Tribute – Anne Marie Summer

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All persons in this story are 18 years of age or older.

Pleasantly surprised when answering the door, but instead of inviting her in, Shawn joined the euphoric teenager on the front deck.

“You look happy,” he smiled, eying the tight microskirt, enjoying the sight of luscious tan legs. “Ah, that’s right! Today was the big day, wasn’t it? Live up to expectations?”

“Golly, Shawn, it was, like, real fun,” blushed Anne Marie, almost dancing, so animated she was unable to stand still. “Even better than I thought. I can’t believe people get paid to have so much fun!”

“Some lucky ones do,” he grinned. “So – – didn’t you get enough, you little nymphomaniac? Come on, tell me all about it.”

Crimson-cheeked, the little nympho toed the deck, large wide-set green eyes avoiding his knowing grin.

“Golly, Shawn – – I hope you don’t think I’m terrible, but if you hadn’t made me do the things I did, I probably wouldn’t have done this.”

Shawn tried not to laugh.

“Okay, so like, here goes.” She was blushing so red she was almost unable to talk. “I just sucked off ten guys! Ten, Shawn! I got so hot masturbating I must have cum a zillion times. They even shot more than a dozen loads of cum in a big glass for me and guess what? I drank all of it. Every drop. They must-a had four of five climaxes each. Claudia made me suck cum out of rubbers just like I did yours, an’ I sucked at least four or five guys off in a row. We got it all on video. They made me squirt all over everyone an’ a couple guys sucked it right out of me just like you did. Golly, there was so much cum! I musta swallowed way more than a quart. Ever since you made me suck you off, I’ve wanted to suck more. Like, now I wanta suck all the time. I never knew I was so nasty. Do you think it’s inherited? Maybe my mother is just like me. That sure would make my step-daddy happy. Golly, I just love getting mouth-fucked an’ talking real nasty. I know guys like it, but that makes me hot, too.”

Glancing up seductively, green teasing eyes; she slid her hand between tanned legs, fingering the smooth wet crotch of her tight white panties and just shaved pussy-lips under the slippery satin fabric.

“Wanta have fun with me, too?” she teased, little more than a whisper. Make me be nasty, Mr. Cain! Golly, you sure know how. Make me be real nasty. Make me get down on my knees. That’s like, so hot. Do it just like you’re fucking my pussy, but shoot-off in my mouth! Make me suck you off again. Please! Like you did the first time, okay? Give me another big mouthful of cum to swallow. You knew I was a little slut, didn’t you? Know what? Ever since Claudia, I wanta go down on girls, too! Mmmmm, pussy tastes so good.”

Shawn wiped his forehead with the back of his hand. It wasn’t the only part of him oozing fluids.

“When we got done filming I got to watch Monica licking Claudia while she was watching our video. That was totally hot. Golly,” she flushed, tongue wetting plump lower lip, “an’ then she let two of her girlfriends lick me all over. They made me cum like crazy! Oh, my God! I’m so horny all the time! I’m getting worse than guys at school.”

Smirking, the little nympho had wiggled her fingers under the edge of her satin panties, two in her wet pussy and one up her recently-tongued ass. The tube was so wet with saliva; her finger was up to her knuckles with little or no effort at all.

“Oooooooou,” she blushed, “Sabina licked my ass so good! I’m still all slippery inside! Know what, Shawn? I want it up my little ass again, too. That was so radical! Every time I think about it I can’t believe you got that big thing up my little ass!”

Pulling up her tight microskirt, she turned and spread firm curvaceous buns with one hand while making a show of finger-fucking herself in the ass.

“Look at me, Shawn. See how nasty I am? Spank my ass again. Make me do it. Spank me real good! Ooooooou, make me take it up my ass again. Aren’t I terrible? You make me want it so bad. I just itch an’ squirm around all day thinking about getting fucked up my ass or sucking a nice hard cock. Are you sure you’re not mad at me for being such a nasty slut? I’ll never go back to how I was. Like, are you still glad to see me?”

“You’re not terrible, Anne Marie – – but you are a hot little cum-slut. Sure I’m glad to see you,” he grinned, watching what her hands and fingers were doing. “Anytime.” Glancing at his watch, he noted the hour. “What time do you have to be home, sweetheart?”

“In a couple-a hours . . . “she grinned, blushing at his endearment, wiggling impatiently. “Am I really, Shawn? Am I your sweetheart? I’ve been thinking about the submissive thing a lot, like becoming your sub. Would you like that, Shawn? Do you want me to be your personal perv sub? Come on, make me bend over and give me a spanking – – then fuck me right up my ass.”

Shawn was still watching her fingers, wishing he could replace them with his cock before he came in his pants.

“Oooooooou, you’d love that! Do it here- – right here in your front yard. I’ll pull my panties down in back and you can fuck me up my ass with your nice big cock Etiler escort while I’m standing up. You know you can do it. I’ll spread my cheeks so you can get it all in me. I won’t fall. I’ll be a real hot little perv for you. I’ll do anything you ask, Shawn. I’ll even suck your cock as soon as you pull it out of my ass if you want me to. Golly, I’m so nasty an’ hot.” Blushing furiously, she hid her eyes. “Golly, Mr. Cain, am I really your sweetheart?”

“While you’re sucking my cock!” he laughed. “Look, baby, you really want to be my little sex toy? My little pervert? Okay. Run next door and ask Cassy Goldman if she’d like to come over for awhile,” he smiled, tweaking one of Anne’s elongated nipples. “You remember seeing her. The cute blonde who took your flyers? She saw us the other day.”

“Saw us? Out here? While I was down on my knees?” blushed Anne, eyes sparkling.

“The day before – – while we were in my office,” said Shawn. “You were down on your knees, all right – – getting it up your tight little ass. Remember? I was fucking you just like cats fuck, except I was fucking that tight little ass of yours. Cassy was watching us through the front window. She saw everything. She watched me spanking you and saw me cum-off in your mouth. She was standing out here on the porch masturbating while you were swallowing cum! She wants to play with your ass, too. I bet she sucks ass, good! Wanta get really nasty? Go get her.”

Excited by the prospect of having sex with his cute platinum-haired neighbor, Anne turned and ran back to the Goldman’s. Cassy answered the door, looked surprised but delighted, chatted with Anne for a few seconds, then invited her in.

That hadn’t been in his plans, but Shawn waited at the front gate to see what would transpire. Five minutes later the two females appeared, Anne waiting while Cassy locked-up. ‘This aughta be fun,’ he mused, watching the approaching pair, Cassy strutting her stuff in a cute little white summer dress and red spike heels, Anne Marie showing off delicious legs in tight microskirt and clogs.

‘Almost the same height,’ he thought, comparing seductive figures. Anne’s long nipples were so conspicuous he could see them through her cotton top from fifty yards away. Cassy’s were almost as long and hard. Anne’s legs were perhaps just a tiny bit longer, but their figures were so similar they could have been sisters if not for the color of their hair. Cock doing the ‘Lot’s wife’ thing, turning to rock, he was enjoying the approaching show. ‘This is gonna be real good,’ he mused, seeing Cassy Goldman slip her arm around Anne Marie’s narrow waist. Uncomfortably aware of the fact that he hadn’t climaxed for two days, his hand dropped to give good ol’ rambone a good healthy squeeze. ‘Oh, yeah, this is gonna be real good!’

Once inside the gate, Cassy smiled at Shawn, then turned and kissed Anne Marie on the lips. No longer shy with boys or girls, Anne Marie responded ardently, quickly putting her hand under the front of Cassy’s short dress and between her legs. Their kiss lasted well over two minutes, the pair groping and feeling each other up, panting and humping each other’s fingers. Remembering the length of Anne Marie’s tongue, and watching the young girl masturbating his diminutive neighbor, Shawn suspected Cassy Goldman was ready to cum in her panties.

“Mmmmmmm baby!” grinned Cassy as they broke apart, panting for breath, faces flushed, eyes wide and wild. “That’s the best kiss I’ve had in years! Baby, you make me wet! You’re an aggressive girl for someone so young. Mmmmmm, that feels so good – – put your finger in me deeper – – yeah; you’re a naughty little girl, Anne Marie! I smell cum on your breath, young lady! You’ve been a bad girl today, haven’t you? Ohhhhh, fuck! Keep feeling me up, baby! My little puss is getting very wet! You like that, young lady? You like finger-fucking my pussy? Know what? I’m going to spank you while you use that talented tongue between my legs! I’m going to make you get down and lick me right where your fingers are! Have you been licking pussy as well as sucking cock?”

“I just started!” giggled Anne Marie, one dancing hand under her own skirt, masturbating both of them simultaneously as Cassy held her breast-to-breast. “Golly,” she whispered, “I’m so hot today I really wanta go down on you. Make me do it right now. I’m just learning, but I know I can make you feel real good.”

“You need discipline, young lady, and I’m going to give it to you while you learn to be obedient.”

“Ohhhhh, yeah! That’s a fun game. Make me lick you. Make me lick all of your crotch. Make me lick ’til you cum an’ then spank me good. Spank my pussy, too. Make me do it, Mrs. Goldman. I’m so hot I can’t wait. I’ve been so hot all day long.”

“I’m going to let you lick me while I’m sucking this man’s beautiful cock,” smirked Cassy, pushing Anne Marie through the front door toward the couch. “Take off your dress and shoes – – but not your panties . . . ”

Anne Marie was striping as Shawn closed the front door.

“Let me suck him off first!” she begged, watching him as she wiggled out of her tight microskirt. Etiler escort bayan “Mmmmmm, cum in my mouth, Mr. Cain. If I taste cum, I just cum like crazy.”

Shawn’s smile turned into a chuckle.

“Naw – – I wanta watch you licking Cassy. Get down on your hands and knees, Cassy. Let Anne Marie lick you from behind. I’ll sit in . . . ”

Interrupting, Cassy put her arms around Anne, pinching the teen’s protruding dusty-pink nipples until the teen was squirming and giggling.

“I have a better idea. Let her sit on your cock first,” she grinned. “I loved watching your cock going in and out of her little ass the other day. I want to see you go in her again. She has such a pretty little crotch. I just adore cute teenage girls.”

“Up my ass?” giggled Anne Marie, large green eyes like saucers.

“This time your pussy, sweetheart. I want to suck a pussy-glazed cock!”

After Anne straddled his lap, Cassy got down on her knees between their legs.

“You’ve shaved off all your red curls,” she snickered. “You’re as smooth as me. Now this is going to be fun.”

Giving it a lick, she directed Shawn’s stiff erection between two nude plump pussy-lips into tiny Anne’s juicy little spasming slit.

“Ohhhhh – – golly – – you feel so big today!” moaned the darling little girl. “Is it all going in me?”

Inch by inch, the entire pulsing shaft disappeared into slick pinkness, smooth cunt lips spread wide by the thickness and width of his big cock, hard little clit almost as long as a pink pencil eraser at the top of her pretty pink crack.

“I got fucked a lot this morning, but no one squirted inside me. They were all wearing rubbers.” “Ohhhh, you did, did you?” grinned Cassy, watching ruddy shaft glaze frothy-white with cunt-juice as Anne Marie bounced up and down on the stiff meat like she was ridding a pony. “Cock in pretty little cunt – – that always looks nice.”

“Want a surprise?” grinned Shawn, playing with Anne’s long rosy nipples. “Lick her clit while we’re fucking.”

Anne’s copious orgasm sprayed Cassy’s mouth and face as the young girl came-off on his neighbor’s tongue. Lapping up cunt-juices frantically, Cassy moaned with the unexpected pleasure, savoring the aroma and volume of the young girl’s juicy orgasm, the taste and sensation making her cum three times before masturbating herself to orgasm.

“Ooooooooh, this is fabulous!” she squealed, fingering her own cunt, jerking herself off as fast as she could. “You squirt off like a man! Do me now . . . ” she begged, turning around on knees, tight narrow ass in the air.

Off the couch in seconds, Anne Marie got down on her knees behind Cassy and peeled the young housewife’s red satin panties down around smooth shapely thighs. With an ass and pussy-lips as smooth as white marble, Cassy Goldman displayed a perfectly-shaved crotch. Face aglow with lust, Anne Marie licked pink lips, then pressed her eager mouth into the crack of the little blonde’s nude crotch, long tongue laving small glistening cunt-lips.

“Oh, yes . . that’s so nice! Put that tongue of yours up my ass, baby,” urged Cassy, wiggling narrow hips as Anne licked her small child-like cunt.

“In your ass?” blushed Anne Marie, examining the tiny pucker just above the open pink cunt-tube.

“That’s right, darling . . . up my ass. Be a darling and just put that tongue of your right up my smooth little ass!”

Sighing, the obedient little teenager probed the musky pucker of the aggressive young woman’s tight little asshole until she had her tongue all the way in the libidinous housewife’s pink pulsing anus.

“Oh, my God!” squealed Cassy. “Oh, my God! You lick ass, perfectly! What a nasty little cunt! Stick that long tongue up my ass! All the way . . . I love analingus, you nasty little slut! Oooooo, suck my hot little asshole! My hubby aught to see you doing this. He’d be mad with excitement, baby – – he’d want to do very naughty things with you!”

Filling her open mouth, Shawn Cain’s big cock kept her from saying another word, the nubile platinum-haired beauty mouthing the rigid erection so ardently he ejaculated within seconds. Cooing gratefully, the pretty young housewife swallowed what seemed an almost unending warm flood.

Looking into his eyes, Anne Marie knew he was cuming.

“You’re cuming off in her mouth!” she pouted petulantly, watching his nuts retract tightly against groin as he emptied his load down Cassy Goldman’s grateful throat. “I wanted you to shoot off in mine.” “Get your finger up her asshole!” he directed, eyes locked on the sight of Anne’s hand between the cheeks of Cassy’s ass. “You had plenty of cum to swallow today.”

Not slowing his pace as Cassy so willingly swallowed four mouthfuls of seed, he sent the entire length of the spurting erection down her throat. Within another minute, he was rock-hard again as Cassy swallowed on the long swollen shaft.

Anne Marie didn’t miss Shawn’s expression, aware that the straight-haired deep-throating blonde continued sucking she was going to get another big mouthful of warm cum. Swallowing frantically, Cassy escort etiler climaxed against Anne’s flicking tongue. Sucking her to orgasm from behind, the young girl worked a single finger deep up Cassy’s virgin asshole, replacing tongue with the wiggling digit.

“Oh, my God!” gasped Cassy, cum gushing from her beautiful well-fucked mouth. “That’s so fabulous! Eat me out, you nasty little girl! Eat me out!”

Every wish a command, Anne Marie eagerly tongued the cute young blonde’s smooth crotch with spine-tingling wantonness, sucking, licking, tongue up tight smooth-as-glass asshole, then sucked vaginal juices from the golden-haired beauty’s tiny slit. Cassy reached orgasm over and over against the teen’s swollen pink lips.

“Oh, yeah!” blushed Anne Marie, green eyes ablaze with jungle fire. “Oh, yeah! You have such a pretty little pussy! I love how your ass an’ pussy tastes!” Spreading the small lips with both thumbs, she exposed a tight, tiny bright-pink cunt-tube. “Ohhhhh, I’m so hot! I’m so naughty! Spank me, Mrs. Goldman! Make me be even naughtier!”

Falling onto the teenager, Shawn held her legs spread while his sexy neighbor positioned herself for the discipline game. Between smooth tanned legs, the glossy narrow strip of white satin Spandex did little to hide the obvious twin-lipped pout of the teenager’s perfect pussy.

“Spank me!” cried Anne Marie. “Oooooooou, yeah! Spank my pussy! Spank it an’ make me cum!”


The first dozen swats turned the girl’s upper inner thighs bright pink before Cassy’s second set of well directed spanks landing directly across thin white satin strip covering Anne’s pulsing pussy lips. Orgasms had drenched the slick crotch of the teen’s satin panties and were leaving Cassy’s hand covered with the girl’s vaginal discharge.


“Owwww! Owww! Owwww!” cried the little nympho, twisting as stinging blows heated plump cunt-lips. “Spank me! Spank me, good! Fuck me. Shawn! Please! Fuck me now, please!”


“Owwww! OWWWWW! You’re making me cum! I’m gunna squirt!”


The massive spray of cunt juice was so powerful it overfilled the white satin spandex crotch of her little panties, literally soaking the carpet and the palm of Cassy Goldman’s hand.

“I love it!” cried Cassy, palm making wet clapping-sounds while swatting Anne’s little plump pussy. Fuck her, Shawn. Fuck his little girl’s pretty little pussy. I want to suck your cum out of her cunt. I love it! What a hot little tramp! Let me suck it all up.”

Falling between flailing sun-tanned legs, Cassy lapped up the warm juices as Anne Marie sprayed, the young girl’s orgasms so close together they seemed uninterrupted. Turning her over, Cassy made Anne get back on hands and knees.

“I’m going to give you real good spanking, Anne Marie. You’ve been a naughty girl today. Your breath smelled like a whore’s when you kissed me. You’ve been sucking cock today, haven’t you? Tell me everything.”

The sizzling spanking nearly sent Anne Marie to the carpet on her tummy and face.

“YES!” she cried, ass quivering. “Yes, I did! I’ve been a real naughty girl!”

The next swat was even harder.

“Tell us what you did!” demanded Cassy, whipping the little girl’s sweetly proffered ass.

“I sucked off a whole bunch of guys!” cried Anne, flinching as swats rained down on quivering ass. “I did! Owwwwww! I sucked all of them off . . .


“Owwwwww! I sucked cock all morning!”


“Owww! I swallowed a . . . ”


“Owwwww! A whole glass of cum!”


“OWWWWWW! Please! No more! I promise to do anything you want! Please! I’ll be a good bad girl! Owwwwwww! No more! I promise!”

“We want you to be a submissive girl, Anne Marie. We want you to do anything we ask,” grinned Cassy, looking to Shawn for approval. “Fuck her now, Shawn. I just have to eat a little cunt full of cum.

Holding the thin strip of white satin over one cheek of Anne’s ass, Cassy watched Shawn position himself between the girl’s ankles, cockswollen-veined and rigid with eagerness to fill Anne’s tight little cunt. Offering a helping hand, Cassy directed the big-headed pleasure-master into Anne’s little cunt, the smooth pair of pussy-lips almost sucking the entire shaft in.

“Gawd!” gasped Anne Marie, dropping her head and shoulders to the carpet as Shawn filled her tight cunt. “Oh – – this is too good! Fuck me, Shawn – – do me real hard! Make me juice my panties, you nasty man! Gawd! You are so huge! My crotch is so hot from getting spanked. I’m going to just squirt all over everything!”

The fuck was relentless, both in the manner in which Shawn used his cock, as well as the firry spanking Cassy delivered to the cheeks of Anne Marie’s firm ass. No one spoke as he drove into the girl, giving her everything he had, then pulling out of the puffy open wet lips and letting Cassy tongue-fuck the slick tube as he caught his breath. They alternated for a half hour, Cassy eating pussy and pink-lined anus while Shawn played with the girl’s hard little clit. Anne Marie’s orgasms had begun to be non-stop, fluids pumped from her cunt each time climaxed. She was mewing and making sounds neither had heard before, sounds some young animal might make when being taken by a beast in the wild.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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