Their First Meeting

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They’d fantasised about a meeting for weeks, but now that they were actually face-to-face, they were both a little nervous.

“Fancy a drink?” she asked.

“What I’d really like to do is get a bottle and take it back to the room.”

“That’s a good idea.”

“Any preference?”

“Red, I think.”

He bought a bottle of Aussie Shiraz from the bar and tasted it, and asked for a couple of glasses. Together, they walked down the corridor to the hotel room. They didn’t rush. They didn’t speak, either. They both knew what they had come there for. Once the door was closed behind them, she undressed and got into bed while he poured the wine and left it to breathe. Then it was his turn to disrobe.

Once in bed, they embraced, kissing each other tenderly, slowly exploring each other’s bodies. Remembering their conversations, he slid his hand down her belly to her groin, then gently up the parting of her body until he found her secret place with the tips of his ring and middle fingers. Gently but firmly, he teased the bud of her clitoris in small circles and was gratified istanbul escort to hear her moan after a few moments. It seemed that their earlier nervousness was evaporating fast.

Encouraged by her reaction, he slid two fingers between her labia into her waiting pussy, which was already more than moist. She squirmed and bucked beneath his hand. He bent his head to her right nipple and gently sucked it until it was harder than it had been at the start, then nipped it slightly between his teeth. Her breath came with a startled hiss, but she moved so that her breast was more accessible and opened her thighs further. He replaced two fingers with three, so easily that he then replaced three with four. He doubled his fingers back over his palm so that they were rubbing on the front of the inside of her vagina and his palm was clamped down over her clitoris, and rocked his hand backwards and forwards, in and out.

She was very enthusiastic, thrusting her pelvis in time to meet his movements. After a few minutes of this, she whispered “more….” He didn’t need to be asked escort bayan twice, and as she was so very, very moist, he didn’t think he was going to need any additional lubrication. He removed his fingers from her and anointed his thumb, ball of his hand and his knuckles liberally with her secretions. He folded his thumb into the palm of his right hand and returned four fingers to her vagina. They entered easily, as did his thumb, up as far as his knuckles. He sensed resistance then, so started to rhythmically push and relax, push and ease up, at a slow pace.

“Oh, yes!” she moaned. He took this as assent and increased the pressure he was exerting. The widest part of his knuckles had by now entered her muscular ring and with a steady pressure and a twist of his hand, he was able to enter her completely. He folded his fingers into a fist as he did so, and within seconds was inside her to his wrist. She gasped audibly and stiffened as he completed the manoeuvre, but he didn’t move further and she slowly relaxed, growing used to the sensation of being completely filled.

As Bostancı escort he sensed that she had become accustomed to the intrusion, he started to move again, slowly, gently rotating his fist, pulling it slowly clear of her until his knuckles dragged at her flesh, then twisting again and returning his hand to its haven. She matched his movements, pushing up against his intruding hand, and he could feel that she was becoming more and more aroused. He slid down the bed until his head was between her thighs as well as his hand. He had a good view from there and was entranced as he watched her labia and perineum bulge out around his knuckles as he withdrew his fist to the limit of engagement.

Now he found her centre with his lips and tongue, caressing and flicking tirelessly, ceaselessly, as he worked his fist within her, rotating and pulling, twisting and pushing, stretching her, exercising her pliable muscles. She began to climax, bucking against him and gasping, her hands grasping at his head. He found his hand clamped in a vicelike grip as her vaginal muscles spasmed, pulsing against his wrist and knuckles, and he was concerned not to move his hand too much in case he damage her. Finally, she began to relax as her orgasm subsided. He began to withdraw his hand, but she reached down and took him by the forearm.

“Stay there,” she smiled.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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