Trish’s Place… Ch. 06

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They slept in, did Trish and Jil, and did not leave their hotel until around noon. The two of them finally dragged their well-fucked and eaten pussies from Joan’s house around three that morning. So, yeah, they slept in…

“Something’s bothering you, Trish, I can tell,” Jil finally said after almost an hour on the road with little in the way of conversation from Trish. One-word answers was all that Jil had gotten in return for trying to make conversation.

“You can, huh?” was Trish’s terse reply.

“Yeah, I can; don’t be a cunt! If I’ve done something to piss you off, say so and let me try to make it right,” Jil said back to her.

Trish stay silent for a little bit, but, relenting, she finally answered Jil.

“Jil, it’s nothing you’ve done, okay? I’m just trying to work through some things that I discovered about myself and that’s all it is, okay?” Trish said, her voice a bit softer, a bit less harsh.

“I get that, Trish, and if I can help you with that, I’d like to, that’s all.” Jil replied to her new ‘crush’. Yes, crush, because Jil’s discovered that she has a huge crush on Trish.

“Okay, Sherlock, how ’bout you explain to me why I find myself, at this stage of my life, crazy about pussy, and more to the point, crazy about a little pain mixed in with all the sex of the past couple of days.” Trish challenged her nineteen year-old coed car-mate.

“Well, the easy part of all of that is why you are crazy about pussy,” Jil quickly said, “I mean, come on, why wouldn’t you be crazy about pussy? From my perspective, being crazy about pussy doesn’t seem strange at all, but then, I’ve been crazy about pussy since I was fourteen,” Jil finished with a little giggle.

“Now, the pain thing, that’s on a whole other level,” Jil went on to say, “I’m not sure why you find it a problem if it contributes to you having a good sexual experience in the end, no pun intended,” giggling again.

Trish chuckled to herself at that remark because, pun or not, her ass was sore from the pounding she took last night from first, Joan, then later, Jil. They took turns last night reaming Trish’s asshole with the strap-on dildo and while last night Trish enjoyed it, she sure was sore today.

“In the end, huh?,” Trish remarked, “Well, let me tell you that, ‘in the end’, my asshole is hurting,” laughing afterwards.

Jil laughed with her, glad to see that Trish found some humor from their conversation. Jil didn’t want Trish to not enjoy their time together, though the closer they got to Colorado, the closer they came to parting ways. For Jil’s part, she wished this road trip could last forever.

“I’m sorry if I hurt you last night, but I was so caught up in the threesome with Joan that I might have been a little rough on you,” Jil said.

“Wasn’t so much that as much as it’s the fact that I enjoyed it all; the verbal abuse, the bondage when ya’ll tied me up and ‘forced me’ to eat ya’ll, the ass-fucking, all of it, I fucking loved it and that bothers me a little,” Trish replied.

Jil stayed silent for a bit, thinking over what Trish had said about last night, thinking about what thrills she, Jil, got last night when she was ‘in control’ of Trish, and earlier, of Joan. Jil actually enjoyed that aspect of their delicious threesome with their playmate of last evening.

“This might piss you off, and I hope it doesn’t, but can I tell you something?” Jil finally got the courage to say.

“Yeah, sweetie, you can tell me anything you’d like,” Trish said, feeling as she said it, an ease within herself, an easing of the mental beating she’d given herself since they left their hotel at noon.

“Well, if I’m going to be truthful, and I don’t want to be anything but that with you, I enjoyed it when I was ‘in control’ over you, over Joan, I really fucking liked that, last night,” Jil said, reaching over to stroke Trish’s arm on the steering wheel as she guided them down the road.

“But,” Jil continued, “If it bothers you, I will never do that to you again, I will never hurt you like that, again, okay?”

Trish was silent for a short while, mulling over what Jil had just said, before replying to her.

“Didn’t say that I didn’t want it to happen again, baby, I’m just puzzled as to why I liked it so much,” Trish said, softly, reaching with her own hand to rub Jil’s leg, afterwards.

“Well, I know I’m younger and less experienced than you but maybe you don’t need to question it, maybe you just need to accept it, go with it, and see where it leads you,” Jil answered, placing her hand lovingly over Trish’s hand, which was gently rubbing her leg, stirring up the fires in her belly.

“Maybe, you’re right, sweetie, maybe you’re right about that,” was all that Trish replied to her rider.

They drove in silence for a while, listening to some excellent Blues and Jazz on her satellite radio channel, putting them both in a calmer, reflective mood.

“Hungry?” Trish asked after a few miles of silence.

“I could eat, I could not eat, it’s whatever you want to do,” Jil said cheerfully.

“Well, why don’t we grab a quick bite to tide us over, then I’ll put you to work while I drive and let you roll us a doobie and, find us a place to stay tonight,” Trish said, her voice also more cheerful.

They stopped, fueled up, ate a quick bite at the truckstop’s cafe, then hit the road again. Jil quickly rolled a rather sloppy, but serviceable, ‘fat-boy’ for the road. Lighting it, she passed it to Trish as she spread the Road Atlas across her lap to study as they passed the joint back and forth.

“Geez Louise, there’s no hope for anything other than some boring-ass city somewhere in Nebraska, Trish…certainly, no ‘jumping’ cities to stay in,” Jil finally said.

“Yeah, it’s fucking-boring Nebraska, baby; only thing that jumps in Nebraska are the fucking cows when prodded,” Trish agreed.

“Well, it looks like we’ll hit Omaha around five and I’d suggest it, since it’s the last large town we’ll hit before we get back to Colorado,” Jil finally said.

“Omaha it is, then, sweetcheeks,” Trish replied with a smile, “Should I call the media and alert them to warn their fair maidens to hide?” Trish joked.

“Yeah, like that’s going to happen!” Jil replied, “I’m pretty certain that, unlike Chicago, we won’t find any pussy in Omaha to join us in bed,” laughing as she said it.

Oh, but how wrong she was…

They reached the hotel at around five-thirty, getting out to stretch the road from their bodies before grabbing their small roll-ons from the trunk and tossing the keys to the valet to park Trish’s car.

Walking to the front desk to check in, one clerk was busy checking in a guest and the other clerk waited for them with a smile on his face.

“Welcome, ladies, do you have a reservation?” he cheerfully asked.

“Yep,” Jil replied, and reading off the code given by 800 reservations, he found their info and began the process of checking them in.

Glancing over to the other person checking in, Trish and Jil saw an African-American woman of about thirty or so, obviously, judging by her garb, a business exec of some sort. She was ‘just short’ of being drop-dead gorgeous, but not by much. Both Jil and Trish found themselves staring at her, not meaning to, but staring, nevertheless.

She, the exec, must have felt the stares because she turned in their direction, smiled at them, then returned to signing her check-in sheet for the clerk.

Leaning in to whisper in Trish’s ear, Jil simply said, “Wow!”, leaving a soft kiss on Trish’s ear afterwards.

Turning to face Jil, her face away from the lady, Trish just mouthed the words to Jil, “Wow, indeed!”

They reached the elevators at the same time did Trish, Jil and the good-looking black woman, and holding the door for her, they allowed her to enter first.

“Tenth floor, please”, she asked Jil who was closest to the buttons.

“That’s ours, also,” Jil replied with a smile.

Getting off, the three of them started searching for the rooms which, of course, were at the end of the long hall, at the end of the building.

“Looks like we’re next to each other,” Trish remarked for something to say.

“It does appear so,” the lady replied with a bright smile, her eyes flitting between both Jil and Trish.

Opening her door, she turned one last time to the girls, saying, “Have a good evening, ladies,” opening, then entering the door into her room.

“Join us later for dinner?” Trish heard coming out of her mouth before the lady closed her door.

Stopping before she shut her door, the lady looked at Trish, then Jil, seemingly making a decision while doing so, before replying, “Yes, it’ll be good to have some company for dinner, for a change; by the way, my name is Sherry, and you’re???”

“I’m Trish, and this is my friend, Jil,” Trish replied, “about seven-ish? work for you?”

“Casual, I hope?,” Sherry asked with a chuckle.

“Nothing but,” Jil replied for the two of them.

“Knock on my door when you two are ready,” Sherry replied, closing her door behind her.

Looking at each other with raised eyebrows, Trish and Jil entered their room, noticing that there was a connecting door between the rooms. Stepping out onto the balcony, Jil saw that Sherry, as well, was taking in the view (It’s Omaha for God’s sake; not much of a view).

“You gals been traveling long?” Sherry asked, squinting against the setting sun in her face.

“Not today, it’s a short drive-day, today,” Jil explained, further saying, “We had a late night, last night, and didn’t leave the Chicago area until around noon.”

“My home town, Chicago,” Sherry said.

“Where did ya’ll party?” Sherry went on to ask.

Figuring the chances of Sherry knowing of the Gay/Lesbian club that they went to were slim, Jil told her the name of the club.

Sherry’s eyes betrayed the fact that she did indeed know of the club. Jil noticed it and thought to herself, OH-OH.

“In the western suburbs, right?” Sherry asked, knowing she was right.

“Yep, that’s the place,” Jil admitted with little choice but to do so.

Sherry smiled at Jil, a knowing smile, Jil thought, but then, she was guessing.

“Knock on the door when ya’ll are ready,” Sherry said to Jil, turning to go inside of her room afterwards.

When Jil went back into her room, she told Trish of the conversation and that she didn’t think that Sherry would know of the Club and that she didn’t mean anything by telling her, her voice nervous and blathering.

“Shush,” Trish said to Jil while placing a hand on Jil’s lips, stopping her voice, “If she knows what kind of club it is and still comes to dinner it can mean only two things; One, she’s gay herself or bisexual, or Two, She’s straight but has no problem being around gays.”

“Are we gay?” Jil asked with a quizzical look, “I’ve never thought of myself as ‘gay’.”

“Have you ever had, or wanted a stiff cock in your mouth or pussy?” Trish asked with a grin.

“No.” Jil replied.

“You’re gay,” Trish smilingly said to her young lover.

“What about you? You’ve had cock and pussy…are you a bisexual?” Jil asked seriously.

“Yeah, that’s it, let’s go with ‘bisexual’,” Trish answered, taking her tee shirt off over her head afterwards, then turning towards the bathroom and shower.

They showered separately, dressed in tees and shorts and were ready by six-thirty.

“Want to blow a joint before dinner,” Trish asked of Jil while properly rolling a ‘good’ joint.

“Sounds right to me,” Jil replied, admiring the ease with which Trish rolled joints.

“How do you get them so firm and round?”, Jill asked, “I try really, really hard but you’ve seen my attempts; the damn thing barely stays together.”

“Simple,” Trish said while holding up her finished doobie, looking tight and firm, as if it had just come from a machine, “I’m forty. You’re nineteen. I’ve rolled more joints than you; simple mathematics, sweetcheeks.”

Stepping out onto their adjoining balcony, they found Shery sitting at the small table on her side of the divided balcony, working on some spreadsheets, it appeared.

“Hi, guys,” Sherry cheerfully said, her tone and demeanor a bit less formal than earlier.

“Hi, yourself,” Trish replied, not sure about whether or not to light the joint that was in her hand.

Fuck it, Trish thought to herself, in for a penny, in for a pound.

“Uh, Sherry, we’re about to fire up a little weed; if that will bother you, we’ll wait until later or go back inside,” Trish said.

Smiling a mischievous smile, Sherry replied, “Is there enough to go around the three of us?”

“Oh, yeah,” Jil answered for them, “more than enough for the three of us.”

“Then, unlock your half of our connecting door, and I’ll come join you after I’ve changed into something much more casual,” Sherry said as she rose from her work.

Jil did just that, returning to wait with Trish, for Sherry to join them. They heard the door on their side of the room open and were barely able to surpress a gasp when Sherry walked out onto their balcony.

Sherry was in shorts, like themselves, but tighter on her legs and butt, really showing off her butt to her advantage. She had a tee shirt on that hugged her, obviously, bared breasts, no bra for Sherry, it seemed.

“Wow, don’t you look the hot chick,” Jil remarked, a glint of ‘something’ in her eyes as she took in the view of Sherry.

“Well, if you could see the blush on my brown skin, you’d see that I was blushing, but, thank you for the compliment,” Sherry said as she pulled out a chair from the table to join them.

“She only speaks the truth,” Trish said with a smile before lighting the joint, then passing it to Sherry.

They exchanged short, just-meeting, bios of themselves while enjoying the wonderful stone that rolled over them.

“Damn, this is some really good shit,” Sherry commented, the stone showing on her face, in her words.

“Yep,” both Trish and Jil said at the same time, causing the three of them to erupt into a stoned giggle.

“I don’t smoke a lot but I do enjoy it when I do,” Sherry said as she passed her last toke on to Jil, “So, I’m depending on you two to stop me from making a fool of myself at dinner,” laughing afterwards.

“No worries, mama-san,” Trish replied, “we’ll take care of you.”

“Promise?” Sherry replied, letting the double-entendre just ‘hang’ there.

Jil didn’t let it hang for long before replying, with a shit-eating grin on her face, “Promise!”

They left for dinner, the three of them looking to the outside world as three friends on a holiday. In the elevator, the three of them stood just a ‘little too close’, ya’ know? Laughter at dinner was contagious and the three of them had a great dinner, finished a bottle of wine, and ordered one to take back to their room, Sherry having been invited to join them.

“Is it okay with you guys if I take a quick shower before joining ya’ll?” Sherry asked before they left the table, “I’ve been traveling all day and I’d like to feel a bit fresh, if you don’t mind.”

“Works for us, Sherry; take your time,” Trish replied, “We won’t start the party without you,” letting her own double-entendre hang out there.

Sherry smiled a knowing smile was all she did in answer.

Sherry, true to her word, didn’t take long with her shower, joining the girls through their connecting door in about fifteen minutes. Seeing them on the balcony, sitting in the dark, she walked through their sliding door, joining them.

“Don’t you look all comfortable and all that,” Jil said with a smile, referring to the long sleep-tee that Sherry was wearing, her boobs stretching the fabric a bit.

“Well, I figured that if I got too messed up with you two trouble-makers, that I could just fall through our connecting door, into my bed,” Sherry said in way of an explanation that really wasn’t needed.

“If you don’t feel like walking all that way, you could just fall into our bed; it’s big enough for three of us,” Trish contributed as she rolled, yet, another joint to share, this one, a bit bigger.

“Well, it’s not often a girl gets an invitation like that,” Sherry replied with a smile.

“Well, it’s only when a good-looking girl is in our company that we issue an invite,” Jil piped in, laughing afterwards, joined soon by both Trish, then Sherry.

“I’ll certainly keep that in mind,” Sherry said, staring into Jil’s eyes as Jil poured wine for all of them.

“Do that,” Trish said as she got ready to fire up the joint, “Do keep that in mind,” taking a hit, then passing the joint on to Sherry.

“I will, Trish, I certainly will,” Sherry replied before taking her hit and passing it on to Jil.

The wine was done, finished, kaput. The second joint was making its round between them. They were, certifiably, fucked up…not just high, but, fucked up with a capital FU!

“Man, I haven’t been this messed up in a long time, and does it feel good,” Sherry said with a big-assed grin on her face.

“Yeah, it does, Sherry… ‘Sherry, Baby’, Jil replied, breaking out into a refrain of the hit song from Frankie Valle and The Four Seasons, the singing group from the sixties.

They all laughed, Sherry most of all.

“Wow, guys, I’d better get back to my room while I can still walk,” Sherry said after silence had enveloped the table.

“That’s one option,” Trish said, “Or, you could crash with us, let us take care of you.”

Silence. The 800-pound gorilla had been let out of the cage.

“Would you?, would you take care of me?”, Sherry asked after a short pause, her eyes never leaving Trish’s face.

Standing, offering her hand to Sherry, Jil answered for them both by saying, “Yes, we’ll take care of you, Sherry, and, in ways you’ll enjoy.”

Pausing a moment more, Sherry took Jil’s offered hand in hers, standing and extending her other hand to Trish, saying to them both, “Then, let’s do that, shall we?”

The three of them stopped at the large king-sized bed, Trish and Jil on either side of Sherry. Jil leaned in first, gently pulling Sherry’s face towards her own, then kissing her, softly, lovingly.

Sherry’s mouth opened to accept Jil’s tongue as it probed Sherry’s lips, while Trish leaned in to kiss Sherry’s neck and ears, her hand lightly brushing across Sherry’s breasts through her sleep-tee. A murmur of pleasure escaped Sherry’s lips when Trish started softly pinching Sherry’s erect nipples, one at a time, alternating between the two.

Stepping away from Jil and Sherry, Trish began taking off her clothes while watching the two of them, their arms around each other, now, slowly kissing and fondling each other.

Climbing onto the bed, Trish, naked now, leaned against the headboard, her hand playing with her pussy’s lips as she continued to watch Jil and Sherry.

Breaking from their kiss, Jil pulled Sherry’s sleep-tee off of her, over her head, before pulling Sherry’s panties down her legs, then off, of her feet. Leading Sherry by the hand, Jil laid Sherry onto the bed, next to Trish, before taking off her own clothes. Sherry turned her head, watching Trish as Trish continued to play with herself, her eyes burning into Sherry’s own eyes, now.

Naked, Jil joined the two of them, settling next to Sherry and without missing a beat, she lowered her mouth to suck on one of Sherry’s breasts, her tongue flicking across Sherry’s nipple.

Trish, as if signaled, joined Jil by sucking and licking Sherry’s other breast, Sherry’s arms around them both, hugging them to her tits as they suckled, harder and harder, Jil kissing her way down Sherry’s smooth, brown skin, now.

“Oh yeah, oh yeah, just like that, baby, just like that,” Sherry said to Jil who, now, was between her legs, giving Sherry a pussy-licking like she’s never had before. Trish was busy taking care of Sherry’s tits as Jil ate their new friend, sucking, licking, lightly biting them, her passion growing as she did so.

Grabbing Trish’s head and pulling it from her tits, Sherry drove her tongue deep into Trish’s mouth when she kissed her, both of them moaning their pleasure as they kissed.

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