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Big Tits

Fantasy isn’t reality, this is fantasy…


She is my nephew’s girlfriend and I don’t know when I first started lusting after her. First let me describe her, 5’4” brown hair and deep hazel eyes. Ordinary you say, but once you see her body, Oooh!! What a treat..

Round grapefruit size tits and an ass that just won’t quit, I especially like women with nice asses (Latina style) and she has that. Always dressed in tight t-shirts, hugging her chest and baring her cute little belly. Jeans that form to her ass and pussy mound like they are painted on.

I’ve always had a fetish about younger women, she’s 23 by the way and I’m forty. I don’t know if it’s because I think that they are more open sexually but the willingness to experiment with an older man is always worth their while.

When I first met her she seemed ordinary, but once she moved to our town for university, I got to know her better and saw that she had that sparkle in her eyes that said, I love playing dangerously. While she was at university my nephew stayed home with his parents, about 4 hours away, so she came over to our house quite often and we considered her part of our family. My wife is unaware of my lust for her and I intend to keep it that way.

Fast forward 3 years, she’s out of university and while waiting to get a job in her field of study, she’s hired in a major Hotel as house cleaning supervisor. This means that she’s the one assigning the maids as to which rooms they have to clean, and checking after them once they are done.

All of this brings us to our first sexual encounter; you needed some of this background for the story to make sense.

I work from a home office and I was having some work done inside the house, which meant that I couldn’t see clients at my house while this was happening. I had been working on this big contract for almost a year and when the CEO of the company informed me that she would be in town and wanted to meet, I rented a suite at the Hotel that Tina works in, so that we could meet and iron out any details that needed to be addressed.

We worked through the day until about 3 o’clock that afternoon and finalized the contract; I thought I was on cloud nine!! But I didn’t know what was going to happen in less than 15 minutes.

Sheila, the CEO of the company with whom I had the meeting, was staying in the same Hotel, so she told me “I’m going to go to my room and freshen up. Let’s meet in 2 hours in the restaurant to celebrate”.

As she was leaving the suite, Tina just happened to be passing by in the hallway and saw this woman leaving görükle escort the room and while looking inside saw me there. I just saw her eyes light up when she saw me. I thought: Oh shit! What is she thinking?

I closed the door and less than 2 minutes after there was a knock. I open the door and there is Tina and she looked pissed. I asked her what’s wrong and she goes into the fact that I got caught with another woman and that she doesn’t know what she should do about it since she likes my wife and me, and that she wasn’t sure if she could keep this a secret.

My mind was going a hundred miles a minute and I sensed an opportunity to make fantasy a reality. Even though my wife knew where I was and with whom, Tina didn’t know this. I told her that it wasn’t what it looked like and tried to explain what was really going on. But she didn’t believe me and that’s when I put my, quickly put together, plan into action.

“I’m not into older women, if I was to have an affair it would be with somebody like you.”

She looked dumbfounded so much so that when I started walking towards her and took her into my arms and started kissing her she couldn’t even move.

I took her non responsiveness as a sign that she wasn’t opposed to what was happening and lifted her into my arms and brought her to the bedroom. As soon as I dropped her on the bed I started undressing.

“What are you doing?” she asked.

“Well, we’re going to have our own little secret and you won’t be able to tell on me, so you better start undressing, unless you want me to take what I want”.

The look in her eyes told me everything I wanted to know. She really liked to play dangerously and I knew I was in for a good time.

“I’m not going to do anything, you’re my boyfriend’s uncle for crying out loud!!” she said.

“If that’s the way you want it, I’m going to take what I want”.

By that time I was undressed and starting to get hard. I’m not a giant but I do have a nice cock, around 7” hard and thick, but what women love most about me is that I’m curved upward and one of my ex had told me once that I had a g-spot wand. This means that I rub a woman’s g-spot while I fuck them, and bring them to massive orgasms.

I sat down beside her and told her “don’t worry, it’ll be our secret”. She started to get up and said “don’t do this!” She had that look in her eyes again.

I stood up and told her “I’m going to do this and the only way I’m going to stop is if you tell me butterfly”. I had just given the safe word. I didn’t know if she was aware of it or not but bursa escort bayan by this time I knew that I was going to fuck her.

I started unbuttoning her uniform, one of those ugly ass dress that the Hotels all seem fond of. It took me less than 30 seconds and I had it unbuttoned all the way. I was finally going to see that magnificent body of hers. It was worth the wait!!!

She had a lacy little bra and I could see that her nipples were poking out. To that she had matched a purple thong that didn’t really cover anything. I dropped the dress on the floor and turned her towards the full length mirror on the opposite wall.

With her back to me, I wedged my now hard cock between those two beautiful globes of hers. The feeling of her ass on my cock had me almost ready to shoot my load. Almost but not quite, I still had a lot of things that I wanted to do before it happened.

“Why are you doing this to me”.

“Because I know that it’s what you need and remember the safe word: Butterfly”. Again she had that look in her eyes. With that I turned her around and pushed on her shoulders. She knew what I wanted and as soon as she was on her knees I told her “Eat me, my little cum slut”. I felt her shiver at these words and then I really knew what I had to look forward to.

She really knew how to handle a cock and soon I was on the verge of exploding in her mouth, but for this first time together I didn’t want for it to end so soon so I told her “get up my little slut, take your panties off and lay on the bed so that I can fuck the hell out of you.”

As soon as I started saying this she was on the bed with her legs spread and what a prize was waiting for me. Her cunt was clean shaven and just the right shade of pink with a prominent clit made for sucking into your mouth, but that would have to wait for next time. I intended to make good on my promise and fuck her silly.

Soon as I approached her, she started raising her hips unconsciously and I knew she was ready. I took her legs and put them on my shoulders and told her “take my cock and put it in your sweet cunt my little slut.” Right from the first touch of my cock to her lips she was shivering and when I started to push in I now knew what the word tight meant. She was gushing sweet pussy juice all around my hard cock on every stroke, so much so that the feeling was like having a silky, wet glove around my cock.

“oh yes!!” she kept on saying. “Fuck I’m gone cum, fuck me you fucking bastard…harder..harder..IIIII”m cummiiiiing!!!!”

That’s when the fountain litteraly exploded, bursa escort she was squirting so much that I had pussy cum to my knees, it felt like somebody had opened up a water hose and was drenching our thighs with it.

She was surprised that so much juice was coming from her pussy, obviously she never had a g-spot orgasm before. But more was to come!! I kept my pace steady, not too rapid but also not too slow, I wanted to keep her on that high that I knew she would love and would always come back for more.

My cock was sawing in and out of her so easily, even though she was still very tight, that I knew I would have to take her to the next high soon or be in danger of loosing it myself.

All this time she was moaning incoherent things but once in a while it would clearly come out as “fuck me…fuck me…I’m your little cum slut..I’ll always be your little cum slut for the taking.”

That’s when I started really hammering her and when I start hammering like that my dick gets rigid like a bar of steel and starts really pushing against the g-spot. She really started to lose it at this point, she was constantly gushing and every 30 seconds or so she would have another orgasm.

I knew I wanted to time my cum with her biggest one, which was just around the corner and I started telling her “cum for me my little slut..cum for your favorite uncle.. let it go…” That’s when it started, my balls were boiling for their own release and she let go yelling I’m cumming over and over again. Her pussy juice were coming out just like when a man comes and then she layed still, hardly breathing and I knew she had fainted from the intensity of that last orgasm.

During that last orgasm I had mine also but she hardly could have noticed it since she was delirious with her own. I put her legs down from my shoulders and slipped my cock out of her worn hole. There’s nothing that compares to seeing your own cum slowly slipping out of a woman you just fucked unconscious.

Even though there was an ocean of pussy juice on the bed, I layed beside her and started trying to bring her back to the world of the living.

“Here my little cum slut, you got to get dressed and get back to work before they start looking for you, I wouldn’t want you to get fired because of me.”

She came around and got up, when she bent to pull her panties up I grabbed her from behind and said ” when is your next day off and is my nephew off on the same day.”

“Wednesday and no,” was her reply.

“Why do you want to know?”

“Because my little cum slut, I intend to come and visit you on that day and I will be taking that sweet ass of yours.”

She shivered at the thought and said “I’ll be ready and waiting for you my master.”

We’ve been having fun since then, at least once a week I see her and true to her words she is always ready and waiting.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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