The Wedding Deal

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Chantelle and Sam were a perfectly ordinary couple, saving up for a perfectly ordinary wedding. They had met in a club a few years ago; Sam had nudged Chantelle, resulting in her spilling her drink, and, ever the gentleman, he had offered to buy her another.

Of course, his motives had not been entirely innocent. Chantelle was a very attractive blonde, nice big tits, curves in all the right places. Her outfit that night left only a little to the imagination; a short skirt and a tight top, with extremely high heels adding to her otherwise small stature and pushing her body forward in that way guys like.

Chantelle, just out of a relationship, had never been one to refuse a drink offered by a guy, especially a guy like Sam. He was handsome, well built, his body evidence of plenty of time spent in the gym. He had an accent she couldn’t quite place; at first it sounded like your typical local accent, but the more she listened the more she could hear something exotic underneath it.

Just like her, he had grown up and lived in the area, but she was right that there was a little something foreign in him; his father was Moroccan, which accounted not only for the slight accent, which he had picked up when his family had moved to that country for a few years, but also that beautifully tanned skin.

Chantelle and Sam could have both gone to different clubs that night, one could have left early, or Sam could have been more careful at looking where he was going and thus avoided the collision. But on the basis of that mishap, the two got talking, and arranged to meet for a proper date the week after. On such coincidences relationships are built.

The date went well, and was soon followed by another and another. Whilst neither were virgins, they were also not the type of people who jumped into bed with someone too hastily, and their relationship evolved, as relationships do, with the pair growing ever closer, spending more time together, falling in love.

Their relationship eventually became sexual when Chantelle invited Sam back to her flat after a blissful day spent together some months into their dating. It was a mutual decision, one that neither had explicitly discussed with the other, but one which had been hinted at for the last few weeks. After a couple of glasses of wine and some heavy petting on the sofa, they retired to Chantelle’s bedroom, where their relationship was taken to the next level.

After that the couple’s relationship continued to go from strength to strength, Sam and Chantelle regularly staying over at each other’s places, getting more familiar with each other’s bodies and preferences. Neither were particularly adventurous in the bedroom, but both were good at what they did, and their sex life was fulfilling and satisfying for both of them.

In time there came the moment where Sam sank to one knee in a restaurant following a romantic meal, and asked the question every girl hopes to hear at some point in her life. Sam received the answer every guy hopes to receive to that question. They were going to get married.

Chantelle went out and bought every wedding magazine on sale, planning her perfect ceremony, the most special day of her life. The list of things she wanted for the wedding grew and grew, much faster than the wedding fund that the two were saving up. Chantelle got a promotion at work, which meant she could put more into the fund each week, but her ambitions for the ceremony grew accordingly, so the deficit expanded faster than ever.

Her friends and family tried to talk to her, encourage her to rein in her plans. They told her that she could still have a special day without the fire breathers and the dove release, without the diamond encrusted wedding cake and top of the range wedding dress. But Chantelle was not prepared to settle. Sam did not care so much for the massive ceremony, but was prepared to find a way to give Chantelle whatever she wanted.

It was then that Barry, better known as Baz, approached Sam. The whole wedding had become a soap opera amongst the friends of both groups, with the spiralling cost and the rather more modest budget a topic of frequent conversation. Baz was more a friend of a friend than anything, though Sam had met him from time to time and knew a little about him. Everyone knew about Baz.

Baz was wealthy, that’s what everyone knew. How he had become so wealthy was not as clear. Some said that he had inherited the money from his father. Others said that he was a .com millionaire, had developed some extremely clever piece of software that was so complicated nobody understood it, which had been snapped up by one of the big internet companies.

Baz asked Sam how much the current wedding plan would cost, and how much Sam and Chantelle had already saved. He let out a low whistle when Sam told him; the difference was much more than he expected. Nevertheless, he went ahead with a proposal.

Baz told Sam that he would book everything that Chantelle wanted, even the fire breathers. He would cover the whole cost of the wedding; he wouldn’t even ask for Sam and Chantelle to contribute Taksim escort the money they had already saved up, they could use this as spending money on the honeymoon.

Sam was delighted, but sure he must be misunderstanding. Was it just a loan, he asked. They could never afford to pay Baz back. But Baz reassured him no, there was nothing to worry about, they did not have to pay anything back, he would pick up the full bill himself.

However, there were three conditions to his offer. The first was simple enough: he wanted the fact that he was paying for the wedding to be kept a secret. He did not want to be deluged with similar requests for help from everyone else he knew. Sam was more than happy to agree to that and immediately started wondering how he could explain to family and friends that the fact that the extravagant wedding was suddenly funded.

The second condition was a little more unusual. Baz insisted that Sam and Chantelle must refrain from sex for a month before the wedding. Neither were allowed to stay over at the other’s flat, see the other undressed, or have any physical contact with the other of any kind during the month. They could masturbate, but they had to do it in private: no phone sex, no even talking about sex.

Sam was about to protest that Baz had absolutely no right telling him what he could and couldn’t do with his fiancée; whether they had sex or not was completely up to them, and Baz was totally out of order to even suggest otherwise. But then he remembered what Baz was offering – to pay for the wedding in full. Chantelle could have her perfect wedding, and they could get on with their lives without even having to see another wedding magazine or taste another sample of wedding cake.

“How would you know?” Sam wondered aloud.

“The morning of your wedding you will take a lie detector test,” Baz said without missing a beat. He’d obviously thought this through.

“If either of you fails then the whole wedding will be cancelled, and it will be up to you again to arrange your own wedding, just like it was before we had this conversation.”

Sam thought about it for a few seconds. No physical contact at all. For a whole month leading up to their wedding. Still, unless he agreed to it there would be no wedding.

“I’ll have to check with Chantelle,” he said.

“Fine,” Baz replied.

“And the third condition?” Sam asked, hoping it wasn’t as bad as the second.

Baz smiled.

“I will tell you the third condition when I am ready,” he smiled.

“But… how can we agree to a condition until we know what it is?” Sam asked, confused.

“You don’t have to agree to it now,” Baz said. “When I tell you what it is you can agree or disagree. If you disagree, I’ll cancel the wedding, but you’ll be no worse off than you are now.”

Sam considered this. It was true. If he turned Baz down now, there was no wedding; him and Chantelle would never be able to afford the wedding she wanted by themselves. What harm could it do to at least find out what the condition was?

“OK, deal,” Sam said.


Chantelle was convinced Sam was joking when he told her about Baz’s offer, but he eventually managed to convince her he was serious. After that she got incredibly excited and started pulling Sam’s clothes off, impatiently tugging at his cock so she could get him an erection and mount him.

When she calmed down a little she thought through the second condition a bit more and was indignant: “what, we’re not even allowed to kiss and cuddle? In the month before we get married?!” She phoned Baz to try to negotiate, but he wasn’t moving. That was the condition: take it or leave it. She agreed. Nothing was going to get in the way of her wedding.

Chantelle sent the list of everything she wanted for the wedding over to Baz, and between them they agreed a date for the wedding, in the middle of the summer, only six months hence. Baz spent a busy few days booking everything, then sent Chantelle an email to let her know. It was going to be her perfect day. She sent out the invites, delighted that she could invite everybody she wanted.

As the final month approached, Sam and Chantelle spent most of their time in the bedroom. If they were going to go without for a month, they might as well get in as much action as they could now. Then finally came the deadline. Baz dropped them an email to let them know. The sex ban started at midnight.

The couple had sex as close to the deadline as they could, cuddling up until minutes before the clock ticked over. Then they had to get dressed. They took a last long look at each other’s naked bodies that they were not going to be seeing again for a month, then reluctantly got dressed with seconds to spare. Both had discussed just ignoring the ban, but they couldn’t risk being caught out by the lie detector test and having the wedding cancelled at the last minute.

The next month was incredibly frustrating. Many times they went to kiss or hug each other then realised at the last second. Both were paranoid that even the slightest peck on Taksim escort bayan the cheek could catch them out on the test and lead to the wedding being lost. Both still masturbated in private, but they weren’t even allowed to talk about it. Even discussing the wedding night was off the agenda.

They did their best to be a couple without the physical side of the relationship. Both knew it was only for a month, that on the wedding day the ban would be lifted, they would be free to do what they liked with each other again.

The day of the wedding came. In the morning both the bride and groom made their way to separate venues for their lie detector test. They were both asked personal and very specific questions about their activities – or lack of – over the last month. Chantelle blushed at some of the questions – it seemed like the questioner was enjoying the rather unconventional questions he was being required to ask to this attractive girl and taking advantage somewhat.

“Have you engaged in any sexual activity with your fiancé over the past month?” he asked.

“No,” Chantelle said truthfully.

“No vaginal penetration?” the questioner said, looking at her.

“None,” Chantelle said, feeling herself getting hot, hoping her embarrassment was not read by the machine as stress indicating she was lying.

“No oral penetration?” he asked, looking down his list of questions.

“None,” Chantelle said again.

“No anal penetration?” he asked, looking back at her.

“Anal? No… no, we’ve never done anything like that, no,” Chantelle said, surprised it was even a question. Did anyone really think she and Sam were the kind of couple who had anal?

After some more probing questions, the questioner told her she had passed the test. Although she knew she had followed the rules, it was still a relief for the machine to confirm it. She text Sam to confirm she had passed and he text back saying “me too”.

After that the two retreated to their separate hotel rooms to prepare. Sam couldn’t stop thinking about the wedding night: how amazing it would be to be in bed with Chantelle again, to get to touch her, kiss her, fuck her. He just wanted to get through the day as quickly as possible and get her into bed. He just hoped he didn’t get an erection during the ceremony.

Chantelle’s mind was on the day itself, every little detail she had planned out and that Baz had planned, every guest that was going to be there, the fire breathers – she’d always wanted fire breathers at her wedding for some reason. Her mind was so full of the events of the day that it did not even cast forward as far as the night.

Both had been told to be at the venue – a large castle that was now a tourist attraction, hotel and venue for events such as weddings – at least half an hour before the ceremony. Chantelle thought about being fashionably late, but she couldn’t risk it messing something up. Baz had been very insistent about the arrival time. Maybe there was some paperwork to complete or something else that needed doing to get everything set up.

Chantelle arrived exactly at the specified time. She walked up to the entrance, chief bridesmaid by her side. Rochelle had been her best friend since they were at school, and she could not think of anybody else she would want here today. Sam’s brother Aaron was welcoming guests and smiled when Chantelle approached.

“You look amazing,” he said, admiring her beautiful wedding dress that, as with everything else, had been paid for by Baz.

“You too,” he said, smiling at Rochelle. He had a massive crush on Rochelle, but it was not reciprocated.

Rochelle smiled back weakly, not wanting to encourage him.

“Baz wants to see you in the garden room,” Aaron told Chantelle.

Chantelle thanked him and headed off to find Baz. She had been to the castle a number of times over the past few months – not to plan anything, because that had all been left to Baz, but just to have a look around, visualise how everything would be on the day. She knew exactly where the garden room was.

The garden room was a small room on the other side of the castle to where the ceremony was taking place. As she walked in it was exactly as she remembered it: tiled floor, comfortable chairs, lots of greenery. It normally had a view out over the gardens, as the name suggested, but today the blinds had been closed.

When she walked in Baz was waiting for her. He smiled at Chantelle and seemed particularly pleased to see Rochelle.

“OK Chantelle, there isn’t long before the ceremony starts, so I’ll get straight to the point,” he smiled.

Chantelle started to feel nervous.

“You will remember that there were three conditions if I was to pay for this wedding,” he said.

“You look surprised, Rochelle,” Baz continued. “That’s good: it means Chantelle has complied with the first condition, which was not to tell anyone else I am paying for the wedding.”

Chantelle nodded.

“And the lie detector test this morning proved that you complied with the second condition.”

Rochelle Escort taksim looked even more confused.

“It’s OK, Rochelle, she can tell you about it some other time,” Baz said.

“Now, I haven’t told you what the third condition is yet,” Baz continued.

Chantelle felt even more nervous. She’d forgotten about the third condition.

“Whatever it is, I’ll do it,” she said quickly. “But can I do it after the ceremony?”

“No, I’m afraid not,” Baz smiled. “The rule is that you fulfil all three conditions before the ceremony, and if you don’t, I cancel it.”

There was a pause. The silence was unbearable. Chantelle said the first thing that came into her head.

“Is it that you want to see my tits? Is that it?”

Rochelle now looked like she thought she’d stepped into a parallel universe. But Baz just smiled.

“Pussy? You want to see my pussy?”

Whatever it was she just wanted to get it out of the way so that she could get on with the ceremony. If it meant lifting up her dress and showing him her pussy she’d do it.

“You’ve had your fantasy of this perfect wedding for a long time, yes?” Baz said, not responding to her directly.

“Yes,” Chantelle said impatiently.

“Well, I have a fantasy too, and if you fulfil my fantasy, I’ll fulfil yours,” Baz said.

“Oh… no… I’m not… I won’t have sex with you!” Chantelle said. She’d thought about it for a split second, but that was it. Even her perfect wedding wasn’t worth that.

“I’m not asking you to have sex with me,” Baz smiled. “I want you to have sex with Sam.”

That didn’t sound too bad. Chantelle had been planning on doing that anyway.

“I’m sure I can manage that, tonight,” she smiled.

“No, before the ceremony,” Baz insisted.

It was unconventional, but hardly a massive sacrifice.

“OK,” she said, tentatively, sensing there was more to come.

“Sam is waiting in the next room,” Baz explained. “If you agree, I will go and get him, bring him in here, and he will take you on that sofa.”

Chantelle looked where he was pointing. Sam and her usually had sex in a bed, but it would serve a purpose in the circumstances.

“And… how are you going to know we’ve done it?” she asked. “Another lie detector test?”

“No,” Baz smiled. “Me, Rochelle and Adam are going to watch.”

Rochelle spoke up at this point.

“No. No! I’m not watching Sam fuck Chantelle!” she complained.

Chantelle looked from Baz to Rochelle and back again. As good a friend as Rochelle was, Chantelle didn’t really want to have sex in front of her. She’d never had sex in front of anyone before and had no inclination to change this. And add to that two guys she hardly knew – Baz and Sam’s best man Adam. It sounded incredibly embarrassing, and not something she’d volunteer for, but if it was a choice between that and the ceremony being cancelled…

“Rochelle, it’s going to be way more embarrassing for me than it is for you,” she pleaded. “Please, for me, so I can have my perfect wedding?”

Rochelle looked at her friend, weighing up whether to agree. Eventually she nodded.

“Thank you,” Chantelle smiled.

“OK, bend over the sofa, lift your dress up and drop your knickers so he’s got nice easy access,” Baz instructed. It was clear from his tone of voice that he was enjoying this, and a bulge in his pants confirmed it.

Chantelle couldn’t believe she was actually going to have sex in her wedding dress in front of her best friend and two guys she hardly knew. Still, she could feel herself starting to get tingly between her legs. She was actually getting excited by this. She knew now why Baz had denied them both sex for the last month – even though normally she would have been too embarrassed to get aroused in front of people, her desperation for sexual contact with Sam was overriding her embarrassment. She knew it was traditional to have sex after the ceremony, but fuck tradition, she wanted him now.

Chantelle knelt on the sofa on her hands and knees, then asked Rochelle to help her lift up the dress. When she had been picking the dress she had never envisaged this situation, so had no idea how easily it would lift to expose her below the waist. It was certainly not easy, and the two of them struggled with the dress to get it lifted up sufficiently so that she was sufficiently exposed. It didn’t look its best all scrunched up like that, but it got it out of the way.

Chantelle had to ask Rochelle to remove her knickers for her. She could feel herself blushing as she asked; it was after all a strange favour to ask from your friend. Rochelle didn’t object though, and her knickers were soon on their way down her legs, leaving her feeling very exposed. Once Rochelle had pulled Chantelle’s knickers over her shoes Chantelle was aware that she was now naked from the waist down and completely exposed.

Baz was not in a hurry to go and fetch Sam, taking a long look at what she had put on display. The most embarrassing thing of all was that Chantelle knew her pussy would be betraying her arousal; that Baz would know his plan had worked and that she was desperate for Sam’s cock. She wondered if Baz had filled Sam in on the plan, or if he was still completely innocent of Baz’s plan, completely unaware that his bride was now knelt on a sofa with Baz staring at her exposed pussy.

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