Tropic of Cum

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The sun peeked through the canopy of the jungle, lighting the thick, tangled paths below. Flowers and vines grew off of everything, making the road a hard one to traverse, causing the lone traveler on it to keep her sword out, hacking a way through it. Siofra had long since lost her map and had just been guessing where to go next, walking along what appeared to be hunting trails, hoping it would lead her either to a village or just somewhere far less humid in general. She was lucky she chose to wear just her chain bikini for this mission, or she’d have passed out from her plate mail or tunic hours ago. Though she was the swordarm for the fire goddess Fyrshala, it didn’t make going through hot areas much easier. You can only do so much about the weather when you’re mortal and have lived in a cool stone castle most of your life.

After a while, the paladin finally ran across a bit of luck and came into a clearing. Not too big and not too small, it was cozy with enough shade and room to stretch out in. She could take a water break here and possibly a nap. Both sounded really nice right now. Slowly inching in, Siofra made herself comfortable and lay her blade down next to her, pulling up her canteen and opening it. Pulling it to her face, tongue out, she found it was empty. A look of annoyance and panic spread across her face; surely she still had some left, didn’t she? Maybe a plant nearby had gathered water she could use. Just something, anything, so she wouldn’t die of heat stroke in the middle of wherever the hell it was she was.

“Need a refill, there?” said an unknown voice. Siofra turned her head to where the sound had originated from, her free hand going for her sword’s handle just in case, gripping her canteen tight and trying her best to look alert. Tensions rose as a tall, toned figure came out from the underbrush, holding a staff in one hand and giving a wide smile. Her flesh was dark tan and covered in light gold and red tattoos, swirling and dotting her everywhere. She had on only a beaded necklace, a loincloth to her knees, a headdress, a pouch on her waist, and nothing else. Two pierced nipples stared Siofra right in the face, matching the figure’s long and decorated elf ears. Suddenly, the paladin didn’t feel quite as ready to kill so much as she did want to look and appraise the goods before her. Her expression went from doubtful to delighted almost instantly.

“Oh, quit staring. You’re going to make it blush and harden, you know. Then it’ll be your responsibility to calm it back down.” said the new woman, her tone teasing as she eyed Siofra a bit more discreetly.

“What? Did you say something, milady?” asked Siofra, looking up, having been in a titty trance for a short bit now.

“Nevermind, woman. Look, I saw you were thirsty. I got something that could not only quench your thirst, but increase your stamina. You’ll need it for what you’ll encounter here. What say you?”

“Well, I can’t really say no to someone as amazingly shameless as you. What’s your price? I want to make sure you get a fair deal for this.”

“Oh, trust me, lost knight, it’ll pay itself back.” With that said, the new woman reached into her pouch and extracted a small vial from it. It was red and bubbling at a frantic pace, and when opened, made the enclosing smell of ripe jungle fruits. Her hands clasped Siofra’s as she put it in her palm, motioning her to quaff it. “It may not look like much, but trust me, it will do more work than twenty canteens full would.”

Always one to trust the word of a pretty lady and a nice pair of tits, Siofra smiled gently as she took the vial to her lips and poured it down. The flavor was like that of the fruit which it smelled of, mixed with a spicyness reminiscent of the same hot son she was under. There was a tangy aftertaste and in an instant, the paladin’s thirst was gone and her energy quickly renewing. Her body and muscles tensed happily as they replenished themselves, feeling limber and ready to take on anything.

“Hey, this stuff isn’t half bad! You should market this formula to travelers; I think you’d make a mint, milady!” said Siofra as she stood up and stretched, reaching over for her sword. The other woman could only nod and sneer as she watched the paladin bend over and suddenly come to a halt halfway down.

“Something wrong?” said the jungle woman, sounding far more devious than she did a moment ago.

Siofra just nodded, her face turning red as she reached a hand down to adjust her chain panties. Something felt severely off. Number one, her panties suddenly felt several sizes too small. She knew they fit a moment ago, and no amount of adjusting helped her. And number two, she was pretty sure that she had a sweet freckled cunt down there and certainly not this weird, long, hard thing she was groping at on herself now. The worst part was the more she adjusted things, the better it felt and the more flustered she got. Eventually, she stood back up and peered under the strap of her chain panties, vbet eyes going wide and her face glowing even more as she noticed what had happened.

“…This is your doing, isn’t it, you foul witch?!” Siofra was fuming, her hand rubbing between the strap and her hips, trying to make them feel a bit more loose, only succeeding in instinctively rubbing on the end of the cock shaft she found now attached to her crotch. “What do you intend to do with me? Turn me into a farm stud? What good is this on me if I don’t even know how to work one?”

“Oh, calm yourself. Or not. From the looks of things it seems your hand knows what to do already. Why won’t you keep that up and maybe I’ll give you the antidote? Or nay to that too; I think the chief’s daughters back at the village could use a well hung piece of meat like you to make them young mothers. Been a while since we had a woman gullible enough to drink one of my Hunter’s Mighty Arrowshaft potions in ages!” said the other woman, laughing. “Come now, oh knight, why don’t you cum and show this old shaman crone what you can shoot off? Not like you’ll have any choice here in a minute.”

“You just wanted to….er…uh….ahhh…” Siofra tried to speak, her words trailing off into grunts as she found herself lowering her chained panties, her newly formed cock unable to fit at all, sitting back down with her legs spread and eying the stupid, fat prick that was slowly perking up. Every inch of it burned hot like her cunt used to, a pair of fat balls resting under it. A smooth trail of fiery red pubes went from the top of her shaft towards her belly button. Fuck, were they supposed to be this big? A curious hand gripped around it and she found not even half of it swallowed up by her own palm; this thing had to be at least eight inches long or so. And it was so fat around, a tight roll of foreskin reaching back as it grew harder and hotter, her balls feeling heavy and tingly. Siofra’s other hand slowly kneaded and thumbed at her balls as she felt a thick leak of precum trickle out and down her shaft and other hand, making it slick and smooth to jerk around. All she could mutter between strokes and moans was a deep, growling “fuck you” to the witch next to her, who was watching with curious eyes.

Her palms grew hot and golden as she channeled her holy powers to her fingertips, making her cock strike up and harden to its full, long capacity. Shit, how was this supposed to ever fit in anyone? Her hands could barely control it as she palmed her sweet tanned cockhead, smearing her precum all over herself as she shut her eyes, just letting her sensations take over. Every few seconds, she’d squeeze at her own balls and groan, arching her back. They were swollen and filled with who knows what, but it felt like it’d let out at any second. Something inside of her pooled up around her fingers as she felt her whole shaft twitch, her body tensing and arching back strongly, a mighty, thick, musky stream of cum spewing forth in multiple jets and bursts from her cockhead, making an enormous mess of the ground and plants in front of her. As she sprayed her juices on everything, she could swear she saw the stars come out, her brain completely shut down and surrendered over to feeling. Stupid dick potion, why did it have to feel so good? But now a calm washed over her body. She was tired and thirsty once more, ready for a nap, as she watched her cock go limp out of her hand, making awkward eye contact with the witch beside her.

“Ahh, quite an impressive size and load you’ve got! I have to say this experiment is much more of a success than I had hoped!” said the witch, twitching her ears and wiping a few drops of errant cum that had splashed onto her face and tits during that tidal wave of an orgasm. “Now why don’t you take a nap? I’ll watch over you. We’ll even get you some water and fill your canteen.”

“Yeah, whatever. Dumb old witch just wanted a free show.” said Siofra, yawning and laying down in a corner of the enclave. “Didn’t know having a dick would be so tiring, tch. No wonder all the maids at the castle say their husbands pass out after. All this time I thought they were lying.”

With that said, she closed her eyes and drifted off, snoring rather loudly. The witch waited a bit and made sure she was fully asleep before gently picking her and her blade up, carrying her on her back and shoulders out of the enclave and onto a secret path towards her village. The fun was far from over for either of them, as the paladin would find out upon waking a few hours later.

Her awakening was not exactly an easy one. Her eyes slowly opened, everything before her blurry and hazy, looking up to see she was in a hut of some kind. Jungles tend not to have ceilings nor walls with decorations and tools hanging off them, so she slowly came to the realization that the foul witch had dragged her here upon passing out, unless the potion had the side effect of sleepwalking until you find a more comfortable spot that’s not the vbet giriş middle of a dirt pile. Her clothes were gone; she was dressed in a simple loincloth only like the witch had been. Speaking of, did she still have that fat prick attached to her or was that impromptu showing enough to wear it off? She wanted to look, but her head hurt and mouth burned from thirst. An errant hand began groping the area for anything to drink. Anything at all, except maybe another one of those potions.

“Here, milord. Take this.” said a soft voice, sounding for all the world like an angel whispering into Siofra’s ear as they placed a stone bowl full of fresh, cold water into the paladin’s hand.

The knight slowly sat up, nodding and smiling in thanks as she took it and raised it to her mouth, quaffing deeply and sighing after, feeling a bit more awake now that she could feel her tongue again. Though she was also now face to face with a younger woman, with markings and ears similar to that of the witch she had just been dealing with. Her skin was a shade darker and her expression was a lot gentler; a genuine look of happiness was spread across her face. No teasing or trickery could possibly lurk in such an innocent expression, unlike that witch.

Still, who was she? What was going on? Siofra looked around more and finally noticed that the pillow she had been using was actually the lap of another girl. And a third was sprawled lazily near where Siofra’s feet had been. All of them had similar features and all looked pleased to be helping the poor knight out. Normally, the paladin wouldn’t question such fortunate circumstances. It’s not every day you wake up in a pre-made orgy pile, after all. But something about this one in particular felt off. It was then her own words came back to her.

The witch went and turned her into that farm stud after all. Perhaps Siofra would keep her mouth shut next time this happened. This must mean that potion was still largely in effect. She slipped a hand down to check when the girl who had given her the water stopped her and put her palm to the paladin’s cloth and smiled shyly. That was definitely a cockbulge pressing against her, making Siofra fidget in place and lay back down. All her energy was pooling back into it and she felt warm and tight again. How many more times today would she have to deal with this?

“Ahh, that witch will pay!” said Siofra, snarling a bit as her body slowly resigned itself to its fate. “Before anything happens though, who are you fine young lasses? At least tell me before we commit to any lustful sinning. I don’t like playing with that I don’t know; makes it impersonal and unromantic. And believe you me, I’d rather give you girls a nice good time if I can. May as well make the most of my captivity.”

“My name is Moonglow, and I’m the daughter of the strongest hunter in the village. Please, allow me to help ease your body and the magic coursing through it. I would be honored to let a strong woman like you with such a mighty spear use me to your liking.” said the elf that was actively trying to jerk Siofra off through her loincloth. “Now please, remain laying and I’ll tend to your throbbing shaft the way I know how to; like sucking poison from a wound.”

There was a short bout of silence as the woman went to work, the other two watching on curiously. Moonglow’s hands were soft and warm, much nicer than Siofra’s own, and graced that cock from over the loincloth wonderfully. It was little time at all before a noticeable erection shot up and propped the cloth up like a tent, and even at half mast like it was now, it was still impressively sized, enough for the three elves around her to all gasp and blush in shock. The paladin just grunted a bit and tried to make herself comfortable; it was going to be a long, hard day.

“Ravish me then, hunter’s daughter, if you are so eager to.” said Siofra, breaking the silence only then, trying to at least pretend she was still brash and flirty. Unfortunately for her, the only thing really cocky about her today was the thing between her legs.

Moonglow smiled and nodded, undoing the tie on Siofra’s loincloth and gently tossing it aside, revealing to them in full view the half hard cock that they had been toying with. The elf tapped on the paladin’s knees gently to get them to spread so they could get a better view of her shaft and fat, reddened balls underneath. All three of the girls in the hut got a wide, lusty smile about them while looking at it, their bodies tensing and warming, all eager to have it inside them in some way. It was huge and fat and round; something they’d only seen on the beasts the hunters brought back for food and pelts. To have one on a species they would want to roll around in bed with was a gift from the gods themselves. Surely the fertility goddess was smiling down on them today.

The paladin wiggles her hips a bit enticingly, watching her own cock wag. It was amusing enough and certainly not something vbettr she could have done with just her cunt. Moonglow put her right hand over the paladin’s shaft and her left hand embraced those fat, strong balls of hers, both slowly pinching and stroking up and around, excited to see just how long and hard it would get. She played with it and teased it just enough to make the paladin squeal and squirm a bit, almost growling like an animal, unable to form words and ask for more.

Her movements ensnared Moonglow in further, making her slowly lean her face in next to the paladin’s huge prick, nuzzling her cheek against it happily, her tongue out and ready to work. Siofra’s eyes went wide and her face bright red, easily guessing what was about to happen. The excitement made her cock twitch up and leak fresh precum from the tip down towards the elf’s face. How could she be so full again already? Her balls tightened as the elf thumbed them and pinched them gently, kneading them and rolling them around in her palm as she placed her warm, soft lips and wet tongue against the head and shaft of Siofra’s cock, forcing the paladin to shut her eyes and curl her toes up hard. The elf’s tongue slowly worked its way up and down the whole of the shaft, taking her precious time and wrapping her lips around the head and holding it on the way up and back down, watching as the paladin dug her fingers into the ground and snorted like a beast again.

“Is this your first time with this potion?” Moonglow asked Siofra, looking up at her with lusty eyes, half closed and almost hypnotizing the poor paladin as she gazed back, blushing. “You seem a tad eager and sensitive to even the lightest of touches or caressing of my lips.”

“Y-yeah. The witch tricked me but I figure if you’re offering, I may as well take and get rid of it now before I return home. It’d be a bit embarrassing to go back and have to explain why I—” Siofra began to speak but was cut off, interrupted by the feeling of her whole shaft and head swallowed up in the elf’s throat, making her choke out and tighten her whole body in response.

“That’s all we needed to know. You talk too much, oh knight. Just relax and enjoy the rest of its effects.” said one of the other elves as Siofra squirmed, shaking her cock inside Moonglow’s mouth, it feeling warm and tight against her. Thicker globs of precum leaked out and down the elf’s throat, feeding her as she slurped the whole of that prick up and down, Siofra surprised she could fit it all in. She obviously had the skills for this, making the paladin wonder just what her real job was around here, the lusty possibilities filling her mind and making her already fat balls swell even harder and heavier.

Oh god, this feeling again. She was going to spray thick into her stomach if she kept this up. Words couldn’t form easily now, making Siofra just blush and point, gasping and moaning as her feet curled and her nipples hardened. Her whole body was warm and tingling, her cock throbbing and head swelling with each leak. Her frantic motions towards her own balls alerted Moonglow the inevitable was about to happen, making her take the paladin’s cock out of her mouth and sat it upright, the cool air feeling good against it as it twitched and leaked down itself.

Moonglow pat her own ample tits, rubbing under them and enticing Siofra, rolling her own elven nipples around as she teased and groaned, moving a hand down to jerk herself off, fingering her own slit and clit, flicking it around as she leaned over, wrapping the paladin’s cock with her tits, feeling warm and welcome around them as her lips pursed over her cockhead, sucking hard and kissing it up and down, her chest jerking the shaft off as her other hand kept itself down and fingered herself ever quicker. The elf groaned against Siofra’s prick and forced herself to orgasm, making her whole body buck against the cock she was so eagerly trying to swallow up, tits shaking hard as she rolled her eyes back, snorting hot against Siofra’s shaft and flushing red.

This all overloaded the paladin’s nerves and brain, making her back arch up again slow a few times, then forcing it up hard and ejaculating all over Moonglow’s face and tits, covering it with a thick white musky sheet of cum, spurting it off in ropes. She dug into the ground as she let off, unable to look away form the mess she was making.

Siofra panted as her cock finished up its job of finishing off Moonglow. She could see why she got that name; the light reflecting off the cum on her dark skin looked just like moonlight reflecting off the water. The satisfied elf turned over and just began to rub it into herself, letting the paladin have a moment to catch her breath. The elf that had been playing at Siofra’s feet when she woke stood up next, stretching and showing her bare body to the paladin. She was about the same as Moonglow was, marked and pierced and whatnot, except her ears were longer and thinner, her hips and ass a bit rounder and more prominent.

“Ahh, and who may you be, milady?” said Siofra, sounding absolutely exhausted, each word strained and stilted. Her breathing was slow and heavy and hot, her chest and tits rising with each puff. “Don’t tell me you’re going to drain more out of me?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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