Toy Boy Extraaordinaire

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When I met Linda it could be said that she was a good catch.

Being a woman in her early fifties and tripping on a kerb whilst running to catch a bus, I, like the good Samaritan, was there to catch her and break her fall.

She could not thank me enough. But she was shaky and shocked having gashed her knee on the bus stop sign. I tended her, lifting her under her arms to ensure she was okay to walk.

I thought the best thing I could do was to give her a lift to her home in MY car. At first she declined looking to be the independent type. But I insisted.

She told me that I reminded her of her son who, with his family, had emigrated to Australia.

“My name is Linda by the way, and thank you again for saving me from something that might have been tragic and you are very kind to lift me home, the least can do is ask you in for coffee, erm?

“Jason” I said assuming her question.”

She said my smile captivated her.

“You even smile like David – David is my son’s name.”

“I shall be delighted to take up your offer, Linda, so long as you don’t take advantage of me” I joked.

But Linda blushed: “I hope you don’t think…?”

“Not at all” I replied again assuming her question. “I take the offer as you obviously mean it with no strings attached” I laughed.

Now she realised I was teasing her. The look on her face said it.

“I wonder where that saying came from, Jason? She queried.

“No idea, but I guess everybody knows what it means.”

“How old are you Jason?”

“Old enough” I winked.

Linda blushed again. Perhaps she fancied me. Well I had a mate who had settled with a much older woman who tells me she makes really good sex.

I eventually said that I was 25 on his last birthday, the day Janice dumped me..

“I am so sorry. If you don’t mind my saying, she must have been mad to dump a nice handsome guy like you.”

“Thanks for that” I retuned happily. At first I did miss her but now I have got used to being single.

“Oh! You were married then Jason?”

“No, it is just a figure of speech.”

By the time I left Linda’s for home, ensuring she was alright, having bandaged her knee, when she showed me a little more thigh than I think she meant to. Or did she? – We had become quite close. I discovered comfort in exchanging stories about our lives.

So much so that, when Linda invited me to call again I was delighted. She was so easy to speak with and besides, I had a sort of yearning for her. We spent quality time together, just being with each other and this went on for another two visits,.

The third time I visited was on a Sunday afternoon.

“I usually take a nap on a Sunday” Linda announced.

“Oh! Right, if you’d rather me go then Linda and let you have your constitutional nap, I can make it another time?”

“Not at all, Jason. I value your company too much.”

He wondered then why she said that; about having a nap on a Sunday. Perhaps it was a hidden invitation or perhaps not. And anyway; why was I thinking like that? She was old enough to be my mum.

Next time we met, Linda seemed down, she had been crying that was evident and always the good Samaritan, I asked what was the matter and could he help.

“I am just being silly. It was Bob’s birthday today you see. I get so emotional even now although he has been ten years gone.”

I instinctively joined her on the settee, put my arm around her shoulders to comfort her.

“Bob was your other half eh?”

“He was my husband; we’d been married twenty years until he foolishly killed himself in a motor crash.”

We didn’t talk awhile. Linda snuggled into my chest and said quietly that she felt better now she had me.

I quickly moved from her side, – what did she mean?

“But you are old enough to be my Mum” I announced.

“I am being silly Jason, Ignore me, I was thinking perhaps that you could feel for me differently than as a mum. Is she still alive and I am so sorry if I offended you?”

“You didn’t really Linda. It is simply that my mindset thinks of you as a mother image.”

Now I felt myself blushing because for the first time, I knew my feelings for Linda were much more than maternal.

“Hey. That is what I do Jason” she smiled.

I realised she had a lovely warm smile and she was really getting to me. She stretched out a hand to mine, I relaxed and sat down beside her again. She smelt nice. She was lovely. She was a remarkable woman for her age. She had a wonderfully defined slim figure and legs to die for and I had already noted she had a gorgeous tight hind which I really liked in a woman.

I was thinking how good she would look in tight jeans seeing the outline of her curves in her dress.

We just sat there. Her expression changed from being rather glum, when I arrived to a glowing smile . And I loved those deep brown eyes that seemed to match her hair.

“You are so young for your age, Linda.”

“I take that as a compliment” she returned snuggling up to me again. I heard her quietly humming a Beatle’s number; “All My loving” and then I felt the warmth of her lips brush my cheeks and then she said; “Thank you for being here Jason.”

As if by instinct I kissed her full on the lips. Not knowing why. Not even understanding why I was falling head over heels for a much older woman, when all my dreams and fantasies focused on a girls about my age.

Should I stop this before it goes too far. I realised the heat of the passion vibrating in her being, the depth and length of her kisses as she started to French kiss me.

But I knew I could not hold back. And it was not just the passion that stopped me from doing that. It was something else too and I knew those strings were really attached and I was hers if she wanted me.

I enjoyed her long kisses which seemed to go on for ever. It was as if her passion had been let out of a cage which had been locked for so long. And now the cage was open, ten years had passed and she was primed up again. Her whole body craved for me, there was absolutely no mistaking that..

“I cannot help it baby” she said apologetically and said for me to stop her if that is want I wanted.

I moved to gently cup her well-formed breasts over her top, and she closed her eyes and gently moaned, helping me undo her bra at the back and unbutton her top, and there she was, all woman for me

She was absolutely beautiful and abundant. I simply smothered my face into her form and kissed each nipple warmly. She was so nice and wonderful to touch and her kisses set me on fire like no other woman had managed to do.

“Would you like to go further Jason” she asked sweetly and I knew exactly what she meant. If she had seen my bundle grow, she would know my reply and I guessed that is why she invited me.

She lifted her skirt to arouse me more and I adored the shape of her thighs in coffee stockings with nice panties to match. All my carnal thoughts made me want to go very much further.

She was looking down at me with a abroad satisfying smile and she immediately knew my reply. In my embarrassment I attempted to hide it. But Linda said not too.

“I am flattered you think of me that way. If only you knew just how good you make me feel.”

She led me up the stairs and I thrilled watching her so very serenely and sexually take each step whilst those gorgeous hips swayed delightfully from side to side, expressing beautifully her femininity, and I saw that ominous gap between her thighs which enticed me to explore later.

When we got to the bedroom and I began to strip she said she wanted to do that. She said she wanted to discover if she still had what it takes because it had been ten years past since she’d had a guy.

That was an offer if ever there was!

It was so beautifully done. In a way that only a woman could achieve. She made me feel special and it was a sheer delight to watch her excitement spill over when she found me, full and ready..

“That is so nice, Jason” she murmured and I enjoyed her touch of me as she slowly began to explore every sinew. She did it so naturally and I guess I was enjoying the desire of an experienced woman.

She knelt there between my thighs which she had gently prized open, me sat on the edge of the bed showing my worth and she lavished touching my contours everywhere.

“I adore the way it jumps every time I squeeze” she whispered and it was heaven on earth for me, watching her explore and enjoy me there. All the time touching him in different ways, stroking and teasing, sniffing in the most delightful way and I knew then I wanted her fuck more than anything else in the world.

I wanted her deep and tight so he could feel the love throb inside.

I was like a tiger and growled like one. She adored that.

I wanted to ravish her but she whispered to be patient asking if she could kiss me there.

One of the most intimate things besides penetration was to indulge in the sheer magic of oral splendour, and when I felt those first warm and moist sensations, feeling the way she squeezed me there and how she enjoyed cupping my balls, it was all so right.

I wanted her to the hilt and I was going to take this woman every way I knew how. As she sucked me, and her sucks grew more deep and prolonged I felt the need to rise and said that she should stop and save it for later.

But she paid no attention and I knew this was a woman with a mission.. So I felt the passion spill over and knew her mouth was well anointed, feeling each spasm making me shudder, I was so strong and full for her and ,without hesitation, she took every drop I had to give, with so much joy and passion, like a passion I had never known before.

We both lay exhausted on the bed, I saw her breast heaving as she gasped for breath. Her mouth and lips glistened and I gave her a tissue to clean herself. But she refused saying she wanted it to last and last, it was beautiful and she loved me..

She actually said it, he had a new woman loving him again

“Aww! Look he has swindled now” she teased. “I reckon we shall need to do something about it don’t you Jason?”

“I have never known anyone like you Linda; you are the best thing that has happened to me!”

She smiled; She lifted a silken petticoat from her midriff and let me see her femininity.

“Now it is your turn Jason” she whispered. And no sooner had she said that and I was hungrily tasting her kisses again this time more extravagantly and then she pushed my head down wards and I took in the scent of woman and when I felt her hand working me again, as I pressed my mouth into her, I knew I was at full mast again and she knew it too. We soon found a way to enjoy each other orally and discover each other completely

“Let us fuck now” she said so sweetly, she felt my passion again and squeezed it into her, telling me it had been a long time and she may be just a little tight. But it felt nice and warm and moist, I felt her move and help me into her vulva and the feeling was out of this world as she began to move her hips, sitting over me, so wide apart, making the fuck last and last until we were both ready for the waterloo.

Now I was officially her guy but on the understanding that when the time came, she wanted a younger version, then she would I understand.

“But for now, you are my Toy Boy extraordinaire” she said.

But there could never be anybody like Linda that’s for sure and I knew there was going to be a whole lot of loving going on when she invited me to live with her.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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