Toys, Toys, Toys in the Attic

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From the early days of Sean and Paula. The first introduction of a toy into their lovemaking. To see where this ultimately leads in later years, read one of my other submissions.

“Are you sure this is alright?” Paula with big pleading eyes. Obviously torn and uncertain. “It’s not wrong or weird?”

“That depends upon who is in charge of your pussy. Aren’t you in charge of your pussy? As grown adults in a committed relationship, whatever we choose to be right is right.” I reassured her.

“It’s just that I don’t know, I’ve never done anything like this before.”

“You sounded pretty enthusiastic about it an hour ago.”

“I know, but that was, you know, in the heat of the moment.”

“I LIKE you in the heat of the moment.”

“STOP, you know what I mean. Am I a pervert or something for wanting this?”

“If you are then you are in good company because there are about a million of these things made each year in countless varieties. But for the record you’re not a pervert, if anyone is, it’s me for enticing you to do this.”

The things, or in this case thing, being mentioned is a vibrator, or more specifically, a flesh-colored anatomically correct, penis-shaped vibrator. I should tell you how we got to this conversation, and how our love life together improved for it.

February, a few years ago. The relentless cold and dampness of New York to be left behind as we fly to sunny Florida for a long weekend alone together. Kids shipped off to grandma’s, flight, hotel and rental car reservations complete. Packing done and off to the airport.

Now I know I’ve told this to everyone countless times, but at the risk of repeating myself, Paula is a different person alone with me on vacation compared to how she is at home with the kids etc. I don’t think we’ve ever fought while on vacation and the intimacy and sex (and sex and sex and sex) is fantastic.

Everything works out fine with the flight, and car. The drive from Orlando to Clearwater is a little slow but we manage to check into the hotel and coordinate dinner with one of Paula’s old girlfriends who lives there without any problem. The evening is pleasant with lots of “catching up” by the ladies. Later, that night the sex is typically good, but after a long day it wasn’t especially inventive. Just your basic sucking and fucking which you really can never criticize.

The next day it’s a gentle relaxing morning fuck followed by breakfast. Then it’s off to enjoy the hotel facilities: exercise room, multiple swimming pools, the warm Gulf of Mexico and back to the poolside cabana bar. All told, a most enjoyable way to spend a day, especially when it’s about 60 degrees warmer than at home!

As afternoon draws towards evening, it’s back to the room to shower and head to a happy hour, but since we are on vacation and Paula’s libido is in overdrive, inevitably Escort we end up in bed.

Now call me a bastard, but a lot of the time when on vacation and we end up screwing in the afternoon I won’t satisfy Paula. More specifically, I’ll tease the daylights out of her, bringing her to the brink of orgasm repeatedly and then denying her release. I know this is mean, but she’s a good sport about it and for me it keeps her tuned up for the whole evening and ensures that she’ll really want to fuck my brains out that night. (As if she wouldn’t anyway, remember we are on vacation.)

So after giving her perfectly manicured pussy a good tongue lashing and letting her bob her mouth over my cock for a bit I position myself over her in the missionary position. I gently rub my cock over her pussy lips and ask her:

“What should I do with this?”

“You know what to do with that.”

“Yeah, but you have to tell me.” I gently slip the end in, and just as quickly, back out. She gasps at first and shifts to try to force it in again. We both LOVE the sensation as my cock first enters her.

“OOOH, don’t tease me.”

“You know this whole session is teasing, you don’t get to come. Now tell me what you want me to do with this cock.”

“FUCK ME, I want you to fuck me with that big cock.”

With that, I stuff it in all the way. I think Paula has an instant mini-orgasm. We fuck this way for a few minutes and both are really heating up. I move behind her into the “spoons” position and again enter her where I can whisper in her ear.

“You like that cock pounding your little pussy, don’t you.”


It’s easier to get her to agree to nasty talk than to get her to initiate it as you’ve probably guessed.

“I’m gonna want to eat you later tonight, so I shouldn’t come in this little pussy. Maybe I should come in your mouth.”


“Or maybe you’d like to have a nice hard cock in your mouth while I fuck your little pussy.”


She’s really bucking against me now and I can tell she likes this fantasy.

“Yes a nice hard cock in your pussy and a nice hard cock for you to suck, you’d like that wouldn’t you my naughty girl. Tell me.”

“Yes, yes, I’d like that. OOOHH.”

It’s too much for me and I quickly pull out. Paula senses my impending orgasm and turns towards me. I shift up, and she shifts down, taking my cock into her mouth moments before I cum, shooting shot after shot into her waiting mouth. She swallows every drop and continues sucking. For some reason it takes forever for me to go down this time and she continues gently sucking. A world-class blowjob. Finally, I’m down and she comes up to me and we cuddle.

“You know, I know a way we could make the two cocks thing work.” I start.

“I don’t think a could do a threesome.” She says with alarm.

“It wouldn’t really be a threesome, except for the cock. I could buy a rubber cock and you could experience the sensation without ever having to actually engage a stranger. No worries about reputation, disease, conscience, nothing.”

“Really? We could do that?”

And this is where the dialog from the beginning fits in, continuing to one degree or another throughout the evening. It’s obvious that while this intrigues her, it worries her almost as much.

We dressed and I looked into the motel room’s yellow pages for adult shops. There was one only a few blocks north of the hotel, so off we went.

When we arrived, I parked the van and asked if she wanted to go in.

“No, I’ll just wait here and try to hide.” She retreated.

The store was very typical with everything from erotic wear to videos and of course, toys. I picked up the most realistic looking dildo I say, but not certain how well this whole thing was going to go, I didn’t want to spend $100 only to have it trashed. I settled on a $25 model that was accurately molded and flesh colored, just not as perfect as the expensive one. At about 6” long I had it beat slightly in the size department which was a consideration since I didn’t want to be usurped by a toy. The lady behind the counter was cool and I was out after only 10 minutes of shopping.

“I saw a couple go in after you.” She said as I got in.

“Yeah, you should have come in, now you’ll just have to wait until later to see what I got.”

I put the bag under the seat.

“I’m not sucking it.” She countered.

“You’ll do whatever I say you’ll do.”

Surprisingly, she didn’t fight this. Sometimes I think Paula has a submissive streak that she uses to get her conscience off the hook when she thinks she’s being naughty.

We visited a couple of bars and had a nice dinner sitting outside one on the patio. The food was good and prices very reasonable. Our lengthy afternoon of delight had us eating late and after a few stops and several drinks I asked if Paula wanted to find a noisier club.

“No Sean, I think I’d like to go home now.”

“Is somebody getting a little horny?”


We headed back to the hotel. While Paula was in the bathroom I opened the vibrator package and stashed it in the nightstand. Soon Paula was out, dressed in a racy nightgown.

The lights were dim, but enough to see by. She settled onto the bed with me and began kissing me hungrily. Her passion was quite evident and we both developed “Roman hands and Russian fingers” so to speak. The racy nightgown was soon dispatched as were my shorts and it didn’t take long for Paula to be bobbing on my stiff cock enthusiastically. I reached into the nightstand and brought out the rubber cock, slowly bringing it towards my own cock and her sucking mouth. Paula viewed it as she sucked. I don’t know if she had ever seen one before, but she didn’t seem alarmed or revolted, maybe curious. I moved it closer until it brushed her cheek. She looked at me as she pulled my cock from her mouth and went down on the other cock.

It was quite a turn-on to see her sucking the strange cock. Now I wasn’t fooling myself into thinking it was real or anything, but that made it more comfortable since at this time I wasn’t sure if I could take the real thing. She alternated between mine and the strange cock, sucking us both and it was very sexy. I don’t absolutely know every aspect of Paula’s sexual history so for all I knew she was fooling me and had done the real thing in the past, but I doubt it. She seemed to handle the two cocks well, but maybe it’s not that hard.

“Do you like having two hard cocks to suck?” I asked.

“Umm-hmmm.” She mumbled over my cock.

“Maybe the stranger should fuck you while you suck me.”


I rubbed my hand over her pussy finding it very wet, then I took the rubber cock and pressed it against her. It was actually a little bit difficult from the angle, the light and the fact that I had no sensation from the rubber cock. I mean I’m used to fucking with MY cock which provides feedback as to the accuracy of my aim; this had none. Soon it was pushing into her and I was surprised at how hard it was to fuck her with it. After three kids Paula isn’t exactly virginally tight, but generally snug to start becoming less so after some good hard fucking bangs her open. My hips pushing my cock into her evidently do more work than I realized because I consciously had to push the other cock into her pussy.

“You like that, having his hard cock fucking you while you suck me.”


“You are such my naughty, nasty wife.”

She sucked and fucked for a few more moments, when I shifted her on top of me, facing away. She promptly straddled my cock and began fucking me. I licked my fingers, and rubbed them over her asshole.

“Maybe you’d like to have one cock in your pussy and one fucking your ass.”

“I don’t know if I could take that.”

She was really moving on my cock now and it was hard to work my fingers over her ass.

“My dirty girl can take two cocks in her holes.”

“I don’t know.” She panted.

I began to push the rubber cock against her ass, but before I could get it inside, Paula came with a loud moan. This in turn set me off and I exploded into her gripping pussy.

We played with our new friend one more time on that trip. Going through airport security I was a little worried that it might be discovered, but not enough to throw it away. Either it wasn’t discovered, or the screeners were cool, because nothing was said. At home our rubber friend comes out for special occasions. Paula wasn’t able to experience double-penetration until over a year later during our “Weekend in Connecticut” which I hope to write for you soon.

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