Therapy Ch. 04

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This is a true story – or at least parts of it. I’ll let you decide which parts.

My next massage session with Ella had been scheduled for the following week, but I caught a cold and didn’t want to spread my germs around so I postponed an extra week. Then I strained my back lifting some boxes and could barely move. I texted Ella several times to whine – I certainly wouldn’t get any sympathy from my wife. Ella promised to fix me when I finally made it back to the spa.

Ella beamed a smile when she saw me in the reception area, but she was running late with her last client so I waited patiently. My back pain had eased up quite a bit so I was simply looking forward to another great massage.

Finally, I was ushered into the back and I took my place under the sheet. We commenced the obligatory small talk and I asked how she had been doing with work, and her acting, and life in general. I mentioned how my back was better but still sore and she told me that she had been working on a client earlier in the day – and that for some reason she strained her back in the process. So, of course, I offered to give her a massage – albeit amateur. She never really responded so we just continued on as usual.

She managed to bring me to tears with some of the stretching and deep tissue work. I’m pretty sure she enjoyed it and was maybe getting some of her frustrations out. Time flew as usual and we regained some of that comfortable chatter that I enjoyed.

Even without trying, our conversation turned to sex and love. She admitted that she had been in some bad relationships and she had used sex as a means of manipulating her partner. I wondered where I fell in the spectrum of things as we were not in a traditional relationship. But it was a relationship nonetheless. If she was manipulating me, I couldn’t tell – or maybe I didn’t care as long as I was getting her affections.

Time flew as usual. Of course my normal 90 minute massage was being cut short for extracurricular activities. But I certainly couldn’t feel cheated out of my time. We finished my massage with me face down again. She told me to turn over while she stepped out of the room for a few minutes. That was different, but I did as instructed. She was gone for a few minutes and I even started to drift off in a post-massage relaxed state.

There was no indication why she had been gone so long, but when she came back in, she told me to stand up while she stripped down to her bra and panties. She showed me where the massage oil was and told me to go ahead and start my massage on her. I have found that massaging a woman can be canlı bahis as relaxing as getting a massage, but this one was slightly different as I was completely nude.

I used plenty of oil and started kneading her lower back. I had to let her guide me with her words since I was not familiar enough with her body to know where the aches and pains might be. I was amazed at the tight, athletic body. Any other time I had given a massage there were soft layers over the aching muscle, but Ella was all muscle. I had to apply pressure to make a dent. The more pressure I applied, the louder her tiny moans became.

Occasionally, she would speak or gesture and brush against my dick. It was no longer flaccid; my nudist tendencies were enjoying the view and the cool air of the massage room.

I angled around to the left and pushed her lacy red panties half way down her ripe rear end so I could continue applying pressure to her glutes. I started using my forearm and a louder moan escaped her luscious lips. “Harder” was about all I got out of her. I’m no lightweight and I’m always a little worried that I might push too hard – especially since I’m an amateur. But I did as instructed – her tiny moans urging me on. “Mmm. Mmm. Mmm.”

I pushed the panties down further and she pushed her hips up to accommodate me. She reached down and removed them completely. Without sag or body fat, her neatly shaved pussy was beckoning between those crescent half-moons. I continued to knead her ass and began to smell the intoxicating aroma of her now-wet hole. I moved further north and unhooked her bra so I could massage her shoulders and upper back. I didn’t realize how long it had been since I had unhooked a bra – it took more time than I had expected.

It was a fairly short massage. I knew we had somewhat limited time, but she assured me that we were fine because I was her last appointment for the day and the owner had already gone home. I knew at least one other employee was still around, but had no idea if they knew or cared what went on in the back sometimes. I was beyond caring myself at that point.

Now that her beautiful ebony skin was completely exposed, I knew my attempt at massage wouldn’t last much longer. I could never be a massage therapist – I’d be slapped with a sexual assault charge the first day. My fingers returned to that perfect ass but this time they slipped down between her cheeks and I inserted a finger into her waiting pussy. A gasp was my reward this time and her hips moved up to meet me.

In and out slowly; I found her clit and paid special attention to her most sensitive spot. bahis siteleri Impatience must have taken her because she flipped over so that I could work on her front. I made the pretense of massaging her arms and legs for a moment or two, but my own patience was gone and I continued to probe her waiting pussy. Her hips wriggled while my other hand continued to caress her arms, legs, and abdomen.

She must have been sensitive about her tits. I thought they were wonderful, but this wasn’t the first time she kept the bra on; even though it had been unhooked. I was able to push it up so that I could lightly kiss and nibble on her pierced nipples. The dark areola stiffed under my moist breath. I alternated one to the other and back again.

I helped her stretch her glutes on one side and then the other. Both times, she managed to brush my dick with her hand – assuring that I stayed hard. She didn’t need to worry; I hadn’t had any sex in nearly two weeks due to my injury and schedule. Getting and staying hard was easy; especially when I had this ebony goddess naked at my fingertips.

Finally, my rational brain lost and I leaned down to kiss her belly before tracing light kisses down to her pussy. Her legs parted in anticipation. I continued to alternately lick and suck on her clit as I felt it grow in size and hardness. I was still standing off to one side of the table so I let my hands gently pinch her nipples – the piercings were new to me so it made that a little more difficult. But her hips responded nicely, occasionally rising off of the table to meet me. Her hand reached out and began to cup and caress my balls. She squeezed and stroked them to a point where I thought I might actually be able to cum without direct stimulation.

But my angle must have been a tease to her because she finally asked me to move down directly between her legs. I reluctantly let her hand fall away from my balls to climb up on the table and dive in headlong – maybe not that reluctantly.

Her aroma was different. I could smell and taste the hint of tobacco and I commented that she shouldn’t be smoking. I wasn’t really listening, but she made some lame excuse about stress from work. Still, the mixture of pussy juice and tobacco wasn’t entirely unpleasant. It brought back memories of some strip clubs I had frequented years before. Occasionally, I wondered if Ella had gotten her start in one of those establishments. It might explain the ease at which she had spread her legs for me. But she constantly assured me that I was an exception. She liked to fuck me because she trusted me. In return, that trust bahis şirketleri made me desire her all the more.

I continued to suckle on her clit for a few more minutes. I thought I felt the telltale shudder of an orgasm, but I wasn’t actually sure so I continued my oral assault. After a moment I heard her say “get in here” as she glanced down at me. I took the hint and crawled up her body until my dick was poised at her opening.

Ella reached down, grabbed my dick and plunged it in. My mind exploded in color as that first blissful feeling of penetration overwhelmed my senses. “Harder” she said again; but with a very different meaning. I began pumping vigorously with two weeks of pent up energy.

“I won’t last long,” I said.

She just nodded. “Fuck me,” she whispered.

So I fucked her. I could feel my balls slapping her tight ass. I pumped furiously as I allowed my frustrations to escape through our lovemaking. Within seconds I could feel the pressure building. “I’m cumming.”

Ella moaned again and grabbed my ass to pull me closer. I could feel my pubic hairs cradled by her amazing body; her pussy pulsated as she milked me dry. Four, five, six massive streams of cum exploded out of my body and into her sloppy hole.

I eased myself back down onto Ella and she kissed my lips. “Suck me again,” she said so I pushed myself back down to her freshly fucked pussy. I lingered for just a moment and watched as gobs of my sticky white cum dripped from her pussy and down her brown crack. My dick got hard again.

As with the previous week, I began licking and sucking on her clit. I was no longer concerned. It was my cum. I noticed the tobacco scent again – but again, it didn’t bother me. This time, I did my best to focus on her engorged pearl and sucked it like I would want my dick sucked. She responded by grabbing my head and mashing my face into her already dripping pussy. I could feel our combined juices clinging to my beard.

Soon if felt like she was trying to stuff me inside and her breathing became ragged. This time a powerful spasm took her and she shook as I licked and tickled her g-spot. There was no doubting this one. I finally crawled back up as her body calmed and we shared a quick kiss.

“Sorry, that was a bit messy,” I said.

“The most I’ve seen,” she said as she wiped herself clean with the table sheet. “But I bet you feel better now.”

I did.

The spa was closed and we were thirty minutes past time. We cleaned up and dressed together, but I let her leave the room first in case the remaining employee was paying attention at all. By the time I made my way back to the reception desk, Ella was chatting as if I were any other client. We said our goodbyes, I tipped her, and I promised to make my next appointment.

I guess she’s a good actress after all.

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