To Old Bad Habits

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I left the happy hour and went straight to my car, not indicating to anyone what I planned to do. Once safely away from my co-workers, I texted HIM. “R U around? I’m not tired yet…”

We had had a secret “thing” in the past, something we never spoke of again, but something I fantasized about for the three years that followed. Now HE was about to move out of the state, and I needed to see him one last time.

The rapid response: “Hmm… what could that mean?”

Now, I had a date that night, one with a “nice guy,” but that was thrown out the window. I called and made up a lie to my date and turned my car around to drive to HIS house.

We sat and talked for a while. He talked about his recent break-up. I talked about my new job in town. He talked about our funny relationship over the years, how he always wanted to try to rekindle things but that I was always dating someone else.

And then he said: “I used to think about fucking you every time I masturbated.”

I admitted, “For months after the last time, you were my fantasy every time I had sex.”

We smiled at each other and finished our beers. He took my bottle. “Well, screw our exes. Let’s do something to make them jealous.”

And with that, he pulled me to him. My heart did not sing when he kissed me, but my pussy became sopping wet as he roughly manhandled me, sucking on my hard nipples, tearing at my silk dress. “Your body hasn’t changed at all in the last three years.”

Not one to take a compliment easily, I switched topics and asked him, “Remember that time when you asked me to tell you where to cum?”

“What did I say?”

“You said, ‘Do you want me to cum in your mouth, on your face, on your tits, or in your ass?'”


“You came all over my face and then you had rokettube me lick your cock.”

He whispered into my ear: “My only regret from our time together is that I never fucked you in the ass.”

I whispered back: “You’ve got me now.”

He got up to get a condom and to put on some music. Primitive music filled the apartment, and he came over to me and ripped off the dress and the tiny thong I had worn with the original intent of seducing another man. He pushed me to the floor, the wool throw rug itchy against my soft skin, and thrust himself upon me, filling my pussy with in one move.

I screamed in pain and in pleasure.

Being much bigger than me, he could lift my whole lower body with one arm. He lifted my ass off the ground so that he could drive deeper into me. Deep, hard thrusts threw me into ecstasy.

He stopped suddenly and stood up, with me still impaled on his massive staff. He brought me into the bedroom and brought us to rest in front of a huge mirror. “I want us both to be able to see me fucking you.”

There I was, petite, with my long dark hair in disarray. He laid down so that my ass was to the mirror. “You have the most perfect ass. I could never forget this ass.”

I started to move up and down on his cock, looking behind myself to the mirror every so often so I could see his thick cock fucking me, each thrust appearing to split my tiny pussy.

“Touch yourself,” he instructed me.

I reached down and started to play with my clit. I was already soaking wet, and the juices were pouring down my inner thighs. I could feel the walls of my pussy contract around him.

“You’d better make yourself really wet, because in a minute, you’re going to take my cock and stick it in your ass.”

Those words threw me over the asyalı porno edge. I cried out and waves of pleasure washed over me. I rode him until my legs were weak, until I could barely move. He grinned at me with an evil look in his eyes as a came all over his cock.

He didn’t let me rest. As soon as I finished spasming over him, he lifted me off of his cock. “I want you to put my cock in your ass.”

Almost too relaxed to hold up my own body weight with one arm, the thought of him finally taking my ass was too appealing for me to disobey. I grabbed his rock hard tool in my right hand, and, looking to the mirror for guidance, directed it to my pucker.

He was well lubed from my juices, but my pucker was tight, and it took a lot of pushing on my part before I could feel myself opening up to him. Slowly, I felt myself stretch around his cock as I lowered my body over his. We both stopped breathing. In one long movement, my ass received his entire length.

Once he was fulled embedded in my ass, we both let out our breaths and kissed each other in a frenzy of lust. He took over, and with his hands on my hips, started lifting my body up and down over his cock.

“You are so tight, it almost hurts,” he groaned in my ear.

“Use me. Use me.” was all I could say.

“It’s so good. I’ve wanted your ass ever since I first saw you.”

“I couldn’t give it to you before. My ass belonged to ___.”

“And now?”

“Now it’s yours.”

He fucked my ass onto his cock, watching the mirror as it split my two perfectly shaped, perfectly toned cheeks. “I love watching my cock split your ass in two.”

I couldn’t talk because the sensations were too intense. I bit his shoulder to help release my own rapturous agony. It broke the azeri porno skin but didn’t quite draw blood.

The bite broke his concentration. His cock slipped out of my ass.

He got up to put on a new condom. This time, he pushed me down over the bed and started to fuck me from behind with my face planted against the mattress.

“I can’t decide which feels better, your ass or your pussy.” He had his hands on my shoulders, and was thrusting into me with long, hard strokes. That is my very favorite way to be fucked, and I could feel another orgasm building up in me. I started to moan louder, biting at his sheets, clawing at the mattress and he rammed me from behind.

Slap, smack! He slapped my right butt cheek, and, turning my head to look in the mirror, I could see the red hand mark on my otherwise flawless posterior.

He grabbed my hair and started thrusting into me faster and faster, moaning my name as he started to cum. I could feel him swelling up inside of my pussy, aching to release.

With one last yank to my hair, he started to cum in my pussy. He collapsed on top of me, completely covering my body with his large, muscular one. He groaned into my ear and lay there for a minute, catching his breath.

Afterwards, he stood up and went to get dressed again. I followed him into the living room and found my clothing on the ground. I dressed as he watched with that smug look that men have as they watch their latest victims.

“You could come visit me,” he offered.

“I could,” I said, in a non-committal fashion.

“Maybe I could come back and see you.”

“If I don’t have a new boyfriend,” I said with a smile.

He laughed. “Thank you for giving me a new fantasy to masturbate over during my lonely nights.”

“Thanks for the same.” And with that, I grabbed my purse, kissed him on the lips one last time, and walked out the door.

He called out down the hall. “Maybe we could get together again before I leave?”

But I was already at the elevator, my mind on something else….

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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