The Way to Amanda’s Heart

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“I want him,” Mindy said to Barb while looking over at Vincent, the owner of the Mississauga, Ontario restaurant, named after him.

“Then tell him where you work,” Barb said with a giggle. “That should reel him in.”

“No, no!” Mindy hissed. “I don’t want him to know that side of me. I want him to appreciate me for what’s inside.”

“He will if you tell him what you do,” Barb said.

“Shut up, Barb. That’s not the ‘inside’ that I mean,” Mindy said while playing with her long blonde hair.

Vincent, a tall, burly brunet in a white dress shirt and black dress pants, went up to their table. Mindy’s heart beat faster.

“So,” he asked her, “is your meat juicy enough?”

“Oh, yeah,” she moaned, grinning up to him. “Your meat is always delicious, er–great. I mean,” she stammered. “You have such a great restaurant. I’d love to cook with you–uh, here.”

“Thank you,” he said, smiling, but a little embarrassed. “If you’ll excuse me, ladies, I have to do some work in the kitchen.” He began walking off.

“I meant to say, I know how to cook, t-” Mindy began, but he’d already walked out of earshot.

As Vincent was entering the kitchen, a waiter who had noticed her interaction with the boss was following closely after him. “So, when are you going to ask her out, Vincent?”

“No, she’s not my type,” Vincent said as he picked up a dish from the cooking area.

“Why not?” the waiter asked. “She’s cute enough. And you know why she always comes here: to see you.”

“Yeah, and I do like short, petite blondes, but she tries too hard to be someone she isn’t,” Vincent said as he and the waiter left the kitchen with their dishes. “She’s always pretending to be an expert on cuisine, to impress me. That turns me off. I like my ladies down to earth and real.” Like my Amanda was, he thought.


A week later, in the afternoon, Vincent found himself reluctantly going into a Toronto strip joint with two male friends of his. All three men were a little tipsy after a few beers each. They sat at a table about ten yards away from the stage, where a thin blonde in pigtails, a tight, white T-shirt, pink shorts, and pink/white runners was doing her first song, ‘Barbie Girl,’ by Aqua.

When Vincent saw her up there, he didn’t yet recognize her, but his eyes widened.

Amanda used to wear outfits like that, he thought.

“You like the girl onstage, Vince?” one of his buddies slurred. “Let’s go up and see ‘er, then.”

“Oh, I don’t know,” Vincent said. “I’ll feel like a perv up there. We can watch her from here just fine.”

“Suit yourself,” his other friend said, belching.

Her second song, Aqua’s “Doctor Jones,” began. She’d removed her shirt to reveal a pink bra that covered small breasts. A minute into the song, and she removed the shorts to reveal a pink thong. She was skipping around the stage like a schoolgirl, even though she’d just turned twenty.

Then the bra came off, revealing tiny, but firm tits. Again, her body language and her body were affecting Vincent.

He continued staring at her. Is Amanda back from the dead? he wondered.

She removed her runners and socks at the end of the song. Her third song began: “Viva Forever,” by the Spice Girls. Two minutes into the song, she’d removed the thong. Crawling about completely naked on the stage, she’d attracted Vincent’s friends over to the tip rail, thus obligating him to join them. Though embarrassed at sitting at ‘pervert’s row,’ he was nonetheless fascinated with this seeming reincarnation of his old, long-lost girlfriend.

He hadn’t yet had a good look at her face, but he was about to. Facing him and his friends, she spread her legs and showed off her shaved pussy to them; but she’d raised her legs up she was also unwittingly showing her pretty brown asshole. His friends were cheering.

Vincent gasped. Amanda used to show herself off to me like that, he thought. Then he looked up at the girl’s face.

It was Mindy.

Now she, too, realized Vincent was there.

Seeing her pussy.

With agape eyes and mouth.

His head on his hand.

Good news, she thought as she pursed her lips and looked back at him. He finally likes me. Bad news: for the wrong reasons. Oh, well–it’s not like this is the first time it’s ever happened to me. With a little luck, maybe he can grow from lust to love.

She turned around and began crawling away from Vincent, her ass pointed at his face, with both her asshole and pussy still showing. She looked at his reaction through the mirror reflection; seeing his continued lustful awe gave her a shudder of fear and desire.

The song ended, and she got off the stage, not even bothering to put any clothes on. She just grabbed her purse and ran up to Vincent.

“Hi!” she said, standing immediately to his left. “How are you?”

“Great,” he sighed, looking down at her little breasts and hairless crotch. “Oh, sorry for looking at you like that.”

“Oh, no, Vincent,” she said, breathing heavily. “Look all you like. It’s my job. Wanna go into a VIP room with me?”

“Oh, Sivas Escort sure,” he said, getting up. “Excuse me, gentlemen.”

“No problem,” the first friend said, ogling her.

“Yeah, have fun,” the other said, also ogling her.

She led him into the nearest unoccupied VIP room, and he sat on the black leather couch. She sat on his lap, delighted with the large erection she felt under her bum. She leaned back into his chest, looking into his eyes.

“Twenty dollars per song, right, Mindy?” he asked.

“Yeah, but if you ask for lots of lap dances, I’ll probably lose count, so don’t worry too much about that,” she said. I’ve hooked him like I never did in his restaurant, she thought; I gotta keep him hooked.

“OK,” he said, smiling. “You remind me of an old girlfriend of mine, dressed like that.”

“Dressed like what? I’m completely naked.” She giggled.

“I mean, the way you were dressed, onstage.”

“Oh. What was your girlfriend like? Were you crazy about her?”

“Oh, totally. I loved her more than anything.”

“Then, why aren’t you with her now?”

“Because she died thirteen years ago. SARS.”

“Oh, I’m sorry,” Mindy said, her mind turning.

“I grieved over her for what seemed an eternity.”

“What was her name?”

“Amanda,” Vincent said, right when a new song began, Grace Jones’s ‘I’ve Seen That Face Before (Libertango)’.

“Oh, Amanda, that’s my name,” Mindy lied, rubbing her bottom against his hard cock. His hands slid up and down her waist.

“I thought…your name was…Mindy.” He gave her breasts slight squeezes.

“No, Mandy,” she lied again. “But you can call me ‘Amanda,’ if you like.” She got up and sat on his lap, facing him. He put his hands on her ass, his fingers crawling into the crack.

She really likes me, he thought, his long finger beginning to tickle her anus; I hope she doesn’t stop liking me when she knows what I want to do with her, in memory of Amanda. My skills should make it good for her, if she’s open-minded enough.

She looked in his eyes, always smiling, as his finger continued to rub gently against her asshole. Does he want to fuck my ass? she wondered. Did Amanda let him do that? Did Amanda like it? If so, this might just be how I’ll hook him. I hope he’s as gentle with his big cock as he is with his finger. I hope he likes my pussy, too.

Emboldened by her allowing him to finger her anus, he carefully began prodding his finger inside.

Her eyes still locked on his, she sighed at his sensitive touch. It actually feels good, she thought. As pervy as his sexual tastes seem, at least he’s giving me pleasure, too, unlike my unfaithful ex-boyfriends. I really hope he doesn’t disappoint, let alone hurt, me in bed. At worst, he’ll be no worse than my exes, which will make him the same old prick. At best, I’ll have a great relationship…just with a widened asshole. I’ve really got to be Amanda for him.

His other finger was massaging her hard clit. She squinted her eyes, and with an agape mouth, she squealed out loud.

When he saw me onstage, was my butthole showing? she wondered. Does he like to see it? I’ll show him and find out.

She got off his lap, turned around, and bent over. Her legs weren’t all that spread apart, but her skinny figure meant her pussy and asshole showed easily. She looked back at him to see if he liked what he saw. He definitely did. She moved her ass in counter-clockwise circles, and noticed his head moved with her ass, following it. She put her hand on her right buttock and timidly opened it, showing off the wrinkles of her brown anus better. She saw him smiling at that.

Amanda was always showing off her asshole to me like that, he thought as he stared at Mindy’s; she was always inviting me to another ass-fuck, God rest her soul.

He brought his nose closer and sniffed.

“Aren’t I stinky back there?” she asked.

“Oh, I like your natural smells,” he said, sniffing some more. “Don’t worry about it.”


Pervy Vincent, like my pussy, too, she thought, then she straightened up, turned around, and brought her crotch up close to his face. Taking the cue, he began kissing and licking the area. She closed her eyes, moaned, and ran her fingers through his short brown hair. He sucked on her hard clit, letting the tip of his tongue tickle it.

She sat back on the chair facing him, her legs still spread out and inviting his mouth for more. He got off the couch and knelt between her legs. His face dove right into her snatch and resumed licking her, from her perineum, across her vaginal opening, and up to her clit.

Remembering his anal fetish, she raised her legs up so her asshole would be accessible to his tongue. Sure enough, the tip of his tongue would flicker against her puckered anal orifice, while his finger went inside her cunt, tickling her G-spot.

“Oh, OH!” she squealed. Maybe I should pay him, she thought.

He continued licking her, even during the pause between songs. ‘Anaconda’, by Nicki Minaj, began playing, and after sucking on her clit for a few Sivas Escort Bayan seconds, she came, letting out a loud scream that the music thankfully prevented anyone outside from hearing.

Songs kept going by, with brief pauses in between; and just as when she’d let him continue eating her pussy between the Grace Jones and Nicky Minaj songs, she kept grinding on his lap, letting him feel her up, and rubbing up against him as if the DJ were playing a marathon of 1970s Pink Floyd albums, all intended as one $20 song.

She was determined to hook him, to be his new Amanda; for as anal as his eroticism may have been, he knew how to touch and lick a woman for her pleasure as much as for his. He ended up spending over $500 on her.

She went onstage again, and during her third song (the Spice Girls song again), she made sure to give him a good, close-up look at her spread ass, looking back at him with wide, permissive eyes.

Amanda used to pose for me, just like that, Vincent thought.


When evening came, her work day was finished, so Mindy, still naked, led Vincent by the hand out of the VIP room and into the back, where the change rooms were.

A bouncer looked at Vincent suspiciously as he approached the door to the back with her.

“Don’t worry,” she said to the bouncer. “He’s my boyfriend.”

“Hope he treats you better than Max did, Mindy,” the bouncer said just before she closed the door.

“Dammit,” she said, trying to save face. “Why does everyone mispronounce my name? It’s Mandy.”

They went into a changing room. He sat on a chair, and she knelt before him. She unzipped his fly and took it out.

“Since you gave me oral in the VIP room,” she said, looking up in his eyes as she held his cock close to her mouth, “I’ll return the favour now.” She kissed the tip and licked it twice, her eyes never leaving his.

He looked down at this golden-haired angel who took his cock half-way into her mouth and let her wet lips slide up and down.

She’s probably lying about her name being Mandy, he thought as he sighed to her tongue licking the underside of his cock, but in spirit, she’s my Amanda all over, back in the flesh. Can I get her to let me fuck her ass? We’ll see. So far, things are encouraging.

Those lips of hers kept slipping back and forth along his cock, her hand gently playing with his balls, her fingernails softly tickling his scrotum. Her eyes always looked up into his, asking his if her mouth was pleasing him.

Oh, please, enjoy the feeling of my lips and tongue on your cock, she thought as she kept sucking, licking and kissing his cock; am I as good a cocksucker as Amanda was? Am I better, even? I hope so. I so want you to want me.

She took his cock out of her mouth and put his balls in. As she sucked on his bag, her tongue tapped his balls gently, left and right, left and right again. After a few more seconds of that, she took them out of her mouth and resumed licking the underside of his cock.

He was as hard as a quarterstaff. She was jerking him off as she continued licking the underside of his cock and kissing the knob. Finally, he let out a loud grunt and blew his load all over her nose, cheeks, and chin.

Giggling as she let his come drip down her cheeks, she put his spent dick away and zipped him up. Then she said, “I gotta pee.”

“Is there a bathroom here?” he asked.

“Yeah,” she said, pointing behind her. “Over there.”

He picked her up and carried her, giggling, to the bathroom. He sat her on the toilet and spread her legs. She looked up at him and immediately began peeing.

“I’ve had boyfriends who liked to watch me pee,” she said.

“Oh, I like watching, too,” he said, looking down between her legs as the straight line of gold poured down from her urethra into the toilet bowl water.

“Did Amanda let you watch her pee?” His come continued to drip down her face, her glowing blue eyes always looking up at his.

“Yes, she did. She was beautiful nude on the toilet, as you are.”

“Thank you,” Mindy said, giggling again. The last few drops of piss dripped out. She took some toilet paper off the roll and wiped herself. Then she got up, stood aside so he could see her pee in the toilet, and flushed the toilet.

He took her by the hand to the shower stall.

The shower water sprayed on her face as he lathered up the soap to clean her everywhere from the shoulders down. She needed to get his come off her face, but she knew she’d be washing her make-up off, too. She trembled at the thought of him seeing her without make-up, but he was too occupied with rubbing a lather all over her vulva and anus to think about her face.

As his fingers slid in and out of her vulva, tickling her G-spot, she was moaning again, and forgetting about her face. When he cleaned her anus, first rubbing the lather around the brown wrinkles, then carefully pushing a soapy finger inside to clean her inner anal ring and rectum, she found herself starting to get used to being penetrated there…starting even to enjoy it.

After Escort Sivas rinsing her off and taking her by the hand out of the shower stall, he dried her off with a towel. Then she remembered her naked face. She quickly covered it with her hands.

“Oh, come on,” he said. “Let’s see your natural face. What I saw before looked OK.”

“No,” she said, her voice muffled by her hands.

“Come on, sweetie. Don’t be shy. Let me see.”

“But I look ugly without makeup.”

“I don’t believe that. What I saw before looked OK, as I said before.”

“You’re just saying that to be nice.”

“No, I’m not,” he insisted. “How can you stand here, completely naked before me in the bright light, and not feel embarrassed, yet be too shy to let me see your face? I can see your vagina and anus up close, but not your face without makeup?” He gently, slowly pulled her hands off her face.

Her eyes were squeezed shut, her face tensed.

“Open your eyes, Mind–er, Mandy.”

She did, terrified.

“What a pretty face you have,” he said.

“Really?” She was almost smiling now.

“Yes, really.” His sincere smile reassured her. She smiled back. “Good. Now, let’s see how clean you are down below. Turn around and bend over for me, please. Spread your legs.”

She did. He thoroughly checked her anus and vagina, slowly sliding a finger inside each hole to make sure. His sensitive touch made anal penetration more and more acceptable to her.

Oh, that pretty virgin anus, he thought. “So, what shall we do now?” he asked as they walked out of the bathroom.

“Wanna come over to my place?” she asked, finding her makeup in her purse.

“Best offer I’ve had since forever,” he said.


They drove out, in her car, from the Toronto strip club and back to Mississauga, and parked in a parking lot a few blocks from a sex shop they were planning to go into.

She was wearing the outfit she’d had onstage. As they were walking down the street, they were approaching a store that sold stuffed animal toys.

“I feel kinda silly in this outfit,” she said.

“Why?” he asked. “I told you before, Amanda often dressed that way. I like it. You look hot to me in those clothes.”

“I mean, I like wearing cute clothes, but I feel ditzy in this.”

“You don’t look ditzy to me. You look sweet, like her.”

“Speaking of sweet…and cute,” Mindy said, looking at a big teddy bear in the window of the store. “I so want him.”

“I’ll buy it for you,” he said, walking in the store.

She rushed in after. “Oh, no. You don’t have to do that. He’s so expensive, and you’ve already spent so much on me in lap-dances. No!”

“But I got so much in return for my money,” he said, gesturing to a saleswoman about the teddy bear. “And you love it so.”

“Yeah, but I’ll feel like such a girly-girl, walking home with you dressed like this, carrying the bear.”

“What do you care what other people think?” he asked, taking out a credit card from his wallet. “I used to buy things like that for Amanda. She had a ‘girly-girl’ way about her, but I assure you, she was no ditz. She was a smart girl, excelling in university calculus. She’d have been something extraordinary, had she not died of SARS.” He frowned.

“Oh, OK, then,” she said, grinning. “Thank you! He’s so cute!” She kissed Vincent on the cheek and hugged the teddy bear.

They left the store and continued on their way to the sex shop.

“Here it is,” she said when they arrived. “I know just what we need to buy.” They went in.

Apart from a box of condoms, she found the tubes of anal lube.

“How many should we get?” she asked, pointing to them.

Impressed, Vincent raised an eyebrow.

“How many times do you imagine us doing anal?” he asked. “You’re not thinking of buying a strap-on dildo, are you?”

“No,” she said, giggling. “I just figure you want to put your–” then she whispered “–thing in my butt regularly.”

“Regularly?” he said, grinning. “You’re OK with that?”

“Sure,” she said. “Though I’m an anal virgin, so please be gentle with me.” Her eyes showed a little fear.

“Oh, of course I will,” he said, his hard-on bulging in his pants. “Amanda was an anal virgin, but when we did it, I managed to navigate my way in and out of her–” then he whispered “–rectum in such a way that I gave her anal orgasms.”

“Really? Can a woman enjoy getting it in her poo-hole?”

“Yes. Anal doesn’t give pleasure only to the giver, but to the receiver, too, if it’s done right. I was able to give Amanda so much pleasure from anal sex that she actually wanted it in her ass as much as, if not more often than, in her pussy. She soon began to say, ‘The way to Amanda’s heart is through her anus.’ That became a regular saying of hers.”

Mindy wanted to believe him, but she then remembered all her exes, each of whom had used her only for their pleasure one way or another. Was Vincent just trying to con her into letting him fuck her ass?

Vincent could read the doubt on her face. She thinks I’m scamming her, he thought; I’ve got to show her my real intentions–to resurrect Amanda through her. Not just for my pleasure, though, for half the joy I felt with Amanda was knowing how happy I’d made her. I want Mindy–or Mandy, whichever–to feel the same happiness Amanda did.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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