Turnabout Pt. 13

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This was hardly the time to even consider asking my wife if she might be pregnant. Not while my outstretched tongue was deep within her cunt, bathing in the copious amounts of thick baby batter being discharged from her over-flowing womb.

Maybe she was pregnant. Then again, maybe not. Either way, asking my wife her opinion on the matter wouldn’t change anything now.

This potential pregnancy only existed because Marie had spent the night with another man. A man with a much larger penis than her husband’s. This other man had left his mark by injecting vast quantities of his sperm-rich semen deep within my wife.

No. This was not the time to be asking such questions. Not when she is purring, “Oh, sweetie, you are making my pussy feel so good. I hope you like waking up to creampie for breakfast.”

Ahh, yes. Creampie for breakfast. What better way to start the day? If there was anything better, I sure couldn’t think of what that could be. Pregnancy? Who cared about that? No one here. Not when being served such a soul-soothing hot meal.

While I busied myself sucking and slurping between my wife’s legs, my dick had become steely hard, hoping to add to the creampie. Marie’s sweet voice softly rang in my ears. “I saved as much as I could for you. Jason pumped so much cum into me that I’ve felt it sloshing around in my tummy ever since his second deposit. Then a third load went down my throat. I must have sucked his cock for almost half an hour before I coxed that one out of him. Doesn’t his cum taste delicious?”

Even if it weren’t true, at the moment, I was in no position to argue about it. But it was true. Oh, so very true. DELICIOUS!!!

Marie had to be exhausted. And rightfully so. But she was far too wound up to sleep. Instead, she began jabbering away. But that was okay by me. I can listen while I eat.

“After I sucked him off, he suggested we take a shower and then a nap to recoup. I can’t remember the last time I showered with a guy.” [REALLY?] Then, almost as an afterthought, she added, “Not counting you, sweetie.”

I wanted to respond but instead kept my thoughts to myself. [Yeah. Thanks for remembering me. I’m just the guy you’ve been married to for ten years and who’s showered with you many times.]

“Oh, and by the way,” she continued, “Thank you for the bottle of wine. It was you who left it there for us, wasn’t it?”

[Well, not exactly for you two, but… Oh, what the hell.] I stopped what I was doing and raised my head to give an “Uh-huh.” Don’t you know that Marie took a picture of me, my mouth full of man cream?

Though caught by surprise, I couldn’t help but give a reluctant sigh at being caught like that. Sticking my cum covered tongue out, it gave Marie another picture for her gallery. Returning to my meal, Marie said, “That was so sweet of you to leave that for my date and me.” As she was saying that, her hand patted me on my head like you might a pet dog for being good.

[Your welcome, I’m sure,] Good thing she couldn’t hear my sarcasm.

Instead, I listened to, “Anyway, showering with Jason was almost like making love. He was so tender. We kissed and hugged and kissed some more. All while lathering each other up. It was really romantic.”

And here, I thought that I would only get small spoon-sized bits of information about her date. Instead, I was getting in shovel-fulls. Never before had my wife been as chatty as this while I was eating her out.

“After we dried off, we lay down on the other bed.” Marie paused and snickered. “The dry one, so we could take a nap. Only when Jason snuggled up to me, gently rubbing my breast and kissing me as if saying good night, I returned his kiss. Did I mention that Jason is a quick learner? In almost no time, he knew just how I like my tits rubbed, kissed, and sucked. Before long, we were making love. I mean genuinely making love.” Marie’s words sounded almost dream-like. “Really nice and slow. I swear I came three times. All because of the long, slow, penetrative strokes he was taking. I haven’t felt anything like it in YEARS! That’s when I realized what a tender and considerate lover he can be. It was wonderful.”

Even as Marie was reliving this moment of love and lust, it was apparent that, although exhausted, it was no competition for her euphoria. She pressed on. “I still can’t believe how many times that man can cum. And with so much cum, too.” After a beat, she quipped, “Jason must have a prostate the size of a baseball,” and snickered. “So, anyway, he finally had orgasm number four. Which meant that I now had three massive loads of cum inside me. I don’t know how my insides could hold so much cum. But I really liked how it made me feel super naughty, having some stranger’s semen sloshing around inside my married womb” [Go ahead. Twisting that knife in my heartfelt so good.] Somehow, by using my Kegel muscles and pressing my legs together, I was able to keep much of it from oozing out.”

Naturally, licking Maltepe Escort my wife’s pussy had given me a boner. Eating another man’s creampie made it swell further, sending my libido ski high. Whatever emotional pain Marie’s enthusiasm from this act of infidelity caused, that tiny brain of the little man between my legs was telling me to relish it.

Listening to Marie reliving her evening in bed with that other man was even better than I’d ever imagined. My dick was rock hard. Nothing would stop me from orally tending to my wife’s womanhood and drinking her lover’s dream. The longer I did this, and the more evidence of their mating I swallowed, the more it confirmed my previous assumptions: It provided an intense husband/wife bonding experience like no other.

Marie continued, “I guess it was around 4:30 when Jason woke me up, fully recovered and ready for more. This time he fucked like a locomotive that lost its breaks, cumming two more times without stopping. Long before that, I had stopped counting my orgasms. All I know is that my insides had hit their limit. As soon as he began filling my cunt with number four, each thrust had cum splashing and squirting right back out, coating both of our groins. But it also added extra lubrication. He must have fucked me in about every position possible. By the time he finished orgasming again, we were swimming in cum. It was the raunchiest, sexiest fucking of my life. IT WAS GREAT! Both of us were covered in cum. But I loved every minute of it.

“So it was back to the shower again. Even when Jason’s cock is flaccid, it is a mighty sight to see. I couldn’t help myself and ended up on my knees, sucking on it. It was like a scene from a movie, the water splashing on my back and in my hair, my mouth making love to his beautiful cock. He didn’t cum, but I got all ten inches good and hard. Just looking at it and feeling it snaking down my throat got me so worked up I had cum running down between my legs. For a moment, I forgot about holding Jason’s cum inside me. Not just for you, but I really wanted to keep as much of him inside me for as long as possible.”

It crossed my mind to wonder how she had managed to have so much of her lover’s cum still inside her when she came to bed. It was at least a ten-minute drive from the motel to our house.

Although I had already swallowed more cum than I thought possible, was my wife apologizing for not having even more to feed me? I listened as she went on, “By now, it was almost six o’clock, and the sun was coming up. Jason suggested that we’d better call it a night. Although I was dog tired, I still didn’t want the date to end, and I guess I didn’t do a good job of hiding my disappointment.” Marie paused to chuckle, then added, “Before I knew what he was doing, he had spread towels across the bathroom vanity, scooped me up, and we fucking one more time. Not too fast and not too slow.” Marie suddenly got quiet. Then in a more contemplative tone said, “That goodnight fuck was way better than any goodnight kiss.” There was another pause before she said, “Anyway, that’s what you’ve been feasting on. Jason’s goodnight cum. And whatever else hadn’t leaked out beforehand.” She then went silent.

By now, I had eaten the entire creampie. Only occasional traces of cum were finding their way to my tongue. But, so as to not interfere with her story, I continued gently licking the folds of her pussy.

I took Marie’s prolonged silence to mean that she had drifted off to sleep. That was okay. My neck was sore, and my tongue was tired. Just the same, I would have gone on for hours longer if need be. Time spent tending to my wife was always so incredibly rewarding. That Marie got to finally have such a wonderful experience being with another man had me over the moon with joy for her. Add to that, my wife unselfishly saved her lover’s cum for me to swallow, thus allowing for intense emotional bonds to form between us. Such an intimate form of bonding had me feeling closer to this woman than ever before.

Should, somehow, my wife’s infidelity spell the end of our marriage, today’s act of sharing is something I would cherish for the rest of my life. But as long as we can remain a couple, my elevated libido had me hoping to share many more bonding moments with her.

Admittedly, my initial hope had been that Marie would submit to my idea of her getting in bed with a more well-endowed man as a way to relive her past. Those days before marrying a man who would do his utmost best to provide everything for a fulfilling marriage, all except for when it came to intercourse. However, now that she had finally crossed over into the realm of infidelity, I was pretty sure once would not be enough. Regardless of our future as a couple, I could now say, with almost certainty, that all indications pointed to many more flings with a variety of men in Marie’s future.

As for me, I suppose I had already made up my mind to accept whatever form our Anadolu Yakası Escort relationship would take. Even if that meant sacrificing the days and/or nights that she would have otherwise been by my side. It was as if I had been preparing for this new reality all along and was totally at peace with it.

I slowly backed away to crawl up next to this remarkable woman. I had just put my head on my pillow when Marie’s hand was hovering above my face. Grasped in her fingers was what looked to be a wadded washcloth. When I focused my eyes on it, I could see that the outer surface was covered in something wet and shiny. “Here. Take it.” Marie’s voice pierced the silence. “This is what I used to pug myself, so I wouldn’t leak. Go ahead. I want to see you suck the cum off of it,” she said in a demanding tone. So I took it from her hand and put the wettest, gooiest part into my mouth. The moment the unmistakable taste hit my tongue, it caused me to moan. No question, it was Jason’s cum. [Damn! I just can’t seem to get enough of it.]

Without having my face buried between my wife’s legs, and the aroma of her pussy filling my nose and lungs, this was the closest I’d ever come to tasting pure cum. And the flavor was disturbingly delightful. Marie took pictures of the divine pleasure that sucking on the cum soaked washcloth brought to my face and eyes.

“Who knew that I would be married to such a cum-slut.” She rolled towards me and kissed my cheek, then said. “But I’m so glad that I did,” and she lay back again. [I’ll take that as a compliment.]

I had just about sucked out as much cum as was possible when Marie sprang up in bed, “OH! Hey, I thought you cleaned me all out!” I assured her that I had because the flow had stopped. She got up on her knees, dipped her hand between her legs, “Well, then explain this,” and put her fingers to my lips. Indeed, her fingers were dripping with slimy cum. Although surprised at this development, I began licking and sucking the cum from her fingers in a flash.

The next thing I know, Marie is straddling me and sitting on my face. Globs of cum began coming out of her cunt with such force it was almost shooting into my mouth. I could only guess where it had been hiding. But it was finally ready to come out to be eaten and swallowed.

“See, I told you that you hadn’t finished,” as if she had known all along this would happen. Although somewhat disappointed in myself for not fully completing the job the first time, getting to taste and drink the additional cum more than made up for it.

Marie wasn’t done teasing me about my love of cum or why that may be so. “You may not be the best pussy fucker I know, but you sure are the best pussy SUCKER I know. See, sweetie. Having a tiny dick has its plus side. You still get to make love to me by eating and swallowing the cum of the properly equipt men who fuck me.” Then to humiliate me further, she asked, “Isn’t that wonderful?”

Of course, had I wished to respond, it was impossible with her sitting on my face. However, when failing to reply, Marie sat down even harder and shouted, “Well… You agree that sucking other men’s cum from my pussy is the best way for you to make love to me, don’t you?”

Just as she asked, unusual sensations coursed through me. Some sort of spasming was occurring in my groin. This sensation was unlike anything I’d ever felt before. It was both painful and pleasurable.

Marie began shouting, “Oh my god! Your pitiful little dick just answered the question for you. Without it even being touched, you just filled your panties with cum.” I had no idea what she was talking about. But with her still sitting on my face, I couldn’t look. My hands were trapped under her thighs, so I couldn’t reach down to check things out that way either. “Right after I asked if you agreed that the best way you could make love was by sucking other men’s cum from my used pussy, and just like that, your dick began erupting with milky cum spewing from it. [How could that be? I’ve never cum without some sort of physical stimulation. I never even had a wet dream.] That didn’t stop Marie from admiring what she had caused. “That was awesome, sweetie. I loved it!”

It wasn’t until the cum started to cool in the open air that I could feel the dampness on my belly, proving it had actually happened.

Even as all of this was going on, I had been busily sucking the last vestiges of Jason’s cum from my wife’s cunt. Next, I wondered how I would let her know I was done when I heard Marie say, “You are a bad cuckold. You just shot some cum without getting my permission first. Rules are rules. Now I’ll have to punish you for not obeying my rules.” As those last words were being said, my mouth began filling with hot piss.

For not following her rules, my punishment was for her to use my mouth as her toilet to pee in.

The flavor of her urine was both salty and mildly acidic. A sharp contrast to the sweetness of İstanbul Escort the cum that had coated my mouth and tongue. “And you better not let a drop get on the bed, cucky” I had no intentions of that happening. After swallowing the massive amounts of cum Jason had pumped into my wife, my stomach was already pretty full. I would just have to make additional room for a bladder’s worth of piss. Swallowing wasn’t keeping up with the torrent entering my mouth. I took a deep breath and opened my gullet, allowing the stream to flow straight into and down my throat.

My core body temperature rose as my wife’s steamy hot pee continued to flow to my gut. Still holding my breath, I was beginning to feel a little faint. Then it occurred to me that twice Marie had recently referred to me as either ‘cuckold’ or ‘cucky.’ I took that as a strong indication that she wouldn’t be leaving me for some other guy just because he has a bigger cock than me. Instead, it was a sign that my wife had every intention of staying married to me. Not only did she want to remain married to me, but also she intended to continue cuckolding me as she pursued new men to have sex with.

After just one successful outing with another man, my wife had suddenly gone through a transformation. She’d decided to become what is known as a “Hot Wife,” or to others, a “MILF.” (a Mom I’d Like to Fuck.) As oxygen deprivation was setting in, I was thinking that I was the luckiest man alive.

Just before completely passing out, I saw myself swimming in lakes of cum. Thick and creamy cum. All for me to drink and play in, to my heart’s content.

The next thing I know, Marie is lying beside me, tickling my lips with something wet and sweet-smelling. “Open up, sweetie.” Still in a fog, I did as requested. I don’t have any recollection of it happening. But somehow, Marie had managed to slip the panties from around my waist and off of me. “There you go. Suck your cum from them, sweetie. We both know that you can’t get enough cum.” That was true. I have no idea why, but I just couldn’t seem to turn down any opportunity to get more.

That’s when I realized that for the first time ever, I was tasting pure cum. Not a hint of pussy juice. AND… I liked it.

Oddly, even though this cum came spitting out of my dick, without looking, I could tell that my erection had not gone down and was still as strong as ever. Because of it, my libido had not diminished in the least.

[Please, oh please. Let’s fuck so I can eat another creampie.]

“Sweetie?” The way Marie said that it was clear that something was bugging her. “We need to talk.” [Uh oh. That sounds pretty ominous.] With the cum sucked from them, I removed the panties from my mouth to let her know I was ready to hear her out. “I need to know, what’s with your sudden preoccupation with cum and eating creampies? Personally, I have no problem with you swallowing your own cum. It’s weird, but okay, whatever. For several days now, I have been teasing you about it. Instead of offering any push-back on my remarks, you always agree with what you’ve just been accused of. I’m starting to have concerns over your willingness… no, more like craving for swallowing cum. You’re not a closeted gay living in denial all these years, are you? I mean, if that’s the case, you are not being fair to yourself or to me. If it is true, I wish you well, but for both our sake, at least be honest.”

Stunned that I’d given that impression. “No!!! Honest babe! I’m not gay. I promise.”

“Well then, what is it? Are you bi? I suppose I could live with that. Do you think you are bisexual?”

“BI-sexual?” That one caught me by surprise. Even I had to consider the possibility. Still, I replied, “I don’t think so.”

“Well, what other reason is there?”

“Babe. I honestly don’t know what brought it on. It’s not like I think about sucking cocks to get some cum. So I can’t explain why I enjoy eating creampies so much. I just do. Hell! Until you had me clean my panties just now, I’d never even tasted cum with it being part of a creampie. But ever since you had that little reunion with your old boyfriend, then tricked me into eating your pussy while his cum was still inside you… That first taste of cum mixed with your juices did something to me. First off, it didn’t taste bad like I thought it would. As far back as high school, I’d hear girls talking about how awful cum tastes. Most of them said that they spit it out.”

Lying side by side, I continued putting it all out there. “So when I got my first taste, it wasn’t nearly as bad as what I’d heard. And the longer I was at it, the more I grew to like it. Maybe it’s because no matter how much cum rolled across my tongue, there was always some sweet pussy juice mixed in. Plus, while I’m eating your creampie, my nostrils are filled with your heavenly aroma. Anyway, you seemed to like knowing that I was swallowing Roger’s cum. You even told me as much afterward. So that was a plus. The other thing that first creampie did was to open my eyes to what I should have been doing for you ever since we had our first hook-up. Look at the years we could have been enjoying this together. Just think of all those post-sex trips to the bathroom that could have been avoided.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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