The worst maid ever Pt. 05

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**If this is your first worst maid ever, you can read parts 1-4 but… The short version is ‘A really rich person hires a sexy woman to live out her filthy kinky fantasies which include scat, watersports, mud, skipping showers, and any and all general filth you can think of’. This chapter has more of the same, going up to three sexy women having a dirty time together. So be warned for lots of super gross shit ahead, and if you don’t like it, stop now. Cause its gonna be nasty.**

Elana woke up on a muddy sloppy bed. She was in the arms of another woman, smeared in black filthy tidal mud. That woman was Donna, an employee of the woman who had hired her to live a filthy nasty life. Donna, it turned out, like her boss, had a hardcore filth kink, and would spend a fair bit of vacation time with Elana.

Thus when Elana began her morning ritual by climbing on top of Donna and starting to piss herself, the other woman awoke with a sleepy, “Good morning.” As she too began to relieve herself in her filthy skirt and underwear.

The morning ritual of messing themselves in bed, and then reaching an orgasm began with both women cumming while lying in a muddy slop pile. When they were satisfied they got up, and went downstairs. When they were downstairs a surprise greeted them. It was Terri, Elana’s boss. “T-terri!” Donna said a bit surprised.

“Oh. Hi there~” She hummed as she waded through piles of rotten food on the kitchen floor each step of her heels sinking deep into the grime on the floor. “I figured since it was compost day and I have some time to m’self… Like a whole week, well, I might as well come down and visit my favorite worst maid ever.” She hummed as she moved and kissed Elana.

“Oh… You’re spending a whole week?” Donna asked. “I only had half a week left.” She muttered.

“Yes. About that. I think that you should stay the whole week. I’ll extend your vacation a few days to clean up and get settled.” Terri hummed. “At least if you don’t mind treating your boss like a putrid filth slut. If not, the vacation ends now.” She hummed chuckling.

“Y-yes Terri.” Donna said blinking.

Elana ignored this to just hug Terri with a squishy squelch of a hug, getting grime and slime all over her employer in her fancy suit and heels. “Its good to see you.” She hummed as she partially stuck to her boss. Having not had a bath in seventeen Ataşehir Yabancı Escort days, sleeping in the mud, keeping the same clothes for a full eight days, well, Elana had a permanent layer of filth stuck to her. Not to mention that mornings muck. She began to make out with her boss some before her stomach grumbled. “Hungry.” She hummed.

“I made plenty.” Terri hummed as she showed off a giant pile of food, fresh food. “Dig in ladies.” She hummed as she got a bit of food with her bare hands and ripped it off eating messily.

The trio had breakfast, piles of old food around them. Standing around Terri was bubbly and excited, Donna was slightly nervous, but still willing to grope her boss casually with a dirty hand, while Elana was lazy and content with things as she ate her breakfast, before leaving portions behind for seven people. When done Terri paused. “I would ask you to smear that on me, but we have composting to spread today.” She said smiling. “So… Shall we take this out and add it to the compost?” She asked smiling.

Donna took a moment and looked at some jam on the counter. Getting handful she reached into her boss’s dress and slipped down her cleavage. “No dear, I think you need to look the part for composting.” She said as she gave Terri’s bosom a dirty grope.

Elana reached into the rear of her shorts, a tear in the fabric being heard. Her clothes were threatening to fall apart, now being on for over a week of filthy nasty living. Grabbing some wet sloppy shit from her ass she made sure Terri was painted properly brown. “You smell too clean. That’s not right.” She hummed as she smeared more filth into her boss’s hair.

Terri giggled and moaned from the groping and smearing of filth on her. “You’re both so kind.” She said. “I’d love to look proper before we compost for the day.”

“Mmhmmm.” Elana said as she hummed and motioned to the couch, the seating spot covered in filth, piled high and sloppy. Terri sat down, and then Elana pushed her into the pile with a squelch. Moving to sit down on her lap Elana pushed Terri down into the piles with a squish, then crawled over, muck dripping off the filthy clothes Elana had been wearing for some three weeks now. After three weeks of abuse her clothes were starting to fall apart. Not that she cared. It was still hot as hell outside most of the time, so she Ataşehir Yeni Escort was warm and coated in a nice layer of muck.

Grabbing some rather rotten food she put it in her mouth and then moved to make out with Terri. Terri was slightly disgusted, but Elana had become mostly acclimated to this, and Terri was excited by that. Elana and Terri swapped spit… And other stuff, the mess mostly spilling out of Terri’s mouth admittedly as soon as it touched her tongue. Donna had crawled onto the couch, laying belly down and casually plowing her way through a messy pile to get to Terri’s crotch and began to eat it out. Terri writhed and moaned as Elana ripped Terri’s blouse to get at her tits and began to grope and fondle them with her filthy hands. Donna continued to eat her boss out without a hint of regret until she came. At that point Donna got up and tapped Elana on the shoulder. Giving Elana a kiss she hummed. “Terri is ready I think.”

“Ah, if you say so. I think she’s too clean.”

“Yes, but you probably think a turd is too clean.” Donna replied. She had a point, or was getting close.

Still the two filthy women got off the one… Sort of clean woman who sat up with her tits exposed to the air. Terri seemed excited by this and bounced and shook, the back of her blouse smeared in a huge mess. “God, I fucking love you both.” She let out with a sigh.

Taking the two women who worked for her arm in arm they went outside, trudging through the muck, mud and bits of gunk on the ground, until they came to the compost bin. It was starting to develop a permanent mess on it. As, surprise, surprise, Elana made no effort to clean it up aside from emptying it. So a bit of slime was forming outside and inside the compost bin, as well as some rotten compost rotting away on the ground. Terri stepped back. “Ladies, mind opening this up for me?” She asked.

Donna and Elana did in unison the wave of stench washing over Terri and Donna, Elana was quite used to this, and smelled worse herself at this point. Terri paused and waded a little into it, and then turned around. “So ladies, how do we do this.”

Elana blinked. “Come on you’ve done this be-” She was cut of as Donna pushed her into the organic muck. “Well… I didn’t expect that.” Elana said surprised.

“I always wanted to do this to you.” Donna said pumping her Ataşehir Masaj Salonu fist in the air. “You are gonna roll in this muck for me! Yes! Yesss!” She was enjoying this.

Terri smirked taking a moment as she rolled into the muck for her employees. Happy to smear her face into all sorts of rotten muck. After a few rolls back and forth she looked up muck dripping from all over her. “Is that decent?” She asked.

“Too clean.” Donna hummed as she opened the door and waded into the little shed. Squatting over Terri she began to push and piss started to flow through her filthy panties onto Terri, before a little time passed and some shit feel out of her underwear onto her boss as well. When she was done she sat down with a squelch. “Much better.” She hummed as she leaned forwards and gave Terri a sloppy kiss.

Elana hummed. “Can you two both grind your pussies together?” She asked. “I wanna eat you both out at once. Just lie in the compost. I’ll do it.” She hummed.

Obliging Donna slid her panties aside, while Terri hiked up her skirt. With some effort they got their pussies grinding together. Terri’s mostly clean, save for the grime grinding on from Donna’s slit. Not that Elana cared one bit. She squatted and went over and began to eat both women out as aggressively as she could. Not caring as muck smeared on her face, she would generally eat Terri out while putting her nose into Donna’s lips. Both women on the reciving end came a few times, but Elana kept going, slowly sinking lower and lower as the two sank into the food scraps.

Thirty minutes in Elana finally stopped her neck aching from having bent so low. “Ah. You girls are sinking in so deep I can’t get low enough.” She was resting on a cantaloupe it seemed.

Donna sat up, her dirty underwear sliding back into place. Terri sat up as well, both girls broken out in a sweat, dirty food slops dropping from Terri’s outfit. She hummed. “Well that was fun, but lets go and get to work finally.” She said getting a handful of slops.

Donna sighed as she also picked it up. But she got to work, followed finally by Elana. The three ferried the slops over with their hands one handful at a time. When done Terri hummed and kissed Donna and then Elana, gagging at how foul her skin was getting at this point. The slops were slowly making a ring around the house. It was getting nice. Elana hummed as she fell into the slops while Donna and Terri looked on.

“She is something special.” Terri hummed.

“Crazy more like it.” Donna sighed.

Terri smirked. “Yeah, just like your boss. And you.” She said as she groped Donna’s dirty ass. “You woman smeared with shit.” She chuckled.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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