Trying New Things

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You’ve been training me a little bit here and there how to be more dominant with you. It’s really hard for me as I’m usually the one that takes orders, not makes them.

As much as you love being a Dom, with me you can’t help but want to be a sub. There is just something about me that you feel like you just need to obey me.

You invited me over to hopefully explore this sub/Dom thing. You brought me into your room, laid out on your dresser you had a bunch of toys. You told me to pick one and do whatever I wanted to you. Naturally, I disobey and pick up the blindfold and fuzzy handcuffs.

I kiss you softly on the lips, look at you in the eyes and say ‘trust me?’ Staring back with your big brown eyes, you say ‘of course I do’.

I take your hand, kiss it and lead you to the bed. You sit down on the side and I straddle your lap and start kiss you eagerly. You wrap your arms around me pick me up and lay me on the bed.

‘I want you so bad! I want you to tease me, hurt me, please me, fuck me!’ You whispered into my ear. Mmmmhhhmmm talking dirty to me makes me so hot.

I flipped you over still straddling you. I Take your hands above your head and cuff them to the bed posts and put the blindfold over your eyes. I kiss each eye, then your nose, then your lips. I lay on top of you and start kissing you vigorously. I get up and leave you whimpering for more. I put on some music so you cannot ataşehir escort hear what I am doing.

I lay back on the bed by your side. I slowly lift your shirt up and attack your nipples with an ice cube. As much as you were enjoying this, you also wondered where the fuck I got the ice.

I take off your pants and undies. I can see your pussy glistening. I kiss up your thighs nice and gentle, taking little nibbles here and there.

I come to your wet pussy and give your clit a small little flick and you flinch as you gaspe. I put my two fingers inside you thrust a bit then put them into my mouth. You taste so good.

I spread your legs wide and position myself between your legs. I thrust the tip of my strap on into your pussy and you throw your head back and moan. I don’t go all the way in, I love teasing you. I remove the tip and run my thumb over your Clit, you really enjoy this.

I start to put the tip back into your dripping wet pussy and I don’t take it easy, I thrust it so hard into you, you scream in what I can only assume is pleasure as you have a big smile on your face. In and out I push, in and out. With each thrust your getting closer and closer to ecstasy.

You are pulling on the cuff and your wrist are red and starting to bruise. I can’t leave any bruises on you so I take them off you.

As soon as you are free you pull me closer and kiss me and flip ataşehir escort me over to my back. You really like being on top for someone that is a submissive.

You position yourself over my strap on, lower your pussy onto the Tip and slowly slide down that slide back up, then slide back down, slide back up. As you slowly fuck my dong, I’m playing with your nipples. Pinching them really fucking hard making you lose your breath.

You remove my hands and pin them down above my head, you start fucking the Dong harder and harder, Moaning and screaming my name As your in a perfect Rhythm to cum, you remove your hands from mine and run them over your nipples and squeeze them.

I take advantage of this opportunity sit up and grab a hold of your waist and position you right in front of me, face-to-face. So fucking hot looking into your eyes while I fuck you. Your eyes can’t stay open I just keep fucking you and fucking you.

You throw your head back as you’re cuming then rest your head on my shoulder and bite me really hard, fucking hot!

As you lay there and catch your breath, I get up and proceed to the table to get something else, Dong still attached. I Put the blindfold back on you and demand you to get on your hands and knees.

I come from behind rub my hands up your thigh, touch you’re very soaking wet pussy, finger you hard and fast for a second and then run my anadolu yakası escort hand all the way up your back around your neck.

I put a ball gag in your mouth. You look a little worried, no need to be babes. I kiss your cheek, kiss your neck, kiss your shoulder, rub your back with my hand.

I can feel your breathing changing, your getting worked up even more. I bring the flogger down hard on your ass and it makes a sharp slap sound. You scream in pleasure, more like a mumbled with the gag. I hit you again and again till your ass is red.

Your leaning on your forearms breathing very heavy. I rub your red spot and give it a kiss. I start on the other side of your ass now. Your whimpering so I stop.

I get behind you and rub the dong against you. Your gyrating your hips against me wanting me to fuck you. You reach behind you and grab the dong and shove it into your pussy and moan.

I grab your hips and start fucking you hard from behind. I grab your hair and pull onto it for support, while I dig my fingers into your hips.

Your breathing quickens and you’re now on your forearms again with your face buried into the bed screaming in ecstasy.

You keep calling my name, telling me to fuck you harder and harder and harder. I let go of your hair and I give your ass a good slap and that sent you over the edge, you flailing and smashing your pussy onto the strap on losing your breath.

Finally your orgasm is over and you collapse on the bed panting, not even taking off your blindfold you just leave it on.

I take the strap on off and throw it to the floor, and position my dripping wet pussy right over your mouth and tell you to eat my pussy!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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