Tommy Pt. 02

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After I slept off my drunk and sobered up some I awoke with a splitting headache. At first, I didn’t remember any of it and wondered why I was in my nineteen year old son’s bed. But as I made my way to the bathroom it all came crashing back hitting me like a ton of bricks. My stomach knotted up and I felt nauseas as I ran for the bathroom, I knelt in front of the toilet and began puking my guts up.

I wasn’t sure if I was sick from all the drinking or because of what I had done. It wasn’t that I had eaten cum or even the fact that I had scooped it out of the tub drain to do it. It was that I had eaten Tommy’s cum. My own son’s cum! And then I masturbated to thoughts of him as well! I was deeply disturbed by these sickening facts. Needless to say, I was not happy with myself, not happy at all! I put Tommy’s bedspread in the washer and went and locked myself in my bedroom and cried and cried for days and days on end.

Poor Tommy had absolutely no idea what was going on but it was a tiny apartment and he could hear me crying and he would lightly knock at my door and softly ask if I was alright, but I would only tell him to go away. I couldn’t face him, I just couldn’t. What kind of Mother eats her own Son’s sperm and then masturbates to him in his bed with the taste of it still lingering in her mouth? I was thoroughly disgusted with myself. And I do mean thoroughly!

At first I would only come out when Tommy was away at college or very late at night while he was asleep. I didn’t have much of an appetite and I ate very little for weeks and was losing weight. I took a big stock pot to my room in case I had to pee when Tommy was home, I had not yet come to terms with what I did and was not certain if I ever would. I gained some of my appetite back a little at a time and eventually realized that I was going to have to get my shit together soon and move on with my life somehow.

I had lost a fair amount of weight and my eyes were puffy and swollen with dark bags beneath them. I looked really bad and I did not want Tommy to see me like this. I began forcing myself to eat more and slowly regained some of my strength and began looking somewhat better after a while.

I slowly gained most of the weight back and began to come out for little stints at a time while Tommy was there. It wasn’t much at first, just to say hello or maybe eat a quick meal together and then I would retreat back to my room where I felt I could hide from the rest of the world. Tommy knew something was bad wrong but he didn’t ask any questions of me, he could tell I was hurting inside but felt it was probably best to just let me work it out myself.

A couple of months passed and with exercise and a proper diet I began to physically feel like my old self again. I still had not completely forgiven myself mentally but I was working on that too and was making good progress with it. I had not yet attempted to masturbate, that was still very shaky ground for me. I found myself wanting to do it often but I just wouldn’t let myself and I wouldn’t admit to myself why, even though I knew very damn well why.

Even though I was fighting it as hard as I possibly could I was still having dirty disgusting thoughts about Tommy in my mind. Every time I entered the bathroom no matter how hard I fought it my eyes eventually wondered to the tub drain! Even though I wouldn’t admit it I knew deep down what would happen if I attempted to pleasure myself. I knew where my filthy mind would take me. But I was slowly coming to terms with it because I knew I would give in to my urges to masturbate eventually.

I began to tell myself that whatever thoughts I may have in my head were my thoughts and no one else could possibly know about them and that what I did when I was alone was strictly my business and mine alone. As long as I didn’t get caught or tell anyone no one else would ever have to know what went through my mind or what I did when I was alone. No matter how disgusting it may be!

It became something that I recited to myself daily and it was really working well for me as I seemed to grow hornier and hornier with each passing day. I was still fighting the dirty thoughts in my mind but things slowly somewhat returned to normal and I eventually stopped hiding out in my room all the time and was soon feeling much better about it all.

One morning after waking up soaking wet from a rather vivid dream of Tommy I finally just realized that I could not possibly stop the thoughts I was getting of Tommy beating off to my big tits in the shower and the thick wad he had left behind. I slowly gave up even trying.

I began dreaming of Tommy often and would lay there awhile after waking and daydream about masturbating again some day soon. One morning I awoke feeling a little extra chipper about it and decided I was actually going to set a date for it. My Birthday was coming up soon and I promised myself that on my Birthday I was going to have an orgasm! It was coming pinbahis yeni giriş up in less than three weeks so I marked it on the Calendar and began counting down the days.

The dreams started coming more often, almost every night now and they were becoming much more vivid and exciting. In my dreams Tommy had a nine-inch cock! I soon just stopped fighting it altogether and slowly let a plan for my big day began forming in my mind. I started planning and wild thoughts kept popping up in my head and before long I decided I had a little shopping to do if my plan for my Birthday was going to be much of a success.

I went to the grocery store first then to a hardware store, an adult toy store, a bikini shop, and finally a book store. Each day I would mark off another square on the Calendar and soon the big day was getting very close. Just two more days! Just two more days and then I was going to fuck myself silly!

The big day was going to be on Saturday which was the day the maid usually came and cleaned the tiny apartment but I explained to her I had big Birthday plans that day and ask if she could come Friday instead. She eagerly agreed. Rosa was a little older than Tommy but I think she had a bit of a crush on him as she was always flirting with him on Saturdays and she also knew he did not have classes on Fridays.

I awoke early Friday morning feeling quite good and headed to Tommy’s room. I woke him up and sent him on a grocery errand for my Birthday dinner and a few other things. Just enough to keep him out for awhile. I wanted to do a little snooping that I never did get to do before and I wanted to do it before Rosa arrived.

The first thing I found was an old photograph of myself in a dripping wet one piece bathing suit! It had been taken a few years back by my life long bestfriend Susan at a pool somewhere and I had forgotten it even existed. I found it in Tommy’s sock drawer!

The next thing I found was a pair of my favorite tiny pink panties that I had been missing for the last few days. Apparently, they were Tommy’s favorite pair too! He must have taken them from the dirty clothes hamper in the bathroom. I found them under Tommy’s pillow!

I suddenly felt a warm sensation in my crotch as I realized that Tommy was sniffing my panties, and then I felt myself moisten a little at the thought. I slowly put them to my nose and smelled them myself. He must have had them for several days now as I caught a faint scent but not much. I suddenly had another idea!

A few minutes later I found an incest DVD titled “Raven Haired Mom’s Know Best”. As I looked at the front and back cover of the DVD it was simple to see that all the ladies in this porn film had long jet-black hair such as myself. I found it under Tommy’s mattress. I also found forty-seven wadded up tissue’s full of dried-up nut juice in Tommy’s wastebasket. Damn, I said out loud, as I thought to myself, Tommy jerks off a lot!

Needless to say, as I found all these items, I became very aroused and wet. Somehow, I made it through without masturbating though I don’t know how because my panties had become thoroughly saturated and I was as horny as a goat! I didn’t even try to push any of it from of my mind because there really was no other explanation this time. It really was just what it appeared to be. Tommy was still jerking off to me! And a fucking lot! I felt a warm shiver run through me at the thought!

I put the photo and the DVD back as I had found them, but not the panties. As I had been snooping around Tommy’s room and thinking I carefully worked the DVD and panties into my Birthday plan! I quickly went and put the tiny pink panties on to wash and then went to the kitchen and got a small zip lock baggie. I reached beneath the thin sun dress I had on and peeled down the white pair I was wearing and stepped out of them.

They were very, very wet and the crotch was fully coated with my sweet Cooter cream. As I carefully inspected them I could see several long curly jet-black pubes stuck in my slick secretions. They were very prominent against the creamy white panties and stuck out like a sore thumb and you couldn’t miss them if you tried. I left them there. I folded the wet panties neatly to protect the crotch and then put them in the little baggie and sealed it up and put them in my pocket.

When Rosa discovered Tommy was not there she quickly cleaned the little apartment and was soon gone. I rushed to Tommy’s room and gently placed the little baggie of cream coated panties beneath his pillow

I wasn’t sure how this would pan out, but I quickly convinced myself that I was only trying to be helpful and I giggled a little at the thought. I knew it was risky but as I had thought of it earlier it became very exciting to me and I convinced myself that no one would ever know. I knew Tommy would quickly suspect Rosa of leaving the panties. Tommy would never dream of such a thing from his very own dear pinbahis giriş sweet mother!

Tommy was not happy about Rosa coming a day early and cleaning his room without any notice being given to him and I knew why. After placing the items he had purchased on the small dining table he quickly rushed to his room and slammed his door and locked it. After about an hour I called Tommy out for a late breakfast.

As we sat at the small dining table eating Tommy was unusually quiet and acted a little nervous. But if he were wise to the fact that Rosa had found his little treasures earlier that morning, he didn’t let on about it. At first, I just assumed he was still mad at me. But then I suddenly realized that he must know by now, Rosa had changed his bed sheets and pillow cases and made up his bed, which is something he never did.

The photo was buried under his socks so he probably didn’t suspect her of seeing it. The same was true with the DVD which was way up under the mattress. But I knew it was just a matter of time with the panties, there was no getting around that one! I made a mental note to check on them as soon as possible.

As soon as Tommy finished his breakfast he quickly stood and said he was going to the basketball court to shoot some hoops with some of his buddies from college and rushed out the door. As soon as he was gone I made a mad dash for his room. I saw the single waded-up tissue in the wastebasket before I ever made it to the pillow! I knew Rosa had emptied the wastebasket full of the spent tissues earlier because I had seen her do it myself. With my heart thumping rapidly I quickly flipped the pillow over and suddenly sucked my breath in loudly.

The panties were there and were still in the baggie but they were no longer neatly folded. I hadn’t expected Tommy to find them this quickly! I had expected him to find them later that night when he went to bed. My hands were shaking badly as I opened the baggie and removed them. I shifted them around and again gasp loudly and almost dropped them in the floor when my eyes found the cleaned cloth of the crotch! They were still very damp but the slick coating of cunt honey and the few dark curly pubes were nowhere to be seen!

My knees buckled a little and as I quickly sat down on Tommy’s bed I could see it all perfectly clear in my head. As soon as Tommy had slammed and locked his door that morning he had rushed to the pillow already suspecting that Rosa had found and removed his prized pink panties. He must have been very surprised thinking the fully creamed white panties were left by Rosa. Then at this point Tommy must have pulled out his cock and shot his wad into a tissue while eating his own mothers sweet quim candy from the crotch of the slick white panties!

Did he eat the pubes to? OMG, I suddenly realized that all the younger women these days shaved their snatches bald. OMG I thought, even if she didn’t shave Rosa was a natural blond! I carefully put the panties and the small baggie back just as I had found them. I began to tremble a little as images of Tommy licking my sweet cunt butter from the panties while beating his hard meat pole, kept flashing in my mind! I was suddenly very wet again and wondered if Tommy would mention Rosa and the panties to me.

The AC unit broke later that day and I quickly called Maintenance and they said they would get to it as quickly as possible. As it was the middle of summer, I knew we were screwed for at least the rest of the day. As evening approached it had been a very hot day and neither one of us were particularly overdressed especially me, I did not like to be hot.

Tommy just wore shorts and no shirt. I had changed from the sun dress into shorts and a tiny blue half-shirt which was very thin and short. Normally it was way to skimpy for my usual taste. I don’t really know why I even purchased it a short while back as I had never even worn it yet but I was sure glad I had it that day. I was not wearing a bra beneath it. I knew I was showing way to much but as I said it had been a very, very hot day.

Tommy was just a very small child when his father and I divorced. Tommy and I had lived alone together almost all his life with no father figure anywhere around us. We were very close and I taught him early on that he could talk to me about anything. We often talked openly about many different things that most mothers and sons probably didn’t discuss with each other. Still though I did not really expect Tommy to mention Rosa and the panties so I was not surprised when he kept the little secret all to himself.

Even though I was very scantily clad I do have to say Tommy did his very best to keep his eyes on the table and off of my protruding tits as we sat and had our late supper, but bless his little heart he did lose the battle many, many times. I caught him looking several times and he would quickly looked away and shift nervously in his chair.

Each time I felt pinbahis güvenilirmi his eyes on my chest my big nipples stiffened, burned, and throbbed. It was very dim in the room almost dark even but I knew my big tits were hanging out below the bottom of the tiny half-shirt and that Tommy could probably see my big nipples and pink puffy areoles from time to time as I moved and shifted if he watched closely enough. I knew I probably needed more clothes on around Tommy but I was very fucking hot at the moment and I just really didn’t care.

Besides, I didn’t really mind if he looked at them anymore because after the exciting day I had in his room earlier I had already checked out the large bulge beneath his shorts several times myself earlier in the day! I knew my big braless jugs jiggled and swayed under the skimpy shirt with each little movement I made and I may have even been a bit moist as we sat across the table from one another although it could have easily just been from the sweat.

As Tommy arose from the table and quickly announced he was going for a shower I couldn’t help but notice he was rock-hard beneath his tight shorts! I could instantly tell he was a much larger man than his Father had been. A full five inches would have been pushing it for Tommy’s dad. Did I do that to him? Was he going to relieve himself in the shower again over of my big puffy titties?

I immediately dampened at the very thought and quickly cleared the table and decided the dishes would just have to wait a bit. I stood patiently waiting as Tommy exited his room and made his way to the shower. When he shut the bathroom door I rushed to it and pressed my ear up against it. I stood there quietly listening thru the door for any sound coming from within. A few moments later I detected light whimpering moans and a faint slapping sound.

The slapping sound soon grew louder and louder and I stood there with my ear to the door and my hands beneath the little half-shirt squeezing my pink puffy nipples as I quietly listened to Tommy beat off over his own Mothers tits again. I was tempted several times to slip my hand down my shorts and just finish this thing right here and now but I stopped short each time as my hairy cunt quivered and begged for attention. Moments later it was all I could do to contain myself when I heard Tommy whimper softly and very quietly announce to his Mother that he was going to cum for her, he had no idea I could hear him!

When the shower cut off I quickly rushed to my room. I was soaking wet and completely flushed from head to toe and was very warm between my legs. I could blame it on the heat if I wanted to but I knew better. As I stood in my room and thought a moment, I suspected that if I went into the bathroom and looked, I may find what I desired most. It was a hard decision to make but in the end I declined. Maybe tomorrow night if everything went as planned! I soon retired to the soft comfort of my bed and quickly drifted off to sleep, I was ready for this day to be over with and tomorrow night couldn’t get here quick enough for me.

As I lay in bed completely nude due to the heat I just tossed and turned until at some point, I heard the AC finally crank back up. I was soon fast asleep and began dreaming about my big day tomorrow. The next morning, I awoke with the roosters and quietly sat and drank coffee as I waited for Tommy to arise. I had pondered my Birthday plans for over two weeks now and I was eager to get things started. I had already asked Tommy earlier in the week if he would accompany me to the pool on Saturday evening and he said yes, but I had a few things I had to prepare first.

First things first so after I finished my coffee I quickly showered and then slipped into the tiny pink panties as I got dressed. I knew that preparing for and day dreaming about my big night all day long would have the panties soaking wet and plastered to my creamy pussy long before we were ready for the pool that evening. I knew what I wanted for my Birthday gift and only one person could give it to me and there was also only one way to get it! Later that afternoon we had my Birthday dinner and afterwards I knew it wouldn’t be much longer now and I could feel my juices start to flow at the very thought!

As soon as the sun began to set that evening, I went to my closet and pulled out the big bag of items I had purchased. Inside the bag was a very, very skimpy white bikini, there was also a small jar of baby food, a small piece of plastic screening, and a large hard cover book. The title of which was irrelevant as I had no intention of actually reading the damn thing! The last item in the bag was a fat nine-inch latex Dildo still in its package!

The pool was there at the apartment complex and Tommy and I often went after the sun went down as it usually isn’t heavily occupied at that hour. Quite often we literally had the place to ourselves after dusk and I was really hoping for that very situation tonight. Neither one of us actually got in the pool very often, we just lounged around drinking beer and working up a good sweat so I knew Tommy would be hot and sweaty when we arrived back at the apartment. With over two weeks to plan, I had thought of everything!

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