Turning Points: The First Spanking

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My name is Andy and i had been dating Missy for 1 month. She was everything i needed. Gorgeous. Dominant. Funny. Feminine. She almost always wore tiny shorts or short skirts. She smelled like flowers and berries. Her hair was long and blonde. Her legs were long and she loved showing them off. She had gorgeous small breasts. They looked like they could perfectly fill a champagne flute.

And there was me. i was a small guy in all ways. i have a small, meek personality. i am only 5 foot 7. And i have a small penis. It is only 4 inches long when i’m hard. i feel constantly inadequate and nervous about it. The result is that i love being with a Woman who is in charge.

Missy is that. She is always in charge. She tells me what to do and when. She pushes me to do what i’m not ready to do. She actually had me download an app that lets Her assign me chores. i get a notification that She has added a chore and i feel such a rush of joy. Knowing that She thought of me. Knowing that i can be of use to Her. Knowing that i am controlled. As much as I am attracted to Missy’s physical beauty, more than anything i love knowing that i can rely on the strong hand of a beautiful Woman.

The app is where we start today. Missy was going to the gym after work. Which meant that i had a little while on my own. She had insisted that i come to Her apartment every day after my work to tidy up. i tried to protest but really i loved the chance to serve Her. Today my notification said that i was to do Her laundry while She was at the gym.

i arrived and did my basics. i cleaned Her breakfast dishes and tidied up Her dirty clothes off the floor. i took Her clothes into the laundry room and began sorting. i started getting really horny staring at Her panties and stockings. i have always had a panty fetish and Missy Kadıköy escort bayan knew it. She loved teasing me. Flashes of Her colorful panties would shut me up if i showed even the slightest backbone. So having a pile of panties to myself was too much to resist.

my tiny cock hardened and after i started the first load i began rubbing my cock and sniffing Her panties. They smelled so divine. i’ve loved Her scent since the moment we were first together. It didn’t take long and i had squirted my load onto the ground with Her panties on my face.

That’s when i saw the drop cam. It was in the corner of the room. It didn’t have a hard drive. It didn’t have a way to erase a recording unless i knew Her code. i stared in silence and wondered what i had done.

That’s when my phone buzzed. It was the app. “Take off your clothes. Stand with your face in the corner. Don’t move until I get home. Your only break is to continue doing my laundry.”

i felt cold. Missy was always harsh but never like this. i stripped and waited. Every 30-40 minutes the Laundry went off. i folded and put the new load in then i went back to the corner. It was hours of this.

All i could think was, “Should i just run away? What if She hates me now? Was it such a violation? Was it even that bad? How could i let Missy down like this?” And i throbbed. i loved being controlled like this. She was pushing me around and i craved it.

She came home long after dark. i was done with Her laundry and had been waiting in the cold corner for a final hour stretch. My legs hurt and i felt like a fool.

I heard the door shut and i shivered nervously. She walked the house and then was silent. I heard packages being opened. Then She called. “In. Here. NOW!”

i ran to Her. i was naked and Escort Kadıköy awkward but i ran. She looked beautiful. She had showered at the gym and had put on a tiny floral summer dress. Her legs looked so long and she was barefoot. She giggled when i appeared in front of Her, “I always knew you were a little bitch but this is new. I believe you know what is happening. I saw your little act in the laundry room. The whole house is cammed now. I can see everything that happens here. And what I saw in the laundry room was disgusting. You were selfishly pleasuring yourself and sniffing my panties. Disgusting. But I have a solution. After the gym I spoke with Stacy and told Her what I saw.”

I blushed furiously. Stacy is Her trainer at the gym. She is a beautifully athletic Asian Woman. i have had a crush on Her since we first met.

“She suggested that I discipline you. She never understood why I was with such a pathetic little man in the first place. But I told Her: I love how much of a pussy you are. I love how unselfish you are. I love that you do anything I say when I say it. So Stacy and I agreed that I need to make you understand that there is a price to be paid for such selfish actions. We went to the store together and bought a few things.

“First is this pretty paddle. Don’t you love it? It’s wooden but I love the holes in it. And the look.

“Next, since you love panties so much, I bought you a few pairs of your very own. Along with a few other odds and ends. Open the bag on the floor.”

i hadn’t noticed it until now. i opened the bag to find 7 pairs of panties. Most were pink but there was a baby blue thong, a light yellow full bottomed panties with lace around the edges. And a black see through pair that were crotchless.

Along with the panties Kadıköy Rus Escort were Stockings. So many fun stockings. All thigh highs. With a few garter belts to match.

“Put on the pair that catches your eye along with the stockings and garters. I have always loved the look of a pantied bitch. Since I get what I want: you are now my panty bitch. We’ll be throwing away your boxers tomorrow.

“Now whenever you come over, I want you to strip down to your panties and stockings and get to work. And just know that i’ll be watching you.”

i struggled to put on the white stockings with the white garter belt. They felt so delicious going on my legs. i then slipped a pair of light pink cotton panties on. i shivered when i felt the soft material encase my little penis. i felt the white lace coming off the sides. i was immediately hard.

Missy laughed this time, “I had a feeling you would like that. Now it’s time for your punishment. Push your panties down to your thighs and lay across my lap.”

i felt my penis between Her perfect legs and i began to throb. “Each time I spank you I want you to say ‘1 i’m i was selfish. Thank You for teaching me a lesson Missy'”.

Then it began. At first i thought i could handle it. It hurt terribly and my penis was oddly throbbing throughout. But when She got to 20 I started crying. When She got to 25 i was a blubbering mess. My penis had shrunk and i felt like i was going to die. But i never rebelled. i never tried to stop Her. i knew i was Her’s.

She pushed me off and pulled Her panties down Her legs. She lifted one leg on to the couch and simply said, “Now lick”.

She was so wet. She loved this as much as i did. i licked and sucked until She came on my face. Then she pushed me away and said, “go home and pack your work clothes and one pair of jeans and a shirt. You are moving in here.

“And don’t you dare jerk that tiny dick. You are mine now. i will let you know if you are allowed to cum from now on.”

i looked up at Her lovingly. She was everything i ever needed in a Woman. i felt so controlled.

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