To Sleep, Perchance to Cream

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It didn’t take long at all before Jen and I were asleep on the plane. Her head was snuggled onto my shoulder and my cheek rested on the top of it, the sweet aroma of her shampooed hair filling my head like incense. I had a blanket pulled up over my breasts because the passenger cabin was so cool and the guy with a unibrow sitting on my other side—a frat guy with his cap, of course, turned backward—kept glancing down at the cold-stimulated nippies poking through my tank top.

The frattie, who smelled like beer-scented cologne, kinda looked like a caveman from one of those insurance commercials on TV. In addition to the single brow stretching above his reddish, partied-out eyes, he had long, straggly hair, a wide mouth, and a kind of jutting jaw that reminded me of one of those pictures of Neanderthal skulls in my anthropology textbook. He was nice enough, I guess, but his polite demeanor barely concealed his horny ulterior intentions as he lecherously leered down at my bare thighs and my cleavage as he rambled on in his Southern drawl.

I know it was rude, but I dropped off to sleep in the middle of a long-winded story cave boy was telling me. He found it hilarious (something about one of his frat brothers puking on a chick as he was making out with her; real classy), but I was totally exhausted from the night before…

The jet taxied slowly onto the runway and I pulled the blanket up to my neck and I rested my cheek on Jen’s soft, freshly clean hair as the drone of the engines, the frat boy’s endless blathering, and the flight attendant’s spiel about what to do in the unlikely event of a water landing merged into one soothing hum and then things went black.

Considering the lezzie orgy Jen and I had participated in the previous night with the privileged party girl friends, not to mention the various other, um, indiscretions I had throughout the week, it’s not surprising that erotic visions were soon flooding my slumbering, oversexed mind. There had been a couple random guys I had fucked (how could I resist?)…but I had really turned up the heat on my long-simmering desire to have sex with other women. As with most chicks like me, I had had one or two dalliances with other girls before (it’s a part of the sorority experience, after all), but as my experience the night before attested, I had really plunged into the warm Sapphic depths of my hidden female lusts during my spring break in Cancun.

In my dreams, images of rich, come-drenched pussies from the night before writhed between parted thighs amid rumpled silk satin sheets; smooth hips swiveled and swayed and rose and fell; pretty upturned faces were contorted in ecstasy; a seemingly endless variety of sheening, sun-bathed titties thrust in my face, swung over my head, pressed onto my own fleshy globes, and jiggled furiously before me with solid, suckable nipples heaving and straining eagerly toward my hungering mouth.

Perhaps it was the jet lifting off the Yucatan Peninsula and soaring into the azure sky, but in my randy reverie I had the sensation that I was unmoored and floating adrift, slowly twisting, turning, and submerging in a tumultuous sea of hot, undulating female bodies clustering together on an expansive, rollicking bed, all of us slipping and sliding and surging together in a gushing, giggling girly orgy…In that sensual sea of sisterly sex, a pussy hovered over me like an exotic pink bird xslot Yeni Giriş with curls of dark plumage seeking a place to land. Sturdy thighs rose like pillars on either side of my head and, converging at the pussy apex, the thighs spread farther and farther apart into a kind of cheerleader split as the cunt lowered to my upturned face and I eagerly sucked its slick velvety wings into my mouth, gripping the pillar-like thighs with my hands.

As I sucked and slurped at the pussy, the unique, womanly taste and scent filling my mouth and nose, the pubic curls bristling against my chin, I could hear someone begin to spank the ass of the girl whose twat filled my mouth. She thrust her hips with slow, steady intensity, trying to keep herself under control but growing incredibly wet nonetheless all over my nose as my tongue lapped at her stiff protruding clitty and the hand continued to slap her taut ass cheek again and again and again. She was obviously enjoying the pleasure of my cunnilingual explorations of her delectable labia along with the punishing slaps someone delivered across her buttocks.

I had my thighs spread far apart during all this, hoping the girl astride my face would return the favor and lick my fully exposed cunt, but she remained poised in her cheerleader split over my face humping her hips slow and hard in increasingly tense thrusts.

I was blissfully nestled between her legs and surrounded by her sex…my whole world and universe consisted of thighs, wet pussy flesh and hair, and an erect clit. Her juices practically splashed over me with each ever-increasing furious gyration of her hips until her body suddenly jostled wildly above me and the full weight of her pussy crushed down on my face and she came and came and came all over me, grinding herself so hard onto my nose I was afraid she would break it or suffocate me.

And then it was like I was again tumbling into a creamy current of female fucking, one moment sandwiched between two girls who kissed each other over my shoulder, the next a nipple was in my mouth as I fingered someone’s ass, then everything shifted and I’m licking a pussy before looking up and kissing some chick on the mouth who had also just looked up from between two thighs, the taste of the two pussies mixing together on our swirling tongues…hands were massaging my tits, the tangle of legs, feet, bellies, pussies, hips, breasts, backs, faces, hair, asses around me all blurring hotly together in a growing frenzy of extreme grrrl power, our individual identities subsumed into one rising, swelling, splashing awesome group orgasm that seemed to shudder and shake the stars for hours, our excited cries and climactic squeals filling the room like shrill seagulls shrieking above a fierce, pounding surf spilling onto the burning sand of a steamy, tropical beach.

I was like a castaway washed ashore gasping for air, tits dangling all around me like fleshy coconuts hanging from tilting torso palm trees, the foamy honey come surf splashing forcefully over my hips and legs, lapping at my pussy, rinsing over my waist and breasts, and covering my face in a warm, sweaty torrent. I was tossed in wave after crushing wave of feminine release when suddenly gruff hands gripped my arms and dragged me from the sultry surf…and I found myself surrounded by a tribe of Neanderthal frat guys in colorful, tattered swim-trunk xslot Gir loincloths, all gripping slim dick-like spears in one hand and bottles of beer in the other.

“What the fuck?” I thought as they whooped and grunted all around me lecherously, hands roughly groping my tits, fingers pawing my pussy, and gripping my ass. They swarmed around me in a crazy excitement trying to kiss me, tugging at my hair, rubbing themselves up against my naked body and sliding their hands all over me.

The slobbering frattie cave boys bound my wrists and ankles together and slid a phallic spear between them so I dangled from it like prized game and they trotted carrying me swaying from it into a lush jungle of colossal male and female bodies intertwined together in a thick, sweltering fleshy throng, cocks like gargantuan anacondas probing deeply inside sultry cavernous cunts, vine-covered balls drooping like forbidden purple fruit, mountainous ass cheeks and boulder-sized breasts and chiseled male chests and slim female midriffs jumbled together and to make up the bizarre landscape surrounding us as women’s plaintive cries and men’s guttural grunts filled the dense tropical atmosphere with a frenetic cacophony of animal lust.

After the frattie tribe carried me between two mountainous tits rising up like gelatinous pyramids with the hard nipple temples jutting heavenward toward the gods and goddesses, they tied me in a roiling hot tub and danced around me to a throbbing electro-bass line, slapping each other high fives as they chugged beer bongs in a horny celebration and jabbed at me with their long cock-spears.

I kept wondering where the fuck Robbie, my boyfriend, was and why he wasn’t rescuing me from this group of troglodytes when they suddenly became silent and slowly parted to make a pathway.

Striding toward me down the path was this incredibly hung, totally buff and naked alpha male, smirking arrogantly and holding his amazingly long, rock-solid cock in his hand like a royal scepter.

All thoughts of my boyfriend evaporated with the foamy hot tub water bubbling around me as I gawked at his incredible appendage. The frat boys ogled at us like retarded monkeys as the alpha male stepped into the water and waded toward me. He stood there a moment towering over my exposed, petite body and looking me up and down approvingly, still gripping his cock like a cudgel. I wanted him to fuck me and fuck me hard with that solid cock pushing and prodding and pounding relentlessly into my grasping pussy as it stretched around it to accomodate its thick circumference.

He stepped toward me, his dick throbbing and appearing to strain to reach my patch of curls, when suddenly this really cute chick wearing nothing but a golden triple triangle pendant of a Tri-Delt necklace around her neck stepped into the tub with us and waded over to me, sliding her naked and visibly aroused body against mine.

“Hi,” she breathed huskily as she slid her hand up my thigh, her pussy pressing against my hip, her erect nipple touching mine. “I’m Erin.”

“I’m Sheila,” I breathed back and, finding my wrists were no longer constrained, held her slender waist in my hands and drew her even closer to me.

“And I’m gonna come,” the alpha male muttered through his teeth, watching as Erin pressed her cherry-red lips onto mine in a sweet, tongue-touching kiss as her xslot Sitesi fingers pushed firmly onto my pussy puff where she began to rub me the right way. The alpha male stood stroking his dick so rapidly that it bobbed in and out of the water like a crazed, one-eyed eel.

Somehow I found myself laying back on a bed now with my legs raised in the air and spread far apart with Alpha Guy’s between them on his knees slowly heaving his hips and sliding his long, jizzum-filled dick deeply in and out of my slippery cunt. Erin knelt hunched over beside us, her hand reaching up and pinching my nipple with her fingers, her shoulder-length hair shrouding her pretty face, her head bobbing up and down as she tongued my clit, then turned to lick the guy’s cock when he pulled it glistening from my vagina, and then returned to flicking it on my clit again.

“Oooooooh!” I could hear myself croon as if in a dream, the simultaneous licking and fucking, and fucking and licking of my two lovers causing my back to arch as I thrust my hips and curled my toes in the air and pushed my head back into the pillow with my heart pounding crazily and I felt myself grow sooooooo close to coming and coming and coming hard, the tongue flicking madly at my aroused clit, the head of the cock sinking into my depths and mercilessly slamming into my womb hard and fast, the tongue tip now pushing onto where the cock pounded into me, the pinching fingers tugging at my nipple…

And I came, my mouth hanging open but making no sound at first because I was so tense, and then I heard myself cry out with the top of my head rolling on the pillow and my entire body savagely convulsing in release as Alpha Guy withdrew his shaft from my lap, took Erin’s head in his hands, and growled as his cock spit a spurting stream of sperm all over her face.

With the come dripping from Erin’s cheeks onto my belly, the three of us melted into the mattress as it slowly became an enormous ice cream sundae consisting of gooey cunts and gummy breasts and blow-pop cocks.

I’m on my hands and knees in the drippy, mushy mound, eagerly swirling my tongue around a whip-creamed gushing twat one moment and voraciously sucking my lips around a glistening lollipop dick the next while jerking off two banana-curved cocks with each hand. Pretty girls and studly guys, all of them without clothes or inhibitions, are writhing sloppily together in the scrumptious, dreamy mess, fucking and sucking, licking and kissing, and I loll around among them shamelessly with my face pressed between two delicious, creamy pussies rubbing against my cheeks, the banana cocks I yank with each hand beginning to gob copious dollops of milky tapioca all over my…


The guy sitting next to me had elbowed me and was grinning, holding out a bag of peanuts the flight attendant had given him for our in-flight snack.

I sat there a moment totally confused and feeling somewhat embarrassed but not knowing exactly why. Jen was still snoozing on my shoulder and my blanket had fallen down to my lap during my nap. As I slowly woke up, I was relieved that it was bunched down there because it was concealing the naughty secret that I had come in my shorts during my sleep.

“Um, no,” I said kind of bitchily, pulling the blanket back up to my neck and closing my eyes. It was obvious he was just trying to hit on me again. “I’m not hungry.”

And, considering my lusty over-indulgences during my week in Cancun, I certainly didn’t have much of an appetite anymore, especially for Neanderthal frat boys. I nodded off again feeling deeply sated and now desiring only the release of sleep.

At least for now, anyway.

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