Touched for the Very First Time

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I was at home studying for my exams. It was hot and humid and I was desperate for a break so I put on a plain old fashioned black bikini and went outside to lie at my pool. I had a refreshing swim and then got out to dry off. I lay down enjoying the feeling of the hot sun burning down on me. This was much nicer than studying I thought to myself. I was feeling the pressure and stress of exams and it caused my hormones to go out of balance. I for no good reason felt frisky. I suppose it was an excuse not to study.

I was only eighteen at this time and I had never been topless before. Many of my friends had tried topless sun tanning, the braver ones at the beach, but others had at least given it a try in the privacy of their own homes. I hadn’t.

There was nobody at home so I thought it would be a great opportunity to give it a try. I sat up on the deck chair and I undid my bikini top straps with my right hand. The top dropped by the side of the chair. I then lay back and enjoyed the feeling of the sun against my naked bare white breasts, exposed to the sunlight for their very first time.

It was then when I heard my neighbor’s voice calling from the other side of the hedge between our houses.

“Hi Rachel, its Pam here would you mind helping me for a few minutes with something? I promise it won’t take long.”

How did Pam know I was home unless she was peering through a gap in the hedge? I instinctively pulled my arms across my breasts to cover them up.

I put the top back on and I stood up and walked to the hedge. Pam stood there in one of her usual slutty little outfits. She was wearing tiny little denim shorts. Pam was around 40 years old, more than double my age. She had a great figure, was thin and tall and had long flowing blonde hair. My brother loved to look at her and thought she was a real cute babe as he put it.

“I am just by my pool tanning, let me get something on and I will come right over.” I called back to her.

“No, no, just climb through the gap here and come as you are, there is nobody else here and it will only take a minute.” She replied.

I did as she asked and I went over into her garden still in my bikini.

“I am hanging a new picture and I need you to hold it for me so that I can work out which is the best spot for it.” Pam explained.

We walked together towards her house and entered her loungeroom, where I held her picture up against the one wall, and then against the next wall as she stood back and assessed.

“Thank you for your help.” She finally decided which spot to put the picture.

“Before you go, I have something for you. Just give me a minute. This arrived in the mail with no return address and it is new with tags and all. It must have been a mail order. Anyway, I think it will suit you.” Pam spoke as she disappeared into the next room.

She came back holding a US parcel service envelope with bubble wrap inside. She handed it to me and I pulled out a blue lycra swimsuit.

“It’s a Brazilian tanga style, with the high cut back but I think it’s stunning and it would really suit you, and it’s a small size. Come on go try it on. You can go in the bathroom just behind that door.”

I didn’t really want to take it, but Pam was being quite forceful so I went inside the bathroom and then separated the top and bottom. I took my bikini off and I tried on the blue tanga bottoms. It was not a g-string at the back but rather shaped like a v triangle, and unlike a bikini, which covers most of the butt cheek this cut from the waist half way into the butt and then became a g-string. I felt far too exposed with such little cover. My black bikini was a full low cut back and this tanga swimsuit felt like someone had just taken a scissors and cut out the sides. I turned around and looked at my butt in the bathroom mirror. My white un-tanned butt stood out around the thin strip of material, making it looks like my bikini had been badly shrunken. I untied my black bikini top, which had the underwire to support large breasts and I put on the Brazilian top. It was very skimpy. It didn’t provide much coverage. A lot of skin on the side of my breasts showed and the smallish top showed plenty cleavage. It was cut so low that it just covered my nipples. I pulled the strings tighter to try pull out the material to get more coverage but it only pulled tighter against my breasts. This style top was not the best for big breasts as the only support was the thin strings. Lucky my breasts were quite firm. I again looked at myself in the mirror. The top looked like what I imagine one wears to pose for a men’s magazine. I was reluctant to go out and make an appearance outside the bathroom.

“Hey Rachael, we don’t have all day, are you ready yet?” Pam shouted from outside the door.

There was no way I was going to get out of this. She wanted to see how I looked in this gift so I took a deep breath, opened the door and paraded out.

“Pam , you are really nice to offer this to me, Anadolu Yakası Escort but it really does not suit me. Thank you anyway.” I said to her quickly without even taking a breath between words.

“Oh no you are wrong. You look unbelievable in this. You have just the right body to pull it off, so be proud of it and enjoy it, show it off. Let others enjoy it if not for you!” Pam responded not taking no for an answer.

Meanwhile her dogs started to bark.

“Klaus, my pool cleaner is here” Pam said as she went to open the door.

Oh no, a guy is arriving and I am dressed like this. I quickly went back to the bathroom to rid myself of this and put my nice traditional black bikini back on. I got to the bathroom door and shit! I had closed it behind me and now could not open it. I didn’t know where to put myself; I was feeling so uncomfortable and in desperate need of being covered up. My butt was mostly naked and my tits were gaping out like a slut. This was so not I. I stood there with my feet almost shaking from nerves as Pam walked in with a tall guy in his twenties, with short blonde hair and a little resemblance to Brad Pitt.

“Klaus, this is my neighbor, Rachel” Pam introduced me.

Klaus walked over to shake my hands. I shook his hands nervously, feeling too exposed to be in the presence of a stranger.

“Rachel, I am going to tan, please come along and join me, I have new deck chairs which need to be road tested.”

“I need to get back to my studying” I made an excuse to just get away.

“Don’t you need your house keys?” Pam asked me.

I had left them inside with my swimsuit.

“So come and relax with me while my gardener works out a way to break into my bathroom and get it for you”

I realized I did not have a choice so I followed Pam out to her pool.

Pam had changed into a red g-string bottom and a towel. She lay and tanned topless. I noticed that she had quite small size A breasts.

“I need some sun cream, it’s really hot today” Pam commented.

“Klaus!!! Please bring me the sun cream I left it in the entrance hall” she shouted across the garden to the house.

Klaus arrived with a big 500ml bottle of sun cream.

As if rehearsed, Pam got up and turned around as Klaus rubbed and massaged the cream into her back and down her legs. He took his time giving her a good massage while rubbing the lotion in.

I ignored them and picked up a Vogue magazine lying on the table next to the deck chair and quietly kept to my own business as I read the latest celebrity gossip.

“Klaus, go give Rachel some sun cream, I am worried her pale skin will burn red.”

I was about to say no and that I didn’t need any, when Klaus sat down on my deck chair and told me to turn around. I just did as he said.

He rubbed the cream all over my back, giving me a great massage. I felt his strong hand kneading the muscles down the length of my spine. He then massaged my tight shoulders. It felt quite good. They were stressed out from leaning over and studying for exams. I thought he was done when I felt cream being put on the small of my back and then drops landing on my butt cheek, which was now exposed with this new swimsuit.

He rubbed the cream in to my butt cheeks and then applied long strokes down my thigh and leg. I was quite enjoying this actually. After a few minutes he told me to turn around and sit up, which I did. He then from behind me reached his hand around my side and rubbed the cream onto my stomach. I was very ticklish. He was ensuring the cream covered every inch where I could sunburn. He squirted a handful of sun cream into his hand and then still sitting behind me with his hands reaching around to my front he put some cream on my neck and rubbed it around and then down to the edges of bikini top.

He continued lathering the cream all over me and just when I thought it was probably enough, he put more cream into his hand and rubbed it in from my stomach upwards. His hands went up and this time as he got to the borders of my bikini top he didn’t stop. His hand slipped under my top and continued upwards. As his fingers touched my breasts I felt my breath get sucked out of me. I was in a state of fright. My whole body tensed. I know I should have responded but pulling away and screaming at him for crossing the boundaries but I didn’t. I just froze and let him continue. I felt his fingers brushing against my virgin soft voluptuous breasts – never been touched by a man before. Time just slowed right down as I felt sensations of vibrating waves of pleasure pulsate throughout my being. I should have pulled his hands away and stopped him, but I was taken for a ride and the waves were stronger and mightier than little me. They dragged me along. His fingers one by one brushed up and across my nipples. My nipples hardened and went erect into little points of raw nerves, which stood out. I ached for more of this new sensation, which I could not describe. My Kadıköy Escort mouth was dry and salty and I felt a volcano erupting inside my abdomen. After a few rounds across my breasts he pulled his hand from under my top and then walked away to do something else. I hated him for stopping. It was such a rush and then an anti-climax.I wanted that floating out of the world feeling I was experiencing for the first time in my life to continue to build up more and more.

Klaus got up and disappeared into the distance to clean the pool. I tightened my bikini top strings, which had become untied. I noticed how my nipples remained hard and stood out pushing the blue material outwards.

Pam was tanning topless. I was aroused to such a point that my inhibitions melted away. I felt intense heat in my groin. I didn’t know what I could do to get more of what I just had. I yearned to have more of the same. I felt daring like never before and I in one sweep pulled my bikini top string and I let it fall off my body. I was going to be daring.

I knew the untanned white skin of my size C breasts would stand out, especially with my hard pointy nipples, but I didn’t care. I turned my head to see if Klaus was staring. He was perving at me and I acted as if I was not aware of his glances.

I was horny and my mind started focusing on sex. I wondered what he was thinking while he looked on at me. Pam was reading a magazine and was unaware of what had just happened to me. I kept my eye on my mountains of white flesh with their pink peaks in the middle, emerging from a red button like areola and standing out half an inch. It felt so strange and surreal being topless for the first time.

I longed for my bath. It was here where I would masturbate myself every night. I would lie down along the length of the bath, put my legs up along the side and position myself beneath the tap so that when the warm water flowed, the stream of running water would caress my clitoris. I would hold it open so that pressure of the stream would make contact with all the right places until I felt that calm glowing relief of an orgasm.

Daydreaming like this was not good. I felt wetness between my legs. I sat on my elbows and looked down to my legs. There was a visible wet spot on the light blue material just where it covered my slit. It looked like I had urinated it was so large. I immediately turned around and lay on my front.

“Klaus, can I get another coat, I am feeling the heat!” Pam called out.

I lay there watching him go through the rounds again. He took a lot of time rubbing cream into her butt. When he finished she got up and he rubbed cream on her breasts. This was obviously all the normal routine for them. When he finished off with her he came to my side and without me asking him to do anything, he took out some cream in his hands and rubbed it into my back. His fingers were spread wide and I felt them glide down the sides of my breasts and then onto my lower back. He then pulled my tanga bottom and pulled it into my butt crack like a proper g-string and he rubbed cream all over my butt. He was definitely up to something as I felt his fingers brush against my pussy lips. This went on few times more when he applied the cream in long strokes from my glutts down my thighs and legs. I had to hold myself back from letting out a moan.I was holding my breath to avoid this happening. My pussy was aching to have more. I had never felt these sensations before. It was like I was transformed into a bimbo. I was yearning for more sexual touching, much more. I was lusting to be satisfied by a man.

He then sat down across my legs as he continued with the massage. I felt something hard press against my butt as he leaned over my back to massage my neck. I had never felt a man’s erection before, but I was sure that this is what it was. This was all too much for me.

“Thank you Klaus, I must get back home to continue my studying.” I said as I started to turn around.

He quickly retreated backwards and stood up as I held my top in place with my hands got myself up. I then stood up, put the towel around my waist and went over to thank Pam.I think Klaus was a bit taken back by my sudden reaction.

“You are welcome anytime. Thank you for your help and that swimsuit looks really stunning on you!” she said as I went back to get my things from the room which was now unlocked.

I grabbed my swimsuit and keys and walked across Pam’s garden and over to my side of the hedge.

I went inside my house, up the stairs to the bathroom and turned on the taps for a bath. I was feeling quite tense and jittery. It was a different tension to that caused by exams as this coursed through my veins and muscles and every inch of my being as if they were screaming out loud for something. I didn’t realize at the time that this was pent up sexual frustration but I suppose my intuition to have a bath and do my daily ritual under the taps was some sort of subconscious realization.

I Ataşehir Escort took off my top and then peeled off my bottoms. I looked at my naked self in the mirror and noticed that my breasts and butt were slightly pink from the sun despite the sun cream. As I put the new bikini bottoms down I saw an off white stain in the white cotton inner lining of the bathing suit and when I looked closer there appeared to be some whitish creamy substance coating the stain. I had never had this sort of discharge before. It smelt a bit salty and fishy. I realized that it must have come out of me amidst all the excitement. I didn’t want this to be discovered so I put it in the basin and ran it under the hot water. I then needed to dry the suit and hide it before my mother came home. She would never allow me to keep something so skimpy. She always preached modest dress to us and she would take one look as this and deem it too slutty for me to wear. I didn’t want to explain things.

I turned the bath taps off and ran off to the laundry to put the suit on the line in the sun to dry. I heard a knock on the backdoor.

“Hello, its me Klaus, I have your watch with me. You left it by the pool.”

I didn’t expect anyone let alone at my back door. I was naked as I was dashing to quickly hang up the suit before I was about to get into the bath. Nobody was expected home for at least another couple of hours. I was in an awkward situation as the laundry opened up to the lounge, with floor to ceiling windows onto my back garden where Klaus was standing.

“I am coming, just give me a minute.” I shouted from the laundry.

There was nothing to put on in the laundry other than the soaking wet bikini bottoms and a pair of pink satin panties. I quickly put on the panties and then realized that I had not brought the bikini top along with me.

I put my head around the corner and there was Klaus waiting in front of the window.

“Ok, I was going to be confident and brave!” I said to myself.

I lifted my head upwards, pushed my shoulders back with pride and walked over to open the door topless. I felt so naked, so vulnerable I just could not continue parading like this. My shy introverted self-got the better of me and I folded my arms across each other in front of my breasts hiding them from view.

Klaus instead of handing over my watch just walked inside to my lounge.

“You should always dress like this. You have the best tits I have ever seen.” He muttered as he sat down on the couch.

“You caught me getting into the bath. I don’t normally walk around with my breasts hanging out.” I felt the need to explain myself.

“Its funny how you still managed to sunburn even with the cream” Klaus commented as he looked at the various shades of white and pink on my skin.

“You must get some after sun lotion onto those pink spots else you will get water bubbles and that is not good for the skin especially in sensitive spots!” Klaus recommended.

“If you have some I will help you put it on” he continued.

“I am sure you would,” I answered flirtatiously.

I was about to refuse, as that was ladylike thing to do when I thought about the sensations I had experienced earlier and now I had a chance to experience them again. I looked at my watch. It was 3pm and my mother would not be home until 6pm, so it was quite safe.

I quickly retreated out of the room and went to bathroom to look in the cupboard for after sun lotion. I returned to the lounge with a towel and the bottle of lotion.I placed the towel over the couch and sat down on it while Klaus lifted the bottle.

“You need to lie down and if I am going to lather the cream on the pink spots you better remove your arms,” he stated in a commanding tone.

I pulled my arms to my sides exposing my breasts to Klaus again. For the second time today he got my hormones buzzed up, and it felt even stronger with him in my house.

Klaus rubbed the lotion into my breasts with intent. My back involuntarily arched upwards as he rubbed his thumb across my nipple and then grasped it in between his thumb and forefinger and repeatedly caressed it between them. I was feeling horny and I did not stop him. His touching was the wildest thing I had ever felt. I never realized that my body could even feel such an intense sensation. It was like a lightning strike, which rippled through my body spreading outwards to every cell. I felt a strange heat and tightening in my vagina. It was like a wild animal was set free inside it and it was struggling to escape its confines and my instinct was to touch it to tame the wild animal, but I didn’t. I closed my eyes as Klaus continued rubbing in the cream. He covered my breasts and each time caressed my pointy nipples stand sendng another rush down my body.

“You must turn over now so I can put lotion on your other spots” Klaus said.

I did not want him to stop touching my breasts but I had no choice so I turned over. My focus came back to reality and my awareness returned. I felt my panties being pulled down a little as Klaus rubbed lotion into my lower back where it edged onto my butt crack. I then felt the lotion, cold against my hot red butt — a result of being tanned in areas for their very first time.

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