Timid Ch. 02

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Ale took a second look at the persistent –but very attractive- guy shoving his hand out at her. She was kind of stunned at the audacity of him and a bit annoyed…Sure…he looked good…okay, really really really good…But usually guys got the message when they were ignored. Their pride was usually hurt enough that they would leave her alone. She realized that the only reason she was a little annoyed was because she was annoyed at herself for being so inexperienced…Definitely not experienced enough for this guy! He looked like he knew that he was good looking and took full advantage of it.

But then again, what choice did she have? She couldn’t really ignore him a second time…could she? “Hell yes! Don’t make yourself look like a total fool in front of the most attractive guy you’ve ever seen!” she thought. She looked back over at Jessie and this Anthony Baritoli’s friend and then back to Anthony. Then she got up quickly, and excused herself to the restroom.


Anthony was taken aback. Did this girl really just ignore him…a SECOND time!? He watched her as she looked at her friend and then back to him. And then get up and go to the restroom. What was that?? Women never did that to him! He was torn between cutting his losses and trying to leave before Nic got to add insult to injury or following her and showing her that he was not a man that could be dismissed easily.

Fuck it. He was going to follow her. She was gorgeous, and he was never the type of guy to turn down a challenge. He got up from the bar a few minutes after he watched her walk away…god, she had a sexy walk. Her hips swayed in a very feminine way, which was both graceful and alluring. He stood outside of the restroom waiting for her to come back out so he could try again.


Ale got to the restroom and just looked in the mirror. She took out the makeup bag from her purse and reapplied some lip gloss. She didn’t really need to, escort şişli but the lip gloss tasted like sweet peppermints and made her lips tingle. She felt flustered and a little embarrassed. How could she be 21 and still this inexperienced? She got nervous just by the thought of the guy, Anthony Baritoli, which had tried to hit on her. She felt like she had no business getting mixed up with a guy like that. He looked like the type of guy that had LOTS of experience. In fact she would be confident enough in that assumption to bet on it!

She didn’t quite want to go out of the bathroom again. What would she do? Go back to Jessie who was shamelessly flirting with that guy’s friend? And would most likely end up going home with said friend later tonight? But what were her other options? She could either go back out like a trooper and try to talk to Anthony without looking like an innocent, inexperienced fool or run from the club as fast as she could and hail a cab…Yep! That seemed like the most appealing idea! She would just run out of the club and text Jessie when she got home saying that she was feeling sick and had to make an early departure.

With renewed confidence and a plan, Ale looked into the mirror, fixed her hair, and opened the door.

“Ouch! Shit! Sorry!” Ale turned to look at the guy she had just ran into on her way out of the restroom and much to her chagrin, it was Anthony. He smiled a placating smile at her and said “No, I’m sorry. It was my fault.” Her cheeks turned a bright pink as she quickly looked down. She tried to look up again and smile in order to be a quick goodbye but when she did he leaned in closely and asked what her name was.

Ale was overwhelmed by his spicy, musky and very manly scent. She had to take a second to regroup her thoughts. She looked at him, processing his question and simultaneously deciding to just try to stick it out and try to get to know him, even though he may reject her and her innocence. She responded after merter escort about five seconds and leaned in close with a breathy huskiness to her voice, “Ale.”


Anthony was smiling from ear to ear…He had gotten the beautiful, but hesitant girl to sit down and talk with him after following her to the restroom. He had led her upstairs to the V.I.P area and they found a quiet booth to sit in and chat.

If he were to have gone off of first impressions alone, he would have said that this girl was the type that knew what she was doing. She knew that the dress she wore was like a second skin, and the heels made her leg muscles appear more defined. That her face was absolutely stunning and her hair looked like a silky waterfall that tumbled down in waves. But upon talking to her for about ten minutes he realized that wasn’t exactly the case…He actually got the vibe from her that she didn’t know quite how beautiful she was and was actually a bit nervous to be sitting there and talking to him. She seemed like a genuinely nice person, and she was actually really funny. Her humor was kind of a rude, in your face type, but he found himself laughing at every joke she put out. She was incredibly intriguing…Shy one minute and then brightening up the conversation with a racy joke. He definitely wanted to get to know her more.


Ale’s head was spinning. Here was this sexy, hot guy that had led her in to the V.I.P room and into a quiet booth, and yet he was laughing at her stupid jokes. (Which she kept spitting out like word vomit because she was so nervous) Usually the response to her humor was a kind of shocked, awkward laughter. A “did she really just say that?” type of response. But he seemed to find her jokes and banter funny. He was even putting out some of his own. She was incredibly relieved at this revelation. Feeling less put out about her inexperience the more he laughed.

By 2:43 in the morning, istanbul escort Jessie was calling her to tell her that she was heading back to her place with Nic and asking if that was alright. Ale was a bit at a loss considering that Jessie was her ride but decided that she could just get a taxi home. After all, she was having a really good time chatting with Anthony. They were getting to know each other a little and it felt good to finally find someone that related to her humor instead of calling her out for being a girl, and the comment being a little too rude for girls. But knowing that Jessie wasn’t going to be there anymore definitely scared Ale a little. Without her friend there, she would have no backup plan to go to if the conversation with Anthony took a turn for the worse. She decided that she would call it a night too, and hope that Anthony would ask for her number…maybe this was the type of guy that she could get to know.


Anthony was reeling from the conversation he was having with this beautiful girl. There was no inane chatter about dumb things like reality shows or celebrity gossip, but actual conversation about the world, while keeping it light with jokes tossed in. She seemed to be cultured and worldly, although she was kind of young…still in college in fact. While Anthony wasn’t old by any accounts, he was going to be 30 in a few months and that was a bit of an age gap. More than he usually went for in fact.

But she was really something…he wanted to get to know her more. He wanted to jump her bones she was so beautiful and pick her brains on different topics. Although…now that he thought of the “jump her bones part” he realized his mini me was getting pretty excited at just the thought. He had to see her again, preferably soon. So when she told him that she had to go, he asked her for her number. He offered to drive her home but she refused so instead he told her he would hail her a cab.

As he watched the cab drive away, he felt a little bereft. He knew in no uncertain terms that he would be calling Ale tomorrow. No games, he just wanted to see her again. He could see a future with this girl. And hopefully she would oblige…

to be continued…

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