TJ , Sarah

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Sara walked into the bar, she hadn’t been in one in years. After her eyes adjusted to the smoky dimness, she found her way to the bar. There was one stool open between two men. She politely asked if the seat was taken and settled onto it after the guys looked at her dumbly.

Now she remembered why she quit going to bars and sitting at the bar itself, the stools just didn’t fit her ample ass comfortably. She shifted around until she was relatively comfortable and equally spread over the small seat and ordered an Apricot Sour. She looked around, surveying the room full of men, women and couples. Here she was a middle-aged woman looking over a room of junior Barbie and Ken dolls, she knew she was crazy.

Sara was 45 with red hair and captivating hazel eyes. She stood 5’5 barefoot and was a perfect size 24, no not the original line by a long shot. Her hair fell gently over her broad shoulders, her open blouse exposing the black tank top her ample breasts threatened to spill out of and her black jeans hugged her full hips, broad ass and thick thighs like a second skin. The 4 inch stiletto heels gave definition to her thick calves when she walked, barely looking like they could support the weight they did. She had a bubbling personality and no it wasn’t a line to cover an ugly woman fro she was beautiful and had an alluringly sexy air about her. She was confident and content with her being and sexuality although tonight might be the downfall of that.

She was in the bar because she had argued to meet her online friend here. Sara knew he was younger than her which wasn’t her style but he was a sweet man and very persuasive. She wasn’t sure how much younger or even what he looked like as he said he had no picture of himself. She was unsure who she was looking for as she scanned the crowd except for the signal they had agreed on. She continued to look for the man in the blue shirt with the rose pi on the collar. She was nervous and wondered how she could have let him talk her into meting him finally, they had been talking for 6 months, 45 year old women didn’t meet younger men in bars. Hell she hadn’t met a man in a bar when she was young enough to.

She turned back around and lit a cigarette and sipped her drink. Turning back to the crowd she again looked around for TJ. She watched the couples talk and dance and tried to remember a time when she had been so young and carefree but she couldn’t remember a time that fit. She sipped her drink and looked blankly over the crowd reflecting her life. She had always been a ‘big’ girl, a ‘growing girl’. Her life was spent with adults because none of the kids wanted her age wanted to play or hang out with the ‘fat girl’. She never felt sorry for herself for being different because she knew she was special and she had her adult friends. She accepted herself even if no one else wanted to.

She signaled the bartender for another drink and paid him. She pulled another cigarette from her case and went to light it but the lighter was taken from her hand. She started to say something but looked into the deepest blue eyes she had ever seen. She couldn’t see anything but those deep drawing eyes, her mouth opened but no words of protest came out, just a silly schoolgirl sigh. She felt the warmth of his hand as it brushed hers taking the lighter, her heart melted. Soddenly she felt a shyness she hadn’t felt in years, if ever.

“Here Sara, allow me,” the captivating man said in his husky voice that melted her further. “I’m TJ, remember me?”

“AHHH” was all that she could get out.

He lit her cigarette and watched her. She took a deep drag and inhaled the acrid smoke, trying to regain her composure. Slowly she let it escape her lungs, nostrils and lips. He took the cigarette from her hand, laid it in the ashtray, leaned towards her and gently kissed her. It was a short soft kiss, a friendly greeting really, but her lips burned from it. Sara felt a shiver run through her, a warmth spread over her in places she’d long since forgotten. She shook her head, bringing herself back to reality and picked her cigarette back up as he sat back down beside her. He had been right there beside her the whole time.

“Well, hello TJ,” she said with as much calm as she could muster. “I guess I was looking in the wrong places for you.”

“I’m sorry Sara I was just so captivated watching you and then you looked so reflective I hated to interrupt your thoughts,” he apologized.

They began chatting as the room around them seemed to vanish. Time stood still and soon the bartender was giving last call, the music and noise was dying out. He suggested they go get coffee or maybe go to his place for a nightcap. He explained he didn’t want to push her but he wanted her all to himself with no interruption so they could continue to talk and either way he would be a ‘perfect gentleman’. She had görükle escort had several drinks and was feeling a little giddy and knew she should go home but she was enjoying being with this man, she felt the heat between them. She wanted to be alone with this handsome young hunk but wasn’t sure she trusted herself let alone him.

They took a taxi to his apartment. The ride was short and she glanced at this 6’4, dark haired hunk. She thought about what she knew about him; he was a businessman with his own photography studio, 24, took great care of his personal and physical appearance and was so sweet. He was articulate, intelligent, funny, very open and honest, both of which were very important to her.

The taxi pulled in front of a condo and he came around to open her door for her. They walked arm-in-arm to the door which he opened. He clicked a button on his keyring as the door opened and a small lamp lit the hall as they entered. He showed her into the living room, leading her to the large black sofa. He turned on several lamps and she looked around the room. She was impressed, he had god taste. The room was a deep Chinese red and the furniture was covered in a black fabric. The lamps looked like candles and the tables were black lacquered. The room had an Amerasian feel and look. The room was bold and yet had a calming effect. Fungi si, she thought.

TJ walked to a lacquered cabinet, opened it to a bar and fixed them a drink. He came back across the room and handed her her drink, sat down beside her, loosened her tie and kicked off his shoes. “make yourself at home and get comfortable” he said as he gently lifted first one foot and then the other removing her heels.

“TJ, I shouldn’t. I shouldn’t be here either. I’m sorry, I’ve enjoyed the evening and you’ve made me feel like I’ve never felt before but I’m old enough to be your mother. I’m sorry I know we’ve done well, and we have so much in common but I’m having trouble getting past our age difference.” Sara said sadly.

“Sara, we’ve been friends online for several months now haven’t we?” he asked. when she only nodded he continued. “I have no problem with our age difference, I’ve even gotten past the fact that I had deluded myself about your size. Don’t look at me like that. I know you said you were a BBW and I knew I liked you and even though size has always been an issue for me I got past it. I got past it because I like you and I feel we have something worth exploring. Can’t we just relax together and take things slow and see how it goes? Please?” he asked with those puppy dog eyes that melt every woman.

She looked into those sad puppy dog eyes and thought ‘friends, yes’ all the while trying to push the thoughts of being in his strong young arms, his hard body pressed against her soft one, from her mind. She shook her head to clear the image. He mistook it as a no and began to stand. “No, I”m sorry, I was just trying to clear my thoughts. I’d like us to remain friends, TJ. I really would and I promise to try to be more open-minded.”

He took her hands and pulled her up, “Then allow me to give my ‘friend’ the grand tour of my home.” He said. He gave her the grand tour, the last room he showed her was his bedroom. The room was similar to the livingroom except that the red was bright yet subdued. A king size bed was in the center with black silk sheets and comforter and red and white pillow strewn haphazardly around. The red and black colors gave the whole room such romantic glow and the lamps that resembled candles toped off the look.

Sara complimented him on his taste as they moved back to the livingroom. He began showing her a portfolio of his work putting her further at ease. His work was good and of a variety of subjects from glamour to weddings, to landscape. He told her he would love to photograph her sometime. She giggled. They talked a little longer and he took her home. He kissed her at the door and watched as she closed the for behind her.

He called her the next day and asked if she would spend Saturday with him. He would put together a picnic and they could go to the lake where he had access to a cabin and boat then they would come back to the city for dinner. He suggested she bring a change of clothes and they could change at the cabin and come straight in to dinner. She accepted. He reminded her to bring her bathing suit. He told her he would have his camera’s because he needed some shots for a showing he was having/

Saturday came and he picked her up in his Explorer and they were off to the lake. He looked tan and fit in his shorts and tank shirt and sneakers. She wore shorts and a shirt open over her bathing suit. They talked as they drove. He told her he hoped he could entice her to pose for him some as he took some background shots for his showing.

He told her he had packed a lite lunch with some sodas, wine, cheese, sandwiches and a pasta salad he makes. He told her he hoped she would enjoy it. He began describing the beautiful setting of the lake bursa escort bayan and said it would make a great backdrop to enhance her beauty.

“You do wonderful work but I wouldn’t want to break your camera by letting you take pictures of me,” she teased.

The conversation continued until they pulled up to the cabin. It was as beautiful as he had described. The rustic cabin overlooking the calm lake with a dock and a boat. They unloaded the explorer, taking the baskets and bags inside putting everything that needed refrigerated away first. He told her she could put her bag in the first bedroom as the other was his. Once everything was put away he picked up his camera cases and they walked hand in hand to the lake.

They boarded the boat and were off to see the sights. He told her of the other camps and sights as they cruised slowly along, quietly he took pictures as they cruised along, often including her in the shot. She was radiant with the sun glinting off her hair and the lush backdrop of the water and shore.

He stopped in the middle of the lake, dropped anchor and a ladder, then stripped off his tank, shoes and shorts and dove into the clear water. She gazed after his tight buns as he dove in breaking the calm of the water. She removed her shirt and was reclining on the deck when he stuck his head up over the side trying to entice her into the cook water.

“Come on in the water’s fine,” he teased.

she stood and leaned over the edge of the boat and splashed him and inadvertently gave him a nice view of her cleavage as she did. “Oh OK” she said as she lowered her shorts leaving them on the deck. She climbed onto the side and dove in with the grace of a swan.

He watched her as she climbed admiring her 2 piece tank/boxer suit as it hugged her body and then she was diving into the water with such finesse he wished he could have a picture of it. He was amazed that a larger woman would have such grace and finesse but then again this woman was so amazing it didn’t really supprise him.

They swam and splashed around for a while before climbing back onto the boat and heading towards shore. They docked and walked back up t the cabin and got out the lunch he had prepared. They ate on the patio leisurely, chatting as they ate. He told her of some of the beautiful shots he had already taken and admitted to having put her into some of them, She played like she was upset although she had seen him take several of them and knew he had taken others of her. He assured her he would show and give her all of the shots and they would be hers negatives and all. She laughed and told him it was ok but she would like a copy if they were good ones.

TJ told her about a hidden spot with lush foliage and a small waterfall which he thought would be a fantastic place to photograph her. He told her it reminded him of ‘The Garden of Eden’ and he would love to use it and make her is Eve. After much persuasion they cleared things up and went off to the photographic ‘Garden of Eden’ hand in hand, camera cases in tow.

They walked through a densely treed area. The sun entered it in glistening shards as if reflected by mirror, little glimpses of light amid the thick leaves and trunks of the trees. Ahead of them was a bright passage, clearing the passage, Sarah took in a sharp breath. She had never seen anything so beautiful. In the clearing was a lush, almost tropical garden of foliage and flowers with a back drop of a sparkling pond and a rolling waterfall. It was romantic and just plain spectacular.

TJ began unpacking the cameras as Sarah explored the foliage and water. Quietly TJ began snapping pictures, Sarah looked so beautiful backdropped by the lush greens, bold flowers and sparkling water. Sarah picked a flower and put it behind her ear as she turned around to see what he was doing. She saw he was already snapping away and she smiled at him.

“Sarah, you take my breath away you are so gorgeous. I can’t wait to take more pictures of you. I brought extra memory cards but I’m not sure I have enough. How about going over by the waterfall. I want to get you closer to the water. I’d love to get a few of you in the water and in the spray too if you would allow me.” he said.

“I’m no model but just tell me where to be and how you want me and I will give it a shot. I can’t imagine why you would want to photograph me instead of one of your beautiful models in such a beautiful place but I”m game'” she told him.

TJ led her to the water’s edge first, then on the ledge in the mist, then in the water. He posed her this way and that until he got her into the water. After a few shots he asked her if she would lower her shoulder straps so it appeared she was naked in the water. She balked a little at his request but complied. He then told her to come out of the water and took shots of her peeking from behind trees and sitting and lying in the foliage.

“I have this wild idea but I know you won’t go along with it,” he laughed.

“Like bursa escort what?” she asked.

“I’d love to photograph you with leaves and flowers strategically placed just like Eve,” he laughed.

She looked at him like he’d lost his mind. “Are you crazy? I could never pose nude…do you know how terrible it would look?”

“Oh sweetheart, you’d be more than beautiful. You are so beautiful and sexy. I only hope my pictures can capture a part of that. I wish you could see yourself like I see you.” he told her.

“Hon I know I have a beauty but it’s an inner beauty one that can’t be photographed. If I was more in shape I might consider letting you take any picture you wanted but I”m not. Besides, just what do you plan to do with all these pictures anyway?” she asked.

“Well I plan to give you a cop of every shot I take if that’s what you’re worried about. Maybe if you’d let me I might use some in my portfolio and the books I show clients. Mainly though I just wanted to show you how beautiful and sexy you really are.” he explained.

“I see,” she said. “The Garden of Eden idea, what was it for?”

“It was just a thought that crossed my mind as I watched you in the foliage and flowers is all. Although it might make for a fetching show piece,” he said matter-of-factly.

Sarah looked at him and could see the sincerity and admiration n his eyes.

“Well, we’re loosing light as they say, so lets head back to the cabin,” he said He began packing up his bags and she picked some flowers to take back with them. They walked back arm in arm talking about his photography. He began to tell her of the showing he had ahead of him. He told her he planned to use some of the portraits and wedding pictures he had already taken and some of the ones he’d taken today too. He talked of one idea in particular that he was formulating. He wanted to take one model and make a large graphic display of 8×10’s, amassed together giving a collage effect from formal to not so formal. He thought the Garden setting would be perfect for that.

Sarah was impressed with the idea he’d presented. It sounded like a real crowd pleaser. They got to the cabin and decided to go ahead and shower and dress for dinner. He showed her to one of the 2 bedrooms so she could change. He even gave her first dibs on the shower. They got ready and gathered their things to leave. As they got into the Explorer their eyes locked, their lips met. It was their first real kiss, not the pecks of before, a real deep, soul connecting kiss filled with passion, heat, fire, desire and need. It was a kiss like no other, a kiss to end all kisses and to begin something far deeper all in the same. Slowly their lips parted and they stared at one another. TJ put his arm around her and led her to the passenger door, walked around got in and pulled out.

The silence was so thick you couldn’t have cut it with the proverbial knife. They both knew their relationship had suddenly changed, just by a kiss, and neither knew just how to proceed. Slowly conversation returned but it was different, the same friendly banter yet different.

: So where are we off to?” Sarah inquired

“I picked a place nearby, the foods great, the wine superb, and the atmosphere is friendly yet intimate. I think you’ll like it,”he said.

They pulled into the quiet little restaurant and went in. It was all he said and more. They were shown to a quiet booth where they sat side by side, somewhat snuggled together, drank some fine Italian wine, ate a fabulous meal and chatted with a newfound intimacy. With their after dinner wine he asked her to stay the night at the cabin with him. He explained that nothing had to happen if she didn’t want it to but he felt they needed the time to talk and he’d need to sleep in her arms even if he couldn’t make love to her. He told her they could stop at the little store up the road and gather supplies for breakfast and lunch and maybe even spend a little more time by the waterfall. She nodded.

After the stop at the store they returned to the cabin. Once in the door he took her into his arms and kissed her again. The kiss had the same fire and passion of the one before but there was something more to it. She couldn’t quite put her finger on it but it was different. They parted and put the groceries away and returned to the divan with more wine.

“TJ” she asked quietly, “Are you sure about this? I mean I’ll understand if you change your mind. “

He looked at her, sat down, took her into his arms and kissed her with more passion and desire than he’d ever felt before. Her head was spinning, her heart pounding, her nipples ached they were so hard and her pussy was soaked. She knew she wanted, no needed more. He stood up and pulled her with him, into his arms. Their bodies pressed close together and they kissed again. Slowly their lips parted and he took her hand and led her to his bedroom.

She floated into the room after him feeling like a virginal teenager. Her heart fluttered, her body was responding to the intense passion she was feeling. Suddenly the age difference, her size, the entire world no longer mattered, no longer existed: all that mattered was this handsome man and this beautiful woman were about to make love like the young lovers they were.

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