Town Cop Ch. 10

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As I made my way back to the truck, I am greated by Charlie who wraps his arms around me and helps me into the truck. I smile at the sleeping babies in the back, and wonder about the future of Law History Farms and Blue’s Chance.

Charlie gets into the truck and drives back to the house as it’s easier on me since I am still sore from my c-section.

Charlie helps me into the house, up the steps and into bed. He helps me get comfortable until it’s time for feeding the babies.

Charlie leaves and unloads the truck and carries each baby into their crib down the hall, I hear them on a monitor. Nicole comes in to give me a pain pill as my abdomen is starting to hurt.

“Please, send in Charlie” I ask her as she is leaving.

“No Problem” she answers me.

Charlie comes in carrying my luggage and balloons from the hospital.

“Whatcha need babe” He asks.

“Just time with you” I reply.

Charlie comes to the bed and lets me put my head onto his shoulder and we fall asleep just the two of us.

Nicole comes in and wakes us up as the babies are hungry and I need to pump milk for them. Charlie helps me undo my night gown and I provide milk from both breasts.

Charlie gives it to Nicole who heads to the nursery and proceeds to feed the babies.

One Year Later

Charlie and I are standing in the paddock watching the oldest children fight over who is going to ride one Şerifali Escort of 3 horses that are our new pets. We decided on passing on the love of horses to the children. We purchased 3 Chincoteague ponies at the annual fire auction in Virginia. We bid on 3 Fillies who were about 3 years old each. We named them Sunny, Faith, & Joy.

Faith is a Black Filly with 3 white feet, Sunny is a Palomino Filly, and Joy is a Paint colored Filly with a blue eye.

The triplets are trying to ride on one pony and its funny because they remind me of me when I was their age. The Quadruplets are napping and Nicole has since moved on after we found out she was sleeping with the barn manager. We gave her a nice severance pay and gave her a nice referral.

Blue’s Chance has bred with 110 mares this season and all are in foal. Bill has helped us break the fillies and shown us a thing or two on training horses, Charlie handles the horse so well and is thinking of leaving the police force to train police and race horses full time. We had to hire a Broodmare Manager and 3 Full time nannies’s to help with bathing, feeding, and clothing the kids.

Charlie and I head back to the house as the triplets are ready for an afternoon nap and it will leave us some alone time before dinner.

We tuck the girls in first and then Charlie, JR as we call him.

Charlie and I head for our bedroom, Şerifali Escort Bayan and lock the door.

Charlie pulls me into his embrace and kisses me tenderly.

UMMM I moan.

Charlie removes my top, bra, shorts, and panties.

I remove his t-shirt, jeans, and boxers.

I slowly begin to stroke his manhood and Charlie moans in pleasure.

“Suck me” Charlie begs me.

I slowly descend to his ever growing erection, I slowly suck his balls, lick the tip of his cock tasting precum.

I engulf my mouth onto his cock and slowly start sucking away.

Slurp, slurp I go.

Charlie grabs my head and pushes his cock further in my mouth.

I go faster bobbing away when I hear

“Baby, I’m coming” Charlie cries.

I feel jet after jet of cum spurt down my throat. His cock deflates and softens.

Charlie pulls me up and gives me a long hard kiss.

He picks me up and carries me to the bed and slowly lowers to my sopping wet cunt.

He inserts 2 fingers and flicks his tongue over my clitoris doing so causes me to squirm and moan in pleasure.

“Suck Me” I beg him.

Charlie finger fucks me and sucks my clit causing me to moan more and more.

“I’m coming” I cry out as an orgasm hits me.

Charlie is hard by then and moves over me and inserts the head into me. I gasp in pleasure as he slowly enters me with his 8″ erection.

Charlie Escort Şerifali slowly rocks his hips back and forth into me. I grab his hips and push him deeper into me. Causing both of us to moan in pure pleasure.

“Harder, Faster” I beg him

Charlie picks up his pace and pounds into me. He drives his cock into me with growing need to release. I grip his cock with my vaginal muscle and pull him deeper into me.

Charlie groans in sheer pleasure. As I groan as well.

I begin to feel an orgasm build up and beg Charlie “Harder, Harder, Deeper!” Which Charlie does with out any objection.

“I’m close” Charlie gasps between breaths

“Me Too” I quickly reply

Charlie pounds into me a few more strokes before I feel his cock swell up and release a huge amount of cum. As he finishes my orgasm begins, I cry out in soft whimpers as I cum all over Charlie who is still embedded in me.

“Charlie” I reply

“Yes, Babe” He responds

“I’m pregnant” I announce.

Little did we know the tubal ligation I had was not done correctly, I had begun to feel morning sickness and went to Dr. Berglund who did a blood test to confirm my suspicions.

Charlie still embedded in me gets hard just thinking about me carrying another child. His child and slowly moves in and out of my now wet cunt. He grinds his hips into mine causing me to moan in pleasure. I feel another orgasm building and cry out as it hits me. Charlie continues sliding in and out until he unloads another load of cum into me.

He pulls me into his arms and whispers into my ear, “I would love to have many more children” Kisses me then pulls me into his arms and together we fall fast asleep.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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