Trap Site that Trapped Me Ch. 03

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It has been a rough twenty four hours. I ordered and used a transformation kit from a dark web site. It promised to allowed a total transformation to the very last detail, as I set forth in the online form filled out with purchase. When it arrived I used the kit and fell asleep. Upon waking I had become the object of my obsessions over the female form. After the landlord arrived and fucked my brains out I went for a step outside. After a short time I was caught and sexually humiliated by the dominant Madam next door. My ex-wife became involved. That was enough for me. As soon as I got the chance I washed away the transformation. I then fell asleep on my bed. I snapped awake at three a.m.

I was startled like I was falling. Only awakening just before impact. My mind turns straight to the experience I just had. Confused I don’t know, was it even real? Had the kit just somehow mad me dream the whole experience. I rise from the bed and step into the bathroom. Looking in the full length mirror. Naked I see the Chuck I have always been. Athletic build and strong with absolutely no trace of feminine shape or looks. It was an amazing dream and seemed so real. It must have been a dream. There is no evidence to the contrary. I’m not sure it was worth the money really. I need to contact customer service here. My therapist is going to have a good time with this. I’m sure he is going to really let me have it.

I grab beer at the fridge then head to the couch to get the laptop. After a few short minutes of searching I arrive at the site. The home page loads up.

Welcome to the R’leyh Foundation a Transformation Project

Helping achieve your deepest desires since 1772

What is your deepest desire?

The only thing on the screen besides the title is an empty search bar. What the fuck am I supposed to do with this? When I came to this site before there were several videos about crazy sissy hypno porn. Of course first time, I stumbled upon the site after several days of deep sissy porn activity on my part. That said let’s start with “product review.” The screen flashes a quick image of some old looking letters maybe Latin I’m unsure. Then another question appears on screen.

Do you have a user account with us? No

The screen flashes another quick image then another question.

Have you used a product from our site? Yes

Another flash and another question.

Did the product work as indicated? No

Flash, short pause, and then another question.

How would you like to proceed?

What the fuck is that supposed to mean? How am I supposed to answer that?

I type: I would like to contact customer service. Adding I was not satisfied. When I press enter a chat box opens. Oh great a fucking live chat bot.

Bot: Hello Guest I’m a site acolyte. How can I assist you? It appears you have used a product and you have not been satisfied. Please tell me what product was used?

Me: I used The One Night Stand transformation kit.

Bot: Oh I see. I see you do not have a personal profile for our site. Some times the guest transformation request form is not accurate enough to allow exact results. Do you remember how you answered question number one, when you first arrived at the site? It would have been “what is your deepest desire?”

Me: I wanted to attract the attention of men with a perfect female body shape.

Bot: I see. I must ask. Biologically are you a woman or a man?

Me: A man.

Bot: I see. Were you asked a series of questions to build a body type?

Me: Yes

Bot: Did the transformation take place?

Me: No I feel asleep and had a super satisfying dream that I transformed, but thats it.

Bot: Are you absolutely sure? This is very important.

Me: Pretty sure.

Bot: Please relate the dream to me in detail.

At this time I relayed the entire dream. When I finished typing there was a pause. Then there was a flash of a symbol.

Bot: I see. Yes sometimes this happens. Are you certain the event described was only a dream? If so then you may have a natural resistance to the ritual science used to create your personal product. What are your intentions today?

Me: I’d like some sort of return on my money. I never expected to really transform but I expected to at least have some breast growth or something. I wanted to actually experience the event.

Bot: What if I could assure you a transformation? With the information given today we could recalculate the scientific ritual used. We could issue a second kit for your use. If after a second chance you are not satisfied I will issue a two hundred percent refund to your card. Would that satisfy your desire today?

Me: Well I guess that is a pretty good offer. What do I need to do?

Bot: Simply sign up for an account profile. Fill out ever question with even the smallest details you can imagine. Then simply trust in the science of the transformation. Also understand the ritual science of this vbet transformation is beyond simple. It is very powerful. It is absolutely a must that you answer every question. Answers must be as truthful as possible. Can I do anything else for you Chuck?

Me: No I’ll get that profile completed thanks.

I can’t believe I’m going to waste time on this again. That was the thought that crossed my mind as I signed up for an account profile. When prompted I answered the questions as detailed as possible.The questions ranged from age to shoe size. They asked about thoughts on everything from political view to sexuality.

I described Jasmine the woman trapped inside my mind as. Age:22 5’6″ tall. Measurements Chest: 36dd Waist: 26 Hips: 34 Size 7 shoes. Size 4 pants. Beautiful long smooth legs with slender thighs under a firm round apple bottom ass. A smooth not overly defined stomach. A very slim waist tucked under firm round 36dd tits Tits that are perky and smooth with perfectly proportioned nipples. Slim arms and shoulders with not too much definition. Great looking slender hands with well proportioned fingers and nails, long but not over done. A slim neck, perfect with out a visible adam’s apple. A slender and soft jawline. A slightly pointed chin with beautifully defined cheekbones. A small cute nose that slightly turns up at the tip. Large Beautiful emerald green eyes. Soft long beautiful black hair. She has a very small set of balls that are all but and empty sack. A very tiny dick that strongly resembles a clit.

I was asked to define what I believed was my deepest desire.

I wan to be noticed by men. I want to be lusted after and pursued. I want to use my shapely body and youthful beauty to make men desire me. I want to be obsessed over. I don’t want this to be a sexual thing. I just want to have a man want me. I want to be the object of mens affections. I want to know what its like to have the power a beautiful woman has. As I answered question after question one at a time the screen flashed those strange symbols after each entry.

With a completed profile I was able to reorder a new kit. I was prompted to sign a service agreement, a statement on the truth of my answers, and a non disclosure agreement. Which I didn’t remember from before. But with $400 dollars on the table, I signed. Really what can a freaky web site possibly have for legal support. It seemed harmless. I mean if all that happens is a more intense dream I will get paid. If I get to actually enjoy the transformation it will be amazing. Having completed registration and ordering I closed the laptop and took my empty beer can to the trash in the kitchen.

As I walked past the table I noticed a pair of my handcuffs. When my eyes fell on them there was a flash, a glimpse of my previous night’s dream. Just a flash of an ancient symbol and a sight of Madam Joan. Wait had I got these out while experiencing the dream? Was that an effect of the site.? What was that snap flash image and visual glitch? Lingering effect of the site I’m sure. I picked them up and took them to the bedroom. I unlocked my footlocker were my patrol equipment is kept. Upon opening the locker I found my handcuffs were in place.

Well where the fuck did these come from? Could they be Joans? In the dream I was escorted cuffed and naked across the front yard, to my kitchen, by my ex-wife. No, they must be a pair I forgot I had around. I let the thought go and put on some clean clothes. Boxers, shorts, socks, and. t-shirt then started about my morning. I checked my phone for scheduling I saw the landlord was supposed to fix the closet door that morning. That’s funny, I already fixed it and I must have forgotten to tell John. Funnier still that’s how the dream started out. I better call him. John will arrive first thing and probably be upset to hear I fixed it without telling him. Before I was able to complete the call John’s truck pulled in the drive.

I met John at the door. “Morning John, sorry about this but I was able to get that door fixed while I’ve been off on leave.”

“Morning Chuck. Yeah I found that out yesterday. How was your trip?” John was holding his hand out to shake. He was straining to see past me into the house.

I took his hand and shook it. Right then a quick flash of a archaic symbol and a glimpse of the dream replayed. I was down on my knees sucking John’s cock in the closet. Then snapped back to reality.

“…well anyway if she’s around I’d like to talk at her? If that’s ok by you?” John had been saying something.

“I am sorry John. Who are you looking for?” I said distractedly.

“Your girl Jasmine. She let me in yesterday I’d like to speak to her about something. Is she here?” John seemed nervous or maybe agitated.

“Jasmine?” I pondered out loud. “She’s not around today John.”

“Ok Chuck sorry to intrude. Maybe let her know I came around. I just wanted to make sure I didn’t scare her any yesterday.” John stammered around vbet giriş that statement like a school boy asking a girl to the dance.

“Will do John.” I said as I closed the door. Now that is a bit weird. Maybe I had transformed yesterday. Perhaps John met Jasmine while I was changed or even while I was dreaming. Well now my mind is linking them together some how. Just then my cell began to ring. I looked at the screen to see it was Nicole.

“Hello Nicole.” I answered.

“Hey Chuck. How’s the new girl? Did she say anything about me?” she asked.

“Who?” I responded.

“Jasmine. I met her yesterday while you were away.” Nicole spoke like this was common knowledge.

“Oh no. No she didn’t say anything. Say, Nicole… should I be concerned that you two spoke?” I asked in confusion.

” No. She’s beautiful. She’s a real knockout. A cute doll you have there. If guys need anything just say so. Tell her I said hello. Ok?” she spoke pretty quickly. Like she wanted out of this conversation.

“Will do Nicole. Take care.” I hung up the phone. I was wondering now. Had Nicole come around during the dream as well. That’s why she was in it? At this point it’s the logical explanation. Either that or the kit worked and my dream was reality. But come on how the hell would that even work?

I need some answers and I know where to get them. While I’ve been on leave from work I have installed camera monitoring systems in the house. I just need to view the cameras and see what really happened. Why had I not thought of this before. I mean besides the thought that actually transforming your body with some halfcocked website seems impossible. If it’s not down right crazy.

I sat down to watch the archived footage of the previous 48 hours. Looking at interior cams footage first. I find the time where the transformation should have began. I watched as I came from the bedroom to the bathroom. I saw myself leave the bathroom and enter the bedroom. Then leave the bedroom and enter the living room and plop down on the couch. Shortly there after the feed goes flashy I see those archaic runes and symbols flash about the feed. The image in the background is super distorted. I can make out flashes of light in the room. Then the feed ends. The entire rest of the day’s feeds won’t load. The next image is myself this morning leaving the Bedroom and entering the bathroom at 3 a.m. From this point forward all recording are good.

I check the outdoor feeds. I see John arrive in the morning of the previous day. After he enters the outdoor feeds are empty of activity. Then a bout an hour after that the outdoor feed flashes those same archaic symbols and takes on the same distorted imaging. The outdoor feed is then disrupted for several hours. Until it catches footage of Nicole leaving the front door and walking through the yard. She headed toward Joan and Ted’s place. From there forward all footage is clear.

I have to see the rest of this missing footage. I spend several hours trying to recover the lost footage. Troubleshooting and speaking to customer service with the security company. I give in to having a tech visit scheduled. I have wasted this day now. I spend the rest of the day and night looking at the old Sissy Hypno sites for classic encouragement.

Monday morning I wake up late at 10 a.m. I need to clear my mind of this transformation idea. I take a quick shower and toss on some boxers, shorts, socks, and a t-shirt. put on some sneakers and head out to the garage. I want to hit the coffee shop for a smoothie this morning and decide to take the Camaro of course as soon as I back out it looks like ran so I leave the rag top up. When I back onto the street I see the mail truck approaching and pull up to greet Frank and grab my mail.

“Morning Chuck.” Frank says.

“Morning Frank. Got anything for me?” I asked.

“No sir. I got one here for the lovely miss Jasmine though. She around?” he asked.

“What?” I asked.

“Jasmine?” he answers questioningly. He continues “She signed for that letter for you on Saturday. Oh boy what a looker, am I right?” He chuckled and gave me some hubba-hubba eyes with his eye brows rising and falling rapidly.

“…Yeah she sure is a doll.” I must have sounded confused and looked it to.

“It’s ok to give her your mail right? I was under the impression she was your girl. I can refuse this package.” he offered.

“No!” I declared. “I mean no shes not my girl she’s my…my daughter’s friend. She comes and goes as she pleases. She’s a drifter. I can take her package.” When he gives me the package it clinks around a bit. On the box the return address is R’lyeh Foundation Mass. There is a symbol in the center with my address over it addressed to Jasmine Lee Sara. The symbol resembles a squids head with six tentacles in a six pointed star designed to look like an odd green stone.

“Thanks Frank.” I said tossing the package on the seat.

“Sure thing vbettr Chuck. Give my regards to the lovely Jasmine, would you?” he asked.

I nodded and drove away headed for the coffee shop up town. This seems pretty crazy but I’m starting to think the transformation was not a dream. I wish it was more clear in my head.

I arrived at the coffee shop shortly The village is small and the house is only a couple blocks away. The town is an old place laid out in perfect square blocks. The main street has old brick building three stories tall. Each has storefronts on the ground floor and apartments and other things above. The county courthouse is in the center of the village opposite a gazebo and the whole place looks ripped right from a 1800’s photo. Trees line the streets and people still say hello when they pass. The coffee shop is set on the corner of the only odd street in town. Its the only one way street and it splits the block in two.. The building sets very close to the street forming a back alley type road. Walking down the oneway section of the block leads to the back of the storefronts, a bar, some public parking, the village lawyer, and second hand book store.

I parked the Camaro in the lot off oneway street. Before I went to get my coffee I wanted to open this package. I opened the box and examined its contents. It opened like a book. On the left side of the box was beaker shaped vial of pink powder stopped with an actual cork. Under the vial I saw a pamphlet. On the Right side a test tube like vial filled with pale blue thick liquid. I picked up the left side vial and removed the pamphlet. When I did this a small unseen crack in the vial cut my thumb. It was just a small prick really. I examined the pamphlet while i sucked on my thumb to stop the bleeding.

The front was a letter addressed to Jasmine Lee Sara it read.

Dearest Jasmine

Please accept our apology for not delivering a satisfactory experience with your first transformation kit. This kit is not only tailor made to improve the process for you, but it is also an improvement to the very design of the kit. Simply put one drop of any liquid in this vial of powder. The result will be a chemical reaction that produces a mist. Breathe in as much of that mist as possible until it dissipates. The Transformation can take several minutes. This will deliver the desired effects. Before getting started please read and sign the rear inside page of this pamphlet then simply ad a drop of liquid to your vial. Enjoy and don’t forget, the power at play here is very strong and not to be taken lightly.

Well that certainly is easier than before. I flipped to the last page. It was a standard agreement. I hereby declare I’ve read all the blah blah. At the bottom was a place to sign. On line the small prick of blood from my thumb had actually placed a thumbprint. I had to laugh, and thought, signed in blood oh thats not ominous at all. I tossed the pamphlet on the seat and picked up the vial. I uncorked it. I smelt it. I wondered what it was. When removing the cork the unseen sharp point pricked my thumb again. I watched as a single drop of blood welled on my thumb and dropped into the pink powder.

Almost instantly the car was filled with wispy pink mist. It smelled like sweet flowers and fruits. I was taken back by how rapidly this happened and began to choke and cough. Almost as rapidly as it started it stopped. Well that was unexpected and very theatrical. I had better wait a few minutes before leave this car I don’t know if this is really happening or not. But if I fall asleep again i’d rather it be in my car than in the coffee shop.

After fifteen minutes I decided I had been duped again. I started out down the back alley towards the coffee shop. As I passed by the rear of The Second Chance, a used clothing shop, I started to feel a little uneasy. I saw flashes of light in which I could see those strange symbols. I swear I saw a person standing at the end of the alley by the street. Then they were gone. My body was racked with spasm. I was coughing and choking. What was in that vial? What was happening? I stepped forward and doubled over as a spasm rocked my very core. Coughing I stumbled and pitched over with one hand on the wall. I collapsed in a heap behind a dumpster. I looked at my hands. I could see a slight pink glow forming around them. Soon the glow spread over my entire body. Then a loud snap and my vision went blank.

“Miss! Miss! Hey are you ok?” I could hear a woman’s voice.

I couldn’t see because something blocked my vision. I fumbled my hands around to remove the offending object. It was hair. I brushed it out of the way and found myself laying on my back looking into the face of Mrs. Jones. She’s the owner of The Second Chance and wife to Chuck’s neighbor across the street Lee Jones.

“Are you ok miss?” asked Mrs. Jones.

“Ohhhh…yeah I guess I am.” I said. I didn’t hurt much. My chest did hurt but the coughing was likely the cause.

“Well darling I heard some rumbling and a loud crack. Then I found you laying here in the trash. I figured you would be drunk or drugged.” she said as she offered me a hand up. “It’s not everyday you find a girl in your trash.” she said with a nervous laugh.

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