for balance and began to pump his cock into her mouth, thrusting deeper and deeper as she opened up her soft warmness to him. Ava’s eyes widened as he began to push into her throat. She reached up with two hands, putting one on the base of his cock, the other underneath on his balls. After fondling his balls, she slid her hand further back, probing under him for his asshole. Although the angle wasn’t great, she was able to find his rosebud and began stroking it.

“Mmm, good girl. Very good girl.” Hank murmured. He continued to finger her pussy, but now reached lower himself, sliding below her pussy to her anus. Slick with her juices, he was able to push in easily, penetrating to the first digit. Ava’s eyes closed and she reveled in the sensations of his hand and cock. Her cheeks bulged as Hank continued to fuck her mouth.

Ava continued to suck Hank as he worked his finger deeper into her ass. After a few minutes, though, he pulled away, shifting down to stand above her pussy. With his right index finger buried in her asshole, Hank now took his left hand and reached for her pussy, spreading her lips open and sliding his index finger into her wet channel. Pulling it out, he slid his middle finger in, and then pushed both fingers in.

“Ohhhhh…” Ava moaned as Hank added to her fullness. “Shit, baby, oh my God…” Hank continued to massage Ava until he could tell she was starting to feel the first precursors to an orgasm. He withdrew his fingers, and Ava made a noise of protest. “Baby, I was just getting set…”

“Quiet!” Hank brought his pussy-coated fingers to her mouth, quieting her. “It’s time for something else.”

Hank pulled Ava to her feet and took her hand. “Come on.” He led her to the bathroom and turned on the water in the shower. Hank kissed Ava as the water warmed, holding her ass and massaging between her cheeks as his hard-on pressed against her belly. They had both just gotten in the shower when Hank said, “I need to pee.”

Ava replied, “It’s OK baby, I’ll wait for you right here.”

“No, not what I had in mind.”

“Oh? You dirty boy. Are you going to be like me, Hank, are you going to pee in the shower? Where I can see you? It’s OK baby, go ahead, do it right here.”

Hank smirked at her. “No baby, not what I had in mind, either.”

“Then what…?” Hank took Ava by the shoulders and spun her around.

“Bend over.”

“Ooh, ok.” Ava placed her hands on the wall of the shower and leaned over, pushing her ass back towards Hank. Hank sunk his cock deep into her pussy and Ava moaned. She was so wet that he slid home fast, without resistance. Hank fucked her pussy for a minute, getting his cock slick with her juices. He brought one hand around to her mouth and said “Open.” When she complied, Hank put his finger in her mouth, and she obligingly sucked. Pulling his hand back and his cock halfway out of her pussy, Hank rubbed his finger around her asshole, stretching her. He pulled his cock from her pussy, removed his finger, and positioned his head right at her ass.

“Oh, slowly baby,” Ava gasped as he began to push in.

“I know how you like it, baby,” Hank said as he pushed a bit, but then relented to let her anus stretch to accommodate his head. When he felt her relax, Hank pushed in again, soon making it past the tight ring of her ass. Ava gasped again as she felt him inside her.

“You like me in your ass, don’t you baby?”

“Yes,” Ava gasped, trying to catch her breath in between Hank’s thrusts. “You know I do.”

“Do you like the feel Tecavüz Hikayeleri of that hard cock?”

“Ooooh, I do.”

“I love that tight asshole around me,” Hank said, and he thrust slightly deeper inside her. He was moving the pace a bit faster, and felt Ava clinch up. “Relax and open up, baby,” Hank whispered softly.

Ava leaned forward and tried to relax her asshole to accommodate Hank’s throbbing cock. It felt so good having him inside her like this.

Hank slowed down a bit and leaned in close to Ava’s neck, “Are you ready for your new lesson, baby?”

“What is it?”

“That’s not the answer. Are you ready for your new lesson?”

“Yes, baby, I am”

Hank slowed so that he was almost at a stop. He straightened up just a bit. “To do this, baby, I have to stop for a minute. Just let me sit inside you for a second.”

Ava wasn’t sure what he was doing. Normally he would thrust inside her until he came in a big explosion. She loved the feeling of his hot cum in her ass. “What are you going to do baby?”

“Ava, you trust me, don’t you? You trust that I know what you like and know how to make you cum?”

“Oh, I do trust you, Hank,” Ava said.

“Good, now close your eyes and relax.” Ava felt Hank reach around her and begin to rub her clit gently. But he didn’t move his cock in her. It was strange for him to be so still. And she thought his cock felt smaller. Is he getting soft? What is he doing?

All of a sudden, Ava felt a hot sensation inside of her. Not warm; hot. She began to squirm. “What is that?” she asked.

She felt another rush of hotness. The sensation grew and she began to feel fuller. Hank closed his arms around Ava and held her close to him, not letting her squirm away as he continued to rub her clit. Ava began to feel very full. She felt pressure in her belly, and suddenly she felt a need to go to the bathroom. She felt what seemed to be a burst of liquid run out of her ass, mingling with the water of the shower, and she tightened her ass in response. Suddenly, it clicked what was happening.

“Oh holy shit Hank! Are you peeing in me??” she asked.

“I am. Does it feel good?” Hank replied.

It did. It felt warm and hot and wet and full and AMAZING. In answer to his question, Ava began moving her hips and rubbing her ass against Hank, wanting him to rub her clit harder too. Hank began to respond and she felt his cock grow harder inside her again. He moved his other hand to squeeze one of her nipples, hard. Ava moaned in pleasure. Hearing her moan and feeling her grind against him again, Hank began to fuck her ass with his new-again hard-on.

Ava was full, even more full than when she had had to pee the day before. She tightened her ass, trying to keep it inside. Hank was fucking her more rapidly, causing the pressure to change in response to his thrusts. Ava found her focus narrowing to the sensations in her belly, even as her clit was fully engorged. She reached down, taking Hank’s hand in hers and pushing it harder and faster against her clit. “Oh, God, Hank, Hank…” He rubbed her. “Oh, keep going, keep going…” Ava was frantic now, trying to keep the liquid in her ass, feeling Hank thrusting as deep as he’d ever been, his fingers moving fast on her clit. “Right there… oh… oh… yes…”

Ava’s orgasm exploded through her, starting deep in her belly. It was different from any purely anal orgasm she’d ever had, with sensations of orgasm coming simultaneously from her ass and her clit. She spasmed, and couldn’t help it that a little bit of liquid ran from her ass. Feeling her cum, Hank took one more thrust into Ava and stiffened, shooting his own load deep into her ass. He ground against her, reveling in the tightness, the heat, the new wetness of her ass. They staggered, and Hank pushed Ava up against the shower wall as he continued to pulse in her and rub her clit. Ava went limp, trapped between Hank and the wall as he finished coming, panting, holding her up.

Hank finally took his hand off her pussy, and Ava regained her footing. She could feel Hank softening, and tightened her ass as he slipped out, some liquid following his cock. “Oh!” she exclaimed. She turned around and she and Hank shared a kiss.

“Are you glad you trusted me?” Hank asked.

“I’ve never felt anything like that, baby. Wow.”

“Maybe we’ll do it again some time.” Backing off of Ava, Hank took some time to wash both of them. As he pushed on Ava’s full belly, she moaned.

“You were a very good girl, Ava.”

“Thank you baby. Your good girl loves you.”

“And I love you, too.”

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