The Window Opposite

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It was late at night; I lay in bed with my partner, not in the least bit tired, yet she had fallen to sleep over an hour ago. I considered reading, but didn’t want to disturb my girlfriend’s sleep; I lay there thinking for a while. Thinking about my course at university, thinking about my job, thinking that I wanted to get to sleep pretty soon, but knew it would be a while before I would.

It was getting pretty stuffy in our bedroom, we were in the top floor of a shared terrace house, in the middle of a fairly popular area for students to live in. The house was basic, nothing too spectacular, but not as run down as some of the one’s we’d seen before finally settling for this one. I quietly stood to open the window, making sure not to disturb my girlfriend’s slumber. The window is at the foot of the bed facing southwards, pretty much adjacent to the bed itself. When stood in front of the window, the bed is to your immediate right.

I opened the window a crack letting in some of the cool night air, and just decided to have a glance around outside because I was generally bored. My quick glance in turn developed into my opening of the window further and just standing there, naked body obscured from view due to the height and slope of the window, looking out into the neighbourhood.

I was just about to close the window again and return to my bed when I heard the sound of giggling coming from the street below; I hid myself back slightly and tried to get a view of the street; I saw two figures, presumably girls walking along the road in the direction of the house directly opposite ours. I wasn’t too familiar with the area as we’d only recently moved, so wasn’t sure as to who were our neighbours just yet. But it was confirmed to me that they lived there when I heard the rattling of keys in the lock. Their voices drifting up to me as nothing but a muffle as they opened the door and made their way inside.

I decided to keep watch on this particular house. Watching has been a thing I’ve enjoyed doing for as long as I can remember, especially watching when no-one actually knows that you are. So it pleased me no end to see the light of the bedroom directly opposite and below mine being turned on. The two figures which I had presumed, correctly, to be girls, entered the bedroom together, shutting the door behind them.

It wasn’t far from my room to theirs, the street separating our houses was fairly narrow, so I had a fairly good view into their room. I was pretty concealed with it being pitch black outside and in my room, so I could watch in relative safety. Both girls were strikingly attractive, one was blonde, the other a redhead, both had very nice bodies by the looks too. The blonde wore a boob tube and miniskirt showing off her ample cleavage and slender legs. The redhead wore a v-necked turquoise top and jeans, she was more petite than the blonde and had a nice tight ass.

The blonde made her way into the bedroom and lay down on the bed, her bare feet dangling over the edge. The redhead sat down in a chair at the foot of the bed. The blonde propped herself up on a pillow and they began talking, both blissfully unaware that their every move was being watched.

My girlfriend still lay sleeping in the bed, she really was beautiful, with long brunette hair and perfect, pretty little features. She had a nice, full body with huge boobs and a nice, big ass. She also had nice legs and pretty little feet. We had a lot of fun together. tecavüz porno I leaned over and kissed her on the forehead while she slept, a peaceful little smile was on her lips; then I returned to my viewing pleasures.

The blonde was talking, she must have been complaining about her feet aching or something along those lines I gathered because the redhead shuffled her chair forward slightly and took the blonde’s dainty little right foot in her hands and began to softly massage it. The blonde’s mouth opened in a slight little ‘o’ of relief and leaned back and closed her eyes, while her redheaded friend massaged her feet.

I watched this display for a few minutes, mildly aroused as the redhead softly rubbed her smooth soles and played with her friend’s feet. I noticed that they must not have been talking anymore as their lips no longer seemed to be moving. The blonde’s hands were gently massaging her flat stomach and I noticed, with some interest that the redhead was moving her head in closer and closer to her friend’s feet. I felt my cock begin to stiffen as I sensed the somewhat growing sexual tension in the bedroom opposite mine.

Slowly the redhead lifted the blonde’s pretty right foot to her face, and ever so softly took her friend’s big toe into her mouth where she began to softly suck it as she continued to rub her soles. The blonde’s eyes opened in surprise momentarily, but then a delicate smile played on her lips and she once again closed her eyes; her own hands now straying closer and closer to her chest, rather than her stomach.

The redhead began to trail her tongue up and down the blonde’s sole now, concentrating now on just the right foot, her left foot was on the bed, her knees bent. The redhead’s hands now began massaging the blonde’s ankle and calf as she sucked, licked and kissed her friend’s delicate little foot.

I continually checked other windows of other houses to make sure no-one was watching me spy on the two girls opposite, both who looked to be around the same age as myself, which was 20. And I constantly checked my girlfriend, who still slept, her soft, rhythmic breathing was adding to my arousal as I watched the developing lesbian antics opposite.

The blonde had now worked one hand under her boob tube where I imagined her to be playing with her nipples, squeezing and rolling it between thumb and forefinger, feeling her pussy getting wetter and wetter as her friend, who had now let both her feet go, worked her way up her legs, kissing the insides as she went. The redhead’s hands were now up at the blonde’s thigh and her mouth was kissing her calf, slowly, deliberately moving towards the point where both her legs meet. She was now out of her seat and knelt on the edge of the bed; the blonde had parted her legs and her knees were bent upwards.

I watched as the redhead worked her hands in between he friend’s legs, where they momentarily re-appeared, teasing the blonde’s underwear down her legs. When she got the panties, which appeared to be red, to her feet, she delicately lifted each of her pretty little feet out of the panties, before dropping them to the floor. I felt my cock throbbing now and fought the urge to masturbate; I wanted to watch for a bit more without touching myself.

The redhead’s head disappeared in between the blonde’s legs, I don’t need to say what she was doing, but I couldn’t see much as they were both sideways on to me. But 18 porno judging by the way the blonde’s back was arched and her mouth wide open with pleasure, I imagine that the redhead was fairly good at what she was doing.

The blonde pulled her boob tube down over her breasts so she could play with herself better; I could see from my distance that her full, pink nipples stood erect on her pert chest. She roughly pushed her boobs together as her redhead friend gave her oral pleasures, the redhead’s hands were firmly planted on the blonde’s waist, almost pulling her pussy into her face.

I could resist no longer, glancing quickly down at my girlfriend to make sure she was still sleeping, I gripped my rock hard, throbbing cock with my right hand before beginning to slowly wank myself off to the display I was watching. The blonde’s movements were becoming slowly more frenzied, the fingering of her tits had stopped and she now placed both her hands firmly on the back of her friend’s head, forcing her face deeper into her pussy. Her back was arched even more than before, her chest rising and falling rapidly as her orgasm approached.

I watched silently as the blonde wrapped her legs tightly around the redhead’s back and pushed her down into her pussy as she opened her mouth and let out a scream of pleasure that was so loud, the sound actually made it’s way up to where I was; sure, it was only a muffled scream at best, but it still nearly made me cum there and then, as I watched the blonde writhing and rolling around on the bed in ecstasy; her friend’s face still buried in her cunt.

Finally, the action in the room opposite slowed down, and I thought with a hint of disappointment that the display was over. After a moment or two though, my spirits were lifted as I saw the redhead lift her face from in between the blonde’s legs; I could see the juices glistening on her face. The blonde pulled her friend up towards her face where she embraced her with a passionate, full on kiss, doubtless tasting her own juices in the process. My cock, which had deflated slightly in the short lull, instantly came back to life as I watched the two beautiful girls opposite kiss.

They broke the kiss after a good couple of minutes, but only to give themselves the opportunity to undress all the rest of the clothes. I looked on with appreciation at their bodies. The blonde was more voluptuous with big tits and a nice round ass; she appeared shaven, I caught a glimpse when she turned around. The redhead had smaller breasts, which were very pert and firm, she also had a nice little ass and her pussy also seemed to be shaven.

I watched as the blonde stood up and appeared to talk to the redhead, possibly tell her to do something, as the redhead shifted herself so she lay diagonally on the bed, with one leg dangled over the edge and one resting on the bed. Where she now lay gave me a much better look at her pussy, which was indeed shaven and seemed to be very moist, which I could tell even from my distance. The blonde then stood and opened her bedside drawer where she reached in and removed something. I couldn’t see what it was yet as her back was turned to me, but it was soon revealed as she made her way back around the bed and stood in between the redhead’s legs.

The blonde had a huge pink double ended dildo in her hands which must have been around a foot in length. The redhead smiled at this and reached a hand down to konulu porno her pussy where she parted her lips with two fingers. I increased the pace of my masturbation and began to breathe faster as I watched the blonde push the head of the huge dildo toward the opening of her friend’s pussy. The redhead’s mouth opened wider as the dildo began to force her tight pussy lips apart and enter into her fleshy depths. The blonde leaned over and kissed her friend’s naked body as she began to work the dildo inside her pussy.

She worked herself into a pattern where she thrust about half of the dildo in and out of the redhead’s cunt while she teased her small breasts with her tongue, taking each nipple into her mouth in turn. Finally she worked her own pussy up close enough to the other end of the pink dildo to be able to insert it into herself. I was masturbating at a fair speed by now as I watched the blonde lower herself slowly onto the rubber cock, that was at the same time, being pushed in and out of the redhead’s pussy.

Finally they worked it so that their bodies thrust in unison, the blonde’s pushing down onto the dildo, the redhead pushing horizontal onto it; the dildo was bent at the middle to satisfy both the women. Both women held hands as they fucked each other and looked each other deep in the eye, I could feel the passion all the way over here; I felt my orgasm rapidly approaching and hoped I’d be able to last as long as the women did.

I watched as they began to pick up speed with their fucking and knew that their own orgasm’s were approaching; this time they both came together, and the scream was a lot more audible up here than it was last time with just the one of them; both their bodies bucked wildly, but were inseparable as they were still connected at the pussy via the dildo which only managed to sustain their orgasm and make it last even longer.

I felt myself right on the verge of ejaculation, I could almost feel the cum racing up my shaft, when I heard my girlfriend’s voice from right behind me. ‘Quite a show isn’t it?’ I span around shocked and came face to face with my naked girlfriend who was, apparently out of bed. ‘They were the same last night almost, I couldn’t sleep, so I got up to open the window and saw them at it; I masturbated with them while you slept.’

I was too shocked to even comprehend what was going on, I felt my girlfriend’s hand on my cock; my girlfriend’s eyes were seriously gleaming with light in the dark room, they were positively alive. ‘I think I should be one to finish what you’ve started.’ she said. Without another word, she squatted down and lowered her face to my slightly deflated prick, the shock had taken my erection well away.

I felt her mouth enveloping my dick, it took only moments for her expert tongue to bring me back to life; I glanced back over my shoulder to see what was going on in the room opposite, only to note with some disappointment that the light had been switched off. However, I felt my own orgasm coming yet again via my girlfriend’s expert oral technique and knew I wouldn’t last much longer. My seed raced up my shaft and spurted deep into her throat; she swallowed everything that I gave her, looking me deep in the eyes as she sucked and swallowed.

Finally spent, she let my shrinking cock slip from her mouth; she smiled at me and silently went and got back in bed. I stood there in the dark for a few minutes, thinking about my girlfriend’s confession to watching the two girls previously. Instead of being angry, it turned me on immensely; maybe there would be a meeting on the cards for the four of us. That was the last thought I had as I got into bed beside my already sleeping girlfriend. I was asleep before I even hit the pillow.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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