Tom’s Treats Ch. 02

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It took a few days before Birgit was on the evening shift again. I met her in her office as usual and handed over the fee. She hesitated a little before she put it in a drawer.

“Well, I take it that you were satisfied with my emergency arrangement,” she said smilingly. “Inga said she became a little sore. Not that she complained, not at all. You are a horny rascal, aren’t you?”

I just smiled back.

“Well,” she continued in her nurse voice, “the program is in trouble. We are still short of female spouses in need of the program. Women generally stand abstinence better than men. Lucky though that those who can’t stand it want to be rather active. But just now I can’t offer you anything. Sorry.”

“Well,” I said jokingly, “I am happy to comply with an emergency solution. I will soon be in emergency status again.”

“I guess you would, wouldn’t you?” Birgit giggled. “Sorry we can’t run this program that way. We are not an escort service. But if you really are anxious to get a woman Inga has a proposition for you. It’s something a little out of the normal and a special person is required. In fact that was one reason why Inga volunteered to take the emergency call. Go and talk to her. She is the head nurse in the ward downstairs. In fact, she is expecting you.”

I thanked Birgit and went downstairs and found Inga in her office. She hugged me and pressed her body against mine. I immediately got erect and she laughed deeply when she noticed.

“Calm down,” she giggled. “We are not in emergency status tonight. Well, at least I am not.”

“Well, I guess Birgit told you that we had a proposition for you since you are here,” she said after we had sat down, her desk between us. “You see, in this ward we have a female patient who needs help to get a man. We try to help her now and then because she is such a lovely woman. But the man has to be very caring and must want to give pleasure to his woman. We think you are such a man. . . She is lame from the neck down,” she added when she saw that I didn’t understand.

“Well, tell me more about it,” I said. “That’s certainly something new to me. What am I expected to do?”

She told me. In the end I agreed. It sounded like a thrilling experience as well as an act of mercy.

“I will owe you one for this. So we get even, don’t we?” Inga said. “And of course you don’t have to pay the fee. Can we make arrangement for the day after tomorrow?”

It was agreed. Two nights later I came to the nursing home late in the evening. Inga met at the entrance and brought me into her ward. There we met Gunnel, a nurse in her late thirties. She was plain looking and the rest of her was shielded in a loose-fitting gown. But she had nice thick blond hair. For a second I wondered if that thick hair also covered her pussy.

“Gunnel is the lady’s personal assistant,” Inga explained when she introduced us. “She will take over from here and help you out. Do your best,” she smiled. “See you later. I’ll be in my office.”

“Well, are you ready, shall we go and see Karin? That’s her name,” Gunnel asked. “Karin has been waiting with anticipation the whole day and really has prepared herself. And remember, although she is lame she is very sensitive to touch. So be gentle.”

We moved along the corridor and Gunnel opened a door to a home-like room lit by several candles. On the bed lay a woman under a thin duvet. She was beautiful. Brown, shoulder length hair looking like she just had been to the hairdresser framed an oval face with a light make up. I guessed that she was around thirty.

“Hello there, come on in,” she greeted me in a very pleasant voice. “I am Karin, as I am sure you know.”

I went up to her and showed the long-stemmed red rose I had brought. I put it on her bedside table and kissed her cheek. She looked at me for a long time.

“That was very nice of you,” she said. “You look like a warm and tender person. I very much want you to make love to me. Please undress and come to me.”

Her simple words made it very natural and easy to proceed. I looked at Gunnel who was standing in the background. Inga had told me that Gunnel had to be present to help Karin out. She made a gesture urging me to go on.

I slowly undressed trying not to be shy in front of these two women. I looked most of the time at Karin and she looked back in my eyes but now and then she lowered her gaze and studied my body. She gasped of delight when I took my shorts off and she saw that I was already partly erect.

Karin looked at Gunnel who got the message. Gunnel slowly took the duvet away, unveiling Karin’s body bit by bit. I looked with great interest. Her firm breasts pointed up although she was on her back. The aureoles were big and brown and the nipples already a little stiff. Her belly was flat. She was slender all over. Her pubic hair was dark brown, rich but very neatly trimmed. Her inner pussy lips were visible. She looked absolutely stunning which I told her.

I moved close and took her görükle escort hand in mine and stroked it. I let my hand glide up her arm to her face. I stroked her hair and down over her chin and lips. She kissed and bit my finger lightly. With both hands I explored her body from head to toe and back, caressing and massaging. I avoided her pussy for the time being but squeezed her mons and combed her pubic hair. She made small sounds, which made me believe that she liked it. She looked at me most of the time with her big eyes.

Her skin was very smooth and smelled slightly of powder and a light perfume. It was very pleasant.

I started again from her head, massaging and caressing a little harder this time. I cupped and fondled her breasts for a long time and then her belly. My hands slid down the outside of her thighs and then back up on the inside. Her legs were laid together so I could not go deep in between. I reached her pussy and felt moistness. I put one finger between the lips and pressed. It sank into her and she moaned loudly. I gently massaged her and felt her clit protrude. So did her inner cunt lips. She was getting very aroused.

Gunnel was suddenly at my side. Karin had looked at her and she had understood. Gunnel parted Karin’s legs to give me access to her pussy. I bent down and started to lick her, starting in her navel and slowly working my way down to her cunt. When I reached the entrance and pressed my tongue inside she cried out. I went on licking her pussy and clit and she obviously liked it. She became noisy, moaned and cried out. It was strange to get a woman close to an orgasm and yet she was motionless.

I could feel that her cunt muscles flexed. I went on licking and from her cries I understood that she was near. Suddenly a spasm went through her body and she trembled. I stopped licking and just pressed my mouth at her pussy. I didn’t know how she liked it.

Gunnel was there again and gently pushed my head away from Karin’s pussy. I raised and very gently caressed her body with long strokes of my hands until she had calmed down.

Karin opened her eyes and looked at me.

“Thank you,” she said with tear in her eyes. “That was so good. Come! Put your dick at my mouth. I want to taste it.” She hesitated a little when she said the word.

My cock had all the time been at half-mast. It had been pleasant to caress and lick Karin but not very arousing.

I stood beside the bed and put my cock along her lips. She opened her mouth slightly and licked from underneath. Gunnel was there again, monitoring what was going on. She pushed me a little back and held my cock in her hand. She directed the head into Karin’s mouth and she started to suck and lick. She was good at it I soon found out. Gunnel let the cock slide further in. She and Karin looked at each other and Karin signaled with her eyes what she wanted. Karin took my cock further in until she had most of it in her mouth. She was really good. My cock grew and swelled and made it harder for Karin. Gunnel pulled me back a little at a time. When only my cock head was left in her mouth she closed her lips tightly around it and sucked hard. Gunnel at the same time held the base of the cock and pulled the skin back. It was very pleasant and I told Karin to be careful or I would come.

Karin opened her mouth and Gunnel took my cock out. She pushed me a little forward and placed my balls on Karin’s lips. She licked them and took them into her mouth and sucked gently. After a while she pushed them out with her tongue and Gunnel pushed me aside.

“Please, make love to me now. I want you inside me, please come into me,” Karin begged.

Gunnel had a cushion ready. She put it under Karin’s bottom and adjusted her legs to give me room. I knelt on the bed between her legs and probed her cunt with my thumb. She was wet and her pussy lips slightly open. I stroked her clit a couple of times and then lowered myself over her trying to find her pussy entrance. I didn’t find it right away. I felt a hand on my cock, steering it and got a light pat on my ass telling me to push. I gently pushed my way in and was rewarded by a wet, hot and narrow cunt. When I was in to the hilt and my balls touched Karin’s skin she cried out.

“Yes, yes, fuck my cunt long and hard with your lovely cock,” she cried, no hesitation this time. I guessed that now she was beyond her good upbringing and down to her primal behavior.

I thrust into her with long strokes and as hard as I could. I could feel her cunt muscles flex but otherwise she was motionless.

I felt a hand on my ass again pressing forward. Gunnel wanted me for some reason to stay deep inside. I soon found out why. Gunnel put Karin’s legs up around my waist. She had to hold them in place.

“Yes, that’s right. I like it. Stretch a little more,” Karin cried. “Fuck me.”

And I fucked now with short hard strokes that allowed her legs to be around my waist. And suddenly I felt Karin’s cunt muscles flex bursa escort bayan and ripple and she cried out loud. Her body trembled under me. She had a great orgasm. I stopped to give her time to calm down before a possible new orgasm. I wasn’t close yet.

Gunnel let the legs down. She stroked over my ass and down over my balls squeezing them gently.

“You haven’t come and I can feel that it will take some time yet. Will you take her in another position?” She whispered in my ear.

I nodded and withdrew.

I stepped down from the bed and helped Gunnel reposition Karin. She was put on her side and Gunnel’s intention was to have us fuck in the spoon position.

“Then you can hold her and she needs that nearly as much as making love,” Gunnel whispered.

I lay down behind Karin and with Gunnel’s help got into her pussy. I held her tight in my arms and slowly fucked her with small movements. I could reach her clit and caressed it. From her moans I could follow how her excitement grew. It took time for me though. I had to concentrate so much on how to carry out the fucking. Karin’s orgasm was building up and I felt her cunt muscles flex again. Gunnel was standing by but I managed to do the fucking.

When Karin was nearly there I suddenly felt Gunnel’s fingers around the base of my cock. She stretched the skin backwards. Her other hand held my balls and fondled them. That helped me to build up my own release. I guess that Gunnel as a nurse could feel it to.

Karin’s orgasm hit her. Her cunt muscles flexed and she cried out. Gunnel increased her fondling of my balls and put a finger up my ass. I was unprepared and my muscle didn’t resist so she slipped all the way in. She found my gland and massaged it. That made it for me too. With a grunt I came and let my seed flow into Karin.

We lay cuddled together for a while.

“Will you stay and hold her for a while longer,” Gunnel whispered in my ear. I nodded. Karin’s body was soft and very pleasant to embrace.

Gunnel moved us apart. She gently cleaned us. She put Karin on her side in my arms and Karin’s arm over my body. She put the duvet over us.

I stroked her body but soon fell asleep. I don’t know about Karin but I woke up when she licked my ear. She smiled and looked very happy.

“Thank you so much,” she whispered. “It was fantastic. I feel so good. But I will miss you. You have been so nice and gentle.” She kissed my cheek and I moved my head and then she kissed my mouth. I was a long tender kiss but with hunger underneath.

Gunnel stood at our side.

“Time to go, I am afraid,” she said. “The morning shift will come soon.”

She lifted the duvet and helped me get up. I bent down and kissed Karin good bye. It had been pleasant and certainly a new experience but I wasn’t totally satisfied.

Another week passed before I met Birgit again. When I did she was pleased.

“Karin was very happy with your visit the other night and so were Inga and Gunnel. They said that you were very gentle and focused on to please her. They really appreciated that. So you are not a complete rascal after all,” she said giggling.

“Glad to be of service,” I said. “Maybe I could get a real horny woman now? One that can screw my brains out. I think I deserve it.”

“Sorry,” Birgit said. “You have already had all the women participating in the program at the moment. No new women have joined lately. I have nothing in store for you. You have to manage. But you are the first on the list for any new woman.”

I was really disappointed and it showed I guess. I saw that she made a telephone call when I went to see my wife.

When I left my wife later in the evening a nurse handed me an envelope. My spirit rose; I hoped they had fixed me an emergency solution. But no, it was a message from Inga. She asked me to see her.

I went down to her ward. She was on duty but had time to talk to me.

“Thank you for Karin,” she said. “She was very pleased and so were we. Birgit told me that she couldn’t arrange a woman for you and that you looked very frustrated. I want to ask, will you do Karin once more?”

I looked at her and she was serious.

“Karin has asked several times if you would be willing to make love to her again. Normally we don’t let a man come to her more than once but you are special. Please say yes. She would be so grateful and so would Gunnel and I.”

I thought for a moment. To make love to Karin had been very pleasant although not as pleasant as with Inga. But compared to some of the women in the program it had in fact been better.

“Well,” I said, “why not. I am glad to. She was lovely although the situation was a little strange. I am willing to fuck her again. And how grateful would you and Gunnel be?” I added smiling.

“Oh, thank you so much,” Inga said. “We will owe you one I guess. Will Saturday night be convenient for you? Karin wants to prepare herself both mentally and physically.”

“That’s bursa escort OK,” I said. “I will come on the same time and place.”

On Saturday night I was showed into Karin’s room. She was as lovely as last time. They had spent a lot of time and effort on her physical appearance. Our lovemaking was much the same as last time. Karin was a bit bolder and told more me directly what she wanted. When the duvet was taken away her position was sexier, her legs were already parted. Gunnel was very active but I didn’t need her help to come this time. Karin had two orgasms, one when I licked her pussy and one when I fucked her before we went to sleep cuddled together. For me it was nice and comforting.

In early morning I woke up. Karin was awake and was looking at me. She smiled when she saw that I was awake. I kissed her and got help from Gunnel to get up. I used Karin’s en-suite bathroom. When I flushed the toilet there was a knock on the door and Gunnel came in. She closed the door behind her.

“Karin asks if you will take her once more. She says that she has been dreaming all night of being taken from behind. So what about it? Can you get it up?” Gunnel asked a little crude but jokingly. “Please try, she wants it so much. And from what I heard you like to do it also the morning after.” She giggled.

I consulted my cock. Yes, I thought we could do it.

“I would love to,” I said. “Karin is lovely. But how can I take her from behind?”

“I will arrange something. Don’t worry,” she giggled. “Give me ten minutes to fix her up. Take a hot shower and I will tell you when we are ready. OK?”

She went out and I had a nice hot shower and found a one-time razor and tooth brush.

Gunnel knocked at the door.

“Karin is ready. Please come in,” she said and smiled expectantly.

Karin was lying on her stomach. The bed was raised high up and the lower third part was lowered so she was half standing bent at her waist. She also had a hard cushion under her hips to prop up her bottom. She was a sight. Her naked bottom full and round, slightly parted legs to show her crack and pussy from behind. I went up to her head and kissed and fondled my way down over body. I stood behind her and caressed her bottom and slit. She was wet and waiting. But my cock wasn’t really ready. I needed more stimulation.

Suddenly Gunned was there. She looked disapprovingly at me.

“That won’t do. It won’t do at all. Lucky thing I am a nurse who knows what to do,” she said trying to sound stern but with a giggle underneath.

She knelt before me. She took my cock into her mouth, accommodating it all. She looked up at me, smiled and started to suck.

She was good at it. Was it her nurse training? In no time at all my cock started to grow. She pushed it out as it grew and in the end she sucked and licked my cock-head.

“Now I think he is as ready as he can be,” she giggled when she let my cock out of her mouth. She pushed me forward and began to stroke my cock up and down Karin’s wet crack. Karin started to moan. With her other hand Gunnel handled the remote control to the bed and adjusted the height and angle to fit me.

And then she pushed me forward into Karin’s waiting cunt. I grabbed Karin’s hips and started to thrust into her. It felt good; the cunt was narrow from this angle and closed tightly around my cock. Her inner muscles flexed nicely. Karin moaned but now and then gave instructions in a language I had never before heard from her mouth. She obviously liked the treatment.

Gunnel was standing behind me now with her hands on my ass. She squeezed my ass checks and stroked over my balls. She wanted to be into the action.

Karin cried out and her muscles flexed, but not for very long. I went on and she soon resumed her moaning and foul talk. I felt that my own pleasure was boiling inside and hoped that Karin somehow could get the message through her sensitive pussy. May be she did. She stopped talking and her moans got higher interposed by small shrieks. Her cunt muscles flexed hard. That made it. I came and thrust myself hard into her and held her hips tight. And she came too, her body shook and she cried out.

I stayed deep inside her for some time. I had learnt that she liked being held. I looked over at Gunnel and caught her with her hand under her skirt. She blushed and turned around.

Eventually I slipped out of Karin. I went up to her head and she cried silently. When I kissed her she assured me that she was happy and that she cried of delight and happiness.

“Give me your cock,” she whispered. “I want to suck it clean.”

And she sucked my limp cock deliciously with care and tender.

Gunnel draped the duvet over Karin. I kissed Karin thanks and good-bye. She caught my eye.

“Will you come back and make love to me again? Please do, it’s been so good and I want it so much,” she pleaded.

I quickly thought it over. It was pleasant but something was lacking. It was her body response I missed. But she was delicious and her pussy was sweet. If it was an act of mercy it sure was a pleasant one.

“Yes,” I answered, “yes, I will come back if Inga and Gunnel finds it appropriate. You are adorable.”

She smiled and looked happy. I got dressed and went home.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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