Tonight was the Night

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Tonight was the night. A year to the day after their first “date” they would finally meet. At least that was the plan. He sat in the chair in the hotel lobby wondering if she’d lose her nerve. He’d positioned himself so he could see the door and was watching carefully, each time it opened his eyes snapped from watching the tourists as they made their way out into the warm summers eve.

He glanced at his watch again.

They’d met on an internet sex chat. Playing with each other teasingly at first, becoming friends, then eventually becoming online lovers. She’d seemed reluctant when he said he was coming to town, he’d explained that he was coming for a vacation, a bike tour of a nearby forest, but really they both knew that that was ruse.. The scrape of the revolving door jolted him from his reverie, he looked up to spy a tall leggy blonde in a thigh wrap skirt and a tee shirt stroll through the door, her. He sat and watched her enter the room, peripheral vision taking in the turning of the heads of every man as she paused and surveyed the room.

She spotted him as he stood and strolled over to her, taking her hands in his and saying “hello babe,” a smile on his face. He kissed her on the cheek and held her at arms length for a moment, her eyes looking at him inquiringly. “I just want to look for a moment,” he said, laughing easily. He then hugged her, her body a bit stiff against his “nervous?” he asked, as he pulled back from the hug and looked into her eyes. “bloody hell yes!” she replied. Laughing for the first time since she’d walked in the door. He laughed along with her, and the dam of tension broke from both of them and they hugged again. This time güvenilir bahis their bodies molding together like the familiar lovers that, less the actual previous physical contact, they were. He took her hand and started towards the door “come on,” he said, “let’s go eat drink and be merry.”

They took a taxi to the restaurant he’d picked out earlier in the day. Sitting at a comfortable outdoor table they chatted and laughed through dinner and drinks. As the evening drew on, he leaned back in his chair and said “let’s go dancing?” “Dancing,” she replied laughing, “You can dance?”

“Like a bear,” was he replied.

He paid the check and they wandered along the road surveying the clubs and bars till they found one that looked promising and went inside. The dim room was packed, the din not quite enough to deafen a person, but getting close. One drink he said, she nodded and they walked to the bar. Three margaritas later they were curled up in a corner booth, laughing, joking and watching the crowd.

He pulled her to her feet and leaned over to her ear and said come on let’s dance. She laughed and they moved to the dance floor, moving to the rhythm of a loud thumping techno beat. He watched her body, learning her moves and quickly managing to move with her body as he began to dance closer. He reached out, wrapping his hands around her and pulling her close. The crowd on the dance floor seemed to disappear as he ran her hands up and down her body. He held her hand above her head and turned her, then pulled her back up tight against him, moving with the music as one he ran his hands over her thighs. slipping her skirt up her thighs a bit than pulling it back türkçe bahis down. As she wiggled against him his cock stiffened, he leaned forward and brushing her hair from her neck started to kiss and nibble skin. Inhaling her perfume and enjoying the taste of the light sweat that had formed on her neck during the dance session. She felt his cock against her thigh and pushed back into him, wiggling her ass as she did. He moaned against her neck, his hands playing up under her shirt and across the skin of her stomach before the music suddenly changed pace and a slow song came on.

She turned and faced him, and her arms wrapped around her neck she molded her body against his. His leg sliding hard between her thighs, hiking up the skirt a bit and he could feel the warmth of her thigh against his now nearly painfully erect cock. He slid his hands down her back, pulling her tighter and leaned down and kissed her. Lightly at first, then tilting his head back and smiling kissing her again, a kiss he’d described so many times, his tongue parting her lips, running lightly across them, then into her mouth to dance with hers. They moved to the music, kissing and running their hands more and more frantically over each other till the song ended. At the songs end, she took his hand and led him quickly back to their table.

They sat down, sipping their drinks quickly then kissing again. He pulled her onto his lap, his hands cupping her ass thru her skirt and kissed her neck. As he slid one hand up under her skirt from behind and ran it along her pussy she leaned over and said in his ear, What do you think you’re doing? What I’ve been dreaming of for the longest time was his reply. güvenilir bahis siteleri He kissed her again and she shifted her hips, moving herself harder against his probing fingers. He pulled her panties off to the side, running his fingers lightly over her pussy and said My you did enjoy the dancing didn’t you. Her only reply was to slide a hand down between them and run her hand over his cock thru his pants.

He slid a finger deep inside her wetness and then up and over her clit. Kissing her neck again as she arched her head back in pleasure. He felt her hands fumbling with his zipper, pulling him free and stroking him as he worked his fingers around her clit, back down dipping them into her wet cunt than back up to her clit. He watched as she bit her lip. He pulled her up and forward, his cock sliding naturally into her soaking canal. He moved his hands back to her ass, cupping it and rocking her back and forth on him. He reached around, taking her hand in his and sliding it between them, pushing it down so to her clit. Their fingers caressing her together, bringing her closer as he leaned back, his hips starting to thrust up into her. He felt her pussy clench down on him and heard her cries of pleasure as she started to cum. The sound of her voice as she came was all it took, and he pushed his hips up with one last hard thrust and came deep inside her. He felt her cunt spasm around him again and again until she finally collapsed against his chest. Fingers running over the damp hairs of his chest she looked up and smiled.

He kissed her again and said “Well that’s not quite the way I’d imagined our first time, but I’m not complaining.”

“Let’s go back to your hotel” she replied a devilish smile on her face, before standing and running a hand under her skirt, bringing it to her lips. He stood and took her hand and walked with her across the dance floor and out into the cool night.

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